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  1. The more he waits, the more this goes from far fetched to having some legs, potentially. Don't know what the holdup is. A "Review" shouldn't take you 3 days
  2. Goddamn. Has dude ever been truthful about anything in his life?
  3. Not since you've been here (I changed it around 2009-2010). Is that like a dessert kind of pie (like cheese cake)?
  4. Hmm, I don't recall this. Could it have been someone else?
  5. But closer to burgundy (or true burgundy) than it is to red
  6. Most that would happen is that they blur out the logo and censor the name. That's not gonna hurt my feelings very much.
  7. Problem with that is there is no "Red" to be found. That's a biiiiiig problem, unless we roll with "BurgundyWolves," or just "Wolves." If it's the first choice, well, I'd rather die of ebola
  8. Damn. Gonna have to buy a thick booklet so I can remember (forever) all the things I hate(d) him for.
  9. Red white and blue? This ain't America, son, this is football
  10. I love the setting more than the others. Has that "HP Lovecraft meets Tim Burton" feel to it
  11. Logo and jersey are just a template. But I would def rock the color scheme itself, and alter the logo (US army seal) to look more ferocious. Feathers, Script W, all that sexy stuff. Waiting for that phone call
  12. They need to just hire me to change the name. My suggestion was way better than the rest of you rookies
  13. I have Greedfall. I haven't played it yet, though.
  14. This is starting to feel like the "Greatest hits" segment of a long running episodic tv show finale (the finale being us)