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  1. So a friend of mine who is a diehard Republican, maybe not MAGA but pretty darn conservative, basically has never voted Democrat in her entire life. For the past couple of days she has been making anti-Trump posts on Facebook I don't want to say this is over, but ...
  2. DCSaints_fan

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Another idea I had, is to limit the police's ability to arrest/detain people. They were have to be a obvious danger to pubic safety, or they would have to have an explicit warrant, or on the (admittedly rare) case of voluntarily surrender. Perhaps there is an incentive for voluntary surrender by reducing penalty if found guilty. So this would mean George Floyd and Eric Garner could not be forcibly detained on the spot, at least not legally, although after a warrant was obtained they could be.
  3. DCSaints_fan

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    What do you think about citizen oversight of police. One of the major obstacles to getting bad officers removed, is that you are trusting them to investigate themselves. But what if you had some oversight board that was independent of the normal executive branch.
  4. DCSaints_fan

    The Outer Space Thread

    The shuttle was a pretty flawed . Firstly, the rockets used were particular to the shuttle project - they weren't used anywhere else. With limited launches, they really didn't have a good idea of a launch success rate. And in general, since the shuttle was so much heavier the safety margins were much tighter. With this launch, it is using the Falcon 9, which is used for many other launches. Therefore we have a good idea how we can expect the launch to succeed. Googling says 97.1% (85 out of 87 launches). However, only one of those launches was a catastrophic failure - the other delivered its main payload but the secondary payload did not reach orbit. I'd imagine thats a situation they coudl recover safely from, so chance of a catastrophic non-recoverable failure is more like 1/87 roughly 1%. On top of that, the Falcon has launch abort modes which Challenger lacked. https://www.popsci.com/story/space/spacex-successful-abort-test-launch/ Earlier versions of the Space Shuttle that had a crew of only two, had ejection seats, but they were removed in later versions with the crew size was increased to seven, and NASA deemed it unfeasible. Then the issue with the heat shielding which caused Columbia to fail. That was the result of exposing the belly of the shuttle during launch. Not possible here because its a capsule and its heat shielding isn't exposed until it actually reaches space. This design is capsule, much like the Soyuz which hasn't had an loss of crew accident since 1971.
  5. DCSaints_fan

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    Twelve teams crammed into a single arena. who must play every second or third day and .... math.
  6. This is mostly true for the Marvel movies. If you get a chance you might want to catch Joker. I can assure you it is anything but juvenile. Also Nolan/Bale's Batman trilogy. Edit: I think you meant Christopher Reeve. His portrayal of Superman was never topped. Sad story with his horse accident, paralysis and subsequent passing. RIP.
  7. In the air its much simpler to automate flight, as they're is much less to avoid. Since this is VTOL taking off and landing would be much easier, as well. Except possibly in adverse conditions strong winds/fog. If that is the case, the car could simply refuse to take off. The aircraft industry is very close to full automation. The only difficulty, as I understand it, is landing in certain conditions. Aircraft are already becoming so automated, that it is becoming harder and harder for human pilots to understand what is going on (see Boeing MAX incidents, Air France flight)
  8. Terrafugia is supposed to release the TF-X next year. Price is estimated to be ~$300k, so not really for general population yet.
  9. The irony being if they would have simply went to "proper" channels, it would have been totally legal and no one would say anything.
  10. Breaking Bad was a slow burn. WW got deeper and deeper and spiraled into madness and destructiveness. Ozark unloads rather quickly. Ozark to me, is not quite as good. The reason these types of shows are good, is because of plausibility. Ozark season 1, very plausible. But by season 2, it starting getting a bit ridiculous. Starting out with, And not to mention law enforcement/FBi. They know how dirty Marty is, but yet somehow he's Teflon Don. His house/office/phone should have been bugged up the a$$, been followed all the time, etc.. And they could have easily, easily done a stop and seize on Ruth and intercepted hundreds of thousdands like twenty times now.
  11. DCSaints_fan

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    I sympathize with Musk and other businesses who rely on a physical prescence in the workplace and probably have had close to zero revenue coming in because of that. I'm work for a medical device manufacturer (but considered non-essential) and actually wondering how much longer my company can keep this going. if it gets extended beyond end of May, all bets are off. But with everything shut down, I don't think many are hiring, at least not around here. So I may have to move out of state. its too bad some sort of compromise could not be reached. its easy for the majority of workers and Google, Facebook, etc. to work from home. But you can't run assembly lines from home.
  12. High corporate taxes encourage corporations to play a shell game by offshoring profits. And sometimes other nations ultimately end up getting the tax revenue in a bait-and-switch, like what happened with Apple and the Ireland/EU. Theoretically speaking, I think the corporate tax rate should be 0%. Tax would ultimately be paid as profits went to the owners. As long as they were well-audited and it wasn't abused, like say, having a Ferrarri and a mansion in the name of the corp on which you paid 0% taxes.
  13. DCSaints_fan

    2019 - 20 Washington Capitals Thread

    By now people should realize there is no such thing as a private conversation when using social media, or even text messaging.
  14. DCSaints_fan

    What decade in your opinion

    The 80s had the best music and all those corny but fun John Hughes movies. 90s had kind of a depressing vibe to it, music mostly sucked outside of RnB. The good movies weren’t the fun movies like in the 80s, but the big budget blockbusters and some more cerebral flicks like Shawshank Redemption.