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  1. Actually, the best solution is to put a guy #1 on the depth chart on day 1, but tell him and the #2 and #3 guy that its an open competition. Then tell the #1 guy toward the end of practice that he's screwing something up and sneak the #2 guy in with the first team for 4-5 reps and praise him. Then do the same thing in the afternoon, but put the #3 guy in instead. Keeps the #1 guy on his toes, and keeps the #2 guy motivated and pushing the #1 guy, and makes the #3 guy think he can push the #2 guy.
  2. We all know that Alex's personal medical team, which includes a team doctor, clear him medically a few days ago. I caught the first 5 minutes of Rivera's press conference this morning on 980. Unless he cleared things up, it appears that Alex passed his "team" medical physical but failed his "football physical," so he's now on the PUP list. What exactly does that mean? Did they ask him to run through some drills and he couldn't cut the mustard or something? At the very least it looks like any chance of him competing for the job in training camp is over, unless they activate him from PUP during camp. But if the team is going to do that, why put him on PUP in the first place?
  3. I thought the taking if drafts picks was a sanction used only when the offense affected the competitive balance of the game, like the things that Belichek routinely seems to "accidentally" do. Like the penalty must fit the crime. Along those lines, the NFL should have the 15 women (assuming they're not lying/exaggerating their claims) sit in Dan's office at Redskins park while eating shrimp ****tails and sipping on 25 year scotch, while Dan's in the kitchen down the hallway repeatedly being kicked in the nuts by Mark Mosley. Toe syle. They won't have any idea it's happening either.
  4. I believe JKC divorced an ex-wife because she told him she was on birth control, but still got pregnant. He tried to pressure her into getting an abortion, but she backed out at the last minute so he divorced her. He had also pressured her into having 2 prior abortions before they were married.
  5. While the article was certainly underwhelming considering all of the hype (FBI involvement, Epstein, Jay Gruden and Cocaine, sexual assaults, banging for story leads, fixing games, etc.) there definitely appears to be some people over there who simply don't understand how to behave in an office setting, particularly what is and is not appropriate behavior toward women. No woman should feel like they don't want to go to work because some dude has tried to look up their skirt, or keeps making unwanted advances, or makes comments about their body, etc. Unfortunately, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that what is/was happening at Redskins park is happening at team offices throughout the league, and there's a lot a 50-something men are going to be sweating their asses off for the next several months.
  6. I always thought it was a bit weird to see a man in his 50s wearing a t-shirt with its sleeves cut off on a weekly Redskins television report. He must have thought he looked good enough to do that, but I have no idea why.
  7. If the Post has concerns on its own end about the quality of reporting in the article, it should have dealt with those concerns prior to allowing the "leaks." If Snyder and Co. want to stop the publication, they would have to have a draft of the article themselves. It would be difficult to file a claim for a restraining order if you do not know what you are seeking to enjoin, and more importantly what you are going to ask the court to enjoin. You cannot ask a court to prevent the publication of all articles having to do with the Redskins, or Snyder, or Larry Michael (or the Redskins, Snyder, Larry Michael, cocaine, and prostitutes). My question would be: Does Snyder have a draft of the article?
  8. So Epstein was helping Dan launder money as an FBI informant while Jay snorted coke off if the ass of Kapri Bibbs while Shaeffer pimped out the cheerleaders to international drug kingpins, who used underage child labor to farm poppy plants? This is all really bad.
  9. Guys-. Who cares what Joe Yasheroff thinks. He not nearly as connected Rob Hinkleman.
  10. In case anyone is wondering, the guy that is attempting to hold up the formal selection most of the more popular names being floated around is Philip Martin McCaulay. Here is his website that he started in order to demonstrate that he's using these various monikers "in commerce" for registration purposes. http://www.washingtonamericansfootball.com/warriors-website.html He must think he's a rather crafty fellow, but it is actually illegal to misrepresent that you (1) are currently using a mark in commerce, or (2) intend to use a mark in commerce. Good luck proving misrepresentation on an "intent to use" though. He's clearly trying to do the bare minimum (or less) to buy time so Snyder will be forced to buy him out.
  11. RV parks are basically half the campsites now in MD. Some campgrounds don't even have trees
  12. The problem with camping in MD is that there not enough tent sites. Everything these days is geared toward RV camping which isn't really camping.
  13. So started binge watching Ozark last week. Almost done with season 2. Pretty engaging stuff so far. Specifically i like the story line with the Snells. I think they're getting ready to rain hell down on someone with all the **** they've taken thus far. On thing that's getting pretty annoying is the constant cycle of (1) Marty does something with someone else's money he shouldn't do (2) Marty is given a deadline to fix it, (3) someone dies because of what Marty did with someone's money, (4) Cartel or Snells get pissed because person was on their side, (5) Cartel or Snells kidnap Marty or Wendy, or someone they care about (6) Marty denies knowing anything about it (7) Marty pulls a rabbit out of his ass and things are resolved. Then cycle restarts. Enough with the damn deadline kidnappings. Edit: forgot to include (8) gay FBI guy throws a temper tantrum, swears revenge.