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  1. Man I've gone to some carryouts in DC and youd swear some of those windows were missile proof
  2. I've heard people say the Chinese carry-out in LA is good? Apart from DC/PG I've never thought it was all that.
  3. I think I know what you're talking about. I think it also got ported to Sega Genesis. The one I remember, starts you off in the Danger Room, then you go to various stages (Savage Land, "Days of Future Past" Earth, etc) and fight bosses like Sabretooth and Archangel. One of the best games I remember playing on Sega
  4. Any looming (actually good) FA o linemen coming down the pike? I don't think the draft will be enough. Starting to feel like at least 3 will have to be immediately replaced
  5. I hope the PS5 eventually comes in black or some other color. That humongous white thing would throw off the aesthetic balance in my room
  6. I can see the logic behind this.
  7. As long as they got them ip's, I gotta do what the bossman says
  8. Assassins Creed should've never been that game.
  9. Case of the Cantgetright Mondays
  10. Fair. I was thinking earlier that with Microsoft money backing them that it might speed up production. I guess we'll see. Haven't heard anything on that front either. Right now it seems like Starfield and Fallout 76 are where their priorities will be for awhile.
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