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  1. I dont even find myself watching the Science channel all that much anymore. History Channel was abandoned awhile ago.
  2. Go to youtube for the good history stuff , or "Documentary-log.net," if it's still going.
  3. Alex Smith is going to have to play the best game of his WFT career, with no offensive turnovers. If we play literally mistake free, I think we have a shot.
  4. I love the artwork. It also gives you the feeling that you actu6own something, vs seeing it on a screen. That feeling will never go away for me, and I hope there will always be a place for physical copies
  5. Idk. I should feel dirty. But Snoop, and Nate Robinson getting slept was totally worth it. That's karmic justice for making us suffer through all those missed dunk attempts
  6. It is the will of Sithis that I must complete this task.
  7. Yeah, not feeling too confident about the future of American political discourse. They're not going to stop.
  8. I'm getting it. Cant wait to get my hands on some of the Legion mods for Fallout. That **** always made me jealous how we were basically getting punked in the mod dept on PS4. Basically made it not even worth it to do mods. Creation Club was a bit of a consolation, but not even they give you exactly what you want. Just like Skyrim its always uneven. A million medium and heavy armor suits, but one boring palate swapped College mage robe.
  9. Even that jedi outfit couldn't hide that ass . Aging gracefully
  10. Dead Poor Nate. This ones gonna last a lifetime
  11. Malice at the Palace would've never been possible without all that combined craziness on one court and bench lol.
  12. Just saw that Robinson ko from another angle. I hope this was worth the CTE. He was out before he hit the canvas and his head bounced off the mat
  13. Daaaaaamn. I need that Dogg Pound jacket
  14. Stimulus money Uncle Sam paid for this, not me. I am not to blame. Nope. Not my fault
  15. RIP Nate Robinson I'm so disappointed in myself for watching this mess
  16. Who knows. Once you arrive at lost weekends, I think you considerably increase the likelihood of pulling the plug altogether. Its teetering.
  17. Yeah, we will not see the end of this season.
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