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  1. All that and it's still a lame as name!
  2. Thought we played in the NFL. Not the FICA league Would wolves get offended if we used the color red to describe them?
  3. No thanks! Even if they win a super bowl! I will not purchase that boring ass brand. And in case your wondering. I've been a loyal fan for over 50 years!
  4. So what the heck happened! I was afraid that we lost our favorite site forever!
  5. Tampa didn't have to give up anything to get Brady! Not the same
  6. Kirk cousins would destroy this teams make up with his atrocious salary demands. And clearly not worth it. Vikings went from super bowl contenders too not making playoffs. Just say no to kc
  7. If you can't come up with a real name! Than why bother having a team!
  8. Lol. I like Worriers over all 3 of those!
  9. Why! What makes warriors better than wolves! Because you say so. Personally I think the other way around.
  10. @ dcf have to say I've felt the same way since JW started preaching that ****!! And it turns my stomach every dam time. I rarely get pissed off about anything that happens that out of my control. But this does. Think the writing on the wall! And when it becomes official. I'm gonna consider it a big fu to the loyal fans that's followed the team for the past 50 years.. that I may just have too say fu back!
  11. Not sure what you consider the older generation. But I'm probably there. I can speak for myself, that it is a horrible name and not happy at all with wtf! I mean wft! Wink wink! No more game tickets or merchandise will be purchased by this long time fan until there is a real name to honor! And honestly I'll watch one more year. But if no name by 22. It's over for me!
  12. Makes me ****ing sick everytime he's says that stupid ****! All they are doing is taking the easy path they don't seem to give a dam what the real fans of the team wants!!!
  13. For anyone that wants kirk cousins back. Think about what happened to minni's defense after he signed there. Just my opinion! You can't win with kirk at the money he demands!
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