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  1. http://tellyspotting.kera.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Taxi-ReverendJim.png
  2. If true, it seems to me that Stafford would be very interested in WFT. If WFT could add a QB like Stafford, what team that would be considered in the hunt for a QB would be better positioned than WFT to be in the playoffs. Given the teams that we need to beat out to win the division, seems like a real good bet to me that, with a solid QB, we'd be pretty strong favorites. Stafford knows that getting into the tournament is the most important step.
  3. I'm not sure his decision to not play football this year fits into Ron's stated views of wanting guys that love to play.
  4. Man, people are all over the map on Stafford's trade value. Two things jump out at me that say that the Lions will command more that two thirds for Stafford. First, Detroit doesn't have someone ready to step in as Kansas City did in Mahomes. Second, and most importantly, there seems to be a lot of demand out there for a good veteran QB like Stafford, notably the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriots. My first thought when I saw the proposed two second rounders price was, frankly, that the market price may actually be higher. If we can get Stafford for two thirds, that would be amazi
  5. If I've ever given the impression that I think Jones is equal to Burrow and should be considered at pick 1.1, I certainly didn't mean to. I'm looking at our pick at 1.19. Frankly, I have a feeling he won't make it to us, as I think Denver and New England are definite possibilities for him.
  6. If it seemed like I was attacking you, I wasn't. I realize that you aren't close-mindedly against Jones, as some others appear to be. I was trying to converse with you about what you acknowledge are the difficulties in evaluating Jones. I apparently failed in making that clear. I was simply hoping to point out that passing to both wide-open and closely contested receivers with success isn't just a matter of luck and playing with excellent teammates, but that the QB does, indeed, have a very important hand in it.
  7. I appreciate your acknowledgment that evaluating Jones is difficult. I think you've hit on some very incongruent points that need examination. You have pointed out some of the commonly stated "negative" points about Jones, while also recognizing some of his strengths. Some of these actually go hand-in-hand, and when we `analyze them, maybe some of the "negatives" aren't very negative at all. Many people somehow fault him for throwing to wide open receivers. To me, that is in no way a negative for a quarterback. First, he hits them at a very high rate - which is extremely impor
  8. No, you called yourself a fair-weather fan. You said you were unemotional about them since they haven't won anything. That is the very definition of a fair-weather fan. It is clear you aren't going to accept being disagreed with in any fashion, so I'm done with this conversation.
  9. If you thought that was an attack, I don't know what to tell you.
  10. You are obviously a fair-weather fan, and that's OK. You have flat out said that since they haven't been a winning team, you are unemotional about them. Most of us aren't that way, so that's why you're receiving the comments that you're getting. It really doesn't bother me one way or the other how your fandom rolls. That's completely up to you. Perhaps you need to ask yourself why it seems to bother you that others don't feel the way that you do, though.
  11. No matter what, NFL and media will be hyping Dal and NYG next preseason as the super bowl contenders in the NFC East. As usual.
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