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  1. Allen did exactly what he needed to do this week. He was accurate for the most part on the short throws that moved the sticks. He was accurate on the shots he took down field. The only thing you can ask from him now is consistency. Great game today.
  2. It's evaluation and expectation. There is no middle ground here. You are either elite or we will act like you are the worst QB in the league. The only time we accept middle of the pack QB play is from an old vet who we already have set expectations for.
  3. Haskins fanboys? You're creating something in your head.
  4. The throw to McLaurin on the streak is the most confusing- not sure why his ball placement was where it was. Even after hesitating, he still had room to put the ball into the endzone before the Safety arrived. There are 2 or 3 TDs in these clips that are off the board. He should look better this week.
  5. https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/did-kyle-allen-leave-deep-shots-field-film-expert-says-yes Some clips of a few of the shots Allen could have taken last week. The last clip I mentioned earlier in this thread, a deep dig to McLaurin. We'll need him to hit on more of these for defenses to respect our passing game. The Cowboys secondary is the one to get it done against.
  6. Maybe we can do this again with this Mertz kid from Wisconsin in a few years? Whoever is up next, we have to address the team issues we have with developing a QB. I see us get riled up like this running guys out of town every year as if trashing those players fixes our team. Lol once the latest QB is gone, the conversation will go right back to what, y'all think are Haskins fans, football fans are saying.
  7. He made accurate short range throws and allowed our RBs and WRs to make plays. That is both necessary, because of our Offensive Line, and a good general habit to keep the chains moving. He also showed us he can make the deep and mid ranged throws, although that's also where his biggest weaknesses are. He was careless on several of those throws, biggest of which, a mid range dig to McLaurin which we are accustomed to him housing, he dirt balled 5 yards short. He has to make that throw (and hold on to the football).
  8. Sewell continues our legacy of a top notch blue chip Left Tackle. I like keeping that tradition alive.
  9. My analysis has been way more thorough than yall give me credit for, but okay. Keep over simplifying it as if I'm just covering for Haskins because that's easier to dismiss lol. I'm over it.
  10. Do we want a Matthew Stafford situation with a guy surrounded by trash? You ain't winning with JUST a QB either.
  11. I'd say to pay him. I'll be upset if we don't. Why create another hole when we have the money? We pay plenty of players from other teams. Pay our guy. Injuries aside, when healthy, Scherff is a mauler and the eclxsct type of guy you want on the OL. Give him a couple more pieces around him so he can lead our new group of bullies in the trenches. Part of why we keep circling to nowhere is operating like we always have to lose something to gain something. Keep the pieces that are good and/ or depth while building around them.
  12. What in our draft history makes people think giving away proven talent for mid round picks is a good idea? Like you want to trade Scherff and draft another Wes Martin? Trade McLaurin and draft another Josh Doctson? If we had some super scouting department adept at finding mid round talent, maybe, but we don't. The draft is still very much a crap shoot and we are not one of the better teams at locating hidden talent.
  13. Wow it's crowded at the bottom. We are 1 win from falling as low as the 13th pick.
  14. Agreed. It's an obvious weakness for him. With 31 turnovers in 15 starts, you'd think ball security would be a coaching priority. 15 Games 17 INTs 14 Fumbles
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