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  1. On the local radio Bills show today they gave an update on Guice... John Murphy, the host, kept calling him Derrius Juice... and “Juice may miss the remainder of the season” I got a good laugh.
  2. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I feel bad that all of you actually think Bruce is going to get fired. Also, why is this typing in strange font? Who broke ES? @TK? @Jumbo? @PCS? @weird_gymnasium?
  3. Yes. The team is bad, and has been for 20+ years and it’s the fan’s fault.
  4. Regardless on my overall feelings on Haskins, I do think he needs to be kept around regardless of if he's the guy or not. He absolutely can change with some more experience (practice counts in that scenario). He's on a rookie deal and healthy. As long as he's not a distraction, the team shouldn't just give up on him. A few years of maturing/having good habits instilled could do wonders for him.
  5. The third overall pick could be tremendous value.
  6. No. A new GM/HC need to pick their groceries. Forcing Haskins on them is a mistake and limits your candidates.
  7. Priority 1: Get rid of Allen and see if Trent Williams will play for the team next year. Priority 2: Get Flowers and/or Scherff under contract. Priority 3: Scope out FA to fill other holes (QB/OL/CB/FS/ILB/TE/RB) Priority 4: See what the roster is like on draft day. Try to acquire additional first round capital, if not, try for additional 2nd round capital. Priority 5: Draft by BPA with need weights based on FA. It's a little early to get too specific here, but Williams may play for a team that doesn't have Bruce Allen at the helm. Or he may not. This team does have several holes. Quarterback is very likely one. But the top priority has to be the offensive line. I don't think we have the luxury of addressing much at WR, but if an intriguing enough prospect comes through that could happen. CB is a similar spot. TE is lacking in first round assets in the draft round now, in my opinion. But I haven't done a great scout on the position yet. Ultimately, a new GM/HC should pick their groceries. And if it isn't Haskins, it isn't Haskins.
  8. Well, I will quibble! You agree with my Hopkins point!
  9. I think that's all things I said in the OP though, isn't it?
  10. Let's be real, though, it was more like 20-9 with Green Bay playing garbage time D in garbage time.
  11. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    He doesn't want to fire Bruce. He wants Bruce to retire so he doesn't lose his golfing buddy. At least that's my thought. Plus, who's going to hire the new coach and GM (in that order, of course) if Bruce is fired too early?
  12. Thanks, I probably should have remembered that he went to the tent and was put in the protocol. But I try to block things out
  13. Im not sure what point you think you made with agendas, but I’d look in the mirror if you’re making that claim. Im taking back my kudos, damnit.
  14. Yet on the missed meshpoint play he tucked it and ran just fine. That's why I'm so confused by the injury. I don't think he was faking it at all.... but I'm not sure how the hell he failed to get to the mesh but then hauled ass like his anus was on fire. I think he was very clearly in pain, but he was able to "focus away" from it sometimes, and sometimes he wasn't. It looked like he got stepped on on that play by the center. But it also looked like he didn't get back from the LOS fast enough as a QB should. Which could be the ankle. It's all confusing as hell to try to piece together. I feel like you need to be Dr. House or Sherlock Holmes to get the full picture.
  15. If Haskins was throwing touchdown passes and made a few mistakes like that, I'd be more on board. But he's not. He's not taking calculated risks across the board. He's taking high risk plays in tough situations. I am not a fan of his risk taking. It's too infrequent and generally in poor spots. I'm glad we're having a real conversation about this, though, because I do respect you as a poster quite a bit. So this is a good talk.