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  1. The Washington Post today ran a front page story that eviscerated North Carolina Congressman Madison Cawthorn as an unqualified college dropout who has lied about virtually everything about his background - even the circumstances of the car accident that paralyzed him. Cawthorn said a close friend had crashed the car in which he was a passenger and fled the scene, leaving him to die “in a fiery tomb.” Cawthorn was “declared dead,” he said in a speech at the college he later dropped out of. That was refuted by the friend who said he pulled Cawthorn out of the burning car. Others wh
  2. I appreciate your point of view, and I understand your point regarding her rocket to fame, though I disagree with it. Your analogy, hyperbolic as it was, suggested that she will do anything to seek out the spotlight for the sake of the notoriety. I think there's a fallacy in that argument. I don't see AOC as seeking out the spotlight so much as refusing to shy away from it, if that makes sense. And as I posted before, to me it seems she uses the attention as a means to the ends she believes in. Maybe if you said she would literally rescue a baby for attention, I would agree with you.
  3. My sense with AOC is that the spotlight for her is one means to achieve her goals whereas for some others in Congress, the spotlight IS the goal.
  4. They have the freedom to catch COVID and die. I wouldn't want to deprive them of that right, as long as they don't take anyone with them.
  5. And Trump all but laughed it off. I'm sure he was envious of a leader who could kill off a journalist he didn't like with seeming impunity.
  6. Moron-Taylor Greene's close friend is Anthony Aguero. He boasted on social media about being one of the rioters inside the Capitol. Aguero has been a Greene associate since 2019. As recently as November they traveled to the border together. https://www.thedailybeast.com/anthony-aguero-close-friend-of-rep-marjorie-taylor-greene-among-capitol-rioters-report-says?ref=home
  7. "Darkness engulfs my soul. Who shall flee this wretched existence? YOLO, ****es."
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