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  1. I don't know but it's 0 for our first pick in 2019.
  2. I was going to binge watch all the Home Alones last night but my cousins & I ended up making fun of Mayim Bialik in a group chat. The Spanish word for luggage is equipaje. I recommend it for anyone with diabetes.
  3. Blast their pasty white asses. Rip off their ****s and send them running off the field looking for sanitary napkins then tear off their heads and **** down their throats.
  4. Ok I just looked at all of the #8 picks all time and they actually suck worse than the #9s. Take Ronnie Lott out and it’s just pick after pick of ****head after ****head. We need to lose some more.
  5. Right now we have #9 which is unacceptable. All the #9 picks always suck. That’s how you get a guy like Carlos Rogers. I certainly hope that changes before the day ends. Yes! We moved up to #8 with the Atlanta win.
  6. You know, if you take out that Haskins pick that was a pretty decent draft for us.
  7. Fine, we’re a good team. A good 4-7 team who got three of their wins against backup / 3rd string QBs.
  8. Do I need to point out that the 86 and 90 Giants won the Super Bowl and the 89 Giants went 12-4 while the 2020 Giants suck ass?
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