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  1. Like Dan Snyder shat in a Petri dish, microwaved it, then left in a warm humidor for 20 years.
  2. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Random Thought Thread

  3. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    The Impeachment Thread

    Well to be fair, when he said “us”, he wasn’t specific that he was talking about the United States of America. Could’ve been him and Jared for all we know.
  4. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    The Impeachment Thread

    Covfefe gas
  5. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    The Impeachment Thread

  6. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    The Impeachment Thread

    You’re not wrong but you can draw a circle around 99.9% of elected officials and lump them into the same category.
  7. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    The Impeachment Thread

    Who does he think will be fighting who?
  8. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yeah, twa’s posts shouldn’t be regarded as anything more than what they are... a joke. Sometimes he pisses me off because of the situation but not because of what he says (like some asshat cracking wise at a funeral). I usually find him (and the reflexes he invokes) pretty entertaining though and there’s nobody I have more fun trading barbs with (in the same sense as Mike Tyson enjoyed trading punches with Michael Spinks).
  9. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    The Impeachment Thread

    That’s Jumbo or another mod conducting some sort of social experiment (or just ****ing with us). I was buying it til I saw the screen name. Too obvious.
  10. I saw her out in public at a nightclub. I remember Al Franken bought her a drink and I guess it didn’t sit well because he was helping her into the trunk of his car like 15 minutes later. Haven’t heard anything from her since though.
  11. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Reality check time.

    Excellent chance. Skins have more talent but a ****ty roster playing hard will beat a Snyder Redskins team that has had all of its give-a-**** syphoned away by this corrosive culture.
  12. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    I never envisioned a scenario where I could love Big Macs even more than I already do.
  13. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Reality check time.

    Intentional suck vs 20 years of Snyder’s best efforts at leadership and I think there’s actually an excellent chance that we not only lose, but get our asses kicked on Sunday.
  14. Sacks 'n' Stuff

    Reality check time.

    I don't want them to purposely lose. I want them to try their best and still lose.