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  1. Voice_of_Reason

    Poll: How are you choosing to be a Redskins fan right now?

    Dan/Bruce/Jay still here? Yep. No change to my vote. Bruce will not be allowed to pick the new coach. If the record is such Jay gets fired, Bruce will most likely go as well. Jay and Bruce are average enough to get us the 10th-15th pick every year.
  2. Voice_of_Reason

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    @Burgold if they didn’t go nuclear and cut Smith and half the roster to clear all the space and start over fresh, this was about as good a plan B as you can ask for. Keenum is off the books in 1 year. You draft a guy, have 2 serviceable QBs for 2019. If it all goes to crap then you can cut everybody and start over with a new regime.
  3. General 'Skins pessimism. Gruden said he should be full-go for Training Camp, and do individual work for mini-camps and OTAs. I still think they should bring back AP and split the load evenly. With AP's age and Guice coming off of injury, it would benefit both to stay fresh and both could have really good years.
  4. Voice_of_Reason

    Starting QB 2019???

    I think we're asking Case to just be ready until Colt gets hurt. Unless I missed something where somebody said Case was penciled in as the starter He seems like a fairly cheap insurance policy to Colt to me.
  5. Voice_of_Reason

    Starting QB 2019???

    Jay Gruden currently has a raging hard on because he finally gets what he seems to have wanted for a few years: to give Colt McCoy the starting job through training camp to see what he can do. It should also be noted that Bruce also really likes Colt. Jay probably wanted to do this last year before Bruce killed his dream by trading for Smith. So I doubt there will be much of a competition. The job is going to Colt. And I'm fine with that. Colt vs. Case is like Strawberry Shortcake vs. a cabbage patch kid. Not really much of a difference, and both are pretty ugly. The trade for Case means when Colt inevitably gets hurt before week 4, we don't have to go get Mark Sanchez or Josh Johnson off the street. The only person this is really bad for is JJ. He's basically out of a job unless the 'Skins don't draft any QB. I also am willing to bet there are 3 QBs on the roster in some way, either on the 53 or the practice squad all year I think they learned their lesson with not having a 3rd arm in the building. I also don't think this precludes them doing anything in the draft. They probably weren't trading up to begin with, but if a QB they like is there at 15, they'll take him. Bruce and Jay know they need to get into the playoffs this year. They both seem to think they can do it with Colt. I disagree. But Dan has given them the opportunity. And by getting Case, a QB who got his team to the NFC Championship game 2 years ago, if something happens to Colt, there won't be the "we couldn't compete without a QB" excuse. I think Bruce is going to make a few bigger splashes in FA this year. I think they all realize they need more weapons on offense, and even when Richardson was healthy, he wasn't the answer by himself. I hope to God they understand they can't count on Josh Doctson for more than 20-30 catches and 400-ish yards I think the FO probably also realizes that the Mo-Harris's and such of the world just won't cut it either. Regardless of what the coaching staff thinks of the try-hard guys, I think Doug and company realize they need more talent. Doug was clear last year they needed to upgrade at RB. Even when Jay was waxing poetic about Fat Rob and the other JAGs, and it happened. Honestly, on offense, IF they go out and get a #1 WR, and plug the whole with not suck at LG, with the return of Guice and Richardson, they could have an above average offensive group. It really comes down to the WRs, and if they can keep Reed and CT healthy. Obviously the biggest splash would be Antonio Brown. For a minute, let's assume they do that. WR1: Brown WR2: Richardson WR3: Mr. Irrelevant TE1: Reed RB: Guice LT: Williams LG somebody not suck Center: Rouille RG: Scherff RT: Moses QB: Colt/Case That wouldn't be the worst offensive group in the NFL. If they don't get Brown, but they get a true starting caliber WR with speed, that works also. If the defense improves a bit, and they had that grouping on offense, they could win 8-9 games. I don't think their coaching staff has it in them to win more than 9, but that's a different subject for a different day. It's a different story as to whether that's a good plan or not (I say not), but it's possible they could have another 8-8 type season.
  6. Voice_of_Reason

    The Cult of Case

    Blondie. Now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. A long time...
  7. Voice_of_Reason

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I agree. Though if Dan boots Bruce, there’s no guarantee he doesn’t rehire Vinny. But the status quo has to change. This group can’t get it done. And boo to the media for not following up “we’re close” with “close to what?” Close to 9-7 and a possible playoff appearance? Maybe. Close to a true contender? Not a chance. It was Lafamina who created all that. The new executives are “engaging with our fans” and the crowds will be great. Bruce said so.
  8. Voice_of_Reason

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    Pics coming soon, however Sullivan Taylor D. (Last name withheld to protect the guilty) was born at 10:48pm tonight. And yes, both the first two Initials (ST) and the middle name were intentional.
  9. Voice_of_Reason

    Random Thought Thread

    From the “ok I’ve gotten old” files: watching Kim Possible with my daughter. Allison Hannigan is the mom. The same “this one time at band camp” Allison Hannigan from American Pie. sigh
  10. Voice_of_Reason

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I am personally for the extended nuclear option (not only cut Smith, but trade/cut everybody who’s been hurt the last 2 years, fire all the coaches and FO folks, and essentially pretend we are an expansion team in 2020.) But since that’s not what’s going to happen, unless there is a QB they LOVE, I would ride out 2019 and evaluate the Smith situation in 2020. If he wants to try a comeback, then I think you have to let him because you’ve already wasted 2019 waiting around. If he doesn’t, then you pick a QB. The more I think about it, the more I think they SHOULDNT pick a QB until they know the outcome of the Smith situation. If they’re going to ride this year out, then you gotta see how that movie ends...
  11. I had no idea what Cavanaugh did anyway.
  12. Voice_of_Reason

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    JP has a good point on his podcast: if the Redskins don’t go nuclear, they’re going to have Smith on the roster in 2019 at $20m. You’d think they’d at least like to see what they have on him in 2020 given the cost... That’s harder with a first rounder on the roster. I think it’s the Colt McCoy show and a 5th or 6th round guy this year until they figure out what Alex’s 2020 status is. Them they can spend their top 5 pick next year on a QB after McCoy gets hurt and they realize Josh Johnson actually can’t really play.
  13. So Allen confirmed Cavanaugh will be doing advanced scouting and Jay will continue to call plays. They hired a guy to be QB coach. Callahan will continue to have a large impact on the run game So so what exactly is Kevin O’Connell responsible for as OC and how is it different than his role as passing game coordinator?
  14. Voice_of_Reason

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I love it when threads turn into geography lessons...
  15. You’d think the mid-2000’s Bucs were the Lombardi Packers at the rate we gather people from that organization. Its probably woth noting they actually won nothing and the coach and GM got fired. Whatever.