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  1. I’m not so sure. Dan actually knows a thing or two about marketing and brands. I think it’s more likely they keep the colors and can just about everything else and start new.
  2. That would be as stupid as the dumb as fly eagles fly thing. No thank you.
  3. No, I actually think he’ll speak about this. It will be prepared remarks. He should do an interview with Larry Michael as well. (I would prefer literally anybody else but with Larry they can work out the questions and answers ahead of time.) I actually could see a scenario where he actually gets a bit emotional talking about it. We’re going to have to have a mapping of old to new screen names or nobody will know who anybody is. Luckily, as I’ll be just as reasonable after the name change, I have no need to change anything...
  4. Screw Red Wolves. Just go with thunder cats. Cheerleaders can dress up as Cheetara. My 7 year old self had a real crush on Cheetara. The NFL already has Lions, Bengals (tigers), Panthers, Jaguars, so just go for all of them...
  5. If this is true then I think the leader is warriors because clearly there mis another team named the Warriors who might want to remain the only Warriors... Thats just a guess though.
  6. He’s more offensive than the name. Can’t we get rid of him at the same time? I might actually watch Redskins Nation tomorrow to get the spin from the kremlin.. Yeah. But hailing a ref wolf makes no sense. I guess it’s not that different than hail to the redskins, but for some reason I find it odd and out of place.
  7. You just added a thing to cook to my list. Those look bodacious. I have a MasterBuilt electric smoker (and I love it) and a MEATER probe thermometer. The one thing I’ve noticed over the years is the temp on the smoker reads somewhere between. 20-30 degrees higher than the probe reads in the middle of the smoker. No idea why. When I smoke a pork shoulder, I typically set my temp at 260, and the probe typically reads between 225-230 for the entire cook. You have my cutting board. Give it back !
  8. I need to learn how to make Flour tortillas. Mostly To use for fajitas. i smoked up some chicken last night, and it was awesome. For lunch I made myself a chicken fajita, just the cut up leftover chicken, grilled onions, cheese in a store bought tortilla. And it was good. Very good in fact. however I thought to myself, “I can make a better tortilla than this.” Of course, I have a lot of confidence for somebody who’s has never done it. any advice either on recipes or equipment?
  9. And I don't disagree. My point is we've been thinking we have had really strong players in Allen and Payne, and the defense has still stunk. And couldn't stop the run. It did get sacks, but that's about it. So, there's at least the possibility that we've got Ashburn syndrome and Allen and Payne are not as good as we think, and the defense is a lot more average from a personnel perspective than we are giving it credit for. Personally, I don't think that's the case, and I think with real coaching, the defense can take a HUGE leap forward, because I think 90% of the problem last year was Manusky and the entire defensive coaching staff were actively bad at their jobs. And add to that the head coach had no idea how to structure a practice or conduct a training camp and prepare a team. And you have a weak ass mess of a team, even with some good talent. But I'm allowing for the possibility the players are not as good as I think they are because they haven't yet shown to be as good as I think they are.
  10. I don't disagree, but in my scenario, you also have either Sweat or Kerrigan rushing from either right inside or outside of Allen, so the most Allen would have to do at DE is get some push on the tack, or at least occupy him, and that causes a problem. I don't know how well MI would do as a DE, I see him more interior as well. Payne can't play DE, he's best smack in the middle. I think MI is the best interior rusher they have. Again, in my little scenario, you only play it once or twice a game as a wrinkle. And the purpose is more to confuse the offense than anything. It's possible if you lined up with all 6 of these guys, with (as an example) Sweat right on the outside shoulder of Allen, the tackle might not know who to pick up, and ends up wiffing on both. I've seen that happen plenty of times.