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  1. Mr. Sinister

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Maybe you could help bring them out of the graphical Stone Age
  2. Just.... What? They could start by teaching these fools how to fight. How do you get washed by rando civilians? Just embarrassing
  3. It's not cowardice (not in the way you describe it). Same with Alex Jones railing against the "Police State" years ago. The "Opression" they speak of is that of the White man. Not immigrants, not people of color, or gay/trans or Muslims or Jews. White Christian men. That's what it's always been
  4. Mr. Sinister

    The Quarantine Thread

    Theres probably a few of those snakes in the grass right now. I dont mess with them unless they get lost, close to the porch, then o just take a sawed off rake and move them further away
  5. Mr. Sinister

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Who the hell knows anymore, man. Maybe this Larry came from an alternate universe
  6. Not surprising. And judging from the scowls of several agents photographed with Dump and his family, he has hand picked the most ardent of them for his detail ( and I'm sure he wasn't lying when he said the youngest among them were itching for a fight at the WH).
  7. Mr. Sinister

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I'm "Working" from home lol. I just use my headset and laptop beside me while basically gaming on and off (except for a Zoom meeting)
  8. I think the message was sent loud and clear. It's time to come home and assess the covid damage
  9. Mr. Sinister

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Glad someone agrees with me. Been calling that dude "Vampire Lt Col." For a minute
  10. Mr. Sinister

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Shame it took a pandemic to finally put a dent in mine as well. After this, HZD or Life Is Strange
  11. Mr. Sinister

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I'll see you in 2021
  12. Mr. Sinister

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    Sort of a space frontier rpg (I have it on PS4), built on expansion into the stars but in a dystopian society run off of corporate influence/greed. If you played any of the Fallout games, it kinda plays similarly to those (made by Obsidian, who made New Vegas). Pretty short tho.
  13. Secret Service has an incredibly bad rep in house for racism (I heard this from someone who was an agent, and someone else that went through the process but washed out). Dunno how things went during the Obama years, but I doubt much has changed. He may be the best, or worst thing that has ever happened to them.
  14. Mr. Sinister

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I believe The Outer Worlds recently dropped on Switch. You played it?