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  1. Stop talking about Jumbo like that...
  2. Related to that are the self-righteous MAGA chuds who preface their inane declarations on Twitter with "We the People." "Donald Trump is fighting for We the People!!1!" "This government hates We the People." Get out of here with that crap, you dipweasel.
  3. I think we're on to something here, boys...
  4. One thing that's really cool about DC sports is how the different teams support each other. Like when the Nationals' Max Sherzer and Ryan Zimmerman went to a Capitals' playoff game. IN FULL HOCKEY GEAR.
  5. People complain baseball is too boring. Why not introduce the taser as part of the game? One per team, 2 uses per game. That would liven things up.
  6. The only person who ****ed Dallas more than Debbie was Tony Romo.
  7. The "joey chestnut" sounds like a euphemism for some kind of weird sex act.
  8. ^^^ That is some damn good-looking pizza. Not 48 slices good, but pretty pretty good.
  9. Where was Bill "Bellyfat" Terwilliger ranked? Asking for a friend...
  10. You know who should really be upset by this ban? People who have Chestnut on their MLE Fantasy Eating team. Whereas my first-round pick, Bill "Belly Fat" Terwilliger, actually has a shot now.
  11. My prediction... About a week before the 4th, they will announce that an AGREEMENT HAS BEEN REACHED. Because this is all a marketing ploy. We've heard more in the last week about Joey Chestnut, Impossible Hot Dogs, and Nathan's Hot Dogs than we've heard in forever. And the "miraculous" agreement will lead to yet another couple of news cycles about Chestnut and the meat and veggie dogs. Then the dog eating contest comes, and due to all this churned up publicity, it's the most watched in Nathan's history. Free publicity for Nathan's, Impossible, and Chestnut. But I'm cynical like that.
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