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  1. Matt Gaetz is a Trump-suckup and an attention-whoring hack.
  2. Let the Josh Johnson Era begin!
  3. You know what’s gotten real old in the NFL? Posing for group photos after a TD. Just stop it.
  4. We lead the league in holding penalties! Yay!
  5. Saquan: “Bye Bye Clinton Dix.”
  6. It's hard to keep count of the number of San Bernardino, California, Sheriff's Department deputies who should be turning in their weapon and badges today. Start with the first two who arrive on the scene after the suspect in the red shirt gives himself up and lays on the ground. The scene was captured by a local NBC News helicopter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPvTTmhyB_w http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/california-officers-pummel-man-repeatedly-after-chase-stolen-horse-n338881
  7. Dan T.

    119th Army — Navy Game Thread (2018)

    Odd that they allowed an unindicted co-conspirator on the field for the coin flip.
  8. Saturday - Gruden holds a 5-hour practice in full pads. Sunday - Redskins 74, Giants 3.
  9. Wendi Winters was among those killed in the Annapolis Gazette news room. But not before saving the lives of others... When the gunman attacked the Capital Gazette office, one staffer charged at him As gunshots rang out and glass shattered all around, staffers at the Capital Gazette cowered under desks, fearing for their lives. Except Wendi Winters. A witness said she stood up, grabbed a trash can and a recycling bin, and charged the gunman. For her heroism, the 65-year-old woman paid with her life. But several staffers at the Annapolis, Maryland, newspaper say she saved theirs. Survivors of last month's attack shared the account of that day in a story the Capital ran over the weekend. Eleven employees were in the office that day. Six made it out alive. And those who did are thanking Winters. "She may have distracted him enough that he forgot about me because I definitely stood up and was looking at the door," sales consultant Janel Cooley told the Capital. "I'm sure he wasn't expecting ... anyone to charge him." https://www.cnn.com/2018/07/10/us/wendi-winters-capital-gazette-trnd/index.html
  10. Nailing the NRA would be a nice bonus to this whole rigamarole.
  11. One of the loose ends is that Congress recently sent Mueller's office transcripts from sworn testimony that they think might show that certain witnesses lied under oath to Congress, a Federal offense. (That's the latest charge Cohen pled to.) Don, Jr. testified to Congress. I think Kushner did too. So I wonder if those transcripts were among the ones sent to Mueller's team.
  12. I lost a ton of respect for John Kelly for his false attacks on Florida congresswoman Fredrica Wilson, accusing her of being "an empty barrel" for bragging at a building dedication that she had done all the work to secure the funding. This was during the time she was criticizing Trump for the tone of his phone call to the family of a fallen soldier in her district. When video of the building dedication came out, it showed Wilson doing no such thing. Kelly had totally mischaracterized her remarks made that day. Yet he refused to recant or apologize. https://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2017/oct/20/john-kelly/fact-checking-john-kelly-frederica-wilsons-2015-sp/
  13. Dan T.

    Election fraud in North Carolina

    Did part of the North Carolina scheme involve, as a first step, operatives ordering absentee ballots on behalf of voters? Because some of the people affected that I saw interviewed seemed very blase about voting. One couldn't even remember who he voted for. They didn't seem motivated enough to request absentee ballots in the first place.
  14. William Barr has the credentials. Heather Nauert certainly does not.
  15. He looks like Patton Oswalt ate Al Franken.
  16. Dan T.

    Stand Up to Harvard

    Harvard vs. the wealthy, entitled children who go there... do we really have to pick a side in this fight?
  17. It is a crying shame that Hunter S. Thompson didn't live long enough to write a eulogy for Donald Trump as well.
  18. Here’s his pathological narcissism in plain view. And the whole country - literally, the whole country - suffers as a result.
  19. Dan T.

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    Another cool story about George Bush. The touching gesture by George H.W. Bush that his Secret Service ‘family’ will never forget By Lindsey Bever Washington Post George H.W. Bush sat near a flower garden in Kennebunkport, Maine, in 2013, holding a 2-year-old child. The pair wore matching blue polo shirts and khaki pants — and sported the same hairstyle. Bush had learned that the boy, the son of an agent on his Secret Service detail, had leukemia.The toddler had lost his hair and, to show their support, members of the detail were planning to shave their heads. So the former president did, too, and his wife, Barbara Bush, snapped a picture, which soon went viral. “When little Patrick got leukemia, a lot of the agents shaved their heads,” Bush explained to his granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager, a contributing correspondent for NBC’s “Today” show. “I said, ‘Well, why not me?’ It was the right thing to do.” “They’re a wonderful group of people,” Bush added at the time. “They’re like family with us.” The agents thought of the former president the same way. The Secret Service re-shared the touching photo Tuesday on Twitter, referring to the 41st president by his code name, “Timberwolf.” The agency said it “wanted to share a memory” the day before his funeral at Washington National Cathedral. More here, including a photo of the two taken three years later: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2018/12/05/touching-gesture-by-george-hw-bush-that-his-secret-service-family-will-never-forget/?utm_term=.c3dcc623e6d9
  20. Dan T.

    RIP George H.W. Bush

    A disconcerting little quirk from Bill Clinton... close your mouth man! Every time they showed him during the service, he was slack-jawed, mouth agape. It was weird looking. ~~~ Also, is it protocol to hand your overcoat to a military officer as if he's your personal valet?