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  1. Everyone talking about Vera-Tucker as a LT has missed the boat. He only played there because he was their best option at LT and they needed to protect their young QB. He is a guard. One of the best in years. Draft him there and watch how it plays out.
  2. I'm in... but I am in-season for football and don't have cell access for a few hours so I may not be snappy. But the Chargers are back to become back to back champions.
  3. Been hard to keep up here. My team is in season now and I'm trying to keep pace... but you guys move quicker than I realized. I'm just now hearing its likely we're releasing Smith (Which we knew was likely, but... first I've heard it from "sources")
  4. Jones is my QB5. I’ll start there. But I’d be okay with him. He does the little things... that matters. Hes my 5 because I think the 4 ahead of him have much higher ceilings. But I think a good portion of them have lower floors, too. I wouldn’t argue with Mac as our QB, to be honest.
  5. Absolutely context matters. Which is why in my previous I said I am generally on board with not taking a back in round 1. But Najee is different. And if he’s there in the back half of the first? You shouldn’t hesitate. High end blue chip talent. Five year deal until he “graduates”. James Robinson, if you watched his film, should have never been a UDFA. He was an animal in college and the front offices missed. Gibson is not a blue chip back. He MAY be a blue chip playmaker. But as a back he is not. He has the tools you want and I loved the pick and still love the pla
  6. Here's a thought that I don't understand... Why wouldn't you want to take a RB in the first? Yes, I understand the conventional wisdom: Short shelf life, expensive to re-sign and can find similar production in later rounds or FA. All three of those things make plenty of sense to me. But... with the short shelf life and the expensive re-signing, I would think drafting a RB in the first is actually a very prudent move. Why? Five year lockdown. If you treat the RB position like you would if you were coaching at a college, where you have to find a ne
  7. Thank you. Been saying this for months. The "you don't draft a RB at 19" crew isn't entirely wrong. I generally agree. But you DO draft Najee Harris at 19. He isn't a normal back.
  8. He’s got Buechele 4 spots too low. But the top 5 mirrors mine.
  9. If Penei falls that far I am at the very least making a call to see if I can swindle... I mean... trade with another team to get him. At that point I’d take him over any of the QBs not names as Fields. also: not happening.
  10. No need to say sorry. I wouldn’t take him as WR4 on this planet. Too much polish needed. But he certainly has talent.
  11. I think he has value, actually. I don’t have him highly ranked but he is a value target in the mid rounds if he makes it there.
  12. The best way to upgrade the D is by adding a linebacker or two. Milano looks like he may hit FA. He needs to be a target. Watch what happens to our defense if we don't get better LB play next season.
  13. That... doesn’t... hurt? How did Wilson do on Seattle this year?
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