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  1. One port visit in Pattaya, the MWR bus' drop -off/turnaround spot was at the end of "boy's village." 😢
  2. Am I the only one that was shocked to learn he was still alive?
  3. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2024-06-18/boeing-may-have-installed-bad-737-parts-whistleblower-alleges?utm_source=website&utm_medium=share&utm_campaign=copy
  4. Is there a better thread for this @China? https://www.wbaltv.com/article/marijuana-pardons-maryland-governor-wes-moore/61131395 How will this affect other charges that were based off of weed being illegal? For example, your gun charge was more severe because you have weed at the time also?
  5. Mine went for $450 each. Add: And my parking pass went for $60.
  6. It also shows what a ****ty job we do of teaching about prevention and planning.
  7. I'm pretty stoned so take this fwiw. I don't really follow your logic. I don't know enough about things like AI to have an informed opinion on what congress should do. But I do know guns. This ruling didn't say jack **** about if the public should have machine guns, what the deeper meaning of 2nd ammendment is, etc. There was no great expansion of rights. It was essentially "this attachment didn't exist when the law was written so its not a stretch to saw the current law didn't cover this. The part has been around for decades though and has been on national radar for 5+ years. 'The People' have had time to make a law for it and haven't. Therefore, they're legal until congress says otherwise." Under this ruling, a bill could be passed and signed tomorrow making them illegal and THIS decision would have no bearing because of the merits it was decided on would be different. This is 99% on Congress. The only real complaint here is that SCOTUS didn't save us from ourselves again.
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