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  1. Riggo#44

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Therein lies the problem: our head is rotten therefore the organization will always be rotten.
  2. Riggo#44

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    One intsy-teensy-tiny problem in that scenario: It's still Snyder making the ultimate decision.
  3. Riggo#44

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The Eagles game was 90% Eagles fans. TV ratings are plummeting. I think the message is clear.
  4. Riggo#44

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    As much as I despise Allen and Snyder, there were also rumors of our entire coaching staff fleeing this off season, which didn't happen. So, take with a grain of salt. I wouldn't be shocked at all if this was 100% true. I don't put anything past these nitwits.
  5. Remember when everyone said our clubhouse was **** last year?
  6. It's a good thing we have a rational GM and Front Office that doesn't run out in a panic move and sign someone for the entire season if Taylor is only going to be out a few weeks, maybe a month or so. Ride with Stevenson, who isn't great--or even good--but he's fine defensively and won't be a total loss.
  7. More on Romero: http://www.masnsports.com/byron-kerr/2019/03/after-a-few-missteps-romero-solely-focused-on-tommy-john-recovery.html
  8. God I hope so. We need some young pitching so badly. The key there is that he's in great shape. Have him hang out with Max and Stras at any opportunity.
  9. It's not just the velocity, it's the way they make the ball dance. Scherzer's slider, Kluber's slurvey thing (its not quite a curve, its not quite a slider, but it comes with a slice of cantelope at the end), Kershaw's curve, Sale's slider. The ball just defies physics at times. I should work for MLB marketing!
  10. Matz started the 25-run game too. We just seem to crush the guy
  11. This is a point that's overlooked. Baseball wants 14-10, Coors Fiels slug fests. As someone that thinks baseball is missing a golden opportunity to market the game different from every other sport. Baseball's pitchers are better than they've ever been. They make that ball dance, at 100 MPH. Every other sport is so focused on offense, baseball can celebrate its potchers, who are still exciting. But Manfred is a ****ing moron. And this dip**** is still calling games.
  12. Love having another lefty, but prior to last year, he was basically pitching BP--2.5 HR/9 and 1.9 HR/9. Last year, he was really good, just 0.2 HR/9. As a point of reference, Shawn Kelley gave up 1.9 HR/9 last year. Hopefully, he made an adjustment last year. Per fangraphs, he did throw his slider significantly less. We shall see, hopefully it's not another Joe Blanton situation.