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  1. Rather be taken out by a grizz than endure another day of Snyder owning the team. Cheers from America's Last Frontier!
  2. I'm working in the Alaskan wilderness this summer. Did not think I would be out here using up precious bandwidth to stalk ES. Damn you Synder.
  3. Knew Snyder was scummy but it sounds like he was magnitudes worse than I ever imagined. Buckle up fam.
  4. My heart is pretty much set on Redwolves at this point. Anything else will disappoint. Thanks Smoot.
  5. Part of my job in the park was to deter tourists (we called some of them "tourons") from doing dumb sh*t like this. Anyway, I think we're getting off topic here.
  6. No. I developed close friendships with people who said the name was racist and were offended by it. I stopped using it after that. It's not complicated.
  7. Better than that. I Iived IN Yellowstone for most of 2017 and early 2018.
  8. Ten years ago, I probably would have been against a name change. Not because I would have seen it as capitulating to some agenda but because I likely would've seen it as unnecessary. But recently, I spent some time working and living in northern Arizona on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Large Native American population up there since the Navajo Nation encompasses the eastern half of the state. And all I can tell you is that I haven't uttered the team name in about a year. So I welcome the change. Glad it's happening. But honestly, none of this is real
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