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  1. I see Bullock was kind to S. Montez. Heinicke probably fits better in the Green category. Although not "young" in age, he is in the overall sense of the word. Jarret Patterson should be in the green as well. I'd argue Logan Thomas should be in the red.
  2. Ryan Fitzpatrick will be the starter day one unless something happens. He wasn't brought in to sit on the bench and Heinicke and/or Allen need to develop within this system a bit more before they can challenge for the reigns. I'm sure either would be fine in a spot start or if they have to due to injury. I like both of them. But Fitzpatrick is just better right now.
  3. The real Mandarin and the ten rings in Shang Chi can set up some stuff. The Eternals and Deviants are key factors in various groups of people. Some with mutations. My theory is the TV shows will forward plots but they will keep MAJOR developments for movies. For instance: Falcon became Cap at the end of Endgame. But we saw there was a lot more to it than that in the show. Vision died in Endgame, but we saw there was more to it than that in WandaVision. Loki took the Tesserect in Endgame, we will explore what happened in Loki. I think these
  4. I mean it’s not necessarily a pipe dream. I think style wise that’s what they’re expecting of him. Now being the same caliber of player is something that needs to develop. But that’s the style.
  5. Where did I say they weren’t “good games”? I’ll wait. My point, again, isn’t any specific title. It’s the amount of those types of games within the platform. @Simmsynailed part of why. I’m not commenting on if a game is good or not, or delving deep into the reasons. Anime games are more popular on the Switch for a variety of reasons. People enjoy what they enjoy and I honestly don’t care what anyone else likes or doesn’t. I grant that my aspect of the convo has been disjointed because I never intended to get far into the rabbit hole. Bu
  6. That’s what I’m saying. Holy **** man. You’re really making my simple question awful with this.
  7. I think you’re really missing my point. They work on the SWITCH BECAUSE of their anime nature and wouldn’t hold up as well on the other platforms. Has nothing to do with whether I like them or not. Holy ****, man.
  8. Uh. No. In fact I’m not even sure where you got any of that from My reference wasn’t the Zelda and Mario’s of the world. It’s the other anime type games that wouldn’t have a following that are not Nintendo properties. Of course Mario and Zelda would be big on any platform. I had to Google games to give as examples: Fire Emblem. Stuff like that. The cartoony games that don’t really have a spot on the bigger consoles for the most part (Persona 5 snuck in I guess).
  9. I agree about Mario but those will never come to XB/PS. My point wasn’t that they don’t have great exclusives. It’s more the niche stuff they have that fit perfect on the Switch versus the other platforms.
  10. An upgraded Switch would be interesting. But they kind of need to stay in their lane. Sure, they have some "realistic" looking titles but most of the stuff for Switch is more animated type stuff that wouldn't have a huge audience on the XB/PS platforms. So here's my question for those of you who follow the Switch more closely (My kids have one and I play Smash Bros and Ultimate Alliance 3 with them otherwise I don't use the thing): How much does upgrading really help the Switch's potential vs. cost them money to develop hardware that doesn't do a whole lot more than th
  11. Updated. I didn't fix Miller. I forgot. And don't feel like doing it now Will get to it next update. Maybe.
  12. Actually this is a perfect comparison. They are also truly voluntary if you’re a proven player that has been praised... or in the grocery shopping scenario if you’re rich and tell her to go buy whatever she wants instead and you’re sitting the shopping part out.
  13. I think it needs to be noted that the difference between a rookie and guys like Young and Sweat missing is very different. Especially one that had character concerns coming in. If I were NYG fans I’d be nervous about this guy.
  14. 1) Patterson is going to make this team AND see a good amount of carries. 2) They didn’t sell the farm for a QB because not only do they really like Fitz, they also like Heinicke but we’re cognizant of the durability on sustainability and didn’t want to put the weight of the world on his shoulders immediately after coming out of math class and then being the starting QB. 3) I still think they reach higher for a QB if it just falls into place, but I think they are really looking at Heinicke and for that matter, Allen, to see if they can do it while using a certified good d
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