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  1. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    This is something myself (and others) have been saying for years. Years. That is the biggest problem with the team. Not Gruden. Not the talent levels. Not the defensive coordinator(s). The roster construction.
  2. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    What injury prone players/position have we replaced at this point? Quarterback - Alex Smith (wouldn't say injury prone... but likely not to play again so I suppose that qualifies) to Keenum. LG - Maybe? Lauvao to Flowers. Flowers is healthy... but... And that's pretty much it. The biggest problem with this roster is relying on injury prone players. Williams and Moses are both starters still at the tackles - okay, you could argue (at least with Williams) that talent levels are high enough to roll with them. But here's the problem: We lost the swing guy that fills in for them when one or both are inevitably out. Reed and Davis are still the tight ends. We lost Crowder, but his replacement is Trey Quinn who played in a game... so we actually got worse. Couple other guys who flashed last year in pre-season but remains to be seen because... they were injured. Inside Linebacker we actually got more injury prone (but also more talented). Brown to Reuben (if not suspended) is a talent upgrade, but also a higher injury/suspension risk. Landon Collins is healthy, but so was Swearinger. Talent upgrade, though. Chris Thompson is always an injury risk, we let Bibbs (the guy who was a slightly lesser talent but more sturdy). Adrian Peterson probably isn't a huge injury risk, but he's older so he could be... Guice is coming off of a torn ACL. Paul Richardson is injury prone. Doctson has been. Still don't really have a free safety, but our current one is an arrest risk (to be fair, a lot of players around the league are, though). Seems anyone who played corner last year was injured at some point. In a vacuum, Keenum makes sense. Better/healthier than McCoy. Ideally we get a younger guy, but we don't have to reach and Keenum is a good bridge. In a vacuum, Landon Collins was a good get in a division with Zeke and Saquon despite some coverage concerns (especially because he wants to be a Redskin). DRC and Flowers are basically JAGs at the moment. I'm not totally down on the moves. Still a lot of time. But I'm waiting to see some of these thing addressed before I start to feel that we're on the road to something better than 7-9 or 8-8. Right now I think we're closer to 4-12 than 12-4.
  3. Yeah, Jay, getting McGee and whatever that guy's name is really helped more than Campbell would have. I agree with the sentiment, but a horrible example.
  4. KDawg

    Starting QB 2019???

    For those wanting Allen to get canned at season's end: The best bet is we keep the highly paid players, trade for Rosen or sign a Foles type and still struggle. That is significant mismanagement of resources. And if we do those things and still finish below .500, fan optimism will be the lowest it's been... pretty much ever. It will hit Snyder hard in the pocket book. The second option is: The team performs well and Allen stays. If we roll with McCoy, cut bait with highly paid players and let the young guys play there are a few things that could happen: 1. The young guys develop and we have a surprisingly good season, perhaps see less guys on IR... In that scenario, Allen stays. 2. We stink. But we have contracts expiring, will have cap room and a great draft pick for 2020. In this scenario, I wouldn't be surprised if Allen stayed. Of the four general scenarios I posted, the only one that really would almost guarantee Allen hitting the bricks is selling out assets and spending big money to try to actually win this season and failing. I'm never for the Redskins losing because I dislike one guy. If Allen can somehow right the ship, then great. I don't think he can and prefer to see him gone. But watching the Skins stink all season long doesn't appeal to me for the 7th season in a row
  5. KDawg

    Starting QB 2019???

    So the way I see it, the team has a few realistic options (Foles is not one of those options). McCoy/Johnson as a duo or McCoy/Johnson + one of the following, or McCoy + one of the following: Free Agency: Bridgewater Fitzpatrick Ryan Griffin - I've heard him mentioned a few times. 3rd string QB for Tampa last year who the Bucs fans thought might have been their best QB (based on preseason). I don't buy into it, but he'd come cheap and may be worth the flier if they don't want to make a significant investment and can compete with McCoy/Johnson. If he sucks, see ya later. Cheap, too.) Draft: Drew Lock (if we were to spend a first, which I'm not particularly for)
  6. You guys can't see me... but I'm waving good bye to the entire list. I'd hear a case for AP as a mentor for Guice if he REALLY wanted to be around. But if he has some doubts, let him spread his wings and go get a Lombardi with New England splitting carries with Sony. The next on the list I'd bring back is Michael Floyd. How depressing is it that he's second on the list of FAs to retain? Yikes.
  7. KDawg

