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  1. I get at least 600+ miles to a tank of fuel (50 gallon tank of diesel ).
  2. Whoa......let’s not get carried away with overly-harsh punishments now. Add in a strongly worded letter and this is pretty much North Korea.
  3. Well I thought you were saying that no matter which argument someone chooses, they can’t argue two seats were stolen. If that wasn’t what you were saying, then it’s what I am saying.
  4. I think what @Larry is saying (and he can correct me if I am wrong) is that there are two options and either one means the GOP only “stole” one seat, not two. Either: 1) A judge should not be seated within X amount of time of an election. If this is the case, then they will have been fine with the Scalia seat but will have “stolen” the RGB seat. or 2) A judge should be seated during election time and they will have “stolen” the Scalia seat but will be fine with the RGB seat.
  5. I believe we need 4. 3 would be a tie and VP would break it.
  6. Is this the thread to discuss the horrible implications this has for the country?
  7. Couldn't this be where the Electoral College (that everyone hates) come in handy? The electors could still vote despite what the voters decide or if their votes "are official"?
  8. Cops don’t like it when you try to exercise your rights. My understanding is that in most situations you are not required to provide ID. But you just happen to “fit the description” of something so they can arrest you and run your prints. I, a somewhat well-off white male, found they didn’t appreciate it when I exercised my right to remain silent and speak to an attorney (I didn’t do anything wrong but could tell they were trying to bait me). I got arrested and had to spend a couple grand on an attorney. When I FINALLY got in front of a judge, he asked the prosecutor if he ha
  9. Kick a field goal!!! I need the fantasy points.
  10. Remember how Cam Newton always complained about different QB’s getting different calls? He was right.
  11. Wentz? Yea. Remember the whole Foles/Super Bowl season?
  12. Wentz? Yea. Remember the whole Foles/Super Bowl season?
  13. I got DJax in fantasy so it’s win/win I guess.
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