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  1. I'd agree... If Love was healthy. If he is somehow at camp and ready to go then I'd be okay with it. But for some reason I look at the list you posted and say to myself: ACL, ACL, ACL, ACL.
  2. Not sure how you took what I typed and made it seem like I wanted a ton of backs. I specifically said don't sign Bibbs because Gruden already chose Marshall. I never said anything about keeping Marshall. But to answer your question... Peterson, Guice, Thompson, Marshall and Love. Use Marshall/Thompson/Love as slot receivers as well. 3 QBs 5 backs 5 receivers 8 OL 3 TEs 5 Interior DL 5 DE/OLB types 4 ILB 6 CB 4 Safeties 1 LS 1 P 1 K Totals to 52, leaving room for one random else where. Could use 2 TEs, 4 interior DL, 4 DE/OLB types (though I don't encourage that), 7 OL (don't encourage that) or 4 backs (Marshall odd man out. I'd be more inclined to go with this if Love was healthy)
  3. I am a huge Kapri Bibbs fan... I'd love to have him back. But it's him or Marshall. We can't keep both. And Gruden et al., made his choice last season. Signing Bibbs back to get cut again isn't necessary.
  4. The "weight-training" staff is called the Strength & Conditioning staff. The "Training Staff" refers to athletic trainers who deal with treatments. Medical staff is the team of doctors.
  5. Missing more and more time. Playing injured. If that isn't deteriorating health I don't know what is. Dude is banged up weekly. I don't think he's moving as well as he used to. At all. I think he'll be athletic, but what does that have to do with injuries piling up? You don't get healthier as you age with the way football offseason training is structured unless you take significant time away.
  6. Actually, yes. I’ve said it here. Not immediately, mind you. But I’ve been on the “find 71’s replacement ASAP because his health is deteriorating quickly” bandwagon.
  7. Available is one thing... Morgan Moses is available most of the time as well. But I wouldn't say they're healthy. They were our best options at about 70% (Williams) and 60% (Moses), which is scary. But they were certainly not, and have not been, healthy. I'd say this is probably semi off-topic, but it might fit... Is Trent Williams, in his current iteration, a stud? To me, a stud is defined as a top 5 player at his position in the NFL. Trent Williams WAS a stud for a very, very large portion of his career. Now I'd say he falls out of that top 5. Probably still top 10, but is that still considered a stud? I'd argue it falls into, "Dude is phenomenal, but we have to be careful what we pay him".
  8. Thanks for the clarification. I don't think this is all about money. The dude has a legitimate gripe if the theory that the medical staff told him it was irritation for weeks at a time and it turned out to be a tumor. And really, who can be upset with TW71 for being pissed? Absolutely no one. I even agree with him if this is the case (and the med staff didn't take his complaints seriously, there's a lot of layers). But this is undoubtedly a calculated move. Unfortunately, disgruntled employees usually don't turn around and be okay after, even if they are shown more money/the situation is remedied. There's usually a bad feeling in the back of their minds every day. I'm hoping that isn't the case with Trent (maybe he's not so disgruntled and he just wants to make people aware of this by making a stand and using this as a chance to sit out of some offseason stuff)... But an older, more injury prone player who may require more money to stay here, and even then likely somewhat disgruntled, isn't a guy this locker room needs with a rookie QB. This whole situation sucks.
  9. I disagree. You don't wake up and get mad all of a sudden and just stop showing up six months after the fact when this incident happened during the season. You don't just, all of a sudden, get fed up. This timing seems very calculated. After the draft, after prime free agency. It's a leverage play. Leverage for what? Not sure. Money? Getting the Med. staff removed? Because now that it's harder to replace him we may just stick with him regardless? I don't know. No one does. But the timing sure as hell seems intentional.
  10. Yes. Kick it's ass, brother. I'd rather not. Whether this is about money or not (Honestly, I think it's always about money in some way, shape or form with these things). All off-season I've been talking about needing to find a replacement for 71 because he's becoming injury prone and older. I have said He has a few years left before we really need to have someone ready to roll as he is still a damn good LT when healthy. However, this accelerates that need, regardless if he's really just upset about the medical staff or money, the team has a serious issue on hand here. Paying him is great in theory. Guy can still go. But what happens if he's out for 6 games this year and 6 games next year and we could have used that money to sign a new LT or strengthen another position group? Williams is a stud. He is and always will be a Redskin legend, but he's not worth more money than the already lucrative deal he's being paid at this point in his NFL career. Especially if he's upset. Upset people disrupt a locker room. And before people get it twisted, I'm not saying Williams is wrong to be upset. I'm not saying I even want Williams off the team. TW71 is one of my favorite Skins of all time and nothing is going to change that. Dude has been a "warrior" for us. But monetarily, we can't afford to make a mistake on his contract. We don't know what the new CBA is going to do for the contract situation, so we can't play fast and loose with money at this point.
  11. My thoughts: -You don't wake up overnight and decide, after being around all off-season, that you're now upset with the way the team handled your medical situation during the 2018/19 season. -Trent waited to say anything for leverage. This could be due to any number of reasons: 1) He really wants out unless they show him the money, 2) He wants to make a point about the team's medical staff, but he doesn't really want out, so he waited until the team would have a hard time replacing him to release this (and wants more money, too), 3) He wanted this to really hurt and he really does want out. Not sure which, if any of those it is, those are early thoughts. -If Trent REALLY is upset with the team to such a high degree, moving on from him is much better than having a negative presence in the locker room. This team, of all teams, doesn't need that. Not with a rookie QB in the fold. Yes, whoever we replace him with is going to be a piss poor replacement. But the TEAM and FUTURE may be better without Williams if he is really that upset. -We don't know much at this point. But the team needs to be highly invested in this and make the best decision for the team.
  12. Is there an option for removing Allen and Williams at this point? And sending Snyder to a beautiful tropical island in a gorgeous house, beautiful view and every amenity he could ever need (on his dime) that has terrible wifi/cell phone coverage for the next 3-5 years?
  13. We're not even to training camp yet and we've already lost our starting ILB and likely our LT. Off to a good start.
  14. KDawg

