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  1. Extending Allen is great news and it looks like a reasonable deal. One down, three to go.
  2. The conversation about which DL to let walk has sprung up again. While I understand the conversation, "You can't have X amount of the salary cap tied to the DL", I don't think that philosophy is the best. Young's contract would possibly be "new market setting," but the others should receive top 3-5 money. We do have a culture and winning tradition building now so the expectation we have to "be that team" to overpay everyone should expire as well. Some would argue that paying 4 DL top 5 money isn't okay, but I'd ask why not? They can all be on the field at one time. The
  3. If that narrative is true, it could lead to consistency in our FO and Coaching Staff for the first time in this era. Rivera and Wright aren't bad guys to let run the ship for a while. I'm confident we'll be a much better organization both on and off the field under their leadership. The icing on the cake would be them shifting the dynamics to a more hands off ownership. That's my best case outlook on what was such an ugly and embarrassing situation for our team.
  4. Washington Wolves Washington Redwolves Washington Wolfpack Just make it official and brand it well.
  5. Do whatever planning you have to do to get each 4 of the DL to a 2nd contract. We play a different front than San Fran, and we need to keep our depth strength. Do the wheeling and dealing with the rest of the roster, but capitalize on what we already have on the DL. Immediately gambling on replacing them just creates a chance you'll have more holes on the roster. There is plenty of room to be creative with the expected cap room we will have. Not going crazy in FA has been great. I hope we keep that trend so we can resign our home grown talent.
  6. Allen's play style definitely hasn't peaked. He is a bully in the interior and that only gets better with more "grown man strength" and age. He projects to me like a Calais Campbell, getting even better by his late 20s, early 30s. The DL and DT career peak is not early like skill players.
  7. The way our local media tries to stir the pot and antagonize team situations is really annoying. A few of the interview questions I've seen have been blatantly to provoke our players, but guys like Collins and McCain handled them well. Some will say "it's their jobs" but our media seems to antagonize the team more often than not.
  8. I had not given this thread much energy since I was still working on accepting the name even being changed. I finally got around to considering some names and, I guess, at the stage of acceptance I'm in, well thought out reasons for a name haven't become a thing. What are some of your ideas for the name?
  9. That was just a thought shared in the conversation brother. I agree with you that's not the sole reason to choose a name.
  10. Wolfpack and Redwolves have grown on me. Our defense will resemble a pack of wolves so it makes sense with the new culture. Has the time table for a decision been updated at all?
  11. If we are trading for Watson, the Texans are more likely to do it after June 1. Here are the cap numbers if they make the trade before then vs after. The far right gives an idea of how much he'd count against the cap for us each year. They pass on more of the cap hit by waiting.
  12. An entire era of ES was brought on by Brennan. Sad to hear this news.
  13. His athleticism makes me want to watch practices against Young and Sweat. These guys will be going at it in the one on ones. Cosmi will have an easier time on game day if Rivera works this how I believe he will.
  14. Now that the draft is over, I'll give my early prediction. I see an 11-6 team, with the proposed extra game. Our defense should keep us in nearly every game- like last year. Our offense looks a lot more explosive and capable of opening up a lead on paper. The upgrades on Offense will change the dynamic of our games this year if it translates to the field. The projection with Fitzpatrick and the new WRs means our passing game gets way more aggressive. Crossing routes and the RB in the flats will still be used... but posts and go's will get a lot more looks too. I.e. McClaurin is go
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