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  1. Cripes, that picture... it's like the Woodstock of Sausage Fests...
  2. Dan T.

    The Impeachment Thread

    The impeachment hearings in a nutshell:
  3. Dan T.

    The Impeachment Thread

    For the life of me, I don't know how anybody can listen to Doug "Foghorn Leghorn" Collins and think "Yeah, I want that guy representing me in Congress."
  4. Dan T.

    The Impeachment Thread

    I figured that much. I guess the question is why does “move to strike the last word’ translate to “I would like to speak.” It’s a quirky terminology and I wonder what the origin is.
  5. Dan T.

    The Impeachment Thread

    What does "Move to strike the last word" mean after being recognized by the chair?
  6. Dan T.

    Job Hunting Scams

    We should come up with ways to **** with these people. At least waste their time so they can't be trying to scam others. Scummy.
  7. I seem to recall stories of Portis running into financial difficulty post-playing days. Am I remembering that right? Desperate times/desperate measures.
  8. The lesson being give til it hurts, or until your brother gets released.
  9. Pretty sure this is incorrect, Larry. Baker was convicted in 2017 for the 2014 murder reckless homicide. Baker's family hosted the fundraiser to retire Bevin's campaign debt in July 2018, raising $21K. They personally gave $4,000 to the campaign on that day. So 1. Murder Crime occurred in 2014. 2. Conviction/sentencing in 2017. 3. Fundraiser/donation by murderer's family in 2018. 4. Pardon this week. [Edited to replace "murder" with "reckless homicide," whatever that is... Per the indictment, Baker andanother man posed as law enforcement officials to force their way into Mills’ home, where they fought with Mills before Baker shot him. They also restrained Mills' wife and took various items from the house. Three children were also in the home at the time of the crime.]
  10. I wonder if the 1st base box has more shade. If so, Henley will save a fortune on sun block.
  11. Dan T.

