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  1. Ok, I must have missed that. Rewatching closing arguments from prosecution right now. No, I didn't. I was speculating on how the jury might think/act. But I honestly can't see them debating for a couple days only to acquit. But I'm no expert on criminal trials.
  2. If you listened to closing arguments, the defense attorney made a case that in order to convict Chauvin, you would have to believe that he was the sole/main cause of Floyd's death, and that Floyd's actions and medical conditions/drug use played no role. I don't think the prosecution rebutted that argument, and I think they actually agreed with it. Which is why I think an acquittal would be quick if they are acquitting - they simply agree with that point and thats it. Whereas with a conviction, there is debating over intent and circumstances and I can see people being split of second degre
  3. So I'm assuming if the jury comes back quick, its probably an acquittal but if they take their time its debating over what to convict of, but if it takes a long time it could be a mistrial.
  4. Idea of crypto is to have a liquid asset that can be exchanged easily without involving a third party, or at least to be able to change that third party with ease. You can't do this with your bank account - your bank effectively controls your bank account and assets can be frozen/seized etc. at the whim of the government. Same goes for PayPal and any system with a centralized/trusted authority. Wi9th crypto there is no centralized authority that has control over your account. Assuming your private keys are never stolen/compromised you have full control. Transaction fees used to b
  5. it was horse****, but how do you not score on third from a sijngle ... incredibly poor baserunning by Franco. Also Hyde should have charged out of that dugout the second he saw Franco go down. You aren't supposed to bulldoze the catcher and in turn the catcher isn't supposed to block the basepath unless he has the ball.
  6. I'm thinking Chauvin gets convicted of second degree manslaughter. Carries a max sentence of 10 years, which means he'll probably be out in 4.5 I can't see him getting convicted of second degree. Third degree is also on the table but I bet the jury buys the "use of force" argument from the prosecution.
  7. They could make it with dual grips and you would have to press an additional trigger on the off hand in order to fire.
  8. Yeah it’s sad buI think it’s time for Palmer to hang it up. The Orioles and really Baseball in general needs more energy in broadcast booth if they want to attract and keep younger fans ... average baseball fan is like 60 years old now
  9. Freddy Galvis is on fire. 4 for 4 tonight and some great defense
  10. I checked the score, 0-0 in the bottom of the sixth, then though “Oh Scherzer must be pitching tonight” Yup.
  11. Newer cryptocurrencies such as ADA, TRX and EOS use a proof of stake model that doesn’t require minnng
  12. The state is more than just north Jersey. Try going to Princeton sometimes. Some great Italian food there particularly D’Angelos market
  13. I read that as supporting DC statehood as the 51st state
  14. The Caps have scored 146 goals, which is tied for second in the league (with PIttsburgh). The Caps have allowed 126 goals, which is 20th in the league. Tell me again we're set with our blueline.
  15. We need upgrades not just people who are capable of lacing up their skates.
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