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  1. DCSaints_fan

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    On that note, I kind of miss the "shatter the backboard" dunks, although they are pretty dangerous for the players, so not sure I'd want to see them come back.
  2. DCSaints_fan

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    Was it Zach Line pancaking one of the Eagles LBs that led to a 35 yard gain by Ingram? (skip to 10:00)
  3. DCSaints_fan

    The Brexit Thread

    I bet May convinces the EU to kick the can down the road for another year or so. Not thats going to solve anything
  4. DCSaints_fan

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per NFL.com

    From what i can gather, AD cares about two things 1) Getting the ball 2) Getting paid He could have stayed on the Saints as a third RB, but with the unexpected emergence of Alvin Kamara, but (1) wasnt possible, so he demanded a trade last year despite when things started turning around for the Saints I'd venture he could definitely make a number of rosters as a third RB. But the Redskins (this year) were one of the few teams that were able to satisfy both his requirements. If he starts getting outplayed by both Guice AND Thompson next year, you might have an issue.
  5. DCSaints_fan

    Gameday Thread

    Interesting footnote, on that 18-play 11 minute and change drive that put the Saints up 17-14 in the third, they had to gain 112 yards due to penalties
  6. DCSaints_fan

    Gameday Thread

    I think its wide open this year. No real team of destiny. Prior to this weekend I kind of though the Chargers might have been that team.
  7. Not sure if you're disagreeing, but look at the Republican candidates who won the nomination in every election cycle since forever. All older white men. I think Romney was the youngest at the time he ran. 40-ish year old governor? Yeah, no. Edit: Can't believe I forgot about GWB. Still he was 55 when he ran/assumed office. For some reason I thought Romney was younger.
  8. Way before that ... I thought it started dropping off in quality about halfway through Season 4, though alot of that was driven by one single flaw, that I didn't find Conway a realistic or compelling canidate for POTUS.
  9. Last Kingdom is pretty good, although they did play out a particular plotline one too many timesn , although that is ended by the end of season 3.
  10. Not really a "show" but Black Mirror: Bandersnatch is awesome.
  11. DCSaints_fan

    Worse owner: Daniel Snyder or Peter Angelos?

    I would say Snyder The O's did have the 14 consecutive losing seasons. But before that, they were pretty good in the 90s. And there was that run from 2012-2016, where O's were able to sustain success and fans were generally excited about the team. I don't think you can point to the same period with the Redskins. Yes there were some seasons were it seemed like things were turning around, such as Gibb's last two years, RG3's first season, but the drama and dysfunction quickly returned. The O's have a much higher hill to climb because of being stuck in the same division as the Yanks and Sox, who can both outspend the Orioles by a large margin. In baseball particularly its harder to make the playoffs, not just because of one fewer teams, but because you play 162 games vs 16. One good or bad bounce can mean the difference between playoffs and no playoffs.
  12. DCSaints_fan

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    Jeez, at least ND was able to force Clemson to punt occasionally.
  13. DCSaints_fan

    Enough is enough. A fond farewell.

    I love this narrative about how the Yanks were terrible in the 80s. In 1981, they lost the Series, and while its true they didn't have a playoff appearance until '95 (would have appeared in '94 if not for the strike), from 1982 to 1993, they finished about .500 7 times, including a .602 finish in '85. Back then only two teams per league made the playoffs (vs 5 now), so it was much harder. And that "lousy owner" had already won two series in the 70s. While I agree that there is some parallels with the way Steinbrenner ran the Yanks to the way Snyder runs the Skins, it is no way comparable based on track record. Steinbrenner won.
  14. DCSaints_fan

    Enough is enough. A fond farewell.

    Yes, Ted/the Caps got lucky with Ovechkin, and he's always had this achilles heel of being too slow to make changes (GMGM lasting as long as he did, although in fairness to Ted, he would do just enough to not get fired, it was only when the bar was raised about as high as it could did he finally let go of him ). However I don't think winning the Cup this year was all about Ovechkin "wanting it more" than previous years. He's wanted it for the last decade or so, but the other players didn't show up. I think they just happened to find the right mix of players and coaching to finally get over the hump. And some credit has to go to Ted for hiring GMBM and Trotz. In addition, Ovechkin didn't have to resign here, and Ted didn't have to offer than 10 year contract either. A less competent/cheaper owner might not have been able to resign Ovechkin.
  15. That was sweet one NJ player prevented goal from going in with the shift of stick in mid air, and then I think another pushed it out the crease with his glove.