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  1. Looks like Sheriff Gon' Getcha is getting got. Honestly, well deserved...CP ended up being a real scumbag with the healthcare benefits scheme. He's lucky he didn't do serious time.
  2. And here I was thinking surely no man would attend 3 😁 Sounds like wild times, that's for sure.
  3. This may not mean exactly what you think it means 😆 ...give it a google.
  4. The closer you can got to the action of the game, the less real it feels in my experience. Flight and driving sims, for example, are amazing. Shooters and adventure games are generally a little more clunky. I'd expect sports to be closer to the latter...I don't really know though. I'd love to know more about the system JD uses. As @Conn pointed out I'm sure it's highly specialized and very pricey
  5. Occulus is probably the most affordable vr option...$200 vs say $1500-ish for a high-end 8k Pimax headseat, which is nore suitable for serious gaming. But, thats becuase Occulus it's mass produced by Facebook/Meta and is pretty low-end as far as resolution, field-of-view, and head-tracking. My guess would be that for what JD is doing, they would want the field-of-view and head-tracking to better than what the Occulus offers.
  6. That's a fun pick to end the night on...going to watch some McCaffery highlights for Luke and his pops.
  7. The more I think about this pick, the more I wonder if we may see some 3 man fronts with Allen, Payne, and Newton.
  8. The way we've drafted I'm going to assume this staff LOVES Cornelius Lucas.
  9. Wow...pretty surprised. DT would def be a BPA pick here, that's for sure...because it wasn't a needs based pick.
  10. If Jayden switches to #3 do you guys think we can call him JD3?
  11. I feel a trade back up into the bottom third of the 1st for a T
  12. 1. CHI - Caleb Williams - this one is easy...undisputed 1st pick 2. WAS - Drake Maye - toss-up...personally, i like Maye a bit more, but Daniels would be fine as well. I think both are great prospects. 3. NE - Jayden Daniels - really, they just take whoever we dont between JD and DM 4. AZI - MHJr -generational WR prospect IMO 5. LA - Nabers -they lost their top two WRs this offseason...Nabers fits a need + the value of the pick Maybe the Vagiants take JJ at 6...if not, i think MINN or LV trade up to pick him. I'd honestly be fine with him as our pick as well...I'm going to trust in Peters evaluation skills until he burns us. And, can I say, as someone who is fine with whoever Peters likes best among DM, JD, or JJ...this thread has been a trip to keep up with 😆
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