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  1. Beautiful. Same linebackers. Color me excited.
  2. I was being told about Galactus coming in Fortnite and how you can see him with a Sniper Rifle Scope while simultaneously being told that cafeterias are for eating food (why this was a topic I don’t know). I started reading prior to their desire to speak to me at the same time and I tried to soldier through. Miserable failure.
  3. Imagine being talent deprived enough to finish 4-12, 5-11 or even 6-10 and still pick 19th in the next draft.And the reason your record is even that good is because of how bad the rest of your division is as well.
  4. The winner of this division is going to be 4-12 or 5-11 and pick 19th in the NFL Draft. Holy **** talk about an awful scenario.
  5. Fields or Lawrence. Then Sewell. Then trade back and take the BPA at the next pick.
  6. Nope. They’re going to keep Gase and skate the rest of the way.
  7. I don’t think the transitive property exists in football but definitely not with inconclusive data when both A and B cannot best C.
  8. Dallas is very beatable. This is a scary proposition.
  9. Absolutely, 100% accurate. We can guess... and for some it's educated, for some it's not... but it's a guess. We don't know what happens behind closed doors. We can never know exact assignments without a playbook. Lots of guesswork in this stuff.
  10. Actually, I disagree with your last paragraph. I know many guys who could have done this at a pro level (coaching). Or big D1 program. It comes down to a few factors: 1) How much of your life are you willing to give up? Because it means not seeing your kids, skipping holidays, being on the road, seeing your partner go through some real rough patches without you there, etc. 2) Who you know. If you don't know people in high places you don't get to high places (in general). 3) Ties that don't allow for living in another state, county, e
  11. Don’t think they were but hey, if they were they were. I did coach college, too though But I’m still learning every single day.
  12. I missed that sentence, actually. I was talking to my kids while reading. Won’t make that mistake again. Thanks for pointing that out. Question answered.
  13. The OL yesterday wasn’t good, of course. But they were serviceable. Charles in his two play sample (can we/he catch a break?) looked really good actually. If we can get a competent LT and maybe a rookie in a guard spot or RT I think the line is much improved. Of course, that would rely on Scherff being re-upped. Which they may need to do to protect us from filling another hole.
  14. @The Consigliere Watching Darnold play... I’d say he’s been consistently seeing ghosts since then. His decisions have been really questionable on a game to game basis. He SAID the comment while playing the Pats. I just am not sure it ever really went away.
  15. @ConnSKINS26 I made it! So the answer seems to be, based on this, that any plan they put forth that wasn’t Haskins was a waste of resources in your mind? Or would you have been okay with them drafting Tu’a? I know in the draft thread you were against Tua, so if not him, Herbert? And say, releasing Haskins?
  16. Question: If they hired a GM, the GM hires Rivera and they collectively decided Haskins wasn’t the guy after the same performances/stories... would you be okay with it then?
  17. Not me. Darnold is damaged goods. The guy literally sees ghosts because he’s terrified. He’d need to go to a real good situation to turn it around.
  18. I don’t want a quarterback ranked closely to Haskins in the stat department, especially if he’s “trying”. (Speaking on reports that Haskins wasn’t putting in the effort). If those reports are accurate and Darnold is playing just as poorly, I’d rather keep Haskins. I don’t know if they are, and my guess is there are questions about his work ethic but he IS doing something and putting in effort... But imagine if they are right and we turn around and snag Darnold... who is doing it while, reportedly... trying. Scary.
  19. Because 1) the Patriots are still alive and well... and 2) I doubt he has interest in Haskins. Could be wrong. But he doesn't scream "Patriot" to me.
  20. It's still relevant. Having said that, we do need to take into account that it was against the Derogatory Terms for Large Folk.
  21. Im with you on the last paragraph except the Haskins part. Haskins damaged himself. Otherwise, you’re on point in my opinion. And those are valid concerns.
  22. Some of you think Ryan Anderson has trade value? I didn’t have any hopes for him this year for us let alone another team... At least the ones we can part with. We start trading guys like Young and McLaurin and we set our already long rebuild back another 2 years
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