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  1. Our first Doubleyew!!! I attribute it to our kick-ass Dolphins Look-a-Like thread last week. Let's keep it going with the Niners. Roster: https://www.49ers.com/team/players-roster/ Coaches: https://www.49ers.com/team/coaches-roster/ Front Office: https://www.49ers.com/team/front-office-roster/ QB Jimmy Garoppolo Disney's Aladdin
  2. Dan T.

    The Impeachment Thread

    John Kasich just said on CNN that with the Mulvaney admission of a quid pro quo, he has "crossed the Rubicon" and is now in favor of impeachment.
  3. Side note: The Nationals are 7-0 in the postseason while wearing their navy blue script Nationals jerseys
  4. ^^^ Trump supporters not paying for contracted work? Talk about synergy...
  5. Dan T.

    2019 49ers Look-a-Like Thread

    Joe Staley Charmin Bear
  6. Dan T.

    2019 49ers Look-a-Like Thread

    Joe Staley break dance Curly Howard break dance
  7. Dan T.

    2019 49ers Look-a-Like Thread

    TE George Kittle and T Joe Staley goofing on the sideline by talking in exaggerated Canadian accents: Bob and Doug McKenzie (BTW, after stumbling across that clip, Kittle and Staley are now my favorite non-Redskins tight end and tackle in the NFL.)
  8. It's hard to keep count of the number of San Bernardino, California, Sheriff's Department deputies who should be turning in their weapon and badges today. Start with the first two who arrive on the scene after the suspect in the red shirt gives himself up and lays on the ground. The scene was captured by a local NBC News helicopter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPvTTmhyB_w http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/california-officers-pummel-man-repeatedly-after-chase-stolen-horse-n338881
  9. Here he is driving a golf cart with Don Jr. at Trump National:
  10. Dan T.

    2019 49ers Look-a-Like Thread

    Niners captains Gert Jonnys
  11. Dan T.

    2019 49ers Look-a-Like Thread

    TE George Kittle Backpack kid
  12. Dan T.

    2019 49ers Look-a-Like Thread

    Line coach John Benton
  13. "I am the best and most well-dressed dancer in the HISTORY of dancing. Period."
  14. Meanwhile, I have a feeling that with all the backlash, ABC regrets signing up Sean Spicer to appear on Dancing With the Stars. However, to atone for that mistake, they've gone out of their way to make him look as ****ing ridiculous as possible. Well played, ABC. Well played.
  15. "Sir" is a dead certain tell he is lying. I mean, other than his lips moving.
  16. Dan T.

    2019 49ers Look-a-Like Thread

    Special Teams assistant Stan Kwan prepares to battle former Niner/Redskins coach Jim Tomsula
  17. Trump views EVERYTHING through the prism of money. Every relationship - business and personal - is transactional. He measures his very self-worth - and the worth of others, by what's in the purse. So naturally, he rationalizes every foreign policy decision through the prism of money. Which obviously should be a factor. But it shouldn't be the driving force in every decision. Unless you're Donald ****ing Trump.
  18. Mayor Pete flashed a little fire. I liked it. If the world was a fair and logical place, he would be the nominee.
  19. And that's how he ideated the scenario, for how it would play on TV. With no thought given to - you know - the human-like emotions involved. Let's just ambush this anguished couple publicly for some good TV. A window into a sociopath's view of the world.
  20. There was a movie on AMC yesterday before the game. I happened upon it about 10 minutes in. It was from 1973. It ended at 8:00, just before first pitch. It was The Exorcist. It seemed appropriate.
  21. Thats why he’s got a real shot to be an all-time great before his career is over. He worked his ass off this season to improve his fielding too, and it showed the second half of the season.