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  1. Be careful. I tried that one time and the FBI was hounding me for months. I had to completely disassemble and dispose of in random dumpsters around the city.
  2. I have trouble imagining a scenario that doesn’t lead to blood in the streets.
  3. TheGreatBuzz

    The Impeachment Thread

    More deserving than the last awardee.
  4. We have a different thread to discuss healthcare options. I stayed up late to watch the debate last night and the town hall the night before. And will stay up for tonights town hall. I want to see as much as I can. But here is my takes FWIW: Biden: He seemed like he wanted to stay out of the fray several times. He just looked and smiled through several of the shouting matches like he was happy to see them going after each other figuring it would help him out long term. I don't thing HE made much affect to hurt or help himself last night. But the performance of others I think will help him get more voters i.e. the Bloomberg/Kloubachar supporters. I don't think he would be the best nominee but I'd definetly vote for him. Warren: On a personal level, I didn't like seeing her trying to be an attack dog. One of the things I liked about her is she was usually above that. Now it was funny to watch but as a candidate, she hurt herself there with me. Luckily, she picked up in other areas so she was overall a net gain in my book. I think I will move her back to just above the "I couldn't vot for" line. She hovers right around that line for me but if the election were today, I'd pull the lever for her. Buttijug Buttigude Buttiguge Pete: He went into the debate as my favorite and just increased his standing last night. He controlled his emotions, made well spoken retorts, included policy, etc. How can you not love this man? I do worry about his experience but Obama didn't exactly have a ton of government experience and he did fine. At least Pete has Executive experience. And he would absolutely crush Trump in any debates. I actually think Trump will refuse to debate if Pete is nominated. Bloomberg: That **** was amazing to watch. He got destroyed. He needs to drop out and just continue to run anti-Trump ads (Steyer too). But in the rare chance he is the nominee, I'd vote for him. But I'd shake my head at how stupid this is. Amy: I so want to like her but she just can't handle the big stage. She needs to drop out and try to go help some other down ballot races. She won't make it to be the nominee but if she did, I'd vote for her. I at least don't mind her policy-wise. Sanders: Continues to cement himself in the I couldn't vote for category. Don't like his policies, don't like how he just repeats the same points over and over without much details, don't like his supporters and don't like how his campaign plays fast and loose with facts and he doesn't fix it. I think him more than anyone would drive the country further apart past our breaking point. He would be a true test though of if the country is ready to go further Left or if he can't garner enough moderate-Dems and independants showing the country is still in the middle. EDIT: Oh and I really wish they would focus more on battleground state polling. I don't give a **** about national polling, that's not how our election system works. Sadly the election will only really matter in that handful of states.
  5. Didnt like the joke I told? I can't even get away with that excuse.
  6. I have disdain for many things and this is far down the list. As far as covering bases, if you can only pick one player to cover the whole field, you pick 2nd base. You know, the one in the middle of the field. Not 3rd base, the one on the far left. Yea she is losing ground with me quickly.
  7. Don't waste your breath. I made this point a while ago and was told the Dems don't need the vote of people like me. If they nominate Bernie, I guess we'll find out if they're right.
  8. That was pretty much it if I remember correctly, Russia is a pain in the ass, what is your thoughts on regime change?
  9. One thing I’d like someone to ask Pete is “Do you think your star is rising too fast? Could you do more good long term by being a Senator or Governor and running for president later on in life?”
  10. I dunno, Pete reminds me a lot of Obama. Even when I don’t like what he says, I like the way he says it.
  11. He may but the woman giving birth probably wouldn’t.
  12. Just starting the town hall on DVR. I really wish they would stop asking Bernie about health care unless something new pops up. Its always the same questions with the same answers. Ask him about something he has rarely or never commented on. And then drill him on some details.
  13. TheGreatBuzz

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Best be ready. -Buzzang