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  1. It's absolutely a realistic possibility. There is way too many tools, analytics, data out there to predict something close to the amount of consoles they need at launch. They have sales data to look back on from the PS4 that can give them a good indication of how many they need for say Q1 after launch day. Start there, and adjust a launch date where there will be plenty of consoles. They don't have to do November launch dates. They are going to sell consoles regardless of the launch date. PS3 since launch (2013) sold 108.9 million consoles, Switch (from 2017) 52 million conso
  2. Imagine how that would work if we actually had elite talent
  3. And there is the classic Morgan Moses hold at the wrong possible time.
  4. Dway-nonivan McRamsey out there ****ing **** up
  5. Way to get sacked and take us out of FG range..............
  6. Ok, gonna watch a horror movie every night throughout October. So, give me a list of your must watch horror movies, as many as you can think of.
  7. I checked my email and various stores online around 8pm last night. Started playing NBA 2K21, checked my email at 10pm and Best Buy had sent me an email to pre-order at 8:28pm Nothing, anywhere. Oh well, I'm not going to go crazy over it like I did the PS4 on launch week. I checked, even called a lot of stores every other day. Got lucky at BestBuy, employee told me that they had a lot of pre-orders unclaimed and if the people didn't pick them up on a certain date (he gave me the date) they would be sold. Told me to be there first thing which was a Sunday morning. I got up and
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