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  1. For the wacko right, that's a pre-existing condition.
  2. “Have you been drinking tonight?” “Offisher, thass a HIPPA violashun.”
  3. Rendon always gave off the vibe that he really didn't care that much about baseball. In one sense, you need a guy who stays level-headed in baseball with its long grind and daily ups and downs. But he actually said he didn't much care for the sport, calling it boring. Which concerned me that he might be one of those guys who, once he got paid, would just not put in the effort to stay on top of his game. Too early to tell whether that's the case. But it wouldn't surprise me if that was a factor in management choosing Stras over him.
  4. The one small silver lining that comes out of this may be that minor league guys get some extended MLB playing time the second half. Maybe guys will take advantage of the opportunity like Tres Barrera has.
  5. Oh, so he can't stay healthy? Who else has been criticized for that?
  6. Eh, I don't know. Rendon hasn't exactly been tearing up the American league since he left.
  7. May God damn Tucker Carlson to hell.
  8. Rep. Andrew Clyde sells guns for a living in Athens, Georgia.
  9. We should throw in Keiboom with any trade that goes down. I just haven't seen anything that shows me he's going to turn things around. That throw to first on the slow roller lst night was the final straw for me to say pull the plug on that experiment.
  10. Could well happen. I'll be happy for the team if it does, assuming he's here.
  11. BTW, Chase Young is overrated. The hype extends way beyond actual performance. He certainly has the potential to live up to the hype. Let's see if it happens. His vax stance won't help.
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