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  1. His athleticism makes me want to watch practices against Young and Sweat. These guys will be going at it in the one on ones. Cosmi will have an easier time on game day if Rivera works this how I believe he will.
  2. Now that the draft is over, I'll give my early prediction. I see an 11-6 team, with the proposed extra game. Our defense should keep us in nearly every game- like last year. Our offense looks a lot more explosive and capable of opening up a lead on paper. The upgrades on Offense will change the dynamic of our games this year if it translates to the field. The projection with Fitzpatrick and the new WRs means our passing game gets way more aggressive. Crossing routes and the RB in the flats will still be used... but posts and go's will get a lot more looks too. I.e. McClaurin is go
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