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  1. ES All-Time poster Pittman4Two
  2. Oh so now, 3 years and 11 months into his term, Trump is all of a sudden going all policy wonk on us? **** that Donny, you ain't fooling anybody.
  3. https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-e&q=secluded+cabin+rentals+in+virginia Hey Mr. President, want to get away with the family?
  4. ^^^ The best part is hearing the cheerleaders in the background cheering for, I hope, the home team and not the cop or the girl.
  5. https://www.nationalreview.com/news/ron-paul-appears-to-suffer-stroke-during-live-zoom-session-admitted-to-hospital-for-precautionary-reasons/
  6. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and his wife test postive for COVID. Northam has no symptoms, while Pamela Northam has mild symptoms. The governor released the following statement: As I’ve been reminding Virginians throughout this crisis, COVID-19 is very real and very contagious. The safety and health of our staff and close contacts is of utmost importance to Pam and me, and we are working closely with the Department of Health to ensure that everyone is well taken care of. We are grateful for your thoughts and support, but the best thing you can do for us—and most imp
  7. Just one more thing that sucked about Corona-2020 is that it robbed the Washington Nationals from taking their victory lap for the 2019 championship, and the fans for showing their appreciation for that achievement. Another thing overlooked is that Davey Martinez missed the opportunity and honor of managing the National League All-Stars since the game was cancelled. What a crapfest of a season.
  8. So the New York Daily News, Trump's hometown newspaper, ran this editorial: Say it plainly: The president is a psychopath By Alan D. Blotcky and Seth D. Norrholm New York Daily News | Sep 24, 2020 at 2:00 PM “Get rid of the ballots” and “there won’t be a transfer,” said Donald Trump on Wednesday. This comment is a direct and dangerous expression of his anti-democratic intention. If unstopped, Trump may well destroy our 244-year-old democracy. It is time to stop pulling punc
  9. I recorded it and play it on speakers in the back yard to scare the squirrels away.
  10. Aside from a very few outliers, "Dem" elected officials were not declaring him "not a legitimate president." That's convenient revisionist history.
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