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  1. Not sure rhe Saints can add a whole lot. They have the worst cap situation in the NFL. We'lk see--this is going to be a fun offseason for us.
  2. The Rams gave Goff a big contract recently, didn't they? Saints gave Taysom Hill one too?
  3. Brees was a free agent, Tannehill was a cheap trade, Wilson, Dak, Carr, and Brady were outside the 1st round. The vast majority of the rest were drafted in the 1st round. There is next to no chance we get Watson. Miami has way more capital, and in much better position to get him.
  4. Here is my hope for Watson: He goes to the 9ers, Panthers, Broncos or the like--removes one of the QB needy teams ahead of us, and also allows for a trade-up target a the Texans would probably be looking to recoup picks because Bill O'Brien is a moron.
  5. How many top qbs today have limited arm strength? Yes, you can have a cannon arm and still suck--because you need to have all those things you mentioned too. But, the truly elite qbs today all have strong arms.
  6. Agree. It'll boil down to work ethic. Someone else posted something about whether Rivera will be interested in him--loving football vs. being a football player. He'll be one of the most interesting players at the Senior Bowl. @kdawg what round do you take Buechle?
  7. A few of the videos I saw, his footwork was terrible, and he made several really poor decisions. He also has a character concern with his opt out. But his physical traits are intriguing.
  8. So the Stokes interview pretty much confirms Smith is gone, but as with everything with this team, Im in wait and see mode before I fly off the handle and start ranting. Im getting a Kevin O'Connell vibe here--a young, talented guy who might not fit in whatever the grand scheme is. He might want more of a personnel czar role? Who knows. See what happens and how it all unfolds.
  9. More analysis on Lance. https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2021/01/15/schofields-qb-camp-trey-lance-versus-south-dakota/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  10. The red jerseys with the white home pants are so underrated.
  11. After the World Series, this is probably Rizzo's greatest accomplishment--I am somewhat surprised DiPuglia hasn't gotten any GM consideration. Speculated for months:
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