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  1. People are all about freedom of speech! That is until someone has a difference of opinion that doesn't match their's!
  2. Yes absolutely will wear my Redskin gear! Never considered it racist! And still don't! As for new gear! Have to wait and see! Redtails. Are you serious! That is racist for sure!
  3. For everyone calling us the redwolves! I hope y'all are rgt! Cause I can't stand the thought of our name being the redtails!
  4. They wanted the named changed! It's being changed! Ironic it would be.
  5. He got back on track when gruden was fired! Than he doubled down when Bruce was let go. With those two moves. It's already enuff to at least have some hope! They don't have to win the super bowl. Just start playing games like they care.
  6. Williams had no intentions of playing last year! Thus the hole helmet thing! Now he wants a new contract with up front money. And we don't even know if he can wear a helmet. Point being, Bruce didn't shut him down,. He shut himself down. Bruce just didn't pay him for not playing.
  7. It's sad to see so many already giving up on a young promising qb. He's barely got his feet wet. Yet too many are already to move on. Gruden sucked as a head coach and did Haskins wrong to begin with. Haskins first year was a wash out anyway. Give him another year and see what becomes of him under coaches that really do care about wins and losses.
  8. Rivera serious about making this family!. Lol Luke DelRio Vincent Rivera.
  9. I'm starting to get that same old feeling that I got from Bruce! Only now instead of wanting to throw up after another Tampa loser hire. It's another caolina hire! I just got too hope it turns out better then the Tampa connections! So sick of watching them lose!