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  1. I'm beginning to wonder how these stupid ass people got as far as they did even with directions.
  2. it would appear the GOP Death spiral is complete.
  3. Wouldn't shock me if they tried to massacre many of the prominent black churches around here either. No telling whats rattling around in their stupid heads.
  4. "Opinion" News needs to die in this country.
  5. Oh yeah, probably wouldve gone nicely with some Wranglers and a letterman jacket...
  6. Son of a **** still doesnt get it. I hope he's buried in a legal avalanche the moment he ceases to be President
  7. Back on the grind after taking a few weeks off. Don't think I stretched properly one morning, and began feeling a tight little twinge in the knee ligament area after a ride. People weren't joking about feeling a bit more vulnerable in your 30's. Teens and 20's i felt like ****in' Iron Man. Now I have a whole stretch routine that I do, just to avoid a trip to the ER.
  8. Hmm, don't remember those. Must've been late '80s-very early '90s. These are the ones I remember most
  9. In Snyderland, all it takes is a few embers
  10. These fellas will melt in the fires of intense competition.
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