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  1. How about Chiefs? Of all of them, chief is the one that I've actually heard used in a derogatory way.
  2. To me, referring to a person as being "green" doesn't address ability at all. It suggests that the person is short on experience, not ability.
  4. Maybe you and I saw 2 different videos. There is a huge difference between happening upon bears and deliberately confronting them.
  5. Why do you say it's a stupid move? Are you saying he should have known that there would be bears walking down the street?
  6. Hey, I didn't bring the subject up, it was someone else's "random thot." I'm on no soapbox here.
  7. Interestingly, I have never in my life heard anyone use the term "redskin" in a disparaging way. I have, however, witnessed some idiots disparagingly call a native American "chief." Yet, to my knowledge, the Kansas City team receives no protests.
  8. His story seems far-fetched especially since he remains at large.