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  1. Joe Burrow is better than Haskins. That Cincinnati Football Team defense and offensive line suuuuuuuuuck though.
  2. Cleveland Football Team is going to beat us and then Baltimore Football Team and Los Angeles Football Team are going whoop our ass in weeks 4 and 5. We’re a bottom 5 team with probably the worst offense in the league.
  3. We better not lose to Cleveland Football Team because Baltimore Football Team and Los Angeles Football Team are going to beat our ass in weeks 4 & 5.
  4. Can you imagine how ****ty we’d be if McLaurin was a typical 3rd round WR?
  5. I'm still mad about winning that meaningless week 1 game and hurting our draft position.
  6. Great pick Dan. Keep your little fingers out of the football next time dip****.
  7. I saw less bounce passes in the Celtics game last night.
  8. One thing I’d like to see before the game even starts, in the film room Ron should drag a beaten disheveled Kliff Kingsbury in by the collar, pull down his pants in front of the team and wind his **** through the reel of one of those old timey projectors, pausing it as the tip is pressed directly against the burning hot bulb.
  9. The Cowboys are embarrassing themselves. Four fumbles in the first ten minutes of the game plus a botched fake punt.
  10. I just started drinking. The game isn’t on here in Texas though. Hopefully I can watch it online.
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