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  1. My older brother is a physician, and he tells me that a survey was taken at the hospital where he has privileges about six weeks ago re: who is willing to take the vaccine. He said that 100% (or close to it) of the physicians said they would, and about 90% of the NPs and PAs. However, hospital staff was at only about 60%. He actually participated in the Moderna trial in the fall, and then received the first of the two shots for the Pfizer vaccine in December. After the first shot, he was informed by the Moderna trial that he received the real vaccine, and not the saline shot, so he's obviou
  2. The way i see it, this is much different than a situation where a player makes this type of comment during an interview. He's running off the field excited after an important win. Brady doesn't listen to the noise anyways, so this changes nothing on his end. Arians' comment is a bit different, clearly telling Chase Young and the WFT to bring it on. Chase is going to be foaming at the mouth, and neither he nor his team have anything to lose. No one would have predicted that the Redskins would be in this position at the end of the season. It should be fun to watch.
  3. I don't know about this alleged plan mentioned by Rivera. Its not basketball. I think Rivera's comment must have been in response to a question about potentially using both QBs. If the team is forced to "rotate" quarterbacks, that's bad news. Here's 3 ways this goes down: (1) Smith starts and plays well. No rotation necessary. (2) Smith starts and plays poorly due to limited use of his leg, then Heinicke comes in and plays well. No "rotation" is necessary. This is just replacement of an ineffective starter. (3) Smith starts and plays poorly due to limited use of his
  4. Tom Brady before last Sunday's game: Tom Brady after hearing Chase Young is coming for him: Tom Brady after meeting Chase Young this Saturday:
  5. For me I'd have to say it was that one winter in De Smet, Dakota Territory. I recall the storms starting in October, a whole class of children nearly froze to death trying to get home from school that first day. Rail lines were blocked by the end of the month, and the storms kept coming. Dry goods could not be delivered until April that next year. People in town began to starve. A local man had been storing grain in a wall at his residence, and shared it with a family of 6 to prevent starvation. But that didn't save everyone. Some were forced to resort to unspeakable act
  6. People on this board were commending him for doing that. Said it showed that he wouldn't tolerate people leaching off of him. And that it had nothing to do with money or prestige. Then we heard the reports about laziness, immaturity, inability to read defenses, and trouble grasping the playbook, the selfie, the gloating after the Ravens game, etc. Defenders were quick to say he's just a kid, he's being treated unfairly, he's being stereotyped, two separate coaching staffs were trying to torpedo his career.... Bottom line is that it was all true, it was all fair, and it all spelle
  7. I wasn't aware of the clock being at zero, then 3 seconds being put back on it. He still should have been on the sideline with his team, and not distracted by two fans calling him over for a selfie. EDIT: Just went back to watch the final minute. Looks to me like he immediately runs to the stands after the interception. Then runs over to another fan to take the selfie. The prior play had started with 8 seconds. Then you can actually hear someone on the sidelines yell "we need a quarterback" at about 2:21:00. Game clock said 0:00 but was clearly a couple sec
  8. So at this points weighing the pros vs. cons (or cons vs. pros) on Haskins: Cons: (1) Immature (this can be broken into many subparts) Throws draft party for himself, and charges admission Exhibits poor work ethic Takes selfie with fans during final seconds of first win when supposed to be on the field finishing game Pea****s in lockeroom after having decent game (see Ravens game) Agent whines for him on social media Violates league wide Covid-19 protocols by partying with strippers after loss (or was it a private birthday party?) Does no
  9. What surprises me the most about these photos is that Haskins apparently had groupies, look at all those #7s. I'll be damned, like sleeper cells just waiting for him to get another chance to start and when he finally gets that chance, they go to work. I guess it's probably their last chance to get a little cozy with an NFL star too. Figured they'd go ahead and take his 9th life. Wonder which one of these lovely ladies owned the Instagram account. Not hatin' just saying.
  10. That's a lot of time for Pedro Pasqual's face to get even fatter. Game of Thrones Mandalorian
  11. As for Fett, I think Han Solo might have a few things he wants to talk about. Same thing for Lando. I'd be pretty pissed if someone covered me in tar and nailed me to a wall at some alien whorehouse.
  12. Looked to me like boba fett is going to run a whorehouse and that girl is going to be his bottom ****
  13. Not sure following mando is going to be terribly interesting anymore either. His job is done, does he just go back to collecting metal discs again? Maybe he'll find a baby chewbacca somewhere in season 3.
  14. If it hasn't been said already, Alex Smith as the starter, and trade up to get Trey Lance in the draft (assuming we pick around #15, may need to move to like #10).
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