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  1. Or it could be Dans way of saying F U to Fred Smith for having Fed Ex issue an ultimatum on the name change. Dan's argument could be that the name change created or compounded the loss in revenue while having to change the name during COVID, you never know with him.
  2. I would not be surprised if Trump just reskins the graphics on the ACA website to orange and rebrands it Trumpcare, I listened to his plan last night and I'm suspicious he is going to build off the current marketplace for his health plan.
  3. Need some help, starting a couple of days ago my tweets started looking like this when posting. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Ron did his weekly interview with JP Finlay, it was transparent and spirited, definitely worth a listen. https://art19.com/shows/washington-football
  5. Maybe a little bit of alligator arms on that one, shouldn't be the way WR's are protected these days.
  6. It might just be that people are checking out on the bad teams, I think league wide ratings are down 3% and for example the Giants had a 7.4 share and the Jets a 3.9 so our 16.5 doesn't look as bad but it will probably get worse as we rack up the losses.
  7. When I listened to Cooley he was throwing a little shade at Ron and the offensive scheme/gameplan, I guess you can only do what your QB allows but it did seem as though Cooley felt the coaches could have called a better game. He didn't really buy Rons response that Dwayne is too hyped up which causes his throwing issues and Cooley's direct quote was "this is a high school playbook". Doesn't that say alot? We're running that basic of an offense?
  8. Interesting concept, if one could actually pull this off it would be cap heaven.
  9. @Skinsinparadise any chance you could post the PFF for the Browns defense for last game?
  10. I wonder if those Bernie supporters who didn't vote for Hillary in 2016 are holding themselves accountable for letting the worst President in US history place 3 Supreme Court justices, probably not.
  11. The Browns have plenty of talent on both sides of the ball, granted they haven't played to their potential but they stand to lose more than we do if they lose to the lowly WTF's in Cleveland. I think we get boat raced. Browns - 27 Us - 10
  12. The cap floor for 2021 has been decided, not the ceiling, just an FYI.
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