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  1. Dont Taze Me Bro

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    Yeah, his comments don't bother me, neither did Norman's. I could care less if it was leaked or if he had the balls to directly say it/post it himself. People complain all the time about their jobs. About 7 years ago, one of my best friends accidentally made a comment about his boss on Facebook in a post where all his friends and coworkers (that were on his friends list) could read because he thought it came over as a private message. His brother had posted on his wall and he wasn't paying attention and responded thinking it was private. The look on his face when I got to work and asked him why he posted that......... What's more concerning to me is how Jay dismissed it and appears (at least for now) that no punishment (in any form) will be handed out. Only reason, it shows a sign of weakness in the head coach, imo. Jay should have just said he wouldn't speak on it until he spoke with Foster and left it at that. Then privately after they met, let him know he was going to have to put him on blast and there would be some type of consequences for his actions. Then speak to the media. I just think it makes him look like a candy ass head coach with no control over his locker room and players. Would doing anything salvage the rest of the season, nope, but it would at least set the tone for what is acceptable and not acceptable moving forward. I think we are stuck with Jay until his contract runs out and I don't see Danny firing Bruce. I think we are stuck with this circus for a while.
  2. Dont Taze Me Bro

    NBCSports: Foster says **** this team and the fanbase

    The article I read on ESPN's website: Had another message he sent to that fan: "Yeah I'll try my chances and go to a winning team next year ... love the redskins but this ain't it for the African #LOVE". Is he saying there is racism within the organization? Or am I reading that wrong?
  3. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    It's all good dawg, hope your pup is ok. Not really playing since it launched on's a ****ing ESO overload for me, I feel clueless
  4. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Random Thought Thread

  5. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    I don't know whats going on in this game. I played it on PC at launch, took full advantage of any leveling exploits/glitches (plague beast that respawned instantly in the same spot, set-up a macro to swing my weapons at it and as long as you got a hit, you got XP, maxed out all my armor and every weapon and spell I had and went from level 14 to 27 or so, etc. etc.). When it launched on PS4/XB1 I power leveled my first character (the mag sorc) to level 47 in a week just running through the grinding spots I knew to use from leveling alts on the PC after all the glitches were fixed. Here I am now, with a 50% XP scroll on and only gaining around 2 levels last night grinding. It's been a long time since I played, but I don't recall it ever taking this long for me to level. I'd usually be mid teens by now not really putting in much effort, especially with XP boost. I'm a whopping near level 6. Is it my new class, Warden Frost Mage? Cause my sole AOE spell does ok right now, but there are no nukes, I basically can only put down Impaling Shards and shoot a soul trap level 1 spell at them, then have to bash them with an axe........cause I can't afford a staff yet. Does that staying in one spot to level 1-50 only work on alts where you have a character ranked 50? Or a level 50 with max Champion Points? Cause I like the idea of grinding one spot, regardless of how boring it gets, if it maximizes my leveling time. I hate questing and don't care about going through the story quest again, but if that will level me faster at lower levels, I'll do it.
  6. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Random Thought Thread

    Any way to go back to the font we had before? Or change this stuff to something else? Started out using Chrome and was able to post and edit one in the gaming thread, came in the RTT to post and it wouldn't let me quote anyone or reply to the topic. Went into a couple other threads, same thing. Firefox does seem to be working better, thanks for pointing that out @Renegade7
  7. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    @Llevron Question, I read somewhere that the mobs now scale with your character level so you can find one spot to grind from 1-50. Is that correct? If so, what is the best/fastest grinding spot to level at? I read a post where one guy was saying Fullhelm Fort in The Rift zone I bought a house in that zone, then made my way there last night, grinded some of the mobs, didn't seem that fast at all. Edit: @Mr. Sinister Did you get ESO Plus included in your bundle?
  8. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Who is the worst general manager in D.C? (poll)

    Pretty sure that move was 100% Snyder mandated. Bruce being the hand puppet he is was the one that had to the dirty work. Not excusing all the other stupid **** he's done.
  9. Dont Taze Me Bro

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    That is partially correct. There are two styles in NC, Western (often referred to as Lexington style) and Eastern. Lexington uses just the pork shoulder and has a more smoky taste and the bbq sauce is both ketchup and vinegar based (map says tomato sauce added, I've seen both ketchup and tomato sauce added to recipes). Eastern style is the "whole hog" or basically any part of the hog you can eat and their sauce does not have any ketchup and is just mainly vinegar. I grew up in the western part of the state, so it's always been Western style for me as far as preference. I like some of the western style sauces because they are sweeter and use them from time to time on my BBQ and chicken wings. I can't stand eastern style sauce at all. But I also enjoy other varieties of bbq sauce that are tomato based. Not a huge fan of the mustard based sauces they use in SC, but some are ok/pretty good. This map sums it all up:
  10. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Who is the worst general manager in D.C? (poll)

    Back to the point, it's easier to build an NBA playoff team than it is an NFL playoff team. You hit on one or two players in FA, draft or both and it completely changes the dynamic of your team. Can't do that in the NFL as easily, imo.
  11. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Who is the worst general manager in D.C? (poll)

    I think the term "regularly" is an overkill. In 2014, 60% of the starters were rounds 1-3, 26% rounds 4-7 and 14% UDFA. Gotta keep in mind that some of those players are starting due to injuries to those higher than them on the depth during training camp, suspensions, etc. And lets not overlook that just because a player is a late round pick (at certain positions) and starting for one team that they would be starting for the other 31 teams. There is definitely more depth in the NFL draft than the NBA draft, but there is also like 1696 total positions to keep filled (excluding practice squad).
  12. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Who is the worst general manager in D.C? (poll)

    Putting together a winning basketball team versus football is easier, imo. Especially if you have the first pick and a few top picks (e.g. Wall, Beal, Porter) and the bar is making the playoffs in the east. In football, you have 22 starting positions to fill versus 5. And advancing in the NBA first round cannot be equally compared to the NFL since it is a seven game series versus single elimination. Apples to oranges just based on the physicality of both sports. Not defending Bruce by any means, he's ****ed up his share of things and should be gone.
  13. Dont Taze Me Bro

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

  14. I seriously doubt McCarthy is looking for a coordinator position. Last 13 years as head coach of the Packers with a Super Bowl win on his resume, teams will be wanting him as head coach.
  15. He definitely wasn't worth what the market dictated he would get. I'm not a Kirk defender by any means, all that fluff talk and aw shucks routine for the fans/media pissed me off because none of his actions (or agent/camps) matched up with the smoke he was blowing up everyone's collective asses about wanting to negotiate and stay in DC. That all aside, we had a chance to lock him up after his first full season as a starter and low balled him enough to where his agent talked him out of it. Make a offer of 20 million/year over 5 years with a decent guaranteed amount and he's locked up for 5 years. Kirk was never going to make the players around him better, that's not who he is and wasn't while he was here. The Vikings play calling and putting everything on him was never going to work imo. It's not like they don't have good running backs, stud receivers and an o-line along with the #5 defense in the league. He did more in DC with less and his two best career years came with McVay calling the plays. Surrounded by weapons and a stud defense and he's putting up comparable numbers (he should finish with 4300 - 4500 passing yards and close to 30 TDs and probably 10-12 INTs). On a team like that, there should be more wins. I haven't watched every Vikings game or offensive snap, but I wonder if the OC and the play calling mixed with just Kirk being Kirk is the problem. If we had a top 5 defense when he was here and all the weapons he has now, with McVay calling the plays, we probably have at least a 12-13 win team those first two years of him as a starter. Better team, better weapons, stud defense but similar stats and mediocre/average record.....coaching?