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  1. I just thought it was an interesting collection of names.
  2. Which is your favorite Lions draft pick: Penei, Levi, Alim, Ifeatu, Amon-Ra, or Jermar?
  3. Cosmi will be the best 2nd round pick we’ve had since Jon Jansen.
  4. Our best pass rush lineup is chase, sweat, Allen, and ionaidis.
  5. I’m glad we didn’t reach for Cox.
  6. Remember when Dan and Vinny looked into trading Samuels and our first (which ended up being Sean Taylor) to move up and take Gallery. God these ****ing morons
  7. I kinda wish we all had a man crush on this guy before the draft.
  8. I said it when we first drafted him and I stand by it today, this guy is never going to be a reliable NFL safety.
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