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  1. KDawg

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    I think the disconnect here isn't necessarily what he said. Its who he said it to, the way he said it, and the way it's been handled. It shows the culture of the team when this kind of outburst is tolerated. Have an issue? That's fine. Express your concern directly. Doing it openly shows a complete lack of respect for the organization. And warranted or not (it's warranted) that's on the organization to correct. And they haven't. Which is a sad, sad state of affairs.
  2. KDawg

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    Private conversations should be kept private. I'm a firm believer in that. But social media has set a new precedent in life. Every year, at both the high school and college level, we had meetings with our players. We discussed privacy and how conversations should be kept that way. We also explained that social media creates a permanent record. Once you say it or post it its always there. There will always be a record of it. Had a bad day and said something bad on facebook? FB keeps a record of it and someone probably has a screenshot of it. Even if you didn't mean it. It's there. It can be used against you in a year, 5 years, 20 years, 100 years. Have a bad day and vent to a coworker? They may not even remember it at the end of the day. (obviously there are lines there, too...) Social media is a permanent record. You are responsible for what you post. And then saying it to a random fan... It's just not a good look. At all. And I think this comment differs wildly from what Swearinger and even Norman have said. But that's a personal stance. I said my piece on what I believe should happen with Foster in another thread. I won't regurgitate. But please, younger folks reading this and even some of you older folks... And believe me, I remind myself of this daily as well (with some slip-ups! No one is perfect!) be wary of what you say and do on the internet.
  3. The point wasn't that he will. It's that he could. And it would go a LONG way with this fanbase as long as he followed through.
  4. This is such an opportune time for Snyder. Gruden seemingly giving Foster a pass on those comments. The current negative publicity, the Sanchez fiasco, the mostly empty stadium, the losing streak... This is a perfect time for Snyder to do something he's never done... Release Foster and hold a press conference: "Over the years there have been many times where I have heard fans and media asking that I stay out of football affairs. I have for the most part done that. And I will continue to try to place people within the organization who can manage the football end of things in a way that satisfies the fan base and then some. Mistakes have certainly been made along the way, but I believe it's time to start fixing some of those. It has come to my attention that we had one of our teammates, one of our leaders, post some extremely derogatory comments towards this franchise in a social media message with a fan. And not only the franchise, but our loyal fans who have endured many years of mediocrity and worse. While there is almost always some level of grumbling between employees at any organization, it's an entirely different animal when that grumbling is taken to the outside. I am for privacy. I believe our conversations should remain private. I also believe that social media has a different set of rules to live by. In this day and age nothing that you say on social media should be thought of as private. It eventually all comes out in the wash. Front office personnel, coaches and players will be held to the standard that they should know better. Keeping that in mind, today I made the decision to release Mason Foster from his contract with the Washington Redskins. This was a decision made by myself and myself alone as the owner of the Washington Redskins. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard and for the last long while this team has floundered. Some of that, if not most of it, should be placed directly at my feet. I recognize that. It's time for this to change. Being an employee of the Washington Redskins is a privilege and not a right. And it's time to remind people of that fact again. I will no longer allow the status quo. Changes need to occur with this franchise and the first is making sure that each of our employees respects everyone who came before them when they walk in that door. There will be more changes over the coming weeks and months. I want this franchise to be proud again, and I hope the changes that occur will rejuvenate our fanbase once again. Hail to the Redskins."
  5. KDawg

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Culture is such a large part of NFL success. Or any sport organization's success. Truth be told, I'm not as down on Jay Gruden as many are. He has flaws, but I like him as the head coach of the Redskins. The problem is that he has now been a part of the culture here for the last half of a decade. Not much has changed on the surface. His message will fall on deaf ears moving forward, despite my thought that he is a decent NFL head football coach. Repeated injuries, front office decisions and ultimately not succeeding have fully ingrained him as part of the losing culture that needs to be purged. Like I said, I like Gruden. I hope someone else hires him and he does well. But his tenure in DC has been mired by disaster after disaster, many of them through no fault of his own. But he is also an Allen decision. And for the culture to shift I believe both men need to be moved on from. Jay with absolutely NO disdain in my heart.
  6. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'd be interested to see a fan poll with the title, "Are you happy with the job that Bruce Allen has done with the Washington Redskins?" And then have it sent to the Redskins.
  7. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    There are a few things that would concern me to a great extent: 1) Bruce isn't let go. 2) If Gruden is removed and Allen isn't OR Gruden is removed BEFORE Allen is. 3) If we don't hire an agency to hire a new GM. The first two things are mind numbingly painful to think about happening. The third thing is the first step in restoring the franchise.
  8. @kleese word is those are froman Instagram convo with a fan. Not sure if that’s true. If Foster is saying that to some random fan it makes it even worse.
  9. The Foster comments are far worse than anything Norman or anyone else has said. I'd cut him today if I were Snyder. Yes. I said Snyder. He makes that decision and sets the tone for the next set of players, general managers and coaches. His message should be: "I will leave all football operations to the professionals, but disrespect the Washington Redskins or its fanbase in such brazen fashion and you will not be on this roster or in the locker room." That won't happen. It's a pipe dream. But that's how it should be handled.
  10. Great discussion here. Here's my list: 1) Replace Bruce Allen as General Manager. Hire an agency with a football expert to consult in the hire. Not necessarily in-house. Not through a connection you may have had. Not necessarily a legend. Hire an agency to hire the best available, willing candidate. In doing so, the entire coaching staff is given notice that their jobs are in jeopardy. They are essentially told they are being evaluated by the new GM and while he may keep some, none of them are guaranteed anything. If they would like to be released from their contract immediately, the Redskins would respect that and let them go. Otherwise, their job is not in the least bit safe but the organization will continue to pay them until evaluation is complete. 2) Make a decision on the staff. Training staff included. Front office personnel included. Work a list from top to bottom. Leave no stone unturned. FO is decided first by the new General Manager. Once the FO is in place, you decide on your head coach. You caveat that by thinking about what the future holds at the QB position. Assuming a young QB will be brought in and need to be developed in 2019 or 2020, you decide on Gruden by thinking about whether he will be there for another 3-5 years or not. If the answer is no, and I'd believe it to be, then you remove Gruden. If the answer is yes, then you keep him and build. 3) Get the head coach in place and evaluate your remaining staff. The Head Coach and GM decide who can stay and who goes. 4) Rebuild the roster. Burn it down as much as you can. You probably will not find immediate upgrades for all the guys you move on from. Actually, you WILL downgrade. But that's just the way it is. Guys who could be on the chopping block (I'm not saying you necessarily move on from them, but it needs to be looked at): Ryan Kerrigan, Trent Williams, Josh Norman, Jordan Reed, Jamison Crowder, Chris Thompson, Mason Foster, Zach Brown, Morgan Moses. That's on top of other guys that were a negative voice in the locker room that we may not know about. Some of those guys might be kept, and for one or two I'd understand it. But all of them could be moved on from in my opinion. 5) Start your rebuild. The DL would be largely intact, so that's your position of strength to build off of. Shore up the OL next and continue to add quality DL pieces. Quarterback is the other priority. At RB I re-sign Adrian Peterson for his leadership ability and to take some load off of both him and the returning Guice. Bibbs/Marshall round out the RBs and you have a decent RB group for a year. Fill in players in other positions with the best fits you can find.
  11. KDawg

