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  1. Green Bay is paying a ton of money to those guys, but they were the absolute least respected 13-3 team I've ever seen. And they got their **** kicked in. They're good, but they weren't top team good. Paying a quarterback big money is always a catch-22. Most of the time I'd argue it's not worth it. For Mahomes.... it probably is. Though, I have a sneaky suspicion he'll take slightly under what he COULD get. I think Sweat is going to be a 10+/year sack guy, and maybe more. ESPECIALLY opposite Chase Young. You have to pay a premium for pass rushers putting up those kinds of numbers. I also think the equation is: Young > Sweat, Sweat > Kerrigan. But that example is less of an upgrade than Young over Kerrigan. Though its still a quite a big upgrade. But man, I don't see what you guys see in Haskins. I see a guy capable of being good. And that's about it. Tua has so far been totally clean in his medicals. In one month he has a scan to reveal cartilage build up. If that's clean, he's clean. If it's not, he's not. We can discuss the injury point further then. I see the logic in taking Chase. But it has zero to do with Haskins and more to do with just how damn good he is. I agree on your final point. Completely. Haskins folds like a cheap accordion when he's not the starter.
  2. KDawg

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I actually think a 4.94 @ 16 years old is damn impressive. Having coached HS and college ball, it's not usual you see a non-track kid running a sub 5.0 40. Especially if they are a DL. We had kids run 4.4-4.6, but they were also state champions on the track team. Most of our guys were 5.0 and above. Any OL/DL types, even at Young's size at the time were 5.2-5.5ish around 16 years old.
  3. KDawg

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Simmons is a pterodactyl
  4. I'm not underrating Young, that's for sure. I'm not underrating Tua's injuries - because I'm not a doctor. I just know Deshaun Watson was tabbed as too injury prone... and I wish he was our QB. The QB position is such a different animal, man. It just is. I think you're overrating Haskins. For the team's sake, I hope you're right and I'm wrong. But you're thinking short term, aren't you? If Haskins is as good as people think he is, you can get compensation. Sounds to me, like the way people think of him here, a second rounder is easy to get. I wouldn't keep him on the roster. He folds when he's the back up. We saw it last year. Two edge rushers sounds great right now, but when we start dishing out deals to pay defensive linemen, that is less appealing. in 4 years we have to pay Sweat. In 5 years we have to pay Young. After next season, we have to pay (or get rid of) Allen. The year after that is Daron Payne. In four years, McLaurin and Haskins are up. These are all guys in big money positions. Young will cost less than Tua on second contracts. So that much I can agree with. But Edge in total would likely account for more of our cap dollars than the quarterback position would. That or close. Lots of chess moves to think about here. In the end, I feel that whatever Kyle Smith does I'll back. I see logic in drafting Chase Young. I see logic in drafting Tua. I see logic in trading back.
  5. And this is the crux. I don't think Haskins is a 30:10 guy. And, if he remains our QB I hope I'm wrong. I think he's capable of being a good QB. And put up some really good seasons,but I don't see a 30:10 apy guy. I wish I saw what you guys all seem to. Except for Pat Mahomes and those kinds of guys. Then you have to just out score them
  6. Don't disagree here. Comes down to medicals and the team's evaluations of both prospects. I just hope they aren't stuck in tunnel vision on Young and actually do the due diligence. I believe they will. Kyle Smith wasn't on the draft Haskins bandwagon, so whichever direction he goes I will put my trust in. I think both guys are great picks. So I'm excited. I don't think Young is superior to Tua. I think they're both in that upper atmosphere of prospects. "Presidential" type guys. And we are in a position where we may (or maybe we do lol) not be in position to get a top tier edge rush or quarterback talent again without using resources to move up to get them. Which is more important to a football team? Quarterback. I don't even think it's a question. I disagree that Young improves the team further than a healthy Tua does. I think the DEs make a jump regardless due to a competent scheme. If I were making predictions: Sweat 10-12 sacks, Kerrigan 8-10 sacks. If Young is there he's probably good for 10-14 sacks. Sweat remains at 10-12. Kerrigan is probably in the 4-6 range. Presures will be 10ish% more with Young maybe? Turnovers probably similar. I think Young absolutely improves the team. Dude is an animal. I'd be happy to have him. But I think Tua is a guy that can throw for 30:10 on a regular basis. I don't think Haskins is a 30:10 guy. He may be a 30:20 guy. He may be able to throw for similar yardage. But he's going to turn the ball over more and make more costly mistakes. I think it's a fairly even exchange. In that case, I default to the QB. But again, I'm not sure about medicals. And it's hard to write off Young because he's so damn good. Now, I'm with you on the injuries. Tua has to be vetted. And if the team has any distrust in his ability to stay healthy, you take Young and move on happy in life. I don't see what you saw. I was VERY pleased with Haskins in his final two games. I was excited to watch him play. He looked very good. But again, context... Two of the worst pass Ds in the league. Counter context: That was when he was getting more comfortable in the NFL, the scheme and the coaches. Counter to my counter context: Different playbook, different roster, different situation. As far as your scenario that Young goes #1... That changes EVERYTHING. I trade back. Even if Tua and Burrow are both gone, I take Simmons, the best OT on the board and leave with a giant smile on my face. My overall take on the #2 pick: Unless we do something really, really stupid... We wind up with Chase Young, Tua or a haul of draft picks in differing scenarios. I like 'em all.
