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  1. Here's a hint: two of these players each won 4 batting titles during this 6 year block. The other two players each won a single batting title. So these four players accounting for 10 out of the 12 batting titles during this 6 year block (6 in both the NL and AL).
  2. He's not even on the list. His first full year was in 1980
  3. Its a shame we don't have a random sports trivia thread. Anyway, here's one. Below are the stats of four major league baseball players for the first 6 years of their careers. The first full season for each was 1984, with the exception of one whose first full season was 1983. With a couple exceptions, the stats are amazingly similar. Guess which is which without going to any outside source (i got this easily from baseball reference). Year G PA AB
  4. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you can pray for a jury trial and you will be given an attorney. Before you are interrogated, if you request an attorney you can hire your own or someone from the public defender's office will be assigned to you. Public defenders are underpaid and run thin, but so are State's Attorneys. If the cops don't read you your rights, the confession is not admissible if given in a custodial setting. Cops are not authorized give plea deals, that can only come with approval from a State's Attorney. And then the deal must be approved by a Judge, who in open court
  5. Ok. Now for hypotheticals #1, #2, modify the fact patterns so that the suspects each were found with handguns, instead of being unarmed or carrying a knife. Assume the facts are exactly the same otherwise. Does the fact that both were found to have handguns change your answer? Edit: FYI, #3 is based on a real occurrence. In my opinion, the final officer that arrived on the scene escalated the situation because the suspect only moved for his gun when he arrived. Now, that doesn't mean that that officer should be thrown in jail, but in my opinion it would justify termina
  6. What if a police officer sincerely believes that a person has a firearm, and is about to, or already has, used it. For instance take these hypotheticals: (1) A suspect has a metallic object in his waistband that appears to be a firearm from 40 feet away, he starts walking toward police yelling "**** you," when asked to get on the ground by the police and reaches for his waistband? Officer shoots him dead. Turns out it wasn't a gun, but was instead a knife. (2) An officer is called to a scene on a report that a suspect is armed with a handgun and threatening a woman.
  7. I don't think that figure is accurate. I don't believe think a Police Chief in a major city, such as D.C. or Baltimore makes that much, much less a Sheriff's deputy. Regardless, it looks like the guy has no interest in being in law enforcement and is trying to fabricate a disability claim. It happens all the time in law enforcement.
  8. So to try to answer your thoughts here: (1) If Alex becomes the starting QB over Haskins, that's an indictment of Haskins. I cannot see Rivera starting Alex unless Haskins is truly so bad that he forces his hand. (2) If Alex breaks his leg again, I agree its on him. Still don't want to see it happen though, and I will have sympathy for him. If his doctor has told him that the right leg is 100% the strength of his left leg, does that really make him nuts for trying? (3) What does Alex have to gain? The man was pretty good NFL quarterback before the injur
  9. So one thing that I think has been somewhat lost, or maybe remains unanswered, with regard to Alex's medical situation is whether he stands a greater risk now of re-breaking the leg. What I mean by that is, we all know that he has been "cleared to play" by both his personal medical team and the the Team's medical staff. Normally when you receive "clearance" to play after a significant bone or tendon injury, your physician will give some sort of look ahead prognosis, i.e. that your repaired right knee is now 95% of the strength of your opposing/healthy left knee. Or in the case of a bone bre
  10. I think of it this way. If Haskins is truly the future, he should win the job. If a 36 year old Alex Smith, with all that he's been through, pushes him aside then he's a bust. Go with Smith and hope that Trevor Lawrence lands in your lap.
  11. Who is Julie Donaldson and what qualifies her to be the lead voice in the booth? I know she's the head of media there, but did she just hire herself? Is she going to be the Don Meredith or the Frank Gifford of the booth?
  12. So does anyone know what exactly is happening right now at camp as it relates to Alex? I know camp isn't open to the public, but is there any word on what he is actually doing physically right now other than playing around on the sideline doing unspecified drills? Any word on what it will take to remove him from the PUP list so that he can practice with the rest of the team? Rivera has said some encouraging things about him recently (he'll be in the mix at QB, etc.). I don't think he would be talking about Alex the way he has recently if he has no intention of ever lettin
  13. Actually, the best solution is to put a guy #1 on the depth chart on day 1, but tell him and the #2 and #3 guy that its an open competition. Then tell the #1 guy toward the end of practice that he's screwing something up and sneak the #2 guy in with the first team for 4-5 reps and praise him. Then do the same thing in the afternoon, but put the #3 guy in instead. Keeps the #1 guy on his toes, and keeps the #2 guy motivated and pushing the #1 guy, and makes the #3 guy think he can push the #2 guy.
  14. We all know that Alex's personal medical team, which includes a team doctor, clear him medically a few days ago. I caught the first 5 minutes of Rivera's press conference this morning on 980. Unless he cleared things up, it appears that Alex passed his "team" medical physical but failed his "football physical," so he's now on the PUP list. What exactly does that mean? Did they ask him to run through some drills and he couldn't cut the mustard or something? At the very least it looks like any chance of him competing for the job in training camp is over, unless they activate him from PUP du
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