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  1. If they aren’t testing in schools they are flying blind. If you are flying blind, it is in no way safe. The virus is running rampant across the country, anywhere we aren’t testing and tracing, is playing pretend with “handling it.”
  2. Make it Happen. This is exactly what we've been waiting for. I don't even want to play with what it means until its actually done. This is where the experience of Hurney and Mayhew and Ron can come into play and make a difference on making a trade happen. Get it Done.
  3. Holy Hell!! Pick up the phone and get Stafford done like yesterday!! This is amazing news...
  4. @PartyPosse I mean, yes, of course totally agree. Two picks a game will get you the bench. The hope is he’ll look more like his previous seasons, where he averaged about 1 or less a game, then he did the last season as starter. My thought is at least there is a ceiling there. The other guys, including Fitz, have a ceiling that is not very high at all and come with their own negative erratic play as well. Our D isnt quite the #2 D week in week out just yet. You need to be able to score more than 23 every week. We scored 23 points or less in 13 of 17 games last year. Averaging 21.1 25t
  5. If Stafford is really off the table I call Atlanta and The Raiders and I see if we can pry either Ryan or Carr away from them. If neither of those pan out and we are not enamored with a rookie and we have to pick from the scrap heap to compete w/ our guys: Then I think I’m taking mister Crab Leg himself Jameis Winston 121 TD’s 88 Ints career 86.9 passer rating. Dont laugh me outta the building just yet. He’s a former number 1 pick, Who basically took this year off and worked under Brees and Sean Payton. His last season starting he threw 33 TD’s and 30 picks. That was by far his
  6. In the end they all work for Ron. It’s on Ron. All of it. The set up, people behind the scenes, and the outcomes. Kyle, Mayhew, Hurney, Rodgers...set up all the alley oops for Ron to slam it down..! The Riverboat has left Shore! Lol.
  7. That is a lot. It’s also the first salvo of the process. I don’t think it will end up being that much. But I’d have to think long and hard about what exactly I’d be willing to do. It’s a tough one.
  8. These hires are ok looking from the outside. Thing is that we just don’t really know the inner workings of how it’s all gonna shake out and how they are going to try and make this work. And so to come out now and declare this a problem or a mistake when we don’t really know jack about how it’s all gonna work together is presumptuous imo. I’ll give Ron the benefit of the doubt for now as he has earned that over this year. That’s goes for the effects on Kyle, our draft, FA’s, and wins and loses. Let’s see what they can do before calling it a fail yet.
  9. He’s got room to grow too. I’m excited about his future. What you saw this year is his floor, imo, which is crazy. As an added bonus, he loves playing here, he’s excited to be a member of Washington. His energy is infectious. We are lucky to have him. #99
  10. For me in the end this is all about RON. When you trust in someone’s stewardship, you trust in someone’s stewardship. Hope MH can be a valuable piece to the puzzle.
  11. No combine is big. Gems may slip through cracks. Our scouting department better be ready. Gonna be interesting which pro days we attend, don’t want to tip our hand on certain guys I’m sure. Tape will mean more than ever? Gonna be fun.
  12. I kinda think the WFT’s chances of landing Deshaun are better than people think. In the end, if we are willing to give up more than others, Houston’s gotta listen. I would fire up the trade machine and give them what they want (within reason) outside of Chase.
  13. Oh I see, so the 600 was already given, when? And when do the 1400 get given?
  14. Admittedly I haven’t been following the last couple days and looked into this. So I’m confused on the outrage on he’s breaking a promise. Is the total not 2k that people are getting? Is it that $600 would be coming from Trumpito and $1400 from Biden? Do both come from Biden? Does it come separately? Does it matter? Is it Semantics we are talking about here? Am I understanding it wrong? Someone please help, lol. Thanks in advance.
  15. That’s not a bad point, maybe it leans us toward the draft? Idk. Something to think about.
  16. Super Bowl winning teams the last 30 years that didn’t have great players at QB who were great for an extended time: Foles, Dilfer, Rypien, Hostedler, Brad Johnson, (Flacco? He was pretty good for a minute), Eli is debatable, and it’s No knock on these guys. But 25 of the 30 Super bowl winners. I think the numbers bare out in favor of shooting for the stars.
  17. Go Hard and Go Big at QB either in the draft, Trade, or FA. Just playing a little devils advocate here. I totally get the overall sentiment of being slightly conservative for QB (stay put and draft, sign Fitz for example to compete with Taylor/Allen), and continue building out the rest of the squad. It’s sensible, it’s safer, and it’s arguably smarter. But Ask yourself, what’s most likely to happen in that scenario? And what does it get you in the end? 9-7, 10-6 a limited chance to make a run in the playoffs? If all you have is a chance, I’d like to increase those proba
  18. How does those things fit in a submarine?! Yikes.
  19. I don’t know a lot about Collins. I have not seen him play. I see he’s a big dude at 260. Questions for those that know, is he a sideline to sideline 3 down ILB? Is he fast enough to stop a speed RB from catching the corner on him? Because if he is, he sounds perfect for what we desperately need..
  20. Why would they announce where he’ll be on the 19th given the current temperature of the area? I think a little more Caution might be in order. But idk, I also think in worst case scenarios, maybe it’s just me.
  21. The Cap is the most over blown thing people fret about in football. Sign ARobinson, seems like it would be $ well spent. You can still do everything you want to do via a vis, Scherff/LB/QB these capoligists can figure out a way to make it work.
  22. Hang in there peeps. One day at a time. Focus on what you can do today, this hour, this min. Being able to Exercise, walk, do yoga will help immensely if at all possible. ✌
  23. The amount of military personnel that took part in storming the capital, is a little frightening.
  24. Yeah I mentioned stopping the run was the key to the game in one of the threads. The Bucs are most effective when they have both clicking. And our biggest weakness was stopping the run quietly ranking 14-15. Once you get the run going everything becomes easier. Our LB play has been a problem for a while here. I thought JDR called a poor game as well, not his best moment. Bottomline is the D had to play lights out for us to win and they didn't. We had a few moments but too many big plays given up, and we didn't have enough answers for Brady. No shame in that, sometimes the other team just perf
  25. Sign him up for 2-3 years at super low number. Give him some security to see if he can build off this performance. And in the meantime we have a super valuable break in case of emergency. He played amazing yesterday. I'm sold he should have a spot to compete, I wouldn't be crowning him the starter just yet.
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