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  1. Subpoenas are a similar type of tool which can subject you to a body attached for failure to appear.
  2. kfrankie

    Anyone ever met any music stars?

    I met Kevin Bacon once at the beach. https://www.baconbros.com/
  3. The problem with the Mandalorian series so far is that there have far too many "fights" where either the main character beats 50 incompetent guys on his own, or where he's about to be killed but some miraculously absurd thing happens to save him at the last second. It might have been better if the yoda baby thing saved the Mandalorian guy from one major fight at the end of the season as sort of a cliffhanger. I'll let the real nerds decide though. BTW- To use the force, don't even trolls have to have a little bit of training? Also is this baby Yoda the son of the real Yoda? Is their a yoda planet somewhere? The real Yoda was like 650 when he died. Does that mean that Yodas age differently, sort of like dogs, so 10 years is like 1 year in yoda years? Does baby yoda make an appearance in episode IX as a 35 year old Yoda, with the maturity of a 3.5 year old child?
  4. kfrankie

    I'm over the snow already!

    I'm not your guy, buddy.
  5. Can't compare those numbers, it's a much different era now. Especially touchdown/interception ratios.
  6. Listening on the radio in this morning, there were a couple callers on 980 trying to make a quarter back analogy to Dwayne Haskins. One guy even said Tebow, which Sheehan said was pretty far off. I agree on that one. We don't need to look far for a comparable. Jason Campbell also had a strong arm with some accuracy issues, somewhat mobile but not a runner, and uncertain on many of the finer points. Ultimately had some limited success in the NFL with both the Redskins and Raiders. Unfortunately, I think that may be Dwayne's trajectory. Patrick Ramsey might not be a bad comparable either.
  7. My point here is that if Burrow is judged to be a franchise QB by "people who should know" (hopefully the Redskins can steal scouting reports from several other teams this time), and he's available they should not pass on him because Haskins is here. It's possible to call a guy a Franchise Quarterback, prior to the draft, maybe once every 5-10 years (See John Elway, Troy Aikman, Drew Bledsoe (yes), Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck). Those guys were consensus can't miss first picks, unlike guys such as Jamarcus Russell, Jeff George, Bradford, and Newton who were seen as great prospects likely to develop into top of the line starters. Believe it or not, this team is already in year 1 of a 2-3 year rebuild. Things cannot get any worse than they are now, and there's a good, although small, core of young talent entering their prime years (Landon Collins, Iaonnidis, Allen, Payne, maybe Moreland, Guice, Dunbar, Scherff, McLaurin, Rouiller. With proper coaching this does not need to be a process where results are visible in 2022. Then again, everything is contingent upon Bruce Allen's firing this offseason, along with the hiring of a competent GM and a talented head coach that can work with that GM and hire a competent staff. So its unlikely that anything changes. And all the best to Haskins if he can't show the potential to be a serviceable NFL starter.
  8. Well, If that's true I'm not sure that's really reflected in his performance. Most people would say that he played efficiently against the Bills, keep in mind the limited gameplan implemented by the offensive coaches. But I think most saw that game as a positive for Dwayne. Against the Jets, he was 12 out of 20 for 101 yards with an interception, 6 sacks, and 2 fumbled snaps early in the 4th quarter before the jets final touchdown. After that, he played pretty well in garbage time which is all you can ask. I know the sacks and fumbles were not all his fault, but just some numbers to consider. Yesterday's game seemed to be more of a regression against a team with perhaps a weaker defense. Not sure if the offense opened up the playbook some more or what, but it appeared that the physical errors such as missing a few critical short throws were the issue. At any rate, I'm glad he's playing now. He still has 5 more games to show the "franchise" (i.e. Dan and hopefully not Bruce) that he has the skill set to be an NFL starter. If he does not show that potential (not that's he's actually a franchise QB, but just that he has the ability to be one) its time to cut bait. This team cannot pass up an opportunity to get Burrow or Herbert with what will likely by a top 3-5 pick.
  9. Watching major league now. It's very bad to steal Jobu's rum..... very bad.
  10. I have to tell my kids stories about 1987 or 1991 to keep them in line. i tell them that this losing bunch is just a temporary situation and they'll be back in the playoffs soon. When I do this, I feel like Robin Williams in that movie "Jakob the Liar."
  11. Without reading anything but the question posed in the title of the thread, the answer is yes. And there's the potential to be worst team in franchise history, if thats not already the case. Just pitiful in every facet from ownership tyo management to coaching right down to the last player. kickers and punters don't count.
  12. kfrankie

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    I'd convince Snyder that I really respect his football acumen and beg him to stay on as GM on a three year contract. Then I'd fire him a week later and hire a poodle/golden retriever hybrid dog in his place. I'd bring Dan into the office and tell him that I found a more qualified candidate because, while the football knowledge base was about equal, the golden doodle would be dander free and doesn't shed. Dan might argue that he is also dander free and non-shedding, but I'd tell him I'm going with the dog because its younger. Then I'd fire the golden doodle and hire a real GM.
  13. kfrankie

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    If you take that green **** out if there we have a deal.
  14. The force is actually not that big of a deal. Edit: As it pertains to Yoda and the Skywalkers, of course.
  15. Ad Astra. Only good part was when the chimp attacked Brad Pitt. Edit: The part in the beginning where Brad Pitt fell off the space ladder was also pretty cool. If they'd had the chimp push him off the ladder or maybe attack him on the way down the movie could have been 3 minutes. Would have been masterpiece.