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  1. If the QB hype, or combine hype, causes Parsons to fall to 7, I am trading 19 and 49(our 2nd rounder) to the Lions to move up. I went to one of those draft trade calculator sites, and we would also get a late round pick out of the deal as well. The Lions are in more of a rebuild and need the picks. We are in the next phase of our build where we are adding key pieces. This is assuming Parsons shows well throughout the pre-draft process. I am okay with one or two maneuvers in the draft to get key pieces- such as the Sweat trade. We all (should) know how badly this defense needs an u
  2. BPA at 19-25, depending on if one of the WRs falls, will be LB Zaven Collins. The athletic, sideline to sideline, downhill, playmaking LB our defense has been looking for. He's a 3 year starter at Tulsa, freshman All American, and 2020 College Defensive Player of the Year winner. He has a reputation to be a student of the game who works hard. At 6'4 260, if he runs good at the combine, he may shoot up boards. He is the second best linebacker in this draft after Parsons.
  3. No but I gave you actual football analysis to break the wall of "Worst QB ever" with no actual analysis posts lol everything I broke down about Turner's play design is facts. I realize more and more that many people aren't actual football fans but use this team as an outlet for their negative energy. That's your prerogative, but don't try to downplay people who provide real analysis.
  4. Re: Bad Haskins That is a terrible read by Haskins, but also, that is an ugly play design. That route concept generally works with the WR in McClaurin's spot lined out wide or at least getting an outside release. This increases the odds that the Corner has to turn his back up field and lose track of the crosser coming into his vacated area. With the tight bunch set AND inside release, you are pretty much giving that CB easy access to keep his eyes inside and see the crossing route coming- that the deep route should be opening up. That was not a hard play for the Seattle DB to read
  5. Exceptions to rules exist. That was once out of how many times? I think my assumption that teams will give their QB more than a year is fair.
  6. The division should be ours at this point. Something like a 73% chance now.
  7. He is definitely playing well for what we ask him to do. That is in part because of the way our DL has dictated quick passing attacks all season. I would resign him as long as he has a reasonable price. We don't NEED world beaters on the outside the way our DL should keep getting better so I'm fine with Darby.
  8. If we can manage to wait just one year, very few teams will be drafting a QB in 2021. I look at it like investing. Get greedy when everyone is scared. Get scared when everyone is greedy. The QB needy teams will go crazy this year and that allows another top talent to fall to us. Next year those teams are all handcuffed to their QBs from this year, allowing a top QB prospect to fall to us. This especially makes sense if we sign a veteran like Stafford. Having a 1st round QB sit for more than 1 season is rare and I'd think we would sign him for 2-3 years. Getting him help this years draft and ge
  9. Both INTs a defender who was covering another WR broke off their guys and jumped in front of the throws. The first was a bad read and a bad scramble drill by Wright running directly at another WR, bringing his defender. The second was a bad read by Haskins.
  10. If we get carried away in FA, kiss some of our young talent goodbye right as they're hitting their primes. I'd say the 4th or 5th best WR in FA. If we get a top guy, it needs to be a 2 or 3 year deal. Pretty much the same for LB. We don't need the best guy in FA, but a specialist who can provide run support or pass coverage would help a lot. The tough side of team building in the cap era is we have to think about future contracts.
  11. Jags are now in position to get Lawrence lol can't even tank right
  12. This game pretty much reinforced why I prioritize LB, OL, and WR. We couldn't stop the run game to save our lives and had to run a 5 man DL front to compensate our LBs inability to fill a gap. Our OL couldn't consistently open holes and they let us down in the biggest moments of the game. Our WRs couldn't win any 1 on 1 match ups or make plays outside of Terry. These additions will make a huge impact on how a game like today plays out.
  13. Terry needs more talent around him. Any route he runs downfield he gets all of the attention. Even on quick screens the defense is keying on him because there is no other deep threat. He is the only receiver we have capable of winning his 1 on 1 match up without getting schemed open. Thomas will start to get more attention so maybe Turner will use that to McClaurin's advantage.
  14. We start every game flat and predictable. When we do try to get fancy, it is often sloppy. Scott has potential, as shown in our dominant second half, but he has to get better at scripting the opening of games. Maybe base it on attacking the defensive weaknesses instead of the usual run play, swing pass to the RB, 5 yard crossing route.
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