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  1. Voice_of_Reason

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I think this quote from his spot on Sheehan’s podcast. He was just saying Dunny wasn’t in the top category of CBs and he wouldn’t pay him top CB money. I don’t think he ever said he knew what Dunny was asking for
  2. Voice_of_Reason

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I believe Ron should Not talk to agents. That’s Rob Rodgers job. And Rob should call Dunny’s agent and tell him they’re trading him to Siberia.
  3. Is that Reeds account? I thought his Twitter was @JR86...
  4. Voice_of_Reason

    Press Release: NFL STATEMENT (CBA Related)

    So I need to read more about this, but this looks really bad for the NFLPA negotiators. If they negotiated a deal and the exec committee rejected it, that’s really bizarre.
  5. Voice_of_Reason

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    Yes, agreed. Though I think maturity can come with age. We’ll see about work ethic and leadership. I don’t think it matters the overall grade, the thing to watch is improvement. And I think his accuracy and anticipation hit better each game. Again, it might be a red herring, and he might suck this year. No way of really knowing.
  6. Voice_of_Reason

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I tend to agree with you, but the counter point is, why not? What has he shown that says he couldn't get there? The argument would be work ethic early. But apart from that... To me, if you look at the "elite" Qbs, they have the following traits: 1: Physical talent. This is table stakes. You can't be an NFL QB if you don't have arm talent, and at least some mobility. I think Haskins has shown he has the physical talents to be elite. 2: Football IQ. Know where to go with the ball and when. What play to check into. Control the game from the LOS. This comes from work ethic in the film room and experience. Also just God given intelligence factors in: can you quickly recall what you have seen on tape and adjust in under 3 seconds. That's just damn freaking hard an not everybody can do it, even if they study their butts off. This is the big question. We don't know. He might have it, he might not. But there's no reason YET to say he CAN'T. 3: Throws with anticipation vs. waiting to see a guy open/Accuracy. I lump these things together, you could argue they are separate things. However, if you throw accurately without anticipation, you're often late on the throw. So, you have to throw accurately with anticipation. I think we've seen evident Haskins does this sometimes. This was the big red flag with Jason Campbell. He could not do this. At all. Ever. And that limited his ceiling to middle of the pack at best. It's somewhat related to #2, as well, but we've seen him throw with anticipation enough to know he can do it. Just needs to be more consistent. 4: Toughness. Both physical and mental. You're going to get knocked down. Do you get up again? (Gibbs said this was the #1 quality a QB had to have, FWIW). I think we've seen some of this. Again, still TBD, but he's a competitor, stayed in a game when he was nicked up, and kept at it even when things weren't looking good. Same as the football IQ thing, I don't think we've seen anything to say he doesn't have the toughness yet. 5: Durability. If you're not available, you're good to nobody. This is a question, honestly. He's been nicked up a couple times and already missed a game due to injury. We'll see. 6: Clutch. Makes the big play instead of the big mistake at the critical times. (Howdy Kirk, welcome to the discussion. ) We don't know yet, but he did make some big throws in critical spots in a couple games. So, again, it's a question. We haven't seen him completely crumble in the clutch in every opportunity. So it's possible. Given all that, I think Haskins has the possibility to be a top 5 guy. Will he get there? I dunno. Doubtful, if only because most don't. By definition, only 5 out of the 32 starters are top 5. ) But there's nothing I've seen that says definitively he CAN'T get there. Sometimes you know right away that there's just no chance. Heath Shuler, the team knew before the end of his first training camp he wasn't that guy. I'd say we knew that about Jason Campbell pretty early. Sometimes it's obvious pretty early. Peyton we knew in year 2. He had some very troubling statistics in year 1, but by year 2, it was obvious he had it. Clearly Brady it was clear in his first year starting. Brees is the one guy I can remember who really looked like he wasn't going to be that guy, to the extent San Diego drafted Rivers to be his replacement, then all of a sudden, he turned into the 3rd or 4th best QB of his generation behind Manning and Brady. And if you wanted to have a Manning vs. Brees discussion, that would be extremely reasonable. Or a Rodgers vs. Brees. Whatever. Those 4 are it: Brady, Manning, Brees, Rodgers. And maybe for a few years, Rothlisburger. But I digress. I haven't seen anything which tells me there's no chance Haskins couldn't turn into an elite QB. I also haven't seen anything that says he won't be out of the league in 5 years. It's really all an unknown. The greatest probability is her's somewhere in the middle. Because, that's what most guys are. But it's really too early to tell.
  7. I don’t know wins/losses, especially since the draft or FA hadn’t happened yet. However I expect the defense to just be markedly better. I also expect the team to be better prepared. After we see the whole picture of the talent on the team, We can think about records. I’d be willing to bet of the 53 players who will be on the team, 20-ish are not even on the roster yet.
  8. The Pats will sign him and he’ll stay healthy.
  9. Voice_of_Reason

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I’m sure this wasn’t intended but I read this in Jar Jar’s voice.
  10. Voice_of_Reason

    A tight end by any other name

    We did move Swiss Army Niles Paul from WR to TE. And that ... kinda worked. why not go all in and find a really good but not NBA level power forward. Would probably have the size, quickness and hands. Would have to work on blocking. It seems all the best TEs player BBall.
  11. Voice_of_Reason

    Press Release: NFL STATEMENT (CBA Related)

    If the owners voted on a negotiated deal between the NFLPA and the NFL, then by definition the leadership of the NFLPA believes it’s a good deal, and believes their membership will approve it. The NFLPA looks really stupid if they agree to something which the league votes on which their membership can’t agree to. The key line in the release is they voted on the negotiated terms. Unless the NFL is lying and they voted on something the NFLPA didn’t agree to, both sides think this will pass.
  12. So with Reed's official release, that leaves 4 current roster "questions." - What happens with Trent? I expect a 3 year extension at $16m average, 2 years guaranteed. - What happens with Scherff? I think they're going to tag him, and possibly trade him. Or he plays on the tag. I don't see a long term deal. Just a hunch. - What happens with Kerrigan? I think they extend him to lower his cap number. - What happens with Dunny? I think he's traded. Ron has said that if you don't want to be here, he doesn't want you here, and he'll help you pack your bags. Assume they will target a replacement (Bradberry?) for Dunny, and probably somebody else as well. Hooper if he's not franchised makes a lot of sense. TE will definitely be a target, as will LB, WE and FS. They have a lot of dry powder. It's time to gas up RedskinsOne and get after FA like it was 2000 baby!
  13. Voice_of_Reason

    Press Release: NFL STATEMENT (CBA Related)

    That's a good question. If they ratify the new CBA, there could be a provision for 17 games in 2020, but it's really doubtful just for logistical reasons. Though you could see an expanded playoff this year. I just have to imagine that the scheduling for the season is either almost complete or really close to being complete already. And adding another week at this point would put you back at square 1, and i'm not sure they can move that fast. My guess is the season would expand in 2021 if it expands, which I expect it to, but we'll find out for certain when they make the CBA public.
  14. Voice_of_Reason

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    A tweet to make it official. All this shows is you are an easy mark for Snyder to sell you stuff. Go buy a Haskins Jersey. It will work out great. I had a rule to only buy retired players jerseys. I have a Monk, Grimm and Jacoby. All purchased shortly after they retired. The only active player jersey I've purchased? Sean Taylor. Actually did it twice. I got a ST36 jersey when he was drafted, then traded it for a 21 the next year. That's the last time I buy an active players jersey.