    The Impeachment Thread

    It's been a while since I posted this, so here's a whole arsenal of swords for you (IMPOTUS added): - Dorito Mussolini - Cheetolini - Captain Carrot Lips - Orange Rider of the Apocalypse - Old Dickery - Donny Man Tits - Sideboob Bob - The Great Bloviator - Goldman Nutsacks - Donny Two Scoops - Mango Mussolini - Moron Don - Mango Moron - ****ing Moron - Constantly bloviating fart monster - Father of the Constitution morning constitutional tweet - President Two Macs von NoFries - Orange Foolius - mentally deranged U.S. dotard - Mango Unchained - Sunburned warthog -Pumpkin-flavored arsenic marshmallow -Rancid bag of half melted circus peanuts -Ambulatory merkin -Rotting pumpkin time-lapse -Rancid salmon filet -A toupee someone found in a garbage can and stapled to a sweet potato -Poorly trained circus orangutan -Flopped over traffic cone -Pencil-dick wall builder -Sentient used car commercial -Rejected holiday carrot cake -Deranged moldy grapefruit -Room temperature Sunny-D backwash -Enraged over-ripe pineapple -Cursed Siberian werewolf trapped in an Orangutan’s body -Exhaustive child -drunk court jester who’s been roving the country doing racist Chris Farley impersonations -$4 billion puddle of tinted moisturizer - Ever worse human and godsend -Wonka factory escapee -Open-Faced Quesadilla -Idiot billionaire and face of YouTube’s popular “Annoying Orange” -Noted Asshole -Asshole-American -Ambitious corn dog that escaped from the concession stand at a rural Alabama fairground, stole an unattended wig, hopped a freight train to Atlantic City and never looked back -shrunken apple head -decomposing ear of corn -permanently open mouth -Verbal Billionaire -deflated basketball -cartoon plutocrat -sentient overripe pear -melted creamsicle -fluffy bouffant -gaping mouth with a hairpiece -oozy lather of absurd hyperbole -dick-nosed baldy -perpetual asshole -serially bankrupt business mogul -television clown -bloated spawn of a Penn Station ashtray and Nickelodeon slime - legitimate hairstyle choice -anthropomorphic caterpillar -toupee’d buffoon -bloviating billionaire -Enlarged pee-splattered Sno Cone -idiotic rich man -vibrating Bologna loaf -Deflated football -Human embodiment of hotdog filling -Toupee-wearing Orangina ****hole -sentient bottle of self tanner -short-fingered vulgarian -Rejected Richie Rich Villain -Corndog that escaped from the state fair -GOP Presidential candidate and Bone-in Ham -Walking sun dried tomato -Presidential candidate and human Kewpie doll -Adult male baby with the combover and personality of a 30 pound toddler -Melting pig carcass -Human cystic acne pus -Millionaire and disgraced racist -What would happen if a caps lock key was granted one wish and that wish was to come to life. -Fabulist cheddar critter -Unrepentant Bigot -Ralph Steadman illustration come to life -Noted Donald Trump enthusiast -Grimacing Cheeto Fart -Everyone’s Favorite Screaming Steamed Carrot -Cursed Halloween Mask -Presidential candidate and bag of flour -Enraged animated creamsicle -Woody Allen impersonator and Incessant Tweeter -Time-displaced Sopranos extra -Melted candle impersonator -Bloviating caricature of a businessman -Disgraced Pope impersonator -Cable News Fever Dream -Delusional Cheese Creature -Lint-crusted dried apricot -Mud clotted welcome mat -Melting Businessman -James Bond Villain/Republican Presidential Candidate -Aspiring social media intern -Drunk Monopoly man -Cranial bee sting victim -Stupid, racist clown -Lint-covered sentient Cheeto -Man-sized sebaceous cyst -billionaire Siberian Tiger hairball -Shriveled apricot -Empty popcorn bag rotting in the sun -Heat Miser with a heart of coal -Man-shaped asbestos insulation board -Aggravated giant duckling -dusty barrel of fermented peepee -Gilded Dildo -usually reasonable burlap sack full of rancid Peeps -Degloved zoo penis -Miss Cleo cosplay enthusiast -bargain bin full of yellowing Jean-Claude Van Damme movies -big orange buffoon -Normal-looking human man and entirely credible choice as future leader of the free world -overripe pumpkin from Halloween 2007 -Our nation’s loudest cheesy puff -a dishrag that on closer inspection is alive with maggots -Perpetual embarrassment -Candied yam riddled with moldy spider carcasses -wilted turkey skin puppet -chewed-up furball -petulant slice of stinking, festive ****-pie -hairpiece come to life -orange-tufted sentient troll doll -Actual buffoon -Decomposing pumpkin pie inhabited by vicious albino squirrels and presidential candidate -Gross fat loser -the shriveled pinto bean you had to pluck out of your Chipotle burrito basket -orange gasbag -Enraged Gak spill -overinflated piss-blimp -The orange beast -Pumpkin flavored arsenic marshmallow -Poorly trained circus orangutan -a fascist golem made of flypaper -Orange Clown -a deeply stupid person: a crude, nasty, bloviating man always willing to shout himself hoarse about terrorist Muslims, rapist Mexicans, probably-menstruating Fox hosts -orange lunatic -Chester Cheetah Impersonator -American hate leader -a tiny piece of dried cat poop that you found in your rug -Talking combover -Cheeto-Dusted Bloviator -Fuzzy Meat wad -Decomposing ear of corn -Rich idiot -Noted Troll -Soggy Burlap Sack -Bag of toxic sludge -Your next President and Ruler for life -A brightly burning trash fire -impoverished urchin -Aggressively Stupid -Great Judgement-Haver -Hair-plug swollen with rancid egg whites -inside-out lower intestine -decomposing pumpkin pie inhabited by viscous albino squirrels -lead paint factory explosion -lumbering human-like tardigrade -fart-infused lump of raw meat - fetid orange meringue bloated shrunken head - pudgy orange pail of anal smatterings - cretinous tube of bankruptcy proceedings - bronzer-saturated freak - poorly dressed mantoddler - penis shaped asteroid - The worst person alive—the pettiest, smallest, emptiest, most dishonest, most malignant ****-for-brains you could ever imagine, just an absolute worthless interpretively man-shaped lint clump from the absolute bottom of the human genetic drain - Ignorant thug with a lizard brain (quoted from Cher) - Cheeto Voldemort - Toupee Fiasco - the Brick Tamaland of presidents - Gassy orange goober - Spastic man-baby - Donny "Pantalones en Fuego" - ****face Von Clownstick - Satchel-Ass - Lazy corrupt racist orange santorum-covered enemy of the people - American albatross and the president of people who believe in UFOs - IMPOTUS
  12. Fox and Friends = cowards. A scummy show behind a sunny disposition.
  13. Strasburg hasn't really relied on his fastball for a couple of years. His velocity has been down for a number of years, partially by design. He learned to be something other than a straight fastball pitcher.
  14. Dan T.

    The Impeachment Thread

    Wisconsinites must be embarrassed.