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  1. Well, they aren't testing vaccinated players. So, it's actually possible that if you have a breakout among vaccinated players, you might never know. Basically, I think that if the team reaches the 85% mark, there's almost no chance of a forfeit. They're using the forfeit as the stick (I'm not really sure what the carrot is, it seems to just be a lot of sticks) to "highly recommend" players get vaccinated. They can't very well put all these "if you don't get vaccinated we're going to screw with your life" rules in place, then punish a team that has met the threshold. Well, I m
  2. I’d give up 2 firsts for Rodgers right now without even blinking, as ping as Rodgers commits to play here, and he’s on board. The goal is to win a SB. You add a top 3 QB to any team and that team is immediately a conference contender. We have talent. It would be a really good 2-3 years. I’ll take that.
  3. Well, here's hoping! I'm not going to be disappointed if it does. I think Kevin Sheehan might be Payne's biggest fan in the media. I like him too. We'll see. Out of curiosity, do you get paid by the word or pasted in tweets? Just curious what your ES comp plan is...
  4. Some are, some aren't. I think we have seen here what having a bunch of know-nothing idiot position coaches can bring. Jay's entire defensive staff in 2019 was a bunch of know-nothing idiots. 1 year later, they're all gone, a whole new crew comes in, and the unit is 1000X better. Some of that is on Jack, some is on a few good player adds, but I think coaching matters at all levels. The position coaches are the ones teaching technique and running the individual workouts. That's really important for the fundamentals, and like with anything, there are some good ones, and some bad ones.
  5. I don't have your level of optimism. I think they can be better. THAT much better? I dunno. There are still a few ?s. But if they stay healthy, I think they can be better. 00' Ravens special? I mean, I'm here for that. But I don't see it just yet.
  6. I think it's going to take some time to fully change the perception, but I also think that Ron has absolutely shown that he's not having any of that. Here are some examples: - Trent Williams. Clearly if Ron wanted to, he could have given Trent a big deal and an extension, and mended fences. He wasn't here when things went bad, but instead, he told Trent no, and traded him for a 3rd round pick just to get rid of him. One of the top 3 tackles in the league. And it was mostly about money. Trent wanted another huge pay day, Ron wasn't having it, so off he went. - Quint
  7. Eh, some coaches are replaceable. Just like some players are replaceable. I think if Andy Reid decided he didn't want the vaccine, and they threw him out of the league, you wouldn't say he was easily replaceable. And some position coaches are the life-blood of the team. Imagine the 1980's 'Skins without Buges. I mean, you can't. Sure, there are some completely average coaches out there who are completely replaceable. There are also some completely average players who are completely replaceable. As a side note, I just realized I had never spelled th
  8. I mean, except for the fact we have done a whole bunch better recently. We have actually drafted pretty well the last 5-6 years. Not SUPER DUPER great, but pretty well. And we've developed those guys. Allen, Payne, Ioannidis, Terry McLaurin, Scherff, Chase Rouiller, Montez Sweat, Young, Gibson immediately come to mind, and you also had some contributors from guys like Curl and Reeves. Also, I think that all the agents know with Bruce out and Ron in, there's just a different approach to everything. I get that Dan is still around. But Ron has already shipped out D
  9. This thread is a slippery sloped to politics, which I'm going to stay away from. But the problem is the NFL is a bit of a microcosm of the national at large. There are a lot of people in the country who just don't want to get vaccinated. Same thing with the NFL. The reasons are somewhat irrelevant to this conversation. But the fact is there is a split opinion. And while the whole country struggles with this issue, the NFL is going to struggle with it.
  10. I did, and I corrected the post. But apparently not fast enough!
  11. This could be us, but I'm not sure if it is. However, even if it is, it might not matter. Also, every team is going to have a few that don't vaccinate. If the 85% rule applies to the full roster of players + practice squad, that's 63 players, then that means you can have 13 players unvaccinated and still meet all of the NFL thresholds. So, even if Washington had 8 players who refuse to be vaccinated ever, then we could still have 5 more and still be ok. Also, here's the deal: all of the practice squad players and bottom of the roster guys are going to
  12. JP Finlay has reported on the Washington Football Talk Pod that the percentage has crept up close to 60% and there is optimism that they’ll be ok.
  13. I kindof think that's a bit low. But Bruce Allen would have been 32, so I guess that's an improvement. Other thoughts: 1. Bill Belichick is a bad GM. He has always been a bad GM. He's a great coach and had the best QB of all time. So it makes up for the fact he's a bad GM. Those Patriot teams have lacked talent all over the place. Brady leaves, and the floor drops out. It's not a coicidence. You can't argue with 2-5. They're all fantastic GM/Coach combinations. I'd argue Spielman with the Vikings. They have overpaid Kirk twice, and dismantled a
  14. I'm so ready for a QB who's willing to at least stretch the field vertically. We haven't had that since Kirk left town. I honestly don't care if Fitzy throws 30 TDs and 30 INTs. Just press the ball down the Goddamn field so every throw isn't 5 yards within the LOS. I think Fitzy is going to be better than anything we've seen in a while. Even if that's not great overall, it's going to just be better. My prediction is he plays all 17 games, throws for 4,500 yards, 27 TDs and 19 INTs.
  15. Right, so he has the world famous "position flex." I think they're going to really do a lot of mixing and matching in the back-end, which I personally like. McCain probably sees the most amount of time at free safety, but I can see a world where he and Fuller swap in and out a bit to confuse QBs, so you don't know exactly what either one is doing on any given play. How confusing that actually is, I don't know. But it's probably worth a try. The key to that, of course, is having 2 CBs who can play outside if Fuller moves inside at times...
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