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  1. Mr. Sinister

    All Things Boxing

    Bud is a beast, man
  2. Mr. Sinister

    All Things Boxing

    Yep. Saved by the bell This ones a wrap.
  3. Mr. Sinister

    All Things Boxing

    Yeah I think it was a knockdown too, but I think Crawford held on just long enough before he hit the deck to make it confusing.
  4. Mr. Sinister

    All Things Boxing

    Too close and I dont think they're gonna get Crawford on something like that.
  5. Mr. Sinister

    All Things Boxing

    Crawford getting tagged
  6. Mr. Sinister

    All Things Boxing

    Dunno man. I'm still processing right now lol. I dont think anyone saw that coming. I agree with ksun though, if Lopez can get that same shot off its curtains
  7. Mr. Sinister

    All Things Boxing

    I didnt even see it. Probably should've been stopped earlier the way Commey was stumbling around
  8. Mr. Sinister

    All Things Boxing

    WOW Didnt see that one coming
  9. Mr. Sinister

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    It's getting annoying finding these science weapons. Been all over and still cant find one that fits my build (moderate Long Guns, heavy Science + Science Wpn Dmg). The latest one called the Shrink Ray is ****ing hilarious though. Basically just like honey I shrunk the kids and they just keep shrinking and shrinking and squealing like a funny cartoon character untill they go down. There's also an also anti-gravity gun that levitates the enemy. Reminds ds me of the biotic attacks from Mass Effect
  10. Is this like some weird suicidal protest? I mean if I'm going death by pizza, I'm not going out on some Papa John's, that's for damn sure.
  11. Mr. Sinister

    ***2019-2020 NBA Season Thread***

    Good to be back in the mix but I think I'm gonna wait until the break. Schedules about to get a bit tougher. Bam"s been killing it
  12. Mr. Sinister

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Likely the only thing that's changed is the way the modern media covers athletes, and the way you perceive the Skins players of the past, because of the winning, and keeping their drama away from the camera.
  13. Mr. Sinister

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    It's not gonna last. Plain and simple.