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  1. Only 1 time in the last 7 presidential elections (soon to be 8 ) has the GOP candidate had the plurality of the popular vote. 1 time in 32 years.
  2. I beg every one of you to please get a flu shot this year. The twindemic is going to be horrid. Got mine Wednesday. __ Except this guy. Hope he kills his whole lineage with it.
  3. They're South American penguins (Magellanic) who inhabit the rocky shores of Southern Chile, Argentina, and all the way down to the Falkland Islands. The habitat is supposed to mimic the rocks. Here is another picture I took of them yesterday.
  4. Wife and I celebrated 15 years married yesterday. So we went to the zoo.
  5. We will be lucky if PG&E doesn't burn most of the State down by 2035.
  6. These are mostly caused by PG&E having a near monopoly and continually refusing to update the power grid.
  7. Thr amount of solar (and to a lesser degree) wind farms in NorCal would amaze some people. AFAIK, every public school in the area is covered with solar panels in their parking lots. A lot, A LOT, of houses too.
  8. And likely pay a huge penalty in doing so. Edit..or have the State DMV refuse to register and license 2036 and newer internal combustion engine vehicles. If they want to get hardcore about it.
  9. The kicker isn't that you're getting rid of them. You're just not selling new ones after 2035. So that gives you another decade or so on top of the next 14 years to work on the infrastructure and battery charging/swapping change that will be needed.
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