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  1. Honestly I think there were three times Saints had a legit shot to win the Super Bowl. 2009 obviously. And I'm not just saying this hindsight - they were rolling everyone. 2011 - Had we not lost to the 9ers, I'm absolute convinced we beat the Giants next week, and advance to the Superbowl. Given that was basically the same team we rolled in 2009, I like our chances. But Gregg Williams and his overaggressive playcalling cost us, not to mention some bad turnovers, allowed Alex Smith to have a career day. 2018 - Should have beat the Rams in the NFCCG. W
  2. Oshie should have gone fur the snap shot there on the feed from Ovue ... wristlet took too much time and goali was able to slide over. Ah well, 2-1 Caps can’t complain
  3. Ovechkin shifting to playmaker ? Two assists so far... 2-1 Caps in the first
  4. I think he meant Charlie Batch Added: This is like the past 20 years of misery in Cleveland, being offloaded to the Steelers in one football game.
  5. Pretty nice one handed catch for a TD by Jimmy Graham at the end.
  6. This is the Saints team I was hoping to see today. Defense has been lights out except getting beat deep on that fake ... good thing receiver dropped it
  7. That guy ii full of baloney - PSD were behind cover while USCP was surrounded by protestors who were getting increasingly violent. If the USCP starts shooting them I can see all hell break loose. As it is its lucky there wasn't a human crush.
  8. I don't think most high-level Republicans want to see a Trump-like candidate ever again. The issue wasn't really his politics, or even the disaster of his administration, but the fact that he came from outside the system, essentially buying his way in. But what happened during the primary, the more mainline Republicans - namely Cruz, Bush and Rubio - split the support of the base, while there was only one Trump-like candidate who's core supporters were more passionate then the core supporters of the other candidates. Trump built off this early momentum and when the wind changed
  9. I don't think anyone that high up in the military, would really take that chance even if they were Trump supporters, which I'm sure many are (in the sense that they probably voted for him and support his politics. But Trump doesn't have enough charisma to inspire personal loyalty to someone of that high level of achievement, so while he may inspire fringe lunatics not someone competent enough to be high up the military, like colonel or above. So I can't see them risking their career out of some personal loyalty to Trump. They have everything to lose and very little to gain. Als
  10. Everyone psyched to be the first MassMutual Division champs ? https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nhl/2021/01/05/nhl-division-names-unveiled-corporate-sponsor-twist/4143029001/
  11. Wow what a choke job by Giants RB. Now let’s see if Cowboys pull off the double choke Edit: looks like Giants dodge a bullet
  12. I wasn’t here 2010 until now but January 1996 ... school closed down a full week then 2 hour late opening for another week.. they had to extend the school day by 30 minutes
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