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  1. Oh I agree. 100%. But I think it accomplishes exactly what I said above. In general, he’s just a cringy dude
  2. I’ll tell ya what... Callahan is seemingly pretty ****ing smart. Major step or not, by telling all of us that he basically silences a lot of the talk of “Dwayne must be terrible if he’s not playing” for at least a few weeks. It also gives him a big jolt of confidence if he has to start/play. Doesnt matter if it’s true or not. It’s a great play and it’s good for Callahan AND Haskins. Hats off.
  3. KDawg

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Tua falling to 10 would be absolutely shocking. Herbert to 13 is a bit more believable... Curious where Hurts winds up. I don't see us taking Okudah. Well, I do.... But I wouldn't. I think Wirfs may be a better prospect right now. I mean I can't know for sure yet... Haven't watched a ton of either, but as far as big board goes Wirfs is pretty high up there. Thomas, too.
  4. What I think is fair is that Bruce definitely doesn't do this stuff with the intent of not improving. I think he believes his tactics to be helpful for the franchise. They aren't. But I think he truly believes they are. Unless he's a super secret agent that was put into the Redskins organization to shed light on Snyder's ill advised moves by being his mouth piece and his ultimate goal is to transfer ownership to someone more competent.
  5. I think people are putting too much on Gruden and not enough on the FO. The FO is responsible for the head coach. They hired him. They need to work together. They provided him with groceries that he didn't feel fit his schemes. Partially an error on his end. Partially on the FO. Managing a roster when you aren't in charge of the roster is hard. Very, very hard. Josh Norman, for instance, hasn't been a schematic fit for the D. Ryan Kerrigan is running straight up field every play in the weirdest force defender type role I've ever seen as a hole the size of our teams' college alma mater (Alabama) opens. Part of that is Gruden, maybe, if he had authority to remove Manusky. But I don't think he did. I think that's on the FO. Now, I can't even fully blame Manusky, because somewhere in that guy's head, he knows he's on borrowed time because the FO tried to replace him last offseason... WHILE HE WAS STILL THE DC. And it was very... public. The problem is holistic. It starts at the top and trickles down. Snyder is the largest problem as he enables Allen and Allen enables him. Allen is next. Then his issues trickle down to the rest of the FO and coaching staff. Then the players. None of it connects. We're a jigsaw puzzle with pieces that don't fit. But when those pieces find fits elsewhere, they fit perfect and do well. There is good individual talent on the Redskins in some positions. There are some positions that lack. But they don't fit.
  6. Does he also change his reliance on injury prone players, reluctance to take any blame for anything, stop handcuffing the HC and allow his football people to make some decisions? I mean, it's a step up. For sure. Maybe even three steps. But a step or three up from whale **** is still whale anus.
  7. KDawg

