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  1. Sal Palentonio is an idiot of the highest degree. He was on Keim’s podcast and said the three building blocks on defense were Sweat, Collins and Bostic. Which id agree with Sweat. The other two, that’s just wrong. The other two are probably some combination of Young, Payne, Allen, Matt I. and Fuller. It really is nice to have some good pieces on defense. Holcomb coming back is a bog help also. IF they get good safety play from Shaze and Curl, and average play from Holcomb and Bostic, they’re actually going to improve defensively throughout the remainder of th
  2. I think we’re arguing about the definition of “best.” Why can’t we just say there’s a role for both of them, Gibson is developing and McKissic has more experience? Also, on the 2 point play against the Giants, apparently the play was designed to go to Gibson and he just bumfuzzled the route. Cooley had it in his filmbreakdown. And said if it was him, he would have had McKissic running the route right now. Gibson has more talent and power, and they want to get him the majority of touches. McKissic has better sense of the offense and what to do, and has quicke
  3. For whatever it’s worth, Cooley says McKissic right now is the best back in terms on knowing what to do when. And he’s got some quicks also. Gibson is so raw. He is going to learn and grow every week. He’s got a higher upside. But he’s not there yet.
  4. When allis said and done, we’ll be picking 32. And not because of a trade.
  5. If you're saying to promote him to GM just to keep him, that's fine. He said a couple of times in the off-season while of course he would like to be a GM, he's very comfortable with his role. Would another team come calling after the draft and try and hire him as a GM? Maybe. I think WFT could counter the offer as well, as long as he was under contract. Not sure, but I think I heard that. If you're saying it because you think he should have final voice, or more of a voice than he does now, eh, I think I'm in the minority but I don't think it really matters. As long as Kyle Sm
  6. Take Seattle and Pitt out of the mix because they are in a different class. Stafford would probably get my vote for best QB of the remaining teams. If the defense leaves guys uncovered underneath, he's going to pick us apart like a Thanksgiving turkey. Not saying we CAN'T beat them. But I would not pick us to win that game. I think they SHOULD beat the Giants and Dallas again. They have a good chance to beat Cincy, and will be in a dog fight with Detroit, the Panthers and the Eagles. I also don't think they need to get to 8-8. I think the
  7. It's funny, I think about who are in that top tier of coaches, and then I look at what they do well, or if they are the defacto coordinator on either side of the ball: Bill Belichick - I think his real strength is team preparation, but he's a defensive genius also. I don't think he calls the defenses anymore, but it's by his design. Andy Reid - his real strength is offense. He might be one of the most creative offensive minds in the league. He (mostly) calls the offensive plays, and his teams have always had productive offenses, regardless of who the QB has been. Hell, he
  8. He warmed up with the team and apparently was part of the pre-game festivities, and by all accounts, was being a good team player. Apart from the fine, that's all I heard. Other than that, he's gone underground.
  9. I've always liked Ron. And this isn't surprising. What was surprising was watching him twist himself into a pretzel to try and explain why he was not calling TOs and other game management/team management things when the answer was, "I don't believe in Haskins, and I don't want him to damage the rest of the team." Clearly that was only an external problem, and not an internal problem. At least it looks that way as of now. Sheehan keeps on going on and on that it was Dan who mandated Haskins start the season, and Ron should have just manned up when he kne
  10. Not me. I was a vocal proponent of firing Jay and promoting McVay after the 2016 season. I always thought the 2016 offense was outstanding, and McVay was a really big part of that. He made the SB twice, once as a coordinator the other time as a HC, with Matt Ryan and Jimmy Garapolo. His record is indicative in some ways of taking over a terrible team, and then having his starting QB go down early in his second season. He's a really good coach. He's also an arrogant ass. With the million injuries to key players, the 49ers are still competitiv
  11. If they lose to the Giants, it gets burred that day.
  12. That wasn't it at all. They were either rabid Hawaii fans, or massive anti-JC people, or just people who took the other side in order to stir up trouble. For the most part, they did not bring anything useful to this community, as they were divisive and were bullies. For the most part. There were a few notable exceptions who contributed greatly to the board in a lot of positive ways. Yes, but we've been right about the rest of them. We were wrong about Kyle. (And when I say "we" I actually exclude myself because I was one of his and Shanahan's most vocal supporte
  13. The only way I trade any capital to help us win this year is if it also helps us win for the next 2 years. I don't want to trade an asset for an old guy or an expiring contract. And God, as much as we need WR help, we NEED NEED NEED NEED LB help more. Right @KDawg? If we were able to go out and get another LB to pair with Holcomb, who actually was, you know, good, that would be an immediate boost to the defense. I am not sure you could get enough at WR to really help yourself. I did hear Ertz was available. Though I doubt the Eagles trade him here, and a
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