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  1. Final line of the season, Ahsoka and Sabine sit with the Mandalorian "We're looking for someone..."
  2. We'll only see Boba and Snips for a handful of episodes. I'd love to see a Capt. Rex appearance too. But I think the rest of the Rebels cast is going to be speculation.
  3. Yeah, probably. It's a different mentality. But all rational logic says otherwise--talent deficient enough to be a 6-win team, but still picking 19th. Short term gain/long term compromise.
  4. It's amazing what happens when we do exactly what people have been scream for for years to do...and how everyone loses their minds.
  5. I would too--it's a different mentality. But we're rational, smart, good-looking, obscenely humble, passionless observers that can make more intelligent decisions.
  6. I want no part of winning this division. It's a long-term loss, and gets us a good ol' curb stomping on National TV. Completely pointless and stupid.
  7. Well yeah, the only team that is envious of us is probably the Jets. But, for example, the Chargers line is worse than ours, Cincy's isn't much better. Their receivers are generally okay--but the point remains, when you're picking that high, you're not a piece or two away.
  8. You already have idiots saying this on the radio about Herbert
  9. Well a couple of issues: 1. We were real quick to ship out other coaches--Kyle Shannahan being the top one there. Maybe be a little more patient with this one? 2. Kyle Smith should be elevated to GM, but all reports indicate he doesn't care about titles and he and Rivera work well together. So if he doesn't care, neither do I. I don't understand the need for this. 3. So make all those improvements, and then it takes us out of the running for a top QB--so we're left with a 2nd round or later or a FA QB. The hit rates on those are far lower than 1st round. So I understand the need
  10. Nothing personal towards you, Mr. Posse, but I've seen this sentiment a couple of times and you're just the most recent to post it. So please, don't take this personally. You're just the example getting used here. Even the notion of pigeon-holing us into positional picks in a certain round(s) because of a glaring need is migraine inducing. I understand the sentiment, but it's a great way to **** up a draft. That's setting us up to take LeReibus over Wilson again.
  11. This is the very reason I turned so quickly after Haskins was benched. I learned my lesson defending Griffin. I will no longer ignore the evidence in front of me for what I want to happen.
  12. QB is the most important position on the field, hence its where most mistakes are made. That being said, no we know we don't have one, we have to get a QB this offseason.
  13. Wait--he did what to the dog? Haskins trashed himself. He is not a victim. He was as bad a pick as Turner.
  14. PFF Rankings Haskins: 46.7 Allen 62.6 Allen will be great as our placeholder/back-up for our 1st round QB next year (hopefully one the football personnel actually want, and don't have to cut a deal for a better player later to appease massive egos all around).
  15. New President. New Coach. New GM. People keep wanting to give Haskins all the time in the world, but not the coaching staff or our pseudo GM? Am I missing something here?
  16. If being unnecessarily overly defensive was a post. You mean like Haskins overall attitude?
  17. Unfortunately, you're right, and I fully understand your position. He might be the worst owner--and not just from an x's-and-o's standpoint--but from a personal standpoint in all of sports. And that is saying something.
  18. The Haskins discussion has gone full RGIII--ignoring simple, multiple-reported facts, to further their own narrative. But that's what you get when your POS owner, and his slimy politician BFF, force a ****ty pick, that's what happens. I spend more time in the draft thread, other than making fun of some of the dumber takes floating around.
  19. I watched some of the BYU-Houston game on Friday, one thing I notice about Wilson is he seems to take a really long stride when throwing--it doesn't seem to be an "easy heat." Seems to be a high-effort delivery. Maybe that's just my very novice eyes.
  20. Oh you mean the "I want to make the RGIII Mistake all over again and kowtow to one player's whims, despite maturity issues and the fact he doesn't do what's necessary to earn it, but I am going to ignore that little tidbit and keep screaming how we didn't 'develop' him properly and want to fire everyone but the QB" crowd??
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