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    Fitness, Boxing, all forms of Literature, History, Horror Movies, Video Games, anything 80's or 90's
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    Darrel Green, THE Fastest Man Ever
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    There Is No Other Team But The B&G
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    writing poetry, writing personal novels,exercising,boxing,cooking,Scarlett Johannson,listening to Coldplay
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    Federal Protective Service

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  1. Ohhhhhh imma be slaughterin' Next up are the Nickelodeon slime green Nike Air Max "Supreme Greens" The only thing to fear, is Fear itself
  2. My last time, I swore I momentarily had super powers. Like I could hear two squirrels aggressively humping, mile's away. That's when I knew it was time to stop
  3. And on Launch Day, God said "Let there be Light." And there was light... With ray tracing
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