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  1. Voice_of_Reason

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    If I was rich I’d buy the Redskins and #firebruceallen. If I had the money, I’d make Dan an offer he couldn’t refuse.
  2. Voice_of_Reason

    HH: Coaching Speculation Publication; Kotwica replaced by Kaczor; Olivadotti out.

    The excuse for 2-14 is already there. No Alex Smith, Colt probably gets hurt, if the past is any indication of the future. So, can’t fire anybody trying to win with a 3rd/4th strong QB. So they’d stay pat and draft a guy, then give this crew 2-3 years to debel him. The future is clear. And it’s Bruce and Jay until 2022 at minimum. Dam doesn’t want to make a change so he’ll look for every reason not to.
  3. Voice_of_Reason

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    Dan is comfortable with Bruce. Bruce is comfortable with Jay. Everybody gets along. Nobody rocks the boat. As as long as everyone is comfortable and they can say “we’re trying hard but just unlucky” nothing will change.
  4. Voice_of_Reason

    ESPN: Jason Witten pondering retirement to join MNF

    Why? He’s got a great gig, is going to be extremely well paid, no real pressure and he’s pretty much universally praised and liked on the broadcasts He’s really good where he is
  5. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    You’re right, but it must have changed at some point. Cause Gibbs was a 96 inductee and coached in 1992.
  6. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    It was one daddy so I’m good with him donating his balls to science
  7. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    Coaches can go in immediately
  8. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    Oldest is 14, there is a set of twins in there somewhere. So ess than 18 years.... I don’t really keep up with them. However I can attest that she had an over active sex drive and evidently is also very fertile, so there you go. Dodged a bullet. I love my 1.8 kids (baby # 2 due in March) but I wouldn’t want 8.
  9. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    I guess my thought is after 60 minutes plus OT, you’ve had so many chances to win the game, if you can’t prevent a TD, eh, you lose. I care about many more things in foot all than that. Not that you’re wrong or I would die on this hill, I guess I just don’t care that much about this particular injustice. Now the FG winning it on the first drive, THAT I had a problem with.
  10. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    I’m 42. The night of the tuck rule game which started the legend, I was dating a girl who happened to be a Raiders fan. Initially, I had good feelings towards Brady because of the awesome next 3 days of “it’s going to be ok” sex. That was a good time. However she broke up with me a few days later. Maybe she caught on to my plan. She now has 8 kids (none mine). That’s how long that guy has been doing it.
  11. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    Stop them from scoring a TD. Get the ball. Win.
  12. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    I truly hate you.
  13. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    What did Reid do? I only watched the OT.
  14. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    Beady made that look like a 7-7 drill the entire drive.
  15. Voice_of_Reason

    Gameday Thread

    Best color guy in broadcasting.