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  1. Same here, got a 27 in gaming monitor, just 1080p. Don't need one for my PS4 or soon to be PS5. I'll ask for a 4K one for Christmas, no rush here. Also don't feel like dropping any $$$ for one yet. My daughter told us she wanted to save up her rewards (games, movies, etc.) and put it towards a gaming laptop (or buy mine out and I get a new one). So, with her birthday coming up on March 7th, wife gave me the greenlight to buy a new gaming laptop for myself and give our daughter my current one. Only bad thing, is my new laptop won't be delivered until end of March. So I bought
  2. Hang in there man, just looked at the text alerts I had and they actually date back to Sept. 2020, so I had tried for almost 6 months. I actually was searching "how to get a PS5" this morning before work and there were some tips and some alerts via Twitter, etc. I actually said **** it, I'll continue to just do the alerts I have and if I don't get one until summer, oh well. The only thing I don't like about the alerts I get via text is that it defaults to Safari on my iPhone and it pulls up Amazon, Best Buy, etc. but doesn't have me logged in. Today, when I clicked on it, on A
  3. digital version is now sold out on Amazon, disc version still available.
  4. I just scored the digital only PS5 on Amazon like 5 mins ago! Says it will be delivered tomorrow. I've been trying since right after launch, not stalking stores, etc. I signed up for NowInStock email and text alerts for all models and bundles for all stores. I can't tell you how many times I hit the link immediately after getting the text and it was already sold out, got it into a cart a few times, then it wouldn't let me check out cause it was sold out. I guess I got lucky today, unless they screw me over. I'm sure @purbeast and some others might have some be
  5. Me and my daughter did really good, on the first 6 or 7 bombs, blew up a few times. Game is fun as hell, I recommend it to anyone. Thats why I only play Nuke Town 24/7.
  6. Just got Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes for the Switch for my daughter. It's been out for a while now, but she stumbled upon it and it's fun as hell.
  7. So.........I'm supposed to give a **** now?
  8. and yet.........nobody gives a **** about them
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