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  1. galloprf

    Next Coach?

    IF I was Dan Snyder......I would fire Bruce Allen and hire Peyton Manning as my next GM/Team President. And yes give him what he wants and needs to turn this albatross around, including hiring the next head coach! Peyton Manning a GM?
  2. galloprf

    Alex Smith Trade Thread (Details Inside)

    I think you might be wrong! Until March 14th the Redskins are the only team that can tag/sign Cousins. Can the Redskins trade that right for a conditional pick. Example: If the Redskins trade their current rights and the new team tags him and then signs him to a 1-year tag deal the Redskins get a pick (5th), if they get him signed to a long-term deal we get a 3rd. If they don't sign him we get nothing. It seems as though our current position might have some value.