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  1. As many have been trying to convince him for months. I understand this is not sustainable and can't be done every outing. Sometimes there's not much choice but to try to squeeze more innings out of your starters. But I felt like, especially during that 14 game or whatever losing streak, he was not managing his pitching effectively to pull all the stops and eek out a win even if it meant using up the bullpen and essentially conceding the next two or three games.
  2. Missed the game tonight as I decided to attend a live low A ball (Salem vs. Fredericksburg). Unfortunately the Nats 2019 first round draft pick (Jackson Rutledge) got roughed up tonight vs Salem, allowing 7 runs in 3 innings, including surrendering a grand slam in the first ...
  3. How many posters in this thread just got pwned
  4. I can’t see St Louis parting with both of those guys for a 3 month rental. Maybe one. St Louis is also 3 games under 500, 8 games out of the WC and 9 games out of the division, so they’re unlikely to be buying in any case
  5. Garcia is not a centerfielder
  6. I wish they would go back to the team uniforms. I don't like these generic ones.
  7. Infield hit! Base running speed allows the runner on third to score and prevents the double play. Run scored !
  8. Mullins strikes out agains the Winter Soldier. Hopefully he gets another PA.
  9. I honestly believe some of them had mental issues and were being manipulated … hard to throw the book at someone like that.
  10. Tough luck Trey. Alonso was just a machine tonight. At least he made it interesting in the Finals.
  11. That was pretty epic. Can't remember enjoying a HR derby like this a while.
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