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  1. NFL Receiver and ExtremeWFT Folk Hero. They're equally important.
  2. I'm a big fan of Antonio Gibson moving forward. He's a good, hard runner. Needs work as a receiver, but I think he's going to be good.
  3. Really? It's only the 437th time he's asked that question... I think Cam would have been a short-term gain, long-term compromise moves. Maybe if we were actually close to actually competing in the playoffs, sure. We're not. We have a good d-line, decent corners, and one receiver. That's about it.
  4. Why not? I am all in on being as bad as possible this year. And that wasn't meant to call you, specifically out, but I've seen a number of posts about making the playoffs, trying to win now. I just don't get it--maybe...MAYBE...get lucky enough to eek into the playoffs but winning a **** division just to get skull-****ed in the 1st round. And then be nowhere, really, for 2-3 more years. Even with competent quarterback play, we win 6? What does that get us?
  5. Right, we ONE weapon. 1 is clearly great than 0.
  6. Ok...why? So we can win 6 games or so? Maybe get into the playoffs and pick 15-20 and miss out on Sewell, or any chance at a long term solution at QB? Haskins sucks, but the rest of this team, save for the defensive line, is hot crap. Maybe we win a few more games. Whoop-dee-do. I hate these all-in for 7 wins approaches. We've been there, done that and here we are, again. Frontal Lobotomy for Lawrence **** it all for Fields **** Sandwich for Sewell.
  7. **** sandwich for Sewell!! Warning: naughty, naughty word https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWqKiqTfXuA
  8. I would go back to school, if I was him. He has impressive athleticism, but I would worry about injury (he lowered his shoulder like a RB in a couple of videos I watched), his release had a bit of a windup, as far as I could tell. Hard to assess accuracy and mechanics for me, other than that. Chances are he'll be a mid-to-late 1st rounder, but could slip into the 2nd with experience questions. I think he'd be a major reach where we're picking--and any ascension he gets as we approach draft time is people talking themselves into his selection, because he is a QB. Like we did with Ha
  9. I saw NDST had it's season cancelled this year--which means Lance has one year's starting experience. Hard, hard pass. So, unless we get a top-2 pick, we are going to go with God knows what next year.
  10. Disagree with that last sentence, but there isn't a lot to draw positives from here.
  11. There is still the possibility he improves. The probability is diminishing. All three games have been some flashes with a lot of dreck. We'll see.
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