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  1. The Evil Genius

    Random Thought Thread

    This board isn't disorganized. It just trancends understanding (right now). 😁
  2. Binged on the plane ride The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina to and from DC from SFO this past week. Loved that first season. Definitely recommend...and praise satan did those young ladies kill it during that first season. πŸ‘Ή
  3. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Trying to beat a team for the 3rd time this year...for the 2nd week in a row in the playoffs. This time it's the juggernaut team that scored 200+ points more than me this year (despite losing to me both times). Now Wentz is likely out...thinking about streaming Carr against Cincy...also maybe benching David Johnson and starting Jaylen Samuels (assuming Conner doesn't play) at Flex rather than TE and moving Gronk off the bench back into TE. Crazy??? Mixon and Chubb are my starting RBs.
  4. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    First round of the playoffs and faced Amari Cooper (49.7) and Juju Smith-Schuster (33.0). Still won by 15. Would have won by more had I played Gronk at TE (of course he has a monster game when I finally bench him). Of course.
  5. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    David Johnson (vs Lions) or Tyler Boyd (vs Chargers) at Flex in a 1pt PPR? Already starting Boyd's teammate Joe Mixon if that makes a difference. Can't believe I have to ask this...πŸ€ͺ
  6. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    When you have Gronk, make a claim for Jaylen Samuels (TE/RB designation in Yahoo), and your opponent has James Connor and has a higher priority than you. Then you wake up early and see he took Jalen Richard. 😁
  7. Why don't they just mail order a Russian/eastern European bride?
  8. The Evil Genius

    Election fraud in North Carolina

    It only ranks ib the top 10 of conservative crimes this election period. Plus why bother stealing an election when you can just take away the powers of elected officials after the fact? It's what the GOP 2018 does.
  9. The Evil Genius

    Tax Bill

    I do wonder under the current tax schedule if home ownership is really worthwhile anymore.
  10. The Evil Genius

    Tax Bill

    We pay $9k easily for property tax and I don't live in SF (rather the cheaper East Bay). That amount will go up 2% maximum every year. So yeah, I get ****ed with this. The SALT cap of 10k should have been at least per person (doubled for joint filing). But it is easy to see the punitive nature of this tax "cut" though. It explicitly attacks blue state populations. And the GOP wasn't bashful about that.
  11. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Not if you pick DJ at 3. Kamara has dropped off too. That said, Gurley or Mahomes probably single handedly made people playoff teams.
  12. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    If I'm doing the math right, I need a little less than 3 points tonight from Wentz to make the playoffs. Or I need him to outscore Jordan Reed by 4 points. As bad as he's played, if Wentz can't get 15+ against this bendable D, then I don't deserve the playoffs. Yep he's listed as a TE/RB in Yahoo so that's even better! Shades of Marques Colstons TE/WR designation in his first year.
  13. The Evil Genius

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    Not complaining but I really hope Iowa State gets torched. 😁
  14. The Evil Genius

    2018 Fantasy Football

    Assuming it's 1pt ppr..I like Ekeler, Mack at RB and go with 3wrs. I'd choose Evans, Hill, and Cooks. Gl!
  15. The Evil Genius

    2018 NCAA Football Thread

    Well they got it right and I still think OU will give Bama a lot of trouble. Hoping for a Wazzou St/WVU Alamo Bowl. Bet the over. 😁