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  1. I believe that you are thinking of unsportsmanlike conduct. A player is ejected after his second unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Since personal fouls can potentially cause serious injury, a player can be ejected after committing a personal foul considered by the officials to be particularly egregious.
  2. I agree. Probably the best opportunity Reid is likely to see after his poor play last year. I think he's made a mistake that is likely to cost him his best chance to revive his career. Unless I'm wrong and teams are lining up to sign him. Haven't seen or heard anything that points to that, however.
  3. Pretty sure that Northern Illinois is the Huskies.
  4. Giants' holding and personal fouls are called vs. everybody else.
  5. The pass pro was clearly terrible, but O'Sullivan makes it clear that Haskins needs to recognize the break-downs and get rid of the ball. He can't just stand there and take a sack. You're probably right that he just didn't have to deal with that at Ohio State, but RR has said repeatedly that he was looking for some growth from Dwayne and it just wasn't happening. O'Sullivan also pointed out that sometimes the receivers weren't running their routes the way they should to clear out, so the entire offense needs work. Also, O'Sullivan made it clear that Dwayne not throwing to the open guy down
  6. Last week somebody posted this and it showed that Haskins wasn't throwing the ball to wide open receivers down the field, even though they appeared to be the first read on the play and he appeared to look right at them, only to then throw it to the check-down guy - and often missing him. The plays were there, Dwayne just wasn't throwing the ball to the open man. https://www.hogshaven.com/platform/amp/2020/10/9/21510192/what-haskinsd-viewing-gold-by-j-t-osullivan
  7. And punter. Don't forget punter. We have a good punter.
  8. Thanks for posting this. Shows a lot. Oline is failing badly, but I can't believe how often Haskins didn't throw the ball to wide open receivers, even when that receiver was clearly the first read. Incredible.
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