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  1. Corner class seems loaded. Banks, Elam, Gardner, Stingley... lots of CBs.
  2. Square in the berries
  3. Depends. Which is less of a burden on the salary cap and which is more entertaining? We all know the answer. Its magic.
  4. Most of the National talking shows don’t have much of an idea of the intricacies within each organization. They have bits and pieces but not an entire picture. And think about it... we here are always trying to keep up with WFT news and we still get behind. The national media is trying to do the same for 32 teams. It’s easy to miss. They provide a casual overview of expectations and rarely delve into nuance. They may even have parts of this right, ultimately. But these “previews” are usually a bit or a lot off base. For what it’s worth: As of now Bostic pro
  5. So you actually take note of the non sense these guys say and put stock into it? Its guys talking without any real idea of what’s going on.
  6. Jupiter’s Legacy is awesome. Mark Miller Super Hero show. Shows their real lives and super hero lives. It’s Netflix’s Super Hero universe. It’s pretty awesome. Based off of a comic by... Mark Millar.
  7. To play Devil’s Advocate here... What would you be willing to give for a QB who sat the bench for a year and you saw none of? I’d give them A 4th. I have no idea what he brings to the table.
  8. The reach thing is really only important on draft night as a talking point. Post draft it becomes apparent what was and wasn’t a reach and what was and wasn’t a steal. Otherwise the use of both those words is just used to conjure conversation. I do it, too, for the record. But will anyone look at Jamin Davis as a reach if he plays well this season? What about Alijah Vera-Tucker? What about if Leatherwood plays like a top 2-3 tackle in this class? Those are just buzzwords at this point based on projections.
  9. Yup. Rogue-like. I thought I’d be able to save mid run. They didn’t add that feature. So it’s pointless for me. Where? I don’t see the option.
  10. That’s basically Returnal and why I’m probably going to trade it in. It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played but the time involved to... get nowhere... is tough to swallow
  11. Thats exactly what they’re going to do. It’s what they’ve done with him in the past. Sportrac has Jamin over 2M and a 9M rookie hit. They have it listed in two ways. Top 51 and all. The top 51 gives us 15M. But the rookie contracts don’t appear to be baked in.
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