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  1. I get that but I was hoping he would say something like "I plan on being here and being a Redskin" or something to that effect. It sounds like he wants to eventually hit free agency.
  2. I listened to Finlay's interview with Scherff where he said "he's here for the next 2 years", what the hell does that mean? Scherff is great but he's going to want $15M per yr and $45M fully guaranteed. The ex-agent on Finlay's podcast made a good point that the CBA could hold up any contract renewals for the top shelf players, we'll see.
  3. JSSkinz

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Spaceballs was great
  4. JSSkinz

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    A lot of folks voting that the injuries over the last 2 years were preventable, the major ones are Scherff's torn pec, Guice's torn ACL, and this one today. I'm not sure how any one of those could have been prevented, Guice got tackled from behind by 500 lbs of man and today Foster torn his ACL in shorts. I will say Cooley complained all year about the blocking techniques the O line was using, he routinely commented that he didn't understand why they were using the torque blocking so maybe that one can be related to coaching but the rest just seems like bad luck.
  5. JSSkinz

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    I'm just glad it's not Sweat, if Sweat goes down I'll eat Krispy Kremes until the sadness goes away, that's at least a dozen.
  6. JSSkinz

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    This doesn't really shock me, I'm guessing there will be 1 or 2 more injuries to starters before the season starts, I just hope it's not one of our top 3 draft picks or Collins. I can't blame the Redskins training staff for another crazy injury, if you can't run around in shorts without tearing an ACL then its time to start thinking about another career.
  7. I don't understand where you are seeing anyone give financial advice, I gave an opinion and if you don't agree with it that's ok. I work at a PE firm and stare at P&L's and Balance sheets all day, it's my passion and I hate seeing people piss money away, so I do care because wealth is very hard to obtain but very easy to lose and I see the good and the bad on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. I don't have anything against Haskins, he comes off as an intelligent young man and I'm 100% excited to see him play. What's wrong with a little side discussion, do you really need to read 30 more pages questioning his footwork, lack of experience, or if he will be the starter in week one? I wish I had never made my original post, I didn't realize so many would take it personally.
  8. Last post because this is silly and probably the wrong thread for this. I don't think him buying that car is a red flag on his character or whatever EB was trying to say. The only reason I wrote my original post is that after days of reading the comments on ES I was shocked at how many people act as if $250,000 is nothing, not even taking in consideration he may never even get a 2nd contract (injury, poor play, etc).
  9. I'm pretty sure this was meant for me, if I'm wrong please forgive me. At no time did I give advice but I understand that spinning it that way creates dialogue. I would point you to this article, read up, you may learn something. 5 Reasons Why 80% Of Retired NFL Players Go Broke https://www.forbes.com/sites/leighsteinberg/2015/02/09/5-reasons-why-80-of-retired-nfl-players-go-broke/#6263cc7b78cc
  10. Haskins isn't making $8M a year, he received a signing bonus of $8.47M and his entire contract is worth $14.4M guaranteed so he's already received almost 60% of his entire contract in that upfront bonus, after the state of Virginia and the Fed gets ahold of him you can reduce that by about 35%. So of that upfront cash he has about $5.5 M in net cash to play with and that car cost about $250k, so he basically spent 5% of his cash on a car, I guarantee you his financial advisor didn't think it was smart, personally I don't care because its none of my business but from a financial standpoint it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do. It's typical of young people when they get their first big check, it's not just athletes who are wasteful with money.
  11. Harvard ditched US values of due process and diverse opinion in Harvey Weinstein case https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/05/15/harvard-ditches-due-process-opinion-diversity-harvey-weinstein-column/3665507002/
  12. I don't feel like we whooped anyone last year but that's what happens after 20 years of feeling insecure about any lead this team has. I think the game was closer than the score. I'm guessing it's going to be a much tougher game this year.
  13. Here's to a healthy season for A A Ron.
  14. So Albert Breer was on 106.7 talking about his discussions with Jay concerning Haskins, Breer has a history of discussing our QB's with Jay going back to RG3, Kirk, and Alex and he said Jay is usually very honest with him. He mentioned Jay was going over the positives and negatives, for what its worth he said Jay seemed excited about Haskins. You can listen to it here. https://thefandc.radio.com/media/audio-channel/51319-hour-2-albert-breer-game-thrones-recap