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Anyone else feel this recommendation is a bit... fishy? Hopefully, if he's the guy, he lands here on his feet... you know, like a cat.
  15. KDawg

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Now: Out of 40 possible games, including this year, he's played in 14/40. He's played in 35% of the games he's been able to play in.
  16. KDawg

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Agree. It's all the same ****. Don't care where you're aligned... each gap will be covered. Whether it's two-gaps or one-gap per player. You could assign a guy standing next to the sideline the A-Gap if you really wanted. It would be stupid. But you could. People get too caught up with these labels. Furthermore, if you're in something 70% of the time, I'd argue THAT is your base. We do NOT run a 3-4 defense here. How did Holcomb replace Brown last year when we just drafted him?
  17. Probably important to remind people: Lots of good stuff coming out of Skins OTAs RE: Haskins. That's great to hear. But you're not going to hear a ton of bad right now. This is the time of year where optimism is at its highest and live shots aren't being fired at the players. Hearing what we're hearing about Haskins is definitely encouraging, but let's try to contain the hype for Haskins' sake
  18. KDawg

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Our inside backers are now scary. And not in a good way.
  19. Gonna ask, and I have a sinking feeling I'm going to regret this: Why, exactly, do we care what Haskins spends his money on... Why do we care if he goes broke? Why do we care if he stays rich the rest of his life? It is a total non-factor for us. As fans I believe we should care about a few things: On field play, his character, and the number one rule: him not being a dick. If you're a hater, lover, neutraler, apologist, Hiram of Haskins, Keen for Keenum, Cult of Colt... It frankly doesn't matter in the least, to literally any of us. I go through life working a regular job, making less in my entire LIFE than Haskins will on his actual contract. Him buying a Bentley, or a 70's shaggin' wagon is of absolutely no consequence to any of us. So... why do we care what he spends his money on, and why are we offering him financial advice or posting articles about players going broke?
  20. Clearly, he didn't. That chain was the obvious reason he has so many injuries. One poor purchase and the weight of that Silverback put so much pressure on his soft tissue and joints that it weakened him for his career. I now agree that Haskins car is a problem. Without having to deal with breakdowns like the rest of us, how will he ever learn to face adversity?
  21. You know the car thing was brought up strictly to get people talking about the Junkies, right? I prefer to ignore them. The car thing is stupid.
  22. I don't really analyze schedules. Every year sees teams that were good the previous year disappoint and teams that disappointed last season be impressive. It's a schedule. Where games of football will be played. From just a broad view, it looks like if the Skins make the playoffs they're going to earn it. To keep the thread on topic: I don't think that should matter in whether Haskins plays or not. If he wins the job, he should start.
  23. After watching him in AAF, he is lucky he signed with a team as a camp arm.
  24. Just like the Pack did with Rodgers... The Skins need to play the guy who wins the job.
  25. I'm not pulling for any of them. For once, I can say I like all three of our quarterbacks. I don't view Colt as a full-time NFL starter. I view Keenum as a fringe NFL starter. I view Haskins as a future NFL starter. Colt, however, may be the best QB on the team as it stands right now. Dude knows this system inside and out. Keenum is a competitor, and if Haskins winds up starting he's going to have to earn it against these two guys. May the best man (grasp of playbook, physical skills, leadership, locker room support) win.