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  1. I'm not in favor of drafting a Monds/Mills/Trask type QB in round 2. That would be a big mistake, IMO. There will be good probable starters at T, LB, TE, DB, and WR available there. Why take a guy that fits right in with the solid back-up QBs we already have? If we draft a QB, it should either be in round 1, if one of the top guys becomes available to us, or on day 3. We can do a lot on day 2 to improve the team. A project tier 2 or 3 QB isn't it, IMO.
  2. As I recall, Jerry did the draft from his yacht last year and refused to allow any of his scouts to be there to ensure that they wouldn't try to talk him out of who he wanted to pick. Am I not remembering that correctly?
  3. I don't think Carolina should try to trade Bridgewater. They're going to need him soon enough, once they see Darnold in action. Can't believe they paid so much for Darnold. They had to be the only ones bidding.
  4. We'd have to trade for a 6th round pick first.
  5. I'm not sure that I agree with you here. No, I don't think a handful (5) RTs in college grade out to LTs in the NFL every year. Not even close, IMO. Heck, I don't think there are a whole lot more than 5 NFL-quality LTs that come out every year in total, much less 5 that played RT in college. Not impossible, but uncommon, IMO. I'd say that Trent was an exception, not the rule, if he was a RT in college. If Jenkins grades out as a starting NFL-quality LT, fine, but I wouldn't say that is a common occurrence. College coaches value protecting the QB's blindside, just like NFL coaches do. P
  6. I wouldn't mind seeing us draft Paddy Fisher. Could be a late round steal. I watched a lot of NU games and he seemed to always make the plays. Go Cats!
  7. Simple reason: Dollars. (Pounds.)
  8. Seems like it is common for a college LT to switch to RT or Guard in the NFL. Don't see too many college RTs switch to LT in the pros, though. Begs the question, why would they have played him at RT at Oklahoma State? Hey, I don't know a whole lot about the guy, but it just seems a bit odd to me for them to have played him at RT if he is an NFL starting quality LT.
  9. There's some separation there. LOL
  10. Perhaps we are looking at other guys at Ohio State like Sermon or the 2 linebackers.
  11. I'm sure that she is quite happy about that.
  12. I went to the Alabama pro day to make you think that I want Jones. But you know that I'm intelligent and would do that to trick you, so you think that I want Fields. But we both know that I didn't go to the ND State pro day, so maybe I want Lance. But you know that I would like to see and interview my franchise guy in person, so maybe you think I want Jones. But you know that I know that, so maybe you think that I will take Lance. But then you know that I sent my assistant GM to Ohio State's pro day, so maybe I really want Fields. Never mess with a Sicilian when a first round pick is on
  13. That would be bad, but it would be worse if he got hurt right after you picked him. If he's hurt before the draft, at least you could shift gears and select your next best guy, or trade down.
  14. Logan Thomas had a great game against Pittsburgh. This was one of his best plays. (Mark Bullock/Twitter) : washingtonNFL (reddit.com)
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