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  1. My point in posting that data was thats theres opportunity throughout the first two rounds, leaving those 2 players out actually hurts that narrative but I knew someone would have an issue with Brady because he was drafted so low and he's the GOAT. I just forgot about Dak, I pulled the data from a site that excluded the injured players so I had to plug them in manually.
  2. The overall point is there will be opportunities whether we capitalize on them or someone else does. Nobody really knows if these QB's are going to become good NFL players, we're not getting Lawrence and everyone else in the draft is a question mark. But it also shows we can move up to 10-15 without giving up as much draft collateral to possibly get the young QB we eventually need, so maybe its not all about getting a top 5 pick. The best QB's on that list were drafted 10th or later.
  3. Here's the full list. To answer your question the new avg would be 15 but I already took Brady out of the equation and don't see why Wilson and Cousins should be removed, the number is what it is. Year Drafted Overall Pick Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray 2019 1 Atlanta Falcons Matt Ryan 2008 3 Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson 2018 32
  4. Top 21 QB's in the league excluding Tom Brady because he's an anomaly. The average draft position was pick # 22 Kyler Murray Matt Ryan Lamar Jackson Josh Allen Teddy Bridgewater Baker Mayfield Matthew Stafford Aaron Rodgers Deshaun Watson Philip Rivers Patrick Mahomes Derek Carr Jared Goff Kirk Cousins Cam Newton Drew Brees Carson Wentz Ben Roethlisberger Jimmy G Russell Wilson Ryan Tannehill
  5. He's on pace to have over 1000 yards rushing and he already has 11 TD's, he has to be on the board for rookie of the year, probably wont get it but he has to be in the conversation if he finishes up strong.
  6. I can see the Giants beating the Bengals and Cowboys but where will that 6th win come from? The Browns is probably their best shot but who knows. Seahawks Cardinals Browns Ravens
  7. Philly, NY and us all have rough schedules, Dallas had the easiest schedule but their probably the worst team. Its likely nobody in this division wins more than 6 games unless they upset someone. Giants Remaining Schedule Philly Remaining Schedule
  8. Is Tim Settle this good because of limited reps and are we impeding his progression by not starting him, curious if anyone has thoughts on this.
  9. Its gonna be hard not to get excited regardless of our record, next game is tough but we might match up ok against this year's San Fran team, they aren't explosive on offense and they have been fighting injuries all year.
  10. Been a while since we had a rookie WR or RB with double digit TD's.
  11. We have a ton of money already invested at safety, I'm not sure they will sign a big money guy unless we get rid of Collins which we can post June cut him @ 4.2 in dead cap and defer the rest until 2022 when the cap should come back up once the virus is under control. I would love to let him and Alex go and use that money to sign Davis and Robinson at WR and then focus on LB in the draft. At that point we're ready to ball.
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