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  1. I thought the general knock on him was his was soft, disinterested, and lazy. That could be the 106.7 professional scouting service's opinion of him, so I am not sure how accurate it is. I rarely put high expectations on rookies any more--RGIII really beat me into a sense of reasonableness. Although I was joking with people on twitter, about Young's initial sack totals. I said 65, because that's the most I was able to get with LT in Tecmo Super Bowl.
  2. With baseball pretty much done (I have very little hope the season gets played), I am pumped for the season. I haven't been looking forward to a season this much in 3 or 4 years--and it has nothing to do with any kind of expectation of challenging for the division, or even being a top-15 team. It's more the abundance of youth--what do we have like 2 starters 27 or over on offense? A REAL defensive coordinator to develop that abundance of actual talent on the d-line, plus a lot of youth to see what we have at LB and DB. We probably won't win more than 5-6 games, but for the 1st time in Snyder's reign of error, there is a functioning adult in charge (Yes Gibbs is definitely a functioning adult, but he still had to contend with Snyderatto's blithering incompetence). There is no back-biting, incompetent, arrogant, silver-tongued, douchebag lackey in the front office any more. It's Smith and Rivera on the same page. A breath of goddamned fresh air*. *Snyder could fart at any moment and stink the joint out again, but for now, I am relishing the normalcy.
  3. Potentially two with AGG (but then again, Doctson was supposed to do this as well...so we'll see)
  4. Was he the OC under Kitchens? He was pretty bad as the OC in Cincinnati... To your point, yes, he was largely credited for Kitchen's and Mayfield's success.
  5. So was Del Rio, since 2017, meanwhile Joe Barry has been consistently employed... Zampese is widely regarded as an excellent QB coach--maybe not much more than that, he failed pretty badly as an OC--but as a QB coach, he is very highly regarded.
  6. Because the only time he's looked good is under Ken Zampese's tutelage.
  7. You mouth to Mark Lerner's ears! You could have all 4 Racing Presidents sodomizing the other 4 mascots: Phantaic, Mr. Met, Billy the Marlin, and Whatever-the-**** that Dildo looking thing in Atlanta is.
  8. Back-to-back...MOTHER****ERS!!!!
  9. Riggo#44

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I saw one he did about the Satan Statue:
  10. Riggo#44

    The Own3d Thread.(Keep it clean)

    I saw one he did about the Satan Statue:
  11. Yeah, they really missed an opportunity there...
  12. No one here, I should have been clearer. Many Braves and Phillies I've seen around have been making fun it. The tone of my message got lost.
  13. I'll say this, for any one that wants to criticize our rings. Go right ahead. You're criticizing our WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP rings. I don't care if has Mark Lerner's face emblazoned on the side. 29 other teams would kill to have their rings criticized.
  14. For those without an Athletic subscription, it's worth it. Most of the writers are intelligent, rational, and informed...just ignore Jim Bowden and Grant Paulsen. That being said I love Zampese's analysis--his work with Mayfield in 2018 and his performance in 2019 were night and day different. It give me great hope for Haskins.
  15. That's giving them a lot of credit.