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  1. Eh. You shouldn't change your opinion based on popularity. My opinion has always been that the best QB plays. And right now that's Case Keenum (with Colt down). If Keenum looks awful, and McCoy is healthy, I guess I can't really know who the second option is and I'd have to trust the coaching staff. We won't be as "in the know" as we are for camp.
  2. I haven't seen anyone saying Haskins shouldn't play at all. This conversation seems to be about week one and the immediate future. Things change quick in the NFL.
  3. For the record, this was kind of my point with my statement that it was clear cut. It's not to you. But it is to steve. It is to me. There is zero part of me that thinks its good to start him from day one. Not a single bone in my body thinks that's good for him or the franchise. That's the thing with opinions. Steve's and yours differ. To him its clear cut. To you it's not. Circumstance dictates these things. But I strongly disagree with this sentiment. There are guys who are elite from day one. I agree there. But there are other players who take some time to develop. Throwing a guy who needs some time behind that offensive line and with the pass catchers that are currently on this roster is not a strong starting point for anyone. I seriously can't for the life of me understand this point of view that elite shows from day one and therefore Haskins should start. I can at least see where the people who want Haskins to start just for the in-game experience are coming from, even if I don't agree. But for the above reasoning I just can't fathom an argument for.
  4. I mean, I'd argue it's about as clear cut as any situation.
  5. Not what I said. But I think you're overlooking the human element of athletes.
  6. This is the same as what I detailed above. Situations that force someone's hand completely turn the scenario on its head.
  7. To be fair, I did say right now But I think you always need to take Reed's injury history into account in these conversations as well.
  8. There is a ton of potential in our ball carriers and pass catchers. That's 100% truth. But I notice there was a part of the offense that is conspicuously absent from your post
  9. I don't. I replied to another post above, right after this last reply I made. Mentally, being forced into action by an injury is much different than being THE guy. And it's different from a media perspective, too. If you start day 1, you are the best QB on the roster and there are expectations. If you are a rookie, who is raw, and you start day one those expectations will never be lifted. If you are a rookie, who is raw, and you're on the bench day one it's viewed as protecting an asset who needs some time to develop. If you are forced in the game you are then given some leeway (as long as there are positives, if you are an absolute dumpster fire that's a little different). Whether it should or shouldn't be the case is largely irrelevant. It is the case. And media DOES influence a player's career (sometimes in a great way, sometimes not). It also clouds perception of a player by anyone in any organization who reads the reports as well as game day fans who don't understand much about the game. Try being a rookie QB, who is starting, who there are expectations on starting 0-4 and being in a store and having fans heckle the **** out of you. See, if after awhile, that doesn't get to even the most confident person and influence their mentality.
  10. Different scenario and it wildly changes expectations. You are a spark plug forced into action vs. the relied upon starting quarterback. It changes the player's mentality.
  11. Agreed. I don't understand the mentality of "needing to start him". Anyone who watched Haskins college reps knew he had a ton of work to do, but had a ton of upside. He has a very high ceiling. But he's no where near that ceiling. Case (and Colt) are better quarterbacks right now. They just are. Starting Haskins just because is a recipe for disaster. And the whole, "if he starts then gets benched and it ruins his career, he was a terrible pick and we need to take another QB" mindset is straight poison. This is real life. Not some fantasy land. Rookies are unsure of themselves for the most part. Not all. But a lot. Especially ones who weren't universally praised coming in. Especially ones that have to prove something. That doesn't mean they have no confidence. That doesn't mean they don't believe they can succeed or in their abilities... But they overthink everything. They know when they make mistakes that media and fans are going to jump on them. You put a rookie QB in the game, with a poor line and a live pass rush and you are looking to damage him and the franchise. He has not shown he is ready as a NFL quarterback. And that's okay. All of us realized he'd need work. I've said this time and time again: The best quarterback should play. Right now that's not Haskins. Haskins isn't even the second best QB on the roster right now. Again, that's okay. Why risk his career?
  12. I mean a sum of zero is immeasurable. How many times has a rookie excited people only to do nothing? Until it's shown on the field, their ability isn't worth anything. We have one of the worst pass catching groups in the NFL right now. McLaurin/Harmon breaking out would help. Richardson being healthy* would help. Doctson(if he makes the squad) having a career year would help. But preseason evaluations are based on a "what have you done" basis. We are extremely injury prone (not just at WR, but on the whole roster, but I'm sure most of you are tired of me pointing that out over and over again :ols:), and our rookies have done nothing at the NFL level yet. Taylor Jacobs was an absolute animal in camp/preseason. Other guys have done zero in camp/preseason and been monsters in the regular season/playoffs. But you can't go by that stuff.
  13. KDawg

    Jordan Reed Might Have Another Concussion

    I didn't watch the game live (I typically don't for preaseason)... but I checked out the hit... I wouldn't say it was malicious. But it was certainly a relic hit in the sense that he was clearly just trying to make a play, but led with his head. So it was dirty for sure, but I don't think Neal was attempting to hurt the guy. The problem with relic hits, though, is that they are not only dangerous for the receiver of the hit, but the guy giving the hit. The guy is typically airborne when they hit someone like that... if the receiver comes down at a different angle, not only with the hitter take initial head trauma, but their head could be caught under the hitees helmet as they make contact with the turf. It's dangerous football.
  14. KDawg

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    At least we have the DC Defenders if the Redskins stink again. ^ | -------------- Pretty sure that's Redskin depression creeping in already, and it's too soon!
  15. This is exactly why the team needs to rip the band-aid off and get it done. Waiting it out for a little while makes some sense. Things like the Texans losing a tackle shake out around this time of year. But its gotta happen soon. For everyone.