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  1. I watched it last night, not sure how I missed it, it came out in 2013. Pretty solid, James Franco was a really good hillbilly bad guy.
  2. Same here bro, hurts like hell.
  3. Yeah, and the last time we did that it worked out so well for us. And when the Saints did it for Ricky Williams it worked out so great for them.
  4. We do not need to give up multiple first round picks for another ****ing QB. Haven't y'all learned our lesson when we did that with the Rams? He's signed through 2025, he has zero leverage. They can also franchise tag him after that. Why do y'all want to give up multiple first round picks for another ****ing QB?
  5. Until he starts his own party and his nominations to said party get the backing to make waves in the next election. He can still do damage, regardless of not being able to hold future offices.
  6. You do realize you called him out and showed everyone that he violated board rules right
  7. The Browns came to play! First snap was a **** one, Browns recovered in the endzone. Then they just keep picking off Ben and taking it to them. Crazy ass game thus far.
  8. Take a look in the mirror. You're one of the only losers I see posting in here.
  9. Ok guy, LOL that guy is the worst ****ing fan. He's been like this for years. He gets zero passes from me.
  10. I'm sure that with all your God given talent as a beach vollyball player, you could do much better than professional athletes.
  11. LOL, not even close. I hope we win, but he's not the QB of the future. No tape on him, every game he plays next, assuming we win, gets harder.
  12. He should be cut in the off-season, due to that horrid contract Bruce signed him to.
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