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  1. Reds-Braves just concluded a marathon game, in which neither team could plate a run until the Braves in the bottom of the 13th, winning 1-0. I think it set some sort of record.
  2. I think some of these rule changes are here to stay. Especially DH in the NL. I don't think the MLB would go to 8 playoff teams. But I do think they extend to playoffs, probably to six teams, so three wild cards teams. Division winner with worst record will have to face lowest WC team, other two WCs would play each other. I think MLB realizes more teams in the playoffs are good for the sport - makes for more interesting drama at the end of the regular season as there is a higher probability of teams fighting for the last spots and division winners fighting to get that first rou
  3. Votto does indeed have the highest average amongst qualified Reds batters. There are only three qualified batters on the Reds, however. Besides Votto, those two are Nick Castellanos who batted .225 and Eugenio Suarez who batted .202. However, even if you extend qualified players to a lower threshold, like only 2 PAs per team game, there are only three players above him, the best of which is Jesse Winker who hit .255 in in 183 PAs. Kyle Farmer hit .266, but in only 70 PAs, or a littte more than 1 PA/GP.
  4. Looks like they are making it more complicated than it needs to be. Why not just train the algorithm twice or more, using separate services. Then compare the results. If the training data gets hijacked before you even feed it into ML algorithms, I don't see how you can autodetect bad data, without manual human inspection. But I guess simple solutions don't get you a multimillion dollar IARPA awards ...
  5. Ironically the team had a better record when Davis was in the lineup.
  6. Unbelievable ... that might just beat Beast Mode!
  7. Some nice work by the Saints at the end of the half to go down and score a TD and leave Green Bay with zero time left.
  8. Looks like we'll be picking 5th. We tied with the D-backs, but I think the tiebreaker is 2019 record.
  9. Lightning dominated the OT, right up until the Stars scored the game winner.
  10. $2k / month ? Lucky you .. I pay $3k before utilities ... $2k will barely get you a run down studio up here.
  11. Electric cars can plugged in at home and charged overnight. There are also many charging stations at apartment complexes, and some offices and some parking lots at malls and shopping centers. Tesla announced they are coming out with a $25k car soon. There's not many excuses left to why most people can't switch to ZEV when purchasing a new vehicle. I think this is step in the right direction. I would like to see more concrete steps, especially while Newsom is still in office. The announcment does seem a bit like punting the football - I think a hard requirement of
  12. Penalties Saints 10 for 129 yards Raiders 3 for 13 yards That was a Goodell special
  13. I'd have more respect for these guys if they just come out said something along the lines of "We didn't have to do it then, because there was no legal obligation to. We can do it now because we can." What I dislike is the farce of claiming you actually have principles when you don't.
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