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  1. Ebay allows lower quality items to be sold, which can mess stuff up. I would just start at the mean.
  2. Yeah I just Wiki'd it. Lol. Guardians will do.
  3. You're ****ting me * Oh man, no you aren't. LMAO
  4. Also, tbh Guardians isn't bad, especially when you realize most yeam names are more about the message/history than its actual name. I mean, there's a team named the Cubs... The ****ing Athletics... The Mariners... The Padres? The Dodgers? What's a Dodger? Silver spooned 'Nam recruits that fake medical exam results? Yuppies that avoid retail? You get the idea They'll be fine People were crapping all over OKC too, and then they got good, and all of a sudden people were bopping to "Thunderstruc
  5. Only way I see out of this is build/reload around Soto, and sprinkle in some FA's, same formula as with Zim last time. This team is going nowhere.
  6. Dunno if it was supposed to be that way or not, but that first Sawtooth you encounter in the pass is like unbeatable. This is me with all supplies, and the Zero Dawn armour on ultra-hard. Ass whooping, every time.
  7. I find it highly regrettable that no one has been sentenced to life, or death by cannon fire over this yet. We really are a bunch of *******.
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