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  1. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Trump pressured the Ukrainian President-elect 8 times to investigate Joe Biden’s son during that phone call.
  2. BTW, MSNBC reports that the whistleblower has hired an attorney. The lawyer is an ex-CIA guy who actually help create the program that protects intelligence whistleblowers.
  3. My bet on the promise that caused the whistleblower to act: To the Ukrainian president - you’ll get your $250 million in defense funding if you launch an investigation into Biden. Slimy. Blatant, flagrant abuse of power. Probably illegal.
  4. Here's the clip with Trump showing off the border fence saying it's "It's wired, so we'll know if someone is trying to break through," then asks a Border Patrol general to talk more about it. The Border Patrol guy says "Sir, there could be some merit in NOT discussing that." Which, translated, is a polite way of saying "Shut the **** up about the technology of it, you moron." And the Idiot-in-Chief, not getting the hint, plows right ahead and talks about it anyway:
  5. Dan T.

    2019 Chicago Bears Look-a-Like Thread

    Clinton-Dix Charlie Murphy
  6. Dan T.

    2019 Chicago Bears Look-a-Like Thread

    Chairman George McCaskey: "That'll do, Mitch." Farmer Hoggett: "That'll do, pig."
  7. Dan T.

    2019 Chicago Bears Look-a-Like Thread

    Bears' matriarch Virginia McCaskey Dame Edna
  8. Here's where Corey admits he's a lying weasel, just like his former boss:
  9. Corey Lewandowski: The Mueller Report was very clear. There was no collustion, no obstruction. Alisyn Camerota: (incredulous) That's not what the Mueller Report said! Lewandowski: It absolutely does. You should read the page where it says that. Camerota: Time out. Time out. Did you read the Mueller Report? Lewandowski : No I never did. Camerota: Then how do you know what it says? https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2019/09/18/corey-lewandowski-sessions-end-probe-mueller-report-newday-vpx.cnn It's a shame that Barry Berke's 30 minute questioning of Lewandowski didn't get more play, because he exposed Corey for the lying weasel he is...
  10. Dan T.

    2019 Chicago Bears Look-a-Like Thread

    Bears O-line ToyVonns
  11. Dan T.

    2019 Chicago Bears Look-a-Like Thread

    Safety Ha-Ha Clinton Dix "Did somebody say Ha Ha Clinton Dix?"