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  1. I like there being cutoffs but I agree with what you're saying regarding one number for the whole country. I think there needs to be a lot of things that should be tied to cost of living in an area. They already have a list that is used for allowances paid to military members based on zip code. Use that same list and then make benefits a cutoff at a zipcode-dependent number.
  2. I imagine it was a combination of both. His statements probably still would have gotten him a slap on the wrist, though I doubt fired. Using his work email makes it appear as an official statement from his department. I've been trying to explain this on the Facebook page for the local news but of course, people that already have their mind made up rarely care about details.
  3. I saw an article about this come across the local news (I live in the area) and from just reading the headline, I thought firing him was wrong. I don't agree with his views but whatever. Reading the article definitely clears it up though. The headline should have been written better.
  4. From looking at the video, if the police had waited even a few seconds before shooting, that other person would have gotten stabbed. In this situation, where a person is in progress of using a deadly weapon, I totally expect the police to just start shooting.
  5. I did this morning. It shows what really angers me about these quick takes that get posted so quickly. The talking points last night, which were being shared widely by major news networks, do not reflect what we saw this morning. Pushing it on the night of the Floyd verdict makes it even more irresponsible. It was a good reminder that I need to wait for details to come out before the hot take though.
  6. Listening to the voice and follow up remarks, it sounds like the guy with the camera is the one that said Blue Lives Matter. Anyone hear something else?
  7. I’m ashamed to admit that I clicked on this thread expecting to find a different style of photos of a college girl.
  8. Can the judge sentence him to consecutive sentences for each charge so it is essentially a life sentence?
  9. Probably giving the city time to get things in place to deal with potential fallout. Judge just walked in.
  10. Im fine with them announcing the issue. But I don’t agree with the amount of coverage or the pause.
  11. I'm sure I've told the story once but I got charged with resisting around and obstruction and something else because I said I wanted to speak with a lawyer. Before I said that, I told the cop I didn't want to say anything unless I was subpoenaed. When I said I wouldn't speak without it, he said he would charge me so I asked to speak to a lawyer. Anyways, when we went to court, the judge asked the prosecutor if he had been to law school and said it was an embarrasement to the court that they brought this or the cop even charging it. What always bothered me about it wasn't the a
  12. Maybe I'm just having a rough day but I hear all these people preaching calm no matter the outcome. I'm completely in the **** that!!! catergory if he gets off. If a cop can do that, be caught on film, and still get off, I totally support burning some places to the ground. In a vacuum, I agree with this. They should have to pick a horse and ride it.
  13. Anything that results in him breathing free air again after the verdict is read is an unsatisfactory outcome.
  14. I thought it was totally stupid and just gave deniers a talking point. Know how when something is EXTREMELY unlikely to happen, we use the phrase "one in a million"? J&J clots were even less than that. You are 66 more times likely to get struck by lightening at some point in your life than this clotting issue. Pausing the J&J made them just look scared. Scared money don't make money.
  15. WEST HEMPSTEAD, Long Island (WABC) -- Multiple shots were fired at a supermarket on Long Island Tuesday, according to police. https://abc7ny.com/stop-and-shop-shooting-hempstead-long-island-supermarket/10531158/
  16. You admit that you were speeding? Then just pay the fine. You did the crime, pay the fine. Tying up resources by fighting it somehow just ties up resources that could be used elsewhere.
  17. Does that affect the cap at all? What would have been the difference if he had retired while on our roster vs us releasing him and then he retired?
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