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  1. http://www.tedstake.com/2012/06/18/update-on-verizon-center-signage/ Interesting...And I'm fine with the new signage. Rather that than the DC taxpayers getting :hump: :moon:
  2. Fair enough. BTW, while I'd love for the Cowboys to pulverize the Giants, I'd love even more to win the Super Bowl on their field :point2sky
  3. The MK movie was entetaining. Plus the theme kicked ass :cool:
  4. I don't know...the 4th one you posted, with the girl with the wet hair...I have a thing for girls with wet hair :cloud9:
  5. Make sure you're sitting down and not near anything breakable. http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/06/15/12241593-florida-woman-who-was-set-on-fire-now-hit-with-fees-to-have-cars-towed-from-gas-station?lite :gus:
  6. Capgate anyone? The Giants are now at the top of my ****list.
  7. This probably goes against everything a Redskins fan should believe, but I hope Dallas DESTROYS the VaGiants in the season opener. **** John Mara, **** that lucky ******* Eli, and **** the whole team.
  8. Bush 41 isn't ALL bad: http://www.thedailyshow.com/watch/tue-june-12-2012/moment-of-zen---george-h-w--bush---justin-bieber :hysterical:
  9. If you thought it was just an excuse to post a link to her in a bikini, well, :obvious:
  10. Did Erin Andrews get implants?
  11. "Guy who dies first" :rotflmao:
  12. Hey royally, freeze that and toss it at Mara :evilg:
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