  7. That argument I made about passing on Tua was copy and pasting Riggo#44's post and changing the positions and names. I did it to prove that it goes both ways, not to pine for Tua
  8. It's two. Those other two are interior guys. If you have zero QBs, how many do you have? I'm not sure what Haskins is. Could be good. Could be bad. I'm not sure why that even remotely matters. It's the same in every draft, every year, always. We passed on Tom Brady and many others. Multiple times. You draft for what makes your team better, even if you believe someone is a better overall football player. I'm not. No. I trade Haskins for whatever we can in that situation. We saw what Haskins does when he's not the starter. He folds. And then he loses every bit of his value.
  9. Who "dismissed" Young? Dude isn't on the team. You're not passing on him anymore than you pass on any prospect left on the board in any other draft. Completely disagree, though, that Haskins + Young + Sweat + Kerrigan > Tua + Sweat + Kerrigan. Tua is that much better than Haskins, in my opinion. I don't even think it's close. And that's not even saying Haskins can't be good. I think that much of Tua. Now, include the injuries and it's closer. All his medicals are clean as **** right now, though per reports. But I'm not sure any of you are even reading what I'm saying and it's frustrating as hell. I AM NOT SAYING DRAFT TUA. NOT ONCE HAVE I SAID THAT. I am saying it has to be discussed and its not an invalid discussion, as some want to write it off to be. That's it. That's all.
  10. You're passing on Tua to take Young. We are guaranteed the opportunity to take Tua. Guaranteed. He's there, we take Young. We lose out on Tua. We now have 2 EDGE rushers in back to back years. We would have a lot of sources tied up in EDGE. Can do that with any position. Neither guy is on the team. We're not passing on Tua to take Young. We're not passing on Young to take Tua. We're taking the guy that fits what the team can use best. Period. One of them won't be selected, but not drafting someone doesn't necessarily mean we "passed" on them. It means someone else had the value we needed to take. The opportunity cost to take Young is Tua and having Dwayne Haskins (who has many concerns and questions on his resume).
  11. You can't give up on someone you never had. He's not a Redskin. I edited my above post right before you posted.
  12. For your first question, I think Tua is worth more than Haskins. Chase Young has nothing to do with it, despite what our fanbase thinks, he's not on the team yet And if you are going to do it that way, it's really more Tua + Sweat/Kerrigan vs. Haskins + Young/Sweat. The second point, I'm using them as prospects out of college, not on top of what they've done as pros. But I do not think Haskins is as good of a prospect as Herbert, Darnold or Allen. His stats may say different, but his body of work and mechanics don't get reflected there. And those knocks were not an uncommon point in regards to Haskins in draft talks last year. I could see the argument for him being on equal grounds to Josh Allen, though. He's lightyears behind Herbert and Darnold as far as being pro ready and mechanics go. They both have the personalities of bricks, though. But they don't come out and say things that hurt the team either. I'm not sure what their teams think of them. But they seem to be respected at the very least. I think Burrow is a great prospect. I am worried about him as a pro long term. But he is a coach's kid, so he has a tremendous football IQ. If he can manage to get the locker room to like him I think he's going to be very good.
  13. I knew someone would say that! And no! I'm saying he's presidential!
  14. I think IF he's healthy, Tua is the best QB prospect to come out in a long, long time. But how often is he healthy? Truly healthy? He's the one guy I would regret having passed on if he turns out well, but would understand doing it at the same time. A healthy Tua is the absolute best option, in my mind. But again, that damn injury history is a significant concern.
  15. Cost is definitely a concern. I don't think Cooper is going to get what he thinks he's going to get. But I think he'll get a good apy. I wouldn't sign him as a top tier guy.