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  1. Alive and well Just in the middle of a long overdue career switch . Not a lot of time to post. *Back in FL
  2. I don't know what's worse... that form, or that in nearly a hundred years of bball evolution, you still end up with Shawn Marion and the Ball bros
  3. Curry range, but jesus, that form . Like the nerd that got picked last in PE.
  4. Mass Effect 3's multiplayer had me like that with the lootboxes, but it was my quest for the elusive "N7 Destroyer" that made it start getting unhealthy. Wasn't a service thing, but the builds and intoxicating gameplay were just too much for me
  5. This is why I'm partial to co-op. If one ****s up, all the humans die. No other players get to bask in the glory.
  6. I was gonna say the same thing. I got the whole Crep kit too, but I've had to even use acetone when I stepped in a oily puddle with a white pair of Puma's. Also a parking lot. They're the worst. Never know if you might step in bird/human ****, slush if its winter, etc. And on hot/wet days, those asphalt divots make for a nice little **** cauldron for you to step in.
  7. Damn that's tough. I'm so self conscious wearing all whites, and thats why. You good with cleaning 'em? Is it salvageable?
  8. Sounds like my dad is gonna get his soon. Cancer survivor in his sixties
  9. He's got half a leg. Virtually untradeable imo. Certainly not for a decent-fringe starter like Minshew
  10. The Expanse is straight up right now. Literally on the edge of my seat
  11. May cash rule everything around that lil dude #WuTangForever
  12. My uncle used to deejay a lot in NYC. Met Ed Lover a few times.
  13. I aint mad. Fame + Artistic ingenuity + Quirky kinks will always hold weight
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