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  1. IMO Ron and the front office are not in any way at fault for believing a 36 yr old QB coming off 17 surgeries might not make it on the field again. If Alex feels disrespected then he's not being honest with himself concerning the extent of his injury.
  2. This thread lays out all the players nicely for those who are trying to grasp the insanity. Its lists the retired members of our military and intelligence agencies that are pushing this crap.
  3. I get what you're saying but I've heard Ron say we've built a great core on the D line and he wants to keep that intact and build around it. That's really the extent of our good young players besides what we drafted this year at RB and S.
  4. We'll see but one thing to keep in mind is that its clear Kyle wasn't making all the personnel decisions. I'm not sure who was responsible for picking what players but in the Sheehan interview Jay said he was the one responsible for us drafting Matt L and C Holcomb, he also pointed out he made some draft mistakes but he didn't elaborate by giving names.
  5. The Sheehan interview was great, definitely picked up some new nuggets. Jay confirmed what I argued all along back in the old Kirk thread that Kirk didn't want to be here. Jay mentions Kirk had some "bad blood" with not just the FO but also teammates and he specially pointed out Desean and Pierre but he also mentioned himself in that. I know the Mike Jones tweet in 2017 about Kirk still being open to playing here got thrown around alot but it obviously wasn't true. Its interesting that no matter where Kirk plays his teammates don't seem to love him, we've seen the sam
  6. Darnold won't be able to beat out Heinicke or Kyle Allen in an open QB competition in this offense so I don't see us giving up any real assets to get him. I dare you Ron! Go ahead and give up a 1st rounder for Darnold and watch him get beat out in a preseason competition by two guys who weren't even drafted and see how that marinates all year with the fans and media. I call BS
  7. LOL, Brady so drunk he's gonna eat a cheeseburger.
  8. Seriously, when I log on here and see his name mentioned I get immediate panic attacks. I just have to remind myself Ron is not that stupid.
  9. I don't know about the Oklahoma drill but he won everywhere he coached.
  10. "Bruce, tell us how you did this" "Ugh, I went out and signed Tom Brady, thanks good night"
  11. That's 2 big passes tonight that hit Chiefs WR's in the facemask, gotta catch those.
  12. I understand how Sportac works, it was reported by different outlets and Mike Florio over the past couple months they were hearing the ceiling would be $198M.
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