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  1. If over means after, I'll take the over.
  2. Hey Vidal, what pitch you going to throw next? Nuno bidness. Thank you, I'll be here all the week.
  3. Riggo#44

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I just here for the laughs...
  4. Riggo#44

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes--he's letting Snyder hang out with the cool kids and jocks.
  5. Bob Nightengale, Jon Heyman, and Jim Bowden
  6. Latest reports are Harper is going to sign with a MLB team at some point this offseason.
  7. He was good with the Tigers. He's been the best pitcher in baseball with the Nationals. There is no question here.
  8. He has 6 straight top-5 Cy Young finishes, including 3 wins, and 1 2nd place finish. 3 Straight Top-10 MVP and a Top-12. He has 52.9 Total bWAR in 11 seasons. CC Sabitha--who most agree is a HoFer--has 62.2 in 7 more season. He has 1 CYA, and 5 total top-5 finishes, no top-10 MVPs.
  9. While we wait for the Manny-Bryce drama to get over-analyzed and talked about, with nothing more than word soup: