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  1. Nope. They were the Brooklyn Grays as a minor league team but then combined (married) with a few other minor league teams and joined the National League and were called the Bridegrooms. Old time names and current minor league team names are the best. My favorite is the Rocket City Trash Pandas.
  2. Even worse, the Brooklyn Dodgers were originally the Brooklyn Bridegrooms. They didn't become the Dodgers until the 1930s (after changing their names several times in between).
  3. Re: Baylor I would think that the ACCs best interest would be too avoid scandal plagued sports programs.
  4. Kansas (for basketball reasons) and Iowa State to the B1G makes sense for both parties imo. I suspect KState, OK State, Baylor, and TCU might have the most problems finding a home.
  5. I read last night that a live action sequel to Rebels with Thrawn and Ezra Bridger already cast is being looked at. Allegedly Mena Massoud will play Ezra and Lars Mikkelsen will play Thrawn.
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