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  1. I think the 4 young guys in the interior of our D line are the closest thing we have, after that I've got nothing for you. The post you responded to was from 2 months ago, so much has changed since then and I'm not sure what we have anymore. The entire offense needs an overhaul and that includes Trent, I like Scherff but once the season concludes he will have missed 10 games over the past 2 years, I still think we need to lock him up. We can't buy ourselves out of this, free agency doesn't work, its good to compliment an already competitive team but not to build one. We're gonna have to take it up the rear for a couple years an hope we draft well, I would do everything possible to get Fromm in 2020.
  2. JSSkinz

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    The season went downhill during the Atlanta game, that's when we lost Scherff and Lauvao and Trent was already out. The huge falloff from those three O-line starters being out killed what run game we had and forced Alex to pass more in the Texans game once we were down 17-7 late in the 3rd Qtr. I didn't see anything all year from the QB or WR's that made me believe we could sustain with no run game.
  3. JSSkinz

    Gameday Thread

    Gotta admit Cooper was worth the 1st, this is what he looked like those first 2 years at Oakland, he's killing it and making Jerry look smart.
  4. JSSkinz

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    We were already falling apart when he got hurt but it doesn't fit the narrative as well for the people who love some Alex, we had lost 2 of 3 when Colt started the Cowboys game, Alex wasn't going to beat the Cowboys or the Eagles because we have no run game and he's not a good passer. You're either delusional or trolling to get a response.
  5. JSSkinz

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    When players are complaining about practice and they don't have enough pride to give 100% effort on the field then the coach has lost the team, once that's happened its over, time to move on.
  6. Players on rookie contracts and Tress, that's it. Everyone else is 100% expendable and it's very sad the way this turned out. I do think we can turn the defense around if we can get some new talent at LB and CB but the entire offense is a wreck, our 2 best players on O are Trent and Scherff, by the end of the season Scherff will have missed 10 games in the last 2 seasons and Trent has been off all year and I think it's his body starting to break down. The only positive news is we still have a chance at a top 10 draft pick. You can't fix this team with free agents, we need a couple of drafts and then maybe a push in free agency in 2020. I didn't realize how weak minded our players are, even with past Redskins teams we never really quit when things were going poorly, this team has quit.
  7. Just stop running it, it's worthless and at this point who cares about picks. Your O line is not run blocking, why a deep pitch to the outside?
  8. I think Jay has lost the team, there's no reason for us to get butchered like this at home, the Giants have a ton of injuries too, this is a team that didn't want to practice and obviously, they didn't want to play a real game either.
  9. We're gonna get boat raced at home, this is embarrassing.
  10. That ball was going right to Mike Floyd if it wasn't tipped, not sure what he was seeing.
  11. What was Norman doing on that first down, he had him wrapped and then just fell down.
  12. Lets see if the D finally says screw it and checks out.
  13. Gravy legs with 2, he could get his quota by half.
  14. Trent Williams giving some weak effort there.