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  1. The thing about medicine is that moral judgements about the fitness of people doesn't come into play in determining who gets treatment.
  2. Former Md. Rep. John Delaney has made an interesting proposal:
  3. Jesus. "You’re in line behind 268.7 million people across the United States. A family of raccoons in your back yard will get a vaccine before you." [I only made up the second sentence.]
  4. I never had you pegged for a gimlet-eyed optimist, Larry. Personally, my cynicism has known no bounds these last 5 years or so. But we need a booster shot of optimism these days. I'm trying to shed that cynical mantle.
  5. Can someone walk me through the nature of this protected pick. My basic understanding is that the pick can't be a high pick. How does that work? Theoretically if the Wiz stay bad until 2027, the pick keeps getting deferred until the Rockets will get two 2nd round picks in 2027? What if the Wiz don't have two 2nd round picks then? I've looked for an explanation and haven't found one. The paper version of WP today barely even mentioned that a pick was part of the trade.
  6. Step back and think about that. The former National Security Director of this current administration has called for martial law to be declared and to nullify the election. Shouldn't that be a bigger story? Shouldn't that be a red alert for our democracy? Not to mention that he was JUST pardoned by this President. Yet it's barely a blip on the national stage. That's how far down the rabbit hole we've gone as a Nation.
  7. As a casual fan, the thing I admire about Beal is that he seemed to genuinely earn his superstar status. He wasn't all that heralded after being drafted and really let his play do the talking without a lot of hype or self promotion. It took awhile for the basketball world to recognize his value. But he earned his status. So if he had a say in the franchise's decision to make such a huge move, he earned that right. I'll be interested to see the dynamic between him and Westbrook. I guess that's the big question... will that combination work? It's too bad the Wall er
  8. Most are imposters?!? What gives you that idea? There are tons of people out there with a worship complex for Trump. Mistertim's point is well taken. Sure, most of those people are just venting. But all the posting can embolden the wack jobs to act, especially when you have dear leader egging them on with a feverish 45 minute, conspiracy laden, grievance filled rant that echoes all the lies. So what could go wrong? Think about those militia cosplayers plotting to kidnap the state governor of Michigan. Think about the deranged gunmen shooting up synagogues, mosques, or Walmarts. Emboldened
  9. Please tell me they did Bohemian Rhapsody next. Because that would have been awesome.
  10. Those people bailed from here a long time ago. They are out there, though, if my Facebook page is any indication.
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