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  1. Randomly saw this dude on Twitter. Someone to keep an eye on for a bigger promotion..nearly perfectly hit the cutter too.
  2. I mean I guess if you never listened to any music or even the radio...
  3. I'd argue that Millenials and Gen Z are largely socially inhospitable with the GOP (plus they are multi ethnic moreso than any previous generations). So unless the GOP makes a large and drastic turn to the left...instead if going more right and white...it isn't happening.
  4. BTW I am and have been pro vaccine passport all the way.
  5. I wonder how this differs from temperature checks and yes/no question/symptoms check at the front door of work? We've had those screenings for a year plus.
  6. Sadly what has been largely underreported is how likely mask wearing and social distancing eliminated verified cases of the seasonal flu in Fall/Winter 2020. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/flu-has-disappeared-worldwide-during-the-covid-pandemic1/#click=https://t.co/pBzaIYjYkW I for one, despite being fully vaccinated, will be wearing my mask while shopping and amongst other large groups. It's a minor inconvenience for me but I would prefer not to get the flu like I did in early (January) 2020. Plus, I'd suspect even the unvaccinated will forgo ma
  7. I'd suspect that gas stations would never have enough supply to handle what panic buyers did this past week. It's probably an unreasonable expectation.
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