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  1. JSSkinz

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    No doubt it looks bleak but our team is ridiculous, over the years we beat teams we shouldn't and lose to teams we should have beaten. I think the Niners are the best team in the NFL right now but if somehow we pull this game off it will make that Vikings game pretty interesting.
  2. JSSkinz

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Could you imagine if we win these next 2 games? It could set this team back for who knows how long. Somehow Bruce and Dan will find some success in this season if they beat Kirk and Shanny so not only do we need to lose the next 2 weeks but I think if we get pummled it will go along way in sealing Bruce's fate and making Dan realize its time to move on.
  3. Scary Terry is a horrible nickname and thank god he realizes it, its the worst nickname since they called Doug Martin the Muscle Hamster.
  4. What I meant by perfect was that Alex comes off as selfless so he would probably be a willing mentor to Haskins while also filling in as a backup if he's healthy and I know the odds are against him on that but if he's sitting up in the box with Dan then that tells me he's going to get every chance necessary to get back to 100% healthy so its just a question of can that leg heal. I don't really look at the contract as an issue anymore, he has $20M left of that guaranteed money and we can spread that over the next 2 years to soften that blow if we post June him. We could actually use this years carryover money from Trent along with $10M of next year's cap and be done with him before next season if we wanted to make a move early.
  5. I can't remember if it was on Sheehan or Czaban's show but they were talking about how this could be a real possibility for next year. That's he could be here mentoring Haskins or as the starter. They mentioned he's throwing the ball a lot better than most would assume and he has 10 more months to heal. It sounds crazy but you never know with this team.
  6. I agree and its possible Bruce may want a 1st along with a 2nd or a 3rd, who knows whats going on in his head.
  7. So that sound bite SIP posted goes against everything we've been hearing and it's hard to ignore AP's opinion when he probably knows Trent better than anyone on the team.
  8. Based on that Dorsey tweet I wonder if we are overestimating Trents value, he'll be 32 before next season starts, multiple knee issues and other misc problems and only 2 years left on his deal. If I were a GM I don't think I would give up a #1 for him unless I knew my team would be drafting in the bottom 5 of the 1st round.
  9. If Trent doesn't report then we retain those 2 years left on his deal so I guess thats a small positive when it comes time to deal him this offseason. It still makes no sense to hold him but here we are.
  10. JSSkinz

    2019 49ers Look-a-Like Thread

    Shane Day - QB's Coach Actor Rick Moranis AKA Darth Helmet
  11. I wish more people would share their thoughts on the film they watch, I could care less if you're an expert or not.
  12. The kind he better beat, if he blows that game he'll lose his Pizza Ranch deal.
  13. No doubt but it doesn't hurt when Breida is hitting 22 miles per hr as he strides down the sideline for a TD.
  14. The Niners are scary in the backfield, Breida and Coleman are both fantasy worthy and I think Breida could be an Alvin Kamara type if they give him the chance, I think its the best backfield in the NFL right now and it's gonna be a rough day for our defense.
  15. I would take everything from yesterday and throw it out the window. Now if we do it next week against San Fran, then I can see having this discussion.