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  1. Watched Rise of Skywalker last night for the first time... It's garbage.
  2. He made FL his residence because he thought it would help him carry FL in the election and he has no chance of winning NY.
  3. STILL?!?!? p.s. I’m predicting we hit 50,000 cases in one day for the first time today.
  4. I guess you have to try. I don’t know what that entails. It also doesn’t matter. It ain’t happening. The fall and the winter are going to be BAD.
  5. From the article (the edited part is another word for rooster) The rumor comes from the "future ruler of Earth," the Doom**** Overlord
  6. Stocks notching best quarter in two decades today during the worst actual economic quarter in many many decades.
  7. I always use to ask myself, why does D-Von have to get the table? Why can’t Bubba Ray get the table once?
  8. Update: we won the 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U divisions and finished runner-up in 16U, thus cementing my legacy as the greatest youth flag football coach of all time. I’d like to thank the virus for making this possible. Turns out it’s a lot easier to win nationals when you live in a disease infested state that people are afraid to travel to and the host city is 20 minutes from your house. You da real MVP Corona.
  9. My wife has had my two sons out hopping from bar to bar or strip club to strip club until 2 in the morning pretty much every night since we reopened.
  10. 41% think he’s doing a good job with coronavirus?!?! Sweet merciful crap, man.
  11. Out here at flag football nationals… In Texas… 150-200 teams from all over the country are here. Masks are supposed to be mandatory. I’d say maaaaaaybe 30% are wearing them. God’s beautiful breathing apparatus and all
  12. Thanks math, you ****sucker. You’ve ruined another thread.
  13. What Texas city do I live in? I’ll give you 25 guesses.
  14. So I coach a pretty high level youth flag football team (as far as youth flag football teams go) down in Texas. This is happening out here this weekend. Two day tournament with 150-200 teams (Mostly adult) from all over the country. Good stuff
  15. I also live in Texas and concur completely. It’s too late. We’re ****ed. As will the idea of herd immunity.