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  1. KDawg

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Anyone else feel this recommendation is a bit... fishy? Hopefully, if he's the guy, he lands here on his feet... you know, like a cat.
  2. KDawg

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Now: Out of 40 possible games, including this year, he's played in 14/40. He's played in 35% of the games he's been able to play in.
  3. KDawg

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Agree. It's all the same ****. Don't care where you're aligned... each gap will be covered. Whether it's two-gaps or one-gap per player. You could assign a guy standing next to the sideline the A-Gap if you really wanted. It would be stupid. But you could. People get too caught up with these labels. Furthermore, if you're in something 70% of the time, I'd argue THAT is your base. We do NOT run a 3-4 defense here. How did Holcomb replace Brown last year when we just drafted him?
  4. Probably important to remind people: Lots of good stuff coming out of Skins OTAs RE: Haskins. That's great to hear. But you're not going to hear a ton of bad right now. This is the time of year where optimism is at its highest and live shots aren't being fired at the players. Hearing what we're hearing about Haskins is definitely encouraging, but let's try to contain the hype for Haskins' sake
  5. KDawg

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Our inside backers are now scary. And not in a good way.
  6. Gonna ask, and I have a sinking feeling I'm going to regret this: Why, exactly, do we care what Haskins spends his money on... Why do we care if he goes broke? Why do we care if he stays rich the rest of his life? It is a total non-factor for us. As fans I believe we should care about a few things: On field play, his character, and the number one rule: him not being a dick. If you're a hater, lover, neutraler, apologist, Hiram of Haskins, Keen for Keenum, Cult of Colt... It frankly doesn't matter in the least, to literally any of us. I go through life working a regular job, making less in my entire LIFE than Haskins will on his actual contract. Him buying a Bentley, or a 70's shaggin' wagon is of absolutely no consequence to any of us. So... why do we care what he spends his money on, and why are we offering him financial advice or posting articles about players going broke?
  7. Clearly, he didn't. That chain was the obvious reason he has so many injuries. One poor purchase and the weight of that Silverback put so much pressure on his soft tissue and joints that it weakened him for his career. I now agree that Haskins car is a problem. Without having to deal with breakdowns like the rest of us, how will he ever learn to face adversity?
  8. You know the car thing was brought up strictly to get people talking about the Junkies, right? I prefer to ignore them. The car thing is stupid.
  9. I don't really analyze schedules. Every year sees teams that were good the previous year disappoint and teams that disappointed last season be impressive. It's a schedule. Where games of football will be played. From just a broad view, it looks like if the Skins make the playoffs they're going to earn it. To keep the thread on topic: I don't think that should matter in whether Haskins plays or not. If he wins the job, he should start.
  10. After watching him in AAF, he is lucky he signed with a team as a camp arm.
  11. Just like the Pack did with Rodgers... The Skins need to play the guy who wins the job.
  12. I'm not pulling for any of them. For once, I can say I like all three of our quarterbacks. I don't view Colt as a full-time NFL starter. I view Keenum as a fringe NFL starter. I view Haskins as a future NFL starter. Colt, however, may be the best QB on the team as it stands right now. Dude knows this system inside and out. Keenum is a competitor, and if Haskins winds up starting he's going to have to earn it against these two guys. May the best man (grasp of playbook, physical skills, leadership, locker room support) win.
  13. I'm not speaking of your consistency at all - or your character, to be clear. I am speaking to, largely, how you believe the narrative that fits your opinion. It's a human inclination to do so. And not reserved to you. I do it, too. We all do. And it's all worthy of discussion. But there are a lot of people adamant, one way or the other. One posted just above us. The narrative is the Redskins FO is bad. A narrative that, up until VERY recently I totally concur with. And the story that Gruden was against that pick goes with it. So some people want to force that narrative (I'm not saying you are one of the people that wants to force it, I am saying that you may buy in more due to your biases). I despise the way this franchise has been run. Especially under Allen. But this offseason has been much better than any previous. If I HAD to pick a "side" it would be that Gruden liked Haskins. I think they are using their bad rep to their advantage in this scenario. That's where my biases kick in. In the end, I'm probably wrong, too.
  14. I think you're covered in shadows brother. You trust the narrative, spun by the media, that Jay didn't want the guy, but you don't trust the narrative, spun by the media, that he does. These things are almost always more complex than any author knows or can convey. I think people worrying about whether or not he was Jay's guy are just giving themselves a headache unnecessarily. Whether it was Dan/Bruce/Kyle/Jay/O'Connell or whoever doesn't matter much. It's all conjecture. And there's tons of spin.
  15. https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/13/dwayne-haskins-jay-gruden-washington-redskins-doug-baldwin-kam-chancellor-seahawks?utm_campaign=themmqb&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social Has anyone seen this? This seems to say that Gruden was behind the Haskins pick. Granted, I assume people are going to come out and say, "well yeah, of course he's saying that now... They drafted him." But the point is: Who the hell knows what happened behind closed doors pre-draft? There's stories pointing in every direction. Consider yourselves subverted