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  1. But enough about me. I want to know what you think. So, what do you think of me?
  2. I read that there were 2 draft-worthy LS, and Carolina took the Alabama guy before we took Cheeseman. No other team drafting a LS after we did may well speak to the lack of another one worth drafting being available, rather than that no other team wanted one. No way to know if true or not. Seems like I either read or heard on the radio that NYG was interested in Cheeseman. Again, no way to know unless they were to come out and say it.
  3. I'm pretty sure that I heard RR say in his radio interview this evening that we have 4 open spots to sign free agents (not Undrafted free agents, but vets.) If we have 90 guys, isn't our roster full? Did I mishear him, or do I have the roster limit wrong?
  4. I read somewhere that Michigan decided to medically retire him in order to be able to offer another player a scholarship. NCAA rules limit the number of scholarships and this was how Michigan could avoid being a man down on scholarships since St-Juste was out for the year with the bad hamstring injury. Roster manipulation. I don't think it was a matter of this kid "giving up" on football. As for Bates, I am really warming up to the pick. At first, like many, I thought he was strictly a blocking tight end, but the more I read about him, it seems that while yes, he is an excellen
  5. When I saw Paddy Fisher wasn't drafted, I hoped we would sign him. Unfortunately, he signed with Carolina. I'm surprised that he wasn't drafted.
  6. I'm not in favor of drafting a Monds/Mills/Trask type QB in round 2. That would be a big mistake, IMO. There will be good probable starters at T, LB, TE, DB, and WR available there. Why take a guy that fits right in with the solid back-up QBs we already have? If we draft a QB, it should either be in round 1, if one of the top guys becomes available to us, or on day 3. We can do a lot on day 2 to improve the team. A project tier 2 or 3 QB isn't it, IMO.
  7. As I recall, Jerry did the draft from his yacht last year and refused to allow any of his scouts to be there to ensure that they wouldn't try to talk him out of who he wanted to pick. Am I not remembering that correctly?
  8. I don't think Carolina should try to trade Bridgewater. They're going to need him soon enough, once they see Darnold in action. Can't believe they paid so much for Darnold. They had to be the only ones bidding.
  9. We'd have to trade for a 6th round pick first.
  10. I'm not sure that I agree with you here. No, I don't think a handful (5) RTs in college grade out to LTs in the NFL every year. Not even close, IMO. Heck, I don't think there are a whole lot more than 5 NFL-quality LTs that come out every year in total, much less 5 that played RT in college. Not impossible, but uncommon, IMO. I'd say that Trent was an exception, not the rule, if he was a RT in college. If Jenkins grades out as a starting NFL-quality LT, fine, but I wouldn't say that is a common occurrence. College coaches value protecting the QB's blindside, just like NFL coaches do. P
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing us draft Paddy Fisher. Could be a late round steal. I watched a lot of NU games and he seemed to always make the plays. Go Cats!
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