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  1. Ps5 discord. People losing their minds.
  2. They’re canceling orders now. So they must have over sold.
  3. No linemen worth taking in the top 10 right now other than Sewell, in my opinion. Obviously that can change given the remainder of the season. But for now I wouldn't take Cosmi, Radunz or Leatherwood top 10. Alijah Vera-Tucker and Wyatt Davis are definitely guys we could look at, but they probably won't go until the 20's unless Vera-Tucker plays so well at tackle his position goes from IOL to OT. If he becomes an OT he's gone a lot sooner. I'm fine with sitting Lance for as long as he needs to sit if we take him. I really think Smith is going to be our QB next year.
  4. I have resigned to the fact we aren't getting Lawrence, Fields or Sewell. As of this moment I'd be okay if you told me we would up with Wilson, Parsons or Lance. Not sure there's anyone else in the top 8ish that I'd want over those guys. Next is a Waddle/Moore/Chase/Smith pick after those guys. Then we start getting to Cosmi and Leatherwood.
  5. 9pm WalMart is doing a drop. Online.
  6. I don’t hate it. But I don’t really see a need for it. He’d be functioning similarly to how he was playing when he was down in the box this season and he still whiffed on a way too many tackles for my liking. The upside is he’ll flash once in awhile and make some big plays to kind of cover up the bad ones.
  7. That won’t help us. He’s not really a linebacker and if he were to find any success it would be in a role similar to KPL as an outside guy. Our biggest issue is MIKE in general. In nickel sets we often only have two backers anyways. Collins inside the box scares me.
  8. Signing a top end inside backer would cost a lot of cash. I really, really hope we draft a guy that grows from within. Otherwise signing a guy for huge money HAS to happen.
  9. Attitude reflects Leadership, Captain.
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