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    So... You're saying there's a chance.
  8. Higgins was healthy on Sunday. They didn't play him. Not a single down from what I understand. He was confused.
  9. i don't know why people seem so negative on the XFL. I think it's a great premise, backed by a billionaire, with games broadcast on ESPN and FOX. And, this time around, they are taking it very seriously. I like the salary cap structure, the draft structure, the timing, etc. Their coaching staffs are pretty solid. Logos are meh but we can't have everything. The OT rules are interesting. Worst case scenario, it gives the NFL some things to think about. Best case is we have football in a season we usually don't and it serves as a minor league type of system with the NFL. It may also force the NCAA to do something about how they exploit student-athletes. Also, the Defenders' roster is solid.
  10. I've postulated that before. And to be honest, I kind of said it half joking. But it certainly has some legs. And, honestly, if the team is looking to roll with Haskins it would probably be the best thing for the team from a competitive point of view. Say what you want about Smith, but the guy was able to take a team who quite frankly wasn't all that good due to a myriad of injuries to a 6-3 record. Was it pretty? Hell no. But his ability to protect the ball, and with the team leaning into the run game with AP, they did enough. This strategy also allows for the Skins to use one (or hopefully more) first rounders on a defensive stud and an OT. Now, Smith is over a year out of football. But I'd be willing to bet he could come back and with a few months be at the same level as Keenum/McCoy are right now. And it is absolutely the best thing for Haskins. Not forcing him into the lineup and having patience does make sense if Smith is the quarterback. The inherent, stand-out, holy **** are you for real part of this is that the team may be relying on a guy who is coming off of a potentially career ending injury to pull this strategy off. Which, despite my love for Smith, is the exact opposite of the strategy they should be using. They rely on the injury prone/injured players way too often and it bites them square in the ass.
  11. That deal fills a ton of holes. I like it. Would be fantastic if they pulled it off. I have my doubts as this would be astronomically crippling to the Browns... but maybe their FO is as deluded as ours as far as where we are talent wise. You are consistently the guy around here who confuses me more than any other poster. And I'm a big fan of it. Keep us on our toes.
  12. You’d think posting rumors like that while directly working for the org. And giving away inside info would be wildly frowned upon.
  13. Ramsey to the Rams for 2 1sts and a 4th. Hot damn.
  14. The fullback news is wonderful. I take everything back. Go Coach Callahan!
  15. Listen, don't hate the guy for being connected, okay? So what if he got the day of the firing and the new interim wrong. No one saw that Gruden firing coming but him. Not even Jay, who cleaned his desk, napped on his couch, packed his car, showered and went in to the 5 AM meeting already packed and ready to go.
  16. None yet. Just foreshadowing a fantastic trade opportunity for both teams. Norman is an asset man. With that cushion he’ll never get beat deep... oh... wait... never mind.
  17. Okay so: Myles Garrett Denzel Ward OBJ and a 1st for Trent and a conditional 7th rounder Oh and Norman.
  18. I mean I’ll take Myles Garrett. No problem. But beyond him... But if Bruce pulls that off I’ll think about hugging the man if I see him.
  19. Nothing the Browns have interests me, including a first rounder if Williams is in that roster. They will win some games. But it’s better than sitting on Trent. So if this is it, let it be it.
  20. Cardale Jones will be the DC Defenders guy. Go Feds. Go Defs. Go... uh DC!
  21. KDawg

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    As a Celtics fan, I'm terrified to post anything in here. "Why?" you may find yourself asking... Well... As a Nationals fan I made it a point of emphasis NOT to post in the Nats thread this year. And look at the Nats. And now I know I ruined the Celtics season. Sorry guys. But, as a Celtics fan, Enes Kanter is a guy who stands up for social injustice. And he is roasting Bron Bron on Twitter. Or roasted. Maybe I'm late to the party.
  22. Draft Tracker: https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/xfl-draft-tracker-results-picks-list-rosters-football-league/jahz8p84e4i61hb8lajqs4a22 Current Defenders roster: Interestingly enough, Dwayne Haskins and Cardale Jones are both Ohio State guys.
  23. Get upset if ya want, but I'm not the only one that doesn't understand where you're coming from here. Your OP say things, but your replies seem to say something different. I'm just trying to point this stuff out so I can get a clear view on your position, because it seems like you're moving the target (and you may not be) with each argument. Could be completely a misunderstanding on my end.
  24. Well, I'm not completely in the camp that says he's a bust. But I have been down on him due to his lack of improvement from the preseason until now. And I hope he turns it around. And I'll be the first one waving to you guys if he comes in and lights the league on fire.
  25. It's not your question there. It's the whole thread, man. You point to running the ball more with AP, but don't acknowledge situations dictate things. You point to better discipline, but don't take into account holding penalties are down and a poor team. You give Callahan credit for the better discipline, but you ignore the new OL coach there and missed Callahan's own comments in his presser that they have a better OL coach now. I get having a horse in the race. But it just really seems like you hate Jay Gruden. I don't think its unreasonable to say, "yup! We ran the ball more, and won a football game. Let's see what happens the next few weeks to see if Callahan does better". But above, you seem to be saying even if the team goes 1-15 its okay because interim HC and new OC as long as we, very subjectively, see an improvement in discipline. What would quantify that improvement in an objective way?