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  1. That right there is why I roll my eyes anytime someone says baseball is "boring." Dodgers are lucky they play tomorrow. I wouldn't want to have to think about that one for an entire off day if I were them.
  2. Mine is the wall that Mexico is definitely not going to pay for.
  3. Does anyone here remember that Trump has been floating that he should get four more years in 2024 due to the Democrats impeding things for the past four years? If he wins in November, he will really start pushing it.
  4. Tampa has a ton of live arms and plays elite defense. Don't count them out.
  5. Reminds me of this lady when I lived in Tampa who was posting on her Facebook that she was the "Queen of Drops", flashing wads of money and bragging about her tax return fraud. Yeah, she's in prison now.
  6. Cube is right that neither party has done the absolute best they can for black folk, but only one party supports giving the po po the right to be judge, jury and executioner when it comes to African Americans. And it ain't the Democrats. The timing of his ruckus-raising ain't the best either. A month before an election that is a true crossroads for this country. "I never have dinner with the PresidentI never have dinner with the PresidentI never have dinner with the PresidentAnd when I see your ass again, I'll be hesitant…"
  7. I must admit that I'm a bit gobsmacked that you still watch SportsCenter, much less read the sports section. Oh well, agree to disagree.
  8. You talking bull patties Bro. There are very few things in sports more intense than an NHL playoffs game that goes to overtime. Stanley Cups are as real as titles get.
  9. Your first clue should have been that it's the "Make a Wish Foundation", not the "Make an Unlimited Amount of Wishes Foundation".
  10. Sorry about creating a extremely similar topic. Mods, do what you will.
  11. Oh, one more. Donald J. Trump Jabba the Hutt
  12. As we have 20+ days until Nov. 3, I was thinking that maybe we could take move a Stadium tradition over to the Tailgate and do a look-alike thread for politicians. It might be a good way to have a few laughs and relieve some tension during the run up to the big day. I haven't seen a thread like this so my apologies if there already is something similar. This the first time I've created a topic so my bad if anything is off. I'll start off with Michigan Rep. Fred Upton (Kate's Dad, on the right with Bush 41) in 1986: and... Kenneth the Page from 30 Rock:
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