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  1. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Someone tell this guy that if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to say more than just "mod edit" in every post.
  2. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    No, not all Trump supporters (semantics but approve and support are not one and the same) are horrible people. Look, I don't give a **** about politics. I don't care who likes donkeys or whose favorite color is red. Somebody asked me the other day, "What are your political views?" and I'm like, "what the **** does that mean? Give me an issue and I'll tell you what I think." I'm not going to say "well I'm a conservative" or "well I'm a democrat" and magically I happen to agree with whatever my political party tells me to think 100% of the time. That's for people who can't think for themselves. No, not everyone who approves of Trump is a horrible person. Some of them just aren't paying attention. A lot of them are easily misled (the nicest way I could describe it). I'm curious, have you felt the need to lecture any right leaning folk about how half of the country is not their enemy and how 150 million people who disagree with them can't all be idiots (both true statements by the way) at any point in the last decade as the GOP devolved into a party based entirely on hate and fear? Just in like, the last month I remember Donald Trump calling democrats anti-semitic, the party of crime, an entire party of radicals, un-American, and treasonous. Other bad guys according to Trump -John McCain -Robert Mueller -People protesting racial injustice -Any media that doesn't pretend he isn't a lying sack of **** -Immigrants and Muslims Trump's good guys -Russian Autocrats who attack America -Torturous North Korean dictators -Syrian crown princes who murder US Journalists -Nazis -Media who does pretend that he isn't a lying sack of **** (even if they also say that the parents of the 1st graders who were murdered in Sandy Hook are actors and liars) -Racist sherrifs -Conspirators against the United States who don't flip on him More of the world according to Trump What Obama got right: NOTHING What he's gotten right: EVERYTHING What he's responsible for: EVERYTHING GOOD Not responsible for: ANYTHING BAD Things that are real: ANYTHING POSITIVE ABOUT HIM (also, anything negative about Hillary, Obama etc) Things that are fake: ANYTHING NEGATIVE ABOUT HIM (vice versa of above) Lastly, let's take a look at all the **** that's been thrown out there about Trump... from Russia to the porn star to him not being a self-made man as he claims, to his non-profit stealing charitable donations and funneling them to his businesses and on and on and on... Let's eliminate stuff that is still up in the air. **** that has stuck: I mean, all of it. **** that has been proven false: I can't think of anything. Literally every bit of "Fake News" that has been confirmed one way or another has turned out to be real.
  3. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    What the hell is a "Charlottesville truther"?
  4. Side by side from the movie and the actual concert. It is UNBELIEVABLE
  5. Pile up with me, tshile, and visionary in a trench coat and I might change my opinion.
  6. “You know when I mentioned a possible position for you in my cabinet, Lindsey? Well by ‘cabinet’ I meant gay bdsm room and by ‘position’ I meant prone bone then spoon, Mexican Halloween, and back to prone bone to finish it off.”
  7. Ok, we’re done here. Hey guys, I am incapable of discerning reality from obvious fiction. I get ALL of my information from “news” that I know is going to tell me what I want to hear 100% of the time (90% of that time, I only found out what I wanted to hear after they told it to me). The people I believe are known liars and sure aren’t trying very hard to be clever about their current lies. They give my intelligence zero credit & I actually can’t blame them. My opinion is completely useless and for some reason, I feel the need to constantly broadcast all of this. Almost certainly because subconsciously, I don’t feel worthy of being loved.
  8. Why is it that the only person who keeps saying that Trump is under investigation is Trump? Why are Trump and the GOP so keen on stifling / discrediting an investigation into Russia’s attacks on us during the 2016 election? No, he wasn’t. No matter how many times Donnie says it.
  9. Me neither but hey, if this is what ends up taking Tucker Carlson down I won't kick up a fuss.
  10. I thought you were rating each of them on a scale of 1-10 at first. That would have been more accurate probably. Your number one is pug fugly. Do you know how many beers I’d have to drink before I would hit that? Not many.
  11. You’re losing sight of the big picture. Who cares about Aunt Jackie anyway?Not me. Not when Roseanne is a pill popping racist Trump supporter.
  12. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Back to my “Trump is so corrupt that he and his sons would use their “charitable” foundations to funnel money meant for children’s cancer research to their businesses and also fire the head of the FBI for getting too close to his efforts to collude with a hostile foreign government in order to become president of the United States while also breaking campaign finance laws so that he could buy the silence of a porn star he was having unprotected sex with while his third wife was home taking care of their newborn then cover up the murder of a WaPo journalist and still find time to needlessly create orphans because his mindless moron base gets a boner when they see a brown child suffer.” theory. Good on you about those Boeing’s Donnie, you fat piece of ****.
  13. From now on you and I will engage in no actual conversation, instead communicating through a series of back and forth Simpson’s quote exchanges. Just like family.
  14. No kidding. Would be a good idea for a gym, call it Viktor’s. You come in all wishy washy saying you “just want to look around” but try leaving without a membership... when that laser sight shows up on your neck, you’ll start to get serious about your commitment to better health. Skipping leg day? Not when two goons shove your ass into a car, rough you up in a back room for 20 minutes, then drag you into the gym and drop your sorry carcass at a squat rack.
  15. manafort doesn’t give a crap about Trump. His non-cooperation has nothing to do with loyalty. His motivation is the whole, being murdered by the Russian mob thing.