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  1. I started out as a Detroit Lions fan. First game I ever watched was the 1980 season opener at the L.A. Rams. After Billy Sims put 153 yards and three TDs on the defending NFC champions, I was hooked. 1982 was the first playoff taste I got, and the Lions were playing at RFK. It was a blowout to the point that CBS actually cut away from the game, even in Michigan. Since my team lost to the Redskins, I figured I would root for the Skins to go all the way so I could say my team lost to the best. Sure enough, The Diesel did his thing and the Washington Redskins claimed their first Super Bowl. I stuck with the Lions, of course. Through a couple more teasing seasons of almost coming through and then my man Billy Sims blew out his knee on the green concrete in Minnesota. That was a damn shame, because Billy Sims was a HOF talent. Check him out on YouTube if you are not familiar with him; he was that good. I stuck with the Lions until 1986. That was the year the USFL players came to the NFL. The Lions had the opportunity to acquire Anthony Carter, a legend in the state due to his exploits at the University of Michigan. He is still my favorite football player of all time and is also well-worth checking out online. The genius GM of the Lions, a schlub named Russ Thomas, decided that Carter was too small to be an impact player in the NFL. The Lions passed and so did I. Carter went on to Pro Bowls and NFL playoffs records with the Vikings. **** Minnesota. One Sunday that season, I saw a big-armed QB named Jay Schroeder throwing deep balls to a receiver named Gary Clark and I was hooked again. I still watched the Lions go through a 5-11 season and never totally lost interest, but when it was a DET-WASH matchup, I was rooting for Detroit to get squashed. I still somewhat rooted for the Lions (and was priviledged enough to get to watch damn near every game of Barry Sanders' career, fortunately), but they were now my girlfriend. I was married to the Skins, so I got to watch two more Super Bowl victories until everyone got old, Gibbs retired, and they suffered without a playoff game from 1993-98. Then Snyder bought the team and everything turned to straight dog****. I've had enough of this petty little man's bad juju infecting this franchise. The camel's back has been broken. I'm leaving my wife for my first love. At least no one can say I'm bandwagoning it. Time to chase the white whale and root for a Detroit Lions Super Bowl victory. Did you know that the Lions have one playoff victory in the past 63 years? I'll imagine I'll still follow the Washington franchise, much like I have followed the Lions in the past. The main difference is who I'll be rooting for when they meet head-to-head. One more thing. For the record, when it comes to DAL/PHI/NYG: **** 'em with a capital F! **** them all with a rusty chainsaw!! Forever!!!
  2. Don't they claim he weighs around 245? His gut must weigh that much by itself.
  3. Dan Snyder is a wealthy loser. He was a winner in business. So he bought his favorite football team. It must kill him that he immediately **** the bed. After seeing what kind of person he is for the past 20 years, I can't say that I feel bad for him one. little. bit.
  4. I feel pretty done with any team owned by Dan Snyder. He has turned this franchise into one of the true laughingstocks of the league. Maybe the one true laughingstock. I think I'm going to go chase the white whale of the sports world and root for the Detroit Lions to win a Super Bowl before I die. They were my first love when I became an NFL fan 40 years ago. Billy Sims is still one of my fave NFL players of all time. It's a long, mostly-boring story how the Redskins ended up as my favorite team. I will probably still root for the B&G. The only real difference will be my allegiance when it is a DET-WASH matchup. What won't change is my feelings about DAL, PHI and NYG. **** em' forever!
  5. I would be down with Red Wolves, but I'd really be down with the Washington Warthogs. Helmets could feature tusks and some crazy-looking bloodshot eyes. Team motto could be "Winning Ugly".
  6. I really like Thunderbirds. Especially if it includes the NA aspect (if that's on the table at all. You could do some really cool things with this kind of design, but it may be considered cultural appropriation. Per wikipedia: "The thunderbird is a legendary creature in certain North American indigenous peoples' history and culture. It is considered a supernatural being of power and strength."
  7. Did the Tuskegee Airmen fight and die for the Tuskegee Army Air Forces or the United States Army Air Forces? Seems like a good representation for the city where the Pentagon is located to me.
  8. Of the non-native names I've heard I think I like Thunderbirds the best. Although isn't thunderbird a NA term now that I think about it? I also think Warthogs would be pretty cool. One of those monsters gets a bead on you, the good part of your week is officially over.
  9. I believe it's crummy behavior to act like you don't see a huge crisis happening right in front of your face and I refuse to endorse it. Until now, I've always held off on commenting on your thoughts because I believed it would be a waste of time. I assure you I won't be repeating my mistake. Peace out.
  10. Hey. The more people who have it means more people to possibly spread it means more people will eventually die from it. It's basic math. 130K dead is managing OK? Just curious, what number of dead would be poor management in your opinion?
  11. How many Native Americans can even afford to buy a minority stake? And how many of those would want to stick with Redskins? It's amazing how folks are still clinging to the name. It's over. Deal with it or get to stepping.
  12. I don't understand the worrying about people making fun of a potential new name (example: Red Tails). This team has sucked for almost 30 years. I already am discouraged enough when they consistently get blown out in prime-time. Who really cares if the other teams' fans make jokes at Washington's expense? They have brought it upon themselves by being such an embarrassment. Start winning games consistently. Then it doesn't matter what the name is. "The autumn wind is a Raider..."
  13. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that football will cease to exist in its current form before every teams' name is a variation of Location/Football Club.