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  1. Eternals is also directed by Chloe Zhao who just won a Golden Globe tonight for Nomadland.
  2. Tbf I thought Guardians was going to fail. So who knows..
  3. I gave up on it after the first 2 episodes..does Stargirl get any better? It felt like a nickelodeon show.
  4. Too late to introduce him probably but I was hoping Mephisto showed up in WandaVision. Ep9 has a lot to accomplish but I doubt Wanda ends up being a big bad after all of this.
  5. It better be Killmonger (Michael B Jordan) then as the black Superman.
  6. You might be off on your memory. BART opened in stages in the early 1970s.
  7. The one that is the 5th busiest heavy rapid rail system in the US? Edit...NYC Subway, DC Metro, Chicago L, and Boston's T are ahead of it.
  8. Coates at least wrote some comic book stuff (Black Panther). But without Cavill, will anyone care?
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