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  1. Got to the gym yesterday and realized I didn't have my mask. I'm in TX so I could've gone in but I was scared somebody might think I was a Trump supporter.
  2. You don’t have to be a super athlete or have an elite arm if you make good decisions with the football. Brady and Manning are slow and have subpar NFL arm talent but look at their wives. If you make good decisions with the football, you get to marry Gisselle.
  3. What are those tags called like, the rookie, the waterboy, etc? I know you mods can do custom ones. I wanna be The Sentient Vibrator.
  4. Not to detail the thread but what’s up with claymation? I mean, what’s up with it?
  5. If I may play devil’s advocate for a moment, babies are delicious.
  6. Yeah, Simms didn't love Tua coming out. He had it 1. Burrow, 2. Herbert, 3. Love, 4. Tua I believe.
  7. Deshaun Watson for all three of these hoes for the whole night.
  8. How do you wake up Lady Gaga’s dog walker when she’s lying on the sidewalk bleeding out after being shot? POKE HER FACE!!! edit: oh, is this not one of those threads where we’re doing that? Sorry, terrible tragedy. Bless her heart.
  9. I’m not too up to date on anything Tua but if the Dolphins would give up on him after only a season, that’s a huge red flag.
  10. The Pegasus is also another name for an act more commonly referred to as the Shocker.
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