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  1. This is for sure. However I wonder if he has any desire to either be in a front office or coach. Because I think he could probably do either if he wanted to.
  2. The things that I'm interested in this draft is I think over the last ~5 years, we've really gotten use to the way Kyle Smith drafts, and now with him gone and an entirely new set of decision makers in place, is this draft going to just "feel" different in some way. Or maybe are they going to approach the draft differently, so there might be some more surprises. I'm not a college football guy, so I rarely have anything interesting to say in the draft thread. The only one thing I will say is I hope to hell while they stick with the "best player available" mantra they address LB
  3. When your daughter is trolling you, you know you’re kindof a sap. FWIW, Mike tweeted something about him being a great QB someday. He’s most likely wrong and his daughter is funny.
  4. I did a search on my google machine and I didn't find anything saying he was released. And he's still listed on the Jet's official webpage as being on the roster. So, if it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, and walk like a duck, I'm going to say it's a duck. And as of this posting Jamison is still with the Jets. I bet a buddy of mine a nickel (my traditional bet) that Kerrigan was not going to get anything like the interest he wanted (I don't know what he expected), and sometime after the draft he was going to re-sign here for something slightly better than a vet minimum
  5. I think we’re going to get an ILB somewhere. Probably the draft. And probably add a few journeymen also. It won’t be then best group but I think it’s going to be better than last year.
  6. What is SFA for Alex Smith? I wouldn't be at all surprised to see them bring back Moreau at a minimum deal. And if Kerrigan goes another couple weeks with no contract, he could re-sign for a very low price. If nobody is going to pay him as a starter, and he has to take a vet minimum type deal, I'm pretty sure Ron would have him back to keep in the rotation. I can't see any of the others even in a "bring back" conversation.
  7. Something Cooley has said several times is he thinks Harmon actually could be a really good H-back for them. I wonder if they think that? He thinks pre-injury, Harmon was a very good blocker, and ran good routes, and had the size to be a complementary H-back type. It's going to be very interesting to see how they use Curtis Samuel, because he can operate from anywhere, outside, slot, backfield. I could see them lining up with Terry and Cam Sims on the outside, putting Samuel in the slot, and then having some combination of Gibby, Logan, McKissic and Harmon as the rem
  8. 3 biggest holes remaining: LB, probably need 2, Complimentary TE, WR. And there is a draft which can fill some of these as well. I think they’ll get a WR, but they might wait and draft a few LBs and TEs and throw numbers at it to see what sticks rather than going big in FA.
  9. He must have dirty pictures of somebody. Because he’s been a train wreck of a DC every stop. I don’t understand how he keeps getting opportunities.
  10. Yeah. The thing is they’re kinda stuck. They tried for Stafford. But all the other options are so “meh” But they’ve got to get somebody at some point.
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