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  1. Not to jinx anything, but Gerrit Cole hasn't lost a game since May 25. He's due, right?
  2. Path to the Championship is on MLB Network. I'm typing 1-handed.
  3. It's usually the bandwagon fans that are the issue. I don't have a problem with bandwagoners, per se, I am a bandwagon Caps fan, I'll follow them loosely during the season, then more intently during the playoffs. However, most bandwagon fans need to "prove" themselves, and just hop on to talk ****. Look at Cubs fans. They went from Loveable Losers to Arrogant Douchebags in a heartbeat. Most long-suffering Cubs fans I know aren't that way. They just hate the Cardinals and more specifically, Yadi Molina.
  4. Wow. He sounds like a hoot. I want to hang out with that guy!
  5. Nationals should invite Bryce Harper to throw out the 1st pitch for his efforts to Bring a Title Back to DC.
  6. How awesome would it be to watch those guys turn around and beat the Yankees