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  1. I felt the same way about the Caps, happy for the team, I like Hockey, but after the successive disappointments from the Nats and Skins, I don't have the emotional investment for the Caps. I loathe the NBA, I've really liked basketball. This is what makes them the worst...
  2. This is the single worst Nationals team, ever, bar none. There is no improvement. It's a $200m utter disaster.
  3. Top 3 pick next year will be really sweet.
  4. You know you're ****ed when Wilson Ramos has an infield, RBI single.
  5. $200m buys us 1 game over the Marlins...
  6. We might have to--an established manager wouldn't come here--and my not anyway. I'm fine with someone like Beltran, who we pay for several years.
  7. People rave about Carlos Beltran--like they did Alex Cora.
  8. Strasburg has a limited no trade, so he is tradable. With Soto, Robles, Kieboom, we are ahead of most rebuilding teams. Turner is not even 26--which seems crazy. Doolittle should also fetch some good young kids. This team just seems complacent...
  9. While I agree Rizzo did not put together a winning bullpen, Davey does not put them in positions to win--i.e Barraclough with runners on, dragging Rainey out to 33 pitches, etc. I also don't doubt the preparation the last year plus from this staff has been lacking.
  10. This is why Davey should get fired. Not everything is his fault, but his decisions are, and they're terrible. Gomes pretty much sums it up...
  11. Well, that's pretty damning...
  12. Riggo#44

    Game of Thrones Season 8

  13. Riggo#44

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The only one I'd say was worse is Dave Gettleman.