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  1. Have to be happy with that. If you'd said at the start of the season this team would be driving with 2 mins to go with a chance to beat Tom Brady only to be skanked by the refs on a very bad call I would never have believed you. With all the Haskins noise gone, upgrades at MLB, Collins to OLB and a WR and TE opposite Thomas and we are the best team in the NFC East. Draft a mid/late round QB and have him learn from Smith, use Heinicke as bridge qb (maybe medium term starter).
  2. Despite hating the Patriots and their soulless dominance for so long, Brady really is an incredible QB.
  3. Blitzes have been working, why are we using them so rarely? 1 or 2 extra rushers are badly needed.
  4. The fact that holding was called the the blatant face mask on Payne wasn't is absurd Not even close, Payne one was blatant
  5. We should blitz Brady hard. Nothing to lose. If we don't he will just pick us apart and score anyway. You can't play prevent D against him. No regrets tomorrow.
  6. You can see why the Bills gave up so much for Diggs (not that we're close to the overall roster to be doing that) but you just can't get by with sub standard receivers.
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