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  1. I think Haskins best course of action is to let others speak for him and continue to improve behind the scenes without saying much. He'll get criticized regardless, but coming off of his "the league messed up" stuff, he may be better off not saying a whole lot. But he feels the need to defend himself, so hey, what are ya gonna do?
  2. I'll address this more if we get there... But as a Smith fan, this is the only way I'd want Smith, too. If he's there in conjunction with Haskins and/or another rookie/vet and he's third string. If he wins the job, fair and square, that's fine. But 1) I doubt he ever plays and 2) I doubt he'll win the job.
  3. I'm not arguing that they will fix the team. If you've followed my posts, which I'm not sure if you have or haven't because theres about 4000 active posters here I am completely against the way our FO operates on a regular basis. My argument was strictly based on "they'd screw up the first rounder". It's not likely they would, actually. But it is likely they'd screw up the team around the first rounder.
  4. Just watched it. This is absolutely damning. And even though HardcoreZorn already pointed it out, this is more reason that Danny/Bruce should be held accountable. But Jay, apparently, was much worse for this team than any of us thought because we're not there. It'll be interesting if other players come out in support of this. One account doesn't make a case. But that's some ****ty stuff. His criticism on Manusky lines up with the issues this team has schematically. I agree with the coverage thing when he says the Skins don't disguise anything. It's plain as day every snap. Disagree with his take on Romo. He just seems like he's talking to talk at that point. Not sure Dunbar is the best defender on the team. But he's damn close. I think Payne, Allen, Dunbar and Collins are all in the running there. Dunbar has recently won me over as he seems to be relatively healthy he has swayed me. The Norman thing lines up with the film. Completely.
  5. So, who would you like at QB? I mean, I’m kinda with ya on Alex not coming back and being the team’s QB assuming he’s not near 100% and basically two years out of football. But what’s your solution? I assume it’s ideally a developed Haskins. But we have to see if that happens. A new rookie? Case? Colt? A journeyman vet we sign?
  6. I don't disagree with a single thing said in this post.
  7. You know, something like this could eventually get to Snyder. This may, if Allen holds pat and doesn't get something done that benefits the Skins, wind up being a turning point with the Snyder/Allen stuff. Granted, I highly doubt it. But this narrative is one of the biggest things the media is harping on around Allen. Snyder, despite reports, hears everything. He has to. So I'm interested in seeing how all of this plays out. I don't actually think this makes a difference. But the idea that it could is at least entertaining.
  8. Statistically AP was fairly close, considering all the injuries and non sense and defensive focus in the first 9 vs. the second 7 games. First 9: 9 games 155 attempts (17.2 pg) 672 yards (4.33/carry) 4 TD Second 7: 7 games 96 attempts (13.71/game) 370 yards (3.85/carry) 3 TD The thing that stands out is that the team went away from him. His carries per game being reduced by almost 4/game is significant. That's a Gruden issue. But it's also the fact that the team wasn't as competitive, so the ball had to go in the air more often. Alex Smith was boring. Alex Smith was statistically not great. Alex Smith and his supporting cast were not, under any circumstances, going to be coming back from a significant deficit. But what Alex Smith did was bring a respect to the ability to throw the ball and lead a team. Defenses needed to account for him, even as far as scrambling ability goes. But once he went out, everything changed. Adrian Peterson is a big reason that Alex Smith was able to quarterback a 6-3 team because the team didn't need to rely on Smith's arm. Alex Smith was a big reason that AP was getting more carries because he minimized mistakes and kept the ball in Skins possession. The offensive line made both go. And when the defense was good it complemented everything. It was actually fairly complementary football. The issue being that the team was still poorly assembled, so ultimately the team wasn't going to go far regardless. The reasons for the Skins early season success was a combination of all of those things. You can't discount one piece of it because you're frustrated at the resources given up. The trade, in hindsight, hurt. Especially considering we could have had a guy like Matt Moore quarterback the team for dirt cheap. But I'm not talking about the FO's decision making with this post. I would need a lot more space to do that. I just don't enjoy reading the disrespect for what Smith did here. He helped turn a poorly assembled team to being something that his fit made a difference. He was not, and never was, the REASON they were 6-3. But he was a significant part of it.
  9. So what happened towards the end of the season? Did AP stop helping or something?
  10. Im not sure who said he was. He had this team playing way above it’s pay grade. But that doesn’t mean it’s a smart move to move forward with him.
  11. Are you sure about that? We weren’t 6-3 because of Alex Smith alone, that’s an absolute truth. But his ability to protect the ball, coupled by the way the wind seemed to be drained out of the team the moment he got hurt, all the way to the way the season ended all scream that Smith was a bigger factor than most here would care to admit. If you want to argue he’s not worth the money we gave him, I’m willing to listen. If you want to argue that we gave up too much for him, I’m all ears. Saying things like “it’s something Bruce would say and Alex wasn’t part of the reason” is a bit asinine.
  12. What, exactly, defines an impressive QB for you?
  13. People actually thought the trade was going to happen when the rumors came out? I thought we were all just having fun with it.
  14. I hope Callahan utilizes them both. I envisioned a backfield that was one or the other, sometimes both, sometimes one or the other mixed with Thompson. Use Thompson in the backfield and motion him, or straight align as a slot and motion him. There are so many wrinkles with that, and personnel tells are more difficult to read if Thompson winds up being in the slot. It's a little easier with AP/Guice in, but you can always use one of them as a wing. Once in a while it wouldn't shock me if AP would enjoy leading Guice through a hole and plastering someone.