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  1. #7 Andre Cisco, S, Cuse. This dude flies around the field, makes very sound reads, covers, plays the run... he’s going to be a first or second round guy, most likely. Very good player.
  2. Tight end sleeper Hunter Long... check at about 21 seconds. He has a lot of little videos on YouTube but nothing really put together. From live games and highlights I piece together that he’s a decent run blocker and a big receiving threat.
  3. Senior Safety out of Virginia
  4. Why do people say mechanics are overblown and then use Mahomes? Mahomes is VERY mechanically sound. He goes unorthodox when his throw is off schedule to make something happen... and when he does it... it works. Haskins just does it because he doesn’t have a base of good mechanics. They are not... at all... the same.
  5. Lance has some odd reps, but from what I’ve seen of him (not a lot is out there), he is extremely mobile, strong arm, good size, good mechanically. He’s got what you want. I think the top 3 QBs are cemented for this draft, but the order isn’t. And at this point I’m not even sure who #4 would be... not a lot of pro type guys floating around that are draft eligible.
  6. I think some of you think the line is better than it is for some reason despite watching the game and knowing otherwise.
  7. Nope. He’s a good, powerful runner but plays upright. Those guys need space to explode. He doesn’t have space. So he’s good enough to get some tough hards, but he doesn’t have the burst you’d like to see. James Robinson is slower but has incredible burst. Josh Jacobs has excellent burst. Gibson sees a lane and is gone, but no lanes and he’s not going to show it.
  8. Well, one way to steal wins is to have the entire opposing defense be out.
  9. I know you’re not.
  10. I understand completely what you’re saying. You can’t manufacture a ton of consoles in a short time due to production lines, material, labor, and probably a fairly rigorous quality control process.
  11. Wouldn’t have to. Can notify suppliers of demand and make sure you have the adequate material to build the necessary quantities.
  12. If they did preorders a year in advance, like many products, they’d have a better shot.
  13. I’m confused with all of this preorder non sense. Isnt a preorder generally done to gauge interest, done far enough out from launch, to determine quantity needed upon launch and to make sure you meet it? How then do preorders sell out? So strange.
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