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  1. So once a state lifts mask mandates, I wonder how it will be handled in places like banks. Pre-Covid, walking into a bank with a mask on was a no-no. Will they allow people to wear masks into a bank or will that make you take it off for security?
  2. Dear Liver, I hope you enjoyed being able to relax this past year. Now it’s time to get back to work. Masks are off and bars are open. Get your game face on, it’s time to party. -TGB
  3. Actually, you would think this would be having a major impact on commerce due to shipping challenges and whatnot. Probably would be cost-effective for some businesses to step up to the plate. Of course, that doesn't mean they will.....
  4. Yea, I know better than to get my hopes up. And even if he is arrested, there will be a few Q-nutjobs that won't vote to convict no matter the evidence. And all of his supporters will just see it as a liberal hit job. He'll fundraise off being arrested for having sex with minors and trafficking minors for sex. And the group that is convinced the world is run by a pedophilia cult will refuse to believe their guy did it despite all evidence to the contrary.
  5. **** yea! Now we'll see how long it takes to trickle down to state guidance and military rules.
  6. They just make **** up anyways. If you're gonna be accused of something, may as well take the benefits of it (like seeing MTG's bloody face on the news).
  7. Have you seen what is going on with Netanyahu? Creating a crisis tends to favor those in power.
  8. In my experience, Christians seem to be absolutely convinced then when they die, they are destined to go to a place of eternal happiness. And yet, they all seem to be scared of dying. This is no different.
  9. I gotta admit I really don’t understand any of the details of the technical sides of this whole thing. And I’ve for the most part not said much here because of that. But this type of stuff is what scares me. I now people that prepare to survive nuclear war, EMPs, foreign invasions, zombie apocalypse, etc. I think if there is something to be worried about, it is something like this on a worse scale. Imagine power being shut off in the northeast for the month of January. Or hell, even cutting off peoples cell phones for a few weeks. Look how people freaked out over a gas shortage when the
  10. Any chance this will make people finally realize how vulnerable our infrastructure grid and supply chains are and do something about it? Nah, we are still too dumb.
  11. Go find a place that sells kerosene. Most people don’t know that will work.
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