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    So you guys sold me on Polite a few pages back. As far as QBs go, as of right now, I like: Lock, Haskins, Murray, Stidham. Not in any order. My current ideal draft scenario: 15: Polite 3rd round: Stidham. Trajectory says the Auburn QB is probably a back-up. But he has good upside and could develop into more. Worst case scenario we have drafted McCoy's replacement most likely and haven't tied up a ton of resources in the QB. That will allow us to pursue another QB in 2020 or ride with the surprising Stidham. 2019 QBs would be: McCoy, Johnson, Stidham to start the season. If Stidham surprises you can either release Johnson, IR McCoy (you know he's going down for at least a few games), or just keep all three active all season. Problem with Stidham is he looks like crap so far at the Senior Bowl. So I reserve the right to change my opinion considering the entire week. Been watching a little more with Polite and doing more reading and the guy actually sets the edge pretty damn well for an edge rusher who specializes in dominating quarterbacks. He might actually be my favorite prospect in the draft at this point. My scenario goes out the tubes if Polite is gone early. I don't have a back-up scenario yet though
  8. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Bingo. I saw that, too. "Oh, well, we told them not to discuss it". "But they said they didn't talk to anyone". "Right. Because we told them not to discuss it {read: We told them to say they didn't regardless}". So he basically admitted that he endorses lying and uses it routinely enough for him to not even second guess saying that.
  9. Why wouldn't it be? The best coaches aren't just found in the NFL. Each coaching group (college, NFL) with well paid positions are more about who you know than how good you are. DB coach at Florida and DB coach at the Redskins could monetarily be the same, less in college or more in college. Truth is we don't particularly know any of the details.
  10. So let's do an offseason coaching/FO change review: -Brian LeFemina is canned, his people quit -Rumors Tomsula/Callahan are unhappy and want out among others -Speculation that Allen/Gruden/Manusky were all on the hot seat. The only safe coordinator is Kotwica. -#FireBruceAllen gets traction -Talk that Gruden is told he is safe -Bruce Allen is promoted and now controls the business and football side -The Redskins fire Torrian Gray -The Redskins didn't really fire Torrian Gray -The Redskins interview for the defensive coordinator position -There is still a defensive coordinator in place -Ben Kotwica becomes the Special Teams Coordinator for the Falcons. A purely lateral move. -The Redskins can't land a defensive coordinator (a position that is actually filled but they are still interviewing/attempting to fill). -Manusky's balls are placed in a jar on Allen's mantle as he likely cries himself to sleep at night. -The Redskins hire a new ST coordinator who has finished in the bottom 1/4 of the league in every relevant statistic in the last who knows how long -Kirk Olivadotti joins the Packers and Matt LeFleur's staff (lateral move) -Bengals are interested in Bill "I want out of here" Callahan as their OC. -Redskins are, apparently, trying to re-sign Tomsula -The "not really fired" Torrian Gray signs on with the Florida Gators to be the DB coach (lateral move) Did I miss anything?
  11. This is a case of grasping at something just to attempt to slay the dragon rather than there being anything actually malicious. He dumped "We Hail". Who cares? It's actually business savvy for a guy, who is Jewish, to steer clear of any possible connections like that. Obviously, most of us didn't/won't make that connection. But there are a lot of people who do and would out there in the world. Can't fault the guy for canning it. *shrug*
  12. The main DC candidates are gone. I wouldn't hold my breath on many positive whole sale defensive changes at this point. And as much as we all liked to get on Manusky, I wouldn't put the team's struggles squarely on his back (or the defense's). I still think people are thinking more micro instead of macro when they push for the DC change, despite the fact most know the biggest issue with the Skins is the FO. I'm assuming it's the mentality of "well, nothing is going to change up top so any change is better than no change". If the GM/HC are in place, then if you have a desire to win football games you need to try to stick with the staff the best that you can for continuity reasons. It's one of the only reasons a team with talent but injuries and poor management can stay afloat and stay in contention. If the goal is to build for the future, my mindset changes. But I don't think that's what the Skins FO is going for. I think they are selling that they are close to being in the big picture. And so the best way to move forward is with continuity* * denotes that my opinion changes here if a guy with a big name that Snyder would acquiesce to takes over the defense. At that point, the defense would likely improve at the very least just because that DC wouldn't be walking on egg shells. Any lesser candidate will, in my opinion, result in more of the same just with a different flavor
  13. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I'd rather be Shamed for Sunshine at this point.