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  1. Console wise you must play a lot of unfinished and broken games. Almost every AAA title launches unfinished these days.
  2. Its also irrelevant without the actual # of hispanic voters being discussed. For example, if 10% more Hispanic voters turned out there this cycle, Biden still gained 72% of those additional voters.
  3. Not really. The darksaber is more ceremonial but it does have some unique features. https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Darksaber
  4. Imho the silliest part of that post yesterday was the idea that somehow Kamala is a socialist. If anything, the neo progressive wing's dissatisfaction with her (and Joe) were that they were too moderate.
  5. I'll be the disappoint if Filoni doesn't bring Ezra Bridger and Sabine Wren into this show. Imo, Rogue One did that too.
  6. Hoping the liberal communist millennial socialists start some type of Logans Run Soylent Green program to help the red states out of their budget messes.
  7. #DiaperDon has been trending #1 for 12+ hours now on Twitter and apparently has pissed the President off so much that he's making threats. Also..this.
  8. Sure about that? Grohl was persona non grata with them until 2017ish. Think this was from 2016. Plus it didn't look like him either.
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