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  1. Matt Gaetz MIdget that Disney tried to jam into the role of young Han Solo, forever ruining nerd fantasies across the world:
  2. Maybe infinitely small is simply a concept but not reality. Speed is limited. Is mass limited? Lack of mass? Can a particle if exist without mass? If so, how do you observe it?
  3. Ok, so I didn't write any of this. Havent posted in weeks and got some alerts. looks like somebody went ahead and used my account to have some kind of a mental venting session. Probably that hitch hiker I'm renting my guest house to. Pretty interesting stuff.
  4. So last Thursday i got caught in driving while in the middle of that horrible storm. Pull over to the side of the road, and my vehicle was struck by lightning. It was as if the electricity passed through my body down through the vehicle and into the ground, not like it hit me but a definite jolt of electricity. Made it home and started having a migraine headache. Lasted for like 24 hours, then it cleared up. During the next hour, I had this moment of intellectual clarity like I've never had before. Almost like an engine that you crank up but can't stop turn off. I started thi
  5. I agree, Trump and autism had nothing to do with any of this. Thank god this guy made a return from our childhood to save us all and repent for all of his historical misdeeds:
  6. So basically 93 out of 100 cars sniffed returned a positive, then 40 percent of those positives were actually a negative, so 36 of the 93 were false positives, and 57 were true positives. Of the true positives, only 50% were bull**** reasons anyway, which means the out of the original 100, only 28.5 were really positive. And out of those 28.5, all of them were for marijuana which we all know you can smoke and drive as long as you even it out with a couple beers. So ZERO positives. This was a very, very bad dog.
  7. There is no reason Rainey should be put into a game again this season unless it's absolutely necessary. Let him sit or dfa him. There's 5 other guys in the bullpen that are more reliable right now. Davey needs to put someone in that gives them a chance to win.
  8. I heard that interview, and I have to say that Manusky sounded like a guy that's been out of football for the past 25+ years. He was asked about his biggest disappointments, and he actually said that it was Alex Smith's injury because he was having such a great season up to that point in 2018. Now, there's surely some debate regarding how well Alex had played, with the reasonable range being anywhere from "a bit underwhelming" to "pretty good." Never heard anyone try to say it was great. Any time he was asked about a particular player, he just said how great the player was an
  9. I'm pretty sure that during their many training sessions they had together prior to the draft, Greg Manusky trained Jamin on how to drop punts, block coverage guys in the back, jump off-sides, and run into the punter on 4th and 4. Also helped him measure 17 yards from the line of scrimmage on 4th down with 16 yards to go, to make sure he knew to stay behind that line at all costs.
  10. This is precisely why i cannot see 21 of the 32 owners voting to force a sale of the team. Every single one of these ownership groups has to be thinking either (1) what happens when a [insert prior incident that was settled/resolved] is brought back to the surface by a bitter [intern, employee, coach, player], or (2) what did we potentially miss in the past? Forcing a sale would not be in their interest. Also, Donald Sterling's forced sale was a much different scenario. Caught on tape by his trophy girlfriend using racially inflammatory language. He left the other owners no cho
  11. Following up on my original hypothetical here, if Joe T. wins SB XVIII he falls into the same category as guys like Bob Griese, Ken Stabler, and Bart Starr. Multiple SB winners, in the discussion for best in the game for 2-3 year peak, not overwhelming stats. More worthy in my opinion than Jim Kelly, Warren Moon, or Kurt Warner.
  12. So for the Domino effect, how's this: if Theismann wins in 1983, and then has a similar year to his 1984, are the Redskins going to be so quick to move on from him after his injury in 1985? Joe T. said it took about 1 1/2 years for him to really heal, and even into the late 80s he felt like he might play again. Apparently his TV contract had a clause providing for the circumstance where he decided to return to the NFL. Maybe the Redskins release Doug Williams after the 1986 season in anticipation of Joe's return, he and Schroeder duke it out for the starting position in 1987, an
  13. So hypothetically, if a pretty good male HS basketball player wanted to get a free education, he could falsely identify as a female and refuse to have the surgery as well (it's not a requirement to identify with the opposite gender). Then he could say that although he identifies as a female, he is actually a lesbian as well (gender and sexuality are not linked) so he would still date and have sex with women. Also, he could continue to dress like a male because that type of thing is nothing more than a social construct anyway (give a boy a truck, he'll play with trucks, give him a doll and he'
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