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  1. But not during the competitive parts of the games. We passed more on first down only after the game was out of control. Eagles: Drive 1: 3 first downs, 3 first down runs. 5 yards, 3 yards, 1 yard. Drive 2: 4 first down, 2 runs, 2 passes CT for 6 yards, Guice for 4 yards. Drive 3: 1 first down, 1 run. Guice for 2 yards. (Scored on the McLaurin bomb on the second play) Drive 4: 1 first down, 1 run. Guice for 5 yards on a 1st and 17 after a holding call on a run. This drive resulted in a 3-out and a punt. Drive 5: 1 First down 1 pass. Drive 6 doesn't count, it was a 2 minute situation. So, in the first half, they had 10 first downs, and ran on 8 of them. For an average of like 3.3 or something. Drive 7: 1 first down, 1 run for no gain. Score is 20-14 Redskins at this point. Drive 8: 1 first down, 1 pass. NOTE: This was the missed bomb to McLaurin. Score is not 21-20 Eagles Drive 9: Now we're in the 4th quarter, down by 9. 1 first down, 1 pass. Personally, I don't count this so much, but you can if you want. Drive 10: Doesn't count, garbage time, down 12 points and the drive started with 3 minutes left. So in the Eagles game, when the game was competitive, which was the first half and the first 3 dires, they had 13 first downs, and they ran on 9 of them. For terrible results. Dallas: Drive 1: 2 first downs, 1 pass, 1 run for -4 yards. Drive 2: 1 first down, 1 pass. EXCEPT that the first attempt at a first down was an AP run where they had a holding penalty. So they tried to run on that first and 10. Drive 3: 3 first downs, 2 runs. Drive 4: 3 first downs, 2 runs Drive 5: 1 first down, 1 pass. Drive 6: (Kneel down. ) First half 10 first down, they ran on 5 of them. This was pretty balanced. Drive 7: (Down 21-7 at this point, so now we're passing to catch up after a 14 point swing. 4 first downs, 1 run, 3 passes. Drive 8: (Down 24-14) 2 first downs, 1 run, 1 pass. Run was for 2 yards. Turned it over on downs. Drive 9 doesn't count. Down 31-14 late in the fourth quarter. So, the first half was balanced, then they got less balanced in the second half as they kept falling further and further behind. Bears: Drive 1: 2 first downs, 2 runs. Drive 2: 4 first downs, 3 runs. Drive 3: 1 first down, which was a fumble by Keenum. Drive 4: 1 first down, 1 run. (btw, we're down 21-0 at this point.) Drive 5: doesn't count, 2 minute situation down by 28. Second half doesn't count. They were down 25 at the break and throwing to catch up. So, they had 8 first downs in competitive situation, and ran on 5 of them. Giants: Drive 1: 1 1st and 10, they ran. The second first down was a run(penalty), false-start, then a 1st and 23, which I don't count.). Unless you want to count the second first down as a run attempt, in which case they were 2 for 2 running Drive 2: They ran on 1st and 10 and got a penalty. THey passed on 1st and 17. Drive 3: (Down 14-0) 1 first down, 1 pass. Drive 4: 2 first and 10's and ran on both of them. That's the first half. This is just misery. They TRIED to run on all of their first downs, but they kept getting called for penalties, forcing them into long situations, so they passed. Drive 5: (down 17-3) 1 first down, 1 run. Drive 6 and on, I don't count. Down 24-3 in the third quarter, they're passing. NE: Drive 1: 2 First downs, 1 run, 1 pass. Drive 2: 1 first down, 1 run. Drive 3: 1 first down, 1 pass (sack) Drive 4: 2 first downs, 1 run, 1 scramble Drive 5: 1 first down 1 pass Drive 6: 1 first down, 1 pass. (and a fumble. Drive 7: 1 first and 10, 1 run. Then they tried on the second first down, got a hold, then a false start, then a hold and ended up at 1st and 25. Drive 8: 1 first down, 1 pass (which was intercepted) Drive 9: Knee. So, in the first half, which was competitive, they had 10 first downs, and ran on 4 of them. So this is the first half where they passed on first down more than they ran. Drive 10: (down 19-7) 2 first downs, 1 run, 1 pass. Drive 11: 1 first down, 1 run. Now we're down 26-7, and nothing else matters. So, while the game was competitive, they had 12 first downs, ran on 6. Which, again, is balanced. So, the moral of the story is you can't trust the overall stats. You have to look at the details. When the games were competitive, Jay ran the ball more than he passed, at times by a wide margin, on first down. All while having NO success doing it. If they had had more success running the ball, they might have been able to run more. Also, if Jay had been more creative on first down, they might have been more succesful. Callahan committing to the run against the Dolphins means nothing. He had the luxury of going 3-out 3 times to start the game because the Dolphins are awful. If he tries that against the 49ers, he'll be down 2-3 scores and forced out of running the ball. He does? I mean, I can think of one play in the SB when he forgot. The Shanahan's have running the ball in their genetics. They rarely get away from it unless they are losing badly.
  2. It’s not even a problem. Another thing to consider: max and Stras are actually competent batters, and having one of them start at home gives you a little boost to the lineup. If I’m setting this up, i feel like we need to win 3 of the 4 starts for Max and Stras. You have Corbin and Sanchez for the other three. Figure out how to maximize the percentages. The only other option is if you want to plan on starting either ace on short rest. Which I wouldn’t do since you have 2 other legitimate starters. In the 2001 Was, the diamondbacks went Shilling Johnson random dude Shilling random dude Johnson Shilling Because basically they only had 2 starters. The nats don't have to do that.
  3. I’m going to toss out a bizarre alternative to Stras or scherzer game 1. 1. Sanchez -10/22 away 2. Scherzer - 10/23 away 3. stras - 10/25 home 4. Corbin - 10/26 home 5. Sanchez - 10/27 home 6. Scherzer - 10/29 away 7. Stras - 10/30 away I think everybody would be on regular rest. And that gives Stras a start at home. And it sets up Scherz and Stras for games 6 and 7 if necessary. bizarre, I know.
  4. With each starter only getting one start, it couldn’t be a pitcher. They all kindof cannabolized each other. If you had to pick one batter, Kendrick was the guy. I told my wife if I don’t live through this, at least she gets the life insurance.
  5. That’s Jason Werth? He could come up and tap me on the shoulder and I might not have recognized him.