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  1. Daniel Jones looks reluctant like he knows he's sentencing himself to that pass rush from the blindside the next 10 years
  2. That was the low hit Anderson was called for last week, except Anderson hit at waste level and this guy just took out Haskins knee... refs are garbage.
  3. Lol guys keep covering GRASS as men run right by them. These are basics of zone coverage we are messing up.. I should've tried out this season lmao
  4. As much as I don't like Apke getting actual defensive snaps, he has earned his keep as a special teamer.
  5. Bostic is a vet and should know to carry that seam route. I'm not understanding why he chose to help cover grass instead of Barkley.
  6. This is the 2nd week in a row the ball hasn't touched the ground in the first quarter. Haskins starts games hot. I like it.
  7. Flowers may have been our best OL this year, and that's because the bar has been so low. Brandon Scherff has looked unusually terrible the past few weeks. I'm surprised he isn't getting more heat from our fanbase as a top 5 pick. The guy has been a weak link in pass protection, and our running game has been best behind Flowers and Penn. I rewatched some of the game from this week, and Scherff looks completely lost in pass protection. He and the Center have no chemistry apparently because Scherff kept passing his guy off and the Center wasn't there. Meanwhile, Scherff would pass his guy off to block... no one. He needs to get it together if he's expecting a big pay day. I hope Wes Martin is developing.
  8. I dont understand what our OL is doing. They pass rushers off to help block air, while their guy runs free...
  9. I agree with this. I recognize both sides. I think the difference is how I weigh the variables. I don't believe Trent completely made up the story or is lying. I think he may have used this as an opportunity to trash a training staff that has generally not been good. He probably has had plenty of smaller gripes with them, but he thought this would be something taken seriously by our FO. If people didn't pay attention, the original demand was for the Skins to fire the current medical staff even before money was mentioned. I remember hearing that this summer and thinking "That's an easy fix. Finally we might get a competent training staff because we always have SO MANY injuries." Then everything went left, money was mentioned, Trent became a villain, and a bunch of misinformation started being thrown out to make each side look worse. I can only imagine how players' opinion of this team is league wide after our treatment of Peterson and Williams this season. Every free agent will be asking for more money to come here, because we treat our players like trash.
  10. It's like fans are being forced to turn on one of our most dominant and consistent players. It's sad to read so many Skins fans bash Trent after he was one of the few bright spots on so many bad teams. I get it though. Reject him because he's rejecting "us." Emotion aside, Trent is calling out the same FO and structure that fans also complain about. We KNOW our FO is incompetent and I have seen fans questioning our training staff for years on this forum, because we are usually one of the most injured teams in the league. But somehow, now, Trent is only calling out the team for money? I don't buy that at all. He's human and money does usually help us to get over things, but I believe his complaints about incompetence in the FO and training staff are real. It's consistent with everything else we've seen since he's been here. I think the added variable of asking for guaranteed money is throwing people off though. We will still have an incompetent FO and one of the worst training staffs in the league after this saga is over, and ironically fans will go back to asking for them to be replaced, just like Williams is now.
  11. This is assuming having one of the best LTs protecting Mayfield wouldn't have added a few Ws. OL has been their biggest weakness so it's likely they play a lot better with Trent, but I get it.