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  1. Absolutely. And he achieved greatness tonight. One of 7 to score 50+ points in a finals game.
  2. Article has been updated since you posted this. They corrected the initial statement of 60% having two dose vaccines to 60% being hospitalized were unvaccinated.
  3. This is some BS, last two main events Conor was in sucked ass. Drink more milk mother ****er!
  4. This is some BS, last two main events Conor was in sucked ass. Drink more milk mother ****er!
  5. Nah, I am pretty sure he has mental health issues. Years ago, a guy got gunned down the street from us. He was outside that night, taking his dogs out and heard the shots and saw the shooter as they drove by him and he was scared the shooter may come back and try to harm him. I asked him if he had a gun or shotgun and he told me that he didn't because he was told that he would be a danger to himself. I just told him to watch his six until the guy was caught and didn't get into his personal business. My guess is that may have been a court ruling in the past or something.
  6. So.......tonight the wife and I get home from dinner and one of my neighbors was out taking a walk, as we pulled into our drive-way. He built his house like us, since the beginning of the neighborhood, so we have known each other for two decades. Anyhow, I haven't talked to him in a year at least, pandemic. We get to talking and ****, and my guy starts telling me that once the pandemic started he started researching everything and was staying up until 3-4am every night etc. Then he hits me with this bomb. He said his research led him to discovering that Dr. Fauci c
  7. Yeah, it was crazy. I guess I just gotta keep playing and working on getting better.
  8. I usually talk/text with my best friend daily (known each other since we were 8 years old - 38 total years) and our families vacation together every year (except last year). He lives in Ohio, his dad lives 10-12 minutes from me, he's actually coming down to NC this Saturday and staying at Great Wolf Lodge a couple of nights, so we are staying Sat. night. His brother, my other best friend (and college roommate) I don't see that often, but we have a group text with him and hang out a couple of times a year. He moved to Indianapolis in 2019, moved back to Charlotte in 2020, and jus
  9. Anyone play Smite, or played in the past? My BIL got me into it on July 4th. I like the game a lot, but I am horrible. The first three arena matches I played, I crushed it, and had 20 kills, 7 deaths, 12 assists and did the most player damage in the third one. It's been all downhill since then, I don't seem to do any damage (most matches it's pathetic - like not breaking 10K total).
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