    Safety Clinton Dix to the skins

    I think Alabama has a lot of great defensive talent. But this I completely agree with. Stockpiling Alabama players doesn't necessarily give you a great NFL defense. It gives you a great college defense. The NFL is made up of 32 college all-star teams with the best players from the last decade and a half. The best 11 guys you can field on defense shouldn't be dominated by Alabama players, no matter how good they are. Payne and Allen I get. But the fascination with Alabama players is a bit much. And you hit the nail on the head... I believe the Alabama connection is exactly why the team targeted Haha.
  12. I don't think it can be argued that Kirk is a better overall QB than Keenum. He absolutely is. The issue with Kirk is in big moments he withers. It has happened time and time again. The national media is starting to catch on, too. 0-7 on Monday Night football as a starting QB. Wins/losses are never just a quarterback stat, but 0-7 is alot of random bad luck. But let's lay it out there. Kirk is a talented football player. But the issue Minnesota has is simply the fact he isn't worth $84M guaranteed. Now they have to build their roster with $84M unavailable for them to build other positions, namely their offensive line.
  13. KDawg

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    Odd question to ask... but no. Thanks for checking.
  14. KDawg

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    Agreed. I'm not so gung ho on the "fire them now" bandwagon. Bruce I think is a no brainer. So I'd be okay with moving on now with him because it gives the new guy to get into position and evaluate a bit. Jay requires some thought. Lots of things to think about there. And a new GM should make that decision. But there needs to be some changes in the FO, coaching staff and the roster.
  15. Well, yesterday there was a team wearing Redskin jerseys on the field against the Giants. For the first time I can honestly say I'm not sure anything went well. But that doesn't mean that I don't see a silver lining. Chronically injured players are hampering this team just as much as any other reason. The following players are hurt consistently: Chris Thompson Jamison Crowder Jordan Reed Trent Williams (tries to play through) Morgan Moses (tries to play through) Shaun Lauvao Of this list, the only one I'd be even remotely hesitant to move forward without is Mr. Williams, although I'd buy the argument that its time to move on from him as well. On this next list are players that aren't worth their current contract value, but could have a place: Josh Norman Next list are players who don't seem to be fitting in: Haha Clinton-Dix A lot of this stuff was glaring while watching the game. Thompson and Crowder's dropped passes really hurt us. Sanchez isn't very good and who knows what Josh Johnson brings us. This has to be things the evaluation group sees and will hopefully be ready to move through with. Other items of note: Doctson does look like our current best wide receiver. That is a remarkable turn around on his end, and it also speaks to our players at that position in a big way. The penalties and lack of discipline were glaring. Love the way he was playing or hate it, the minute Alex Smith went down so did this team's ability to win a football game. Saquon Barkley is fun to watch, but I still hated watching him. For all the credit I've given the D for it's ability to force turnovers, they skip the fundamental of wrap first, go for the ball second. It results in way too many missed tackles. People put blame on the training staff for the injuries, but to be honest, I think a lot of our injuries are just coming from guys who are routinely injury prone and I'm not sure it can be put on their shoulders. Jay Gruden made the best case yet for removing him as the head coach. I'm typically a continuity guy but yesterday was ugly in a lot of ways. If the team plans to draft a QB, you'll want a head coach that's going to be around for a bit to coach him up. Is Jay a guy that's going to be around after next season? If not, time to cut bait. At what point is Bruce Allen held responsible for the continued reliance on oft injured players? I watched every minute of the game yesterday. The pain made me feel alive. But man, that was quite the stinker.