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  1. Terrible decision to take Corbin out there. I'm a big Davey fan, but that's a poor decision.
  2. I dislike this one as much as WFT. We're not a soccer team. The only other one I could get behind other than Red Wolves and Warriors is Hogs. Not Wild Hogs, just Hogs. Good luck with that. We've already seen people call WFT and the colors racist. When you try to please all of the people all of the time, you ending up pleasing no one.
  3. 3/$65m range would be great to keep Scherzer here until he retires.
  4. I'll put this gently as I can. **** no. John Wall has done a small fraction of what Max has done here, and you saw that reaction. Should we have traded Darrell Green in those bad years towards the end of his career to recoup some value? Thats the level Scherzer has reached here: Green, Riggins, Ovechkin... He will be the 1st player wearing this Curly W in the Hall of Fame.
  5. More consistent strike zone will help the batters know what to swing at
  6. It would fit the team, wouldn't it?
  7. FWIW, Charlie Campbell at WalterFootball is mocking Jones to SF. He's typically the most accurate prognosticator. He has us taking Jamin Davis
  8. He only had, what 7.5 sacks last year? Sell high on that bust!
  9. Funky start to the year: hit, don't pitch; pitch, don't pitch. Let's get everyone back and see where we are Let's just remember what happened the last time we faced Kershaw
  10. You get the feeling all we need to do is just weather this early season storm. We're getting the pitching, we just need someone behind Soto. If Bell and Schwarber start launching bombs, watch out.
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