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  1. I'd go with Seagate personally. But Western Digital, Samsung, Toshiba are all great too. Depends on how much you want to spend. And it's not going to work for PS5 games at launch, only for backwards compatable PS4 games, and it's not been anounced when they will update to allow it for PS5 games and to activate the internal SSD expansion slot. You may want to hold off, until Sony releases more information. https://www.gamesradar.com/ps5-compatible-ssd-hdd-external-hard-drive/
  2. Kosh made a good point in the Oregon School shooting thread. Focus on the tragedy, victims, their families, etc. instead of almost immediately debating one's views on gun control. I was in the past and now am guilty for contributing to those debates. It's not that there is anything wrong with debating topics, cause that's how we roll in the Tailgate. But we always go down the same rabbit hole when some tragic shooting like this happens. Sadly, it happens too often, but we have to many threads where gun control and politics and personal rights, etc. get discussed within those threads.
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