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  1. Gamebreaker

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I enjoyed the war table stuff, and all of the side missions. But I'm a big Dragon Age fan and really enjoy that game's stories and lore. Also, the Trespasser DLC is one of the best expansions Bioware has ever made.
  2. Gamebreaker

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Unfortunately, Bethesda has gone on record by saying they wanted to keep their current game engine because the modding toolkit is well-known by the modding community. Which is a copout and not a good enough reason if you ask me. They said they wanted to modify the engine to modernize the visuals, but the worst part of the engine is the logic part, the coding. Which is why all their games always release buggy as hell. Why keep the worst aspects of your engine? I expect Elder Scrolls 6 and Starfield to probably be impressive visually(likely still have ugly character models tho), and remain a buggy mess at launch.
  3. Gamebreaker

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Does anyone think the Netflix Marvel shows will eventually resurface on Disney+ after their initial MCU shows are released? It seems they wanted to rap up the side plots left unfinished after Endgame, but aren't going to be important enough to put into Phase 4.
  4. Gamebreaker

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    While I see what you mean, there is a huge section of Spider-Man comics where Peter uses his own technology to improve his tech. And Stark did give him an Iron Spider suit around the time of the Civil War in the comics, so all of that stuff is rooted in comic lore just as much as Spider-Man being a solo act was. There is this overarching "can I be a real hero?" story arc for the third season that really works, especially considering the differing opinions of the characters on what a hero actually is. But I think some of the final episode undoes some of what they developed, especially the last shot, but I get they wanted to keep it open ended considering the character has a chance to return on Disney+.
  5. Gamebreaker

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Jessica and Trish are sisters on the show, that's why they put up with each other. I finished the the third season, it was actually better than the second season, but not by much. I think I can see why the actress who portrays JJ wasn't going to continue even if Netflix was still doing Marvel shows. The writers remind me of the writers for Supergirl, they don't have any clue how to write for the main character, and without being able to use strong storylines from the comics to use(for both characters, not being able to cast the right supporting characters prevents the better storylines from being used), they elevate the supporting characters that no one gives a crap about.
  6. Gamebreaker

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Bethesda sucks. That is all.
  7. Gamebreaker

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    I thought Chris Evans was good in a movie called Sunshine. Space flick. But yeah, he's pretty mediocre with not much range. Cap seems pretty easy to portray.
  8. Gamebreaker

    "When They See Us" Miniseries on Netflix about Central Park 5

    Where does this statistic come from? Does it take into account the number of cases that don't go to trial? Is it taking into account the number of times that a prosecutor overcharges the suspect to apply pressure on them to take a plea deal, despite the suspect may not be actually guilty? Or that some people plead guilty so that they don't sit in jail waiting for trial?
  9. Gamebreaker

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Games I'm looking forward to post-E3. 1. Cyberpunk 2077 2. Gears 5 3. Halo Infinite 4. Jedi Fallen Order 5. Borderlands 3 6. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 7. Final Fantasy 7 Remake 8. Watchdogs Legion 9. My Friend Pedro 10. Fire Emblem Three Houses 11. Astral Chain 12. 12 Minutes 13. Ori 2 14. Avengers 15. Wolfenstein Youngbloods
  10. Gamebreaker

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    That combat looked perfect. I mean, it's the perfect blend of the original game's system in a more modern game's setting. I can't wait to play it next year.
  11. Gamebreaker

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Yeah, I really enjoyed GRIS. And I'm usually not into platformers like that. Stadia is gonna bomb. They no exclusive content for their service. Without exclusive games, there really isn't any reason to go to Stadia. Plus I think a lot of people are leery of Google's commitment when they enter new markets.
  12. Gamebreaker

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Why hold children to a standard you don't even hold adults to?
  13. Gamebreaker

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    They wanted Noone to plead out so she wouldn't have to do any jail time waiting for trial. They knew damn well she wasn't the woman in the video, but finding the right person isn't really their goal. There has been a history of this kind of prosecutorial misconduct in PA.
  14. Gamebreaker

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired San Francisco Police Union Demands Chief's Resignation Over Raid Of Journalist's Home Scott had issued an apology Friday for a recent raid on the home of a freelance journalist, Bryan Carmody, in connection with the unauthorized leak of a police report about the death of the city's former public defender, Jeff Adachi. He told the San Francisco Chronicle that applications for warrants to search Carmody's home did not adequately identify him as a journalist. Scott also said the officers who executed the warrants violated department policy by not first consulting with the district attorney's office. The police union said Scott knew Carmody was a journalist, ordered the investigation and deceived the author of the search warrant about Carmody's press status.