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  1. Yeah I seriously doubt Lutin is going to test NATO without trying to destabilize first … Latvia would be an obvious target
  2. This is Silicon Valley we're talking about. Everyone's pre-revenue for like at least 10 years, than another 10 years to turn a profit (if they last that long)
  3. Scratch another Russian AWACS ... https://kyivindependent.com/russian-a50-plane-shot-down-over-azov-sea-military-says/
  4. A really long tunnel? I hear Russia is pretty good at construction ...
  5. I think technically its only nuclear attack, but I see the point Edit: It was all attacks, not just nuclear https://policymemos.hks.harvard.edu/files/policymemos/files/2-23-22_ukraine-the_budapest_memo.pdf?m=1645824948 Unfortunately we are entering the era of realpolitik and "treaties are only pieces of paper"
  6. Stats aren't exactly easy to pull for all years, but from what I could find in the US in 2012 there were 10,322 fatalities due to drunk/impaired driving and 13,384 in 2022, both according to NHTSA. So the answer is most likely, no. I suppose this makes sense. The perpetrators are probably people who drink habitually so much (i.e. alcoholics) they aren't going to bother with ride shares. vs. the people who go out at most few times a month. But I would note, it decreased heavily from its peak in the 70s/80s, where they were closer to 20k per year. And this was with a smaller population. Car safety tech may have been partially responsible, because all fatalities went down, not just due to alcohol impaired crashes
  7. Yeah and I mean ride shares have been around for over 10 years now so if you really want to go out and wasted, don't drive. If you can afford drinking you can afford an Uber/Lyft
  8. True driverless cars would fix the problem. Of course, they're always "five years away".
  9. US alcohol consumption by type is about 46% beer. Not sure about Tennessee. But it would seem the DUIs (alcohol related) would probably follow from that. I wouldn't be surprised if was higher for beer because its generally more available than liquor.
  10. Ok hate to play devils advocate, but I can see some of the logic of this Don't get me wrong - I do drink occasionally and I'm actually in favor of decriminalization of most drugs. OTOH its not like I want it to be available at 7-11. Well I guess the question would then follow - what makes EtOH so special? And there really isn't a good logical argument for it, its entirely cultural. So like with guns/drugs/cigarettes with time/place manner restrictions. Perhaps allow communities to set their own standards. Give it to the hottest girl in the bar and have the ugliest guy in the bar hit on her then have the girl touch the beer.
  11. Me, me, me Everything is about me
  12. Someone needs to set this song to the highlights of all 57 of his empty net goals
  13. There should be a separate award for 35+. Like the senior PGA
  14. I think @zoony is still stuck in the Pennsylvania Turnpike. @Westbrook36 is the new spokesman for eating a 6 inch Subway sub. @Predicto is a roadie for Bob Seager
  15. This is whole situation is so begging for a Sacha Baron Cohen parody
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