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  1. You have more faith in this short retool than I do. We'll see.
  2. Not sure this is about Tommy's competency honestly. Personally, I think this is all about Ted.
  3. Apparently, Beal is miffed because we didn't hire his boy Sam Cassell. He thought he had more pull..
  4. As someone who thought Ted took a real subtle (and unnecessary) shot at John on the way out, I find myself smiling at these turn of events.
  5. Fit in terms of culture and profit? SEC all the way. Now if you're referring to competiveness? Yeah, ACC is the route to go....but you know Texas doesn't view themselves as an inferior program.
  6. Join the B1G and see how many wins you end up with....
  7. Is he good at the moment? That's debatable. Do I think he will be good at some point? I do...but it will require some patience.
  8. The proposal is James Wiseman, Andrew Wiggins (salary purposes), #7 & 14 for Bradley.
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