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  1. Just trying to get the temperature of the board, anyone else think Haskins should grab some bench right about now?
  2. The Pardon-palooza festival has kicked off. If I heard correctly, that jackass congressman Duncan Hunter who used Wounded Warrior money to finance multiple personal vacations is on the list? He was scheduled to report to prison in January. Now he won't spend a day in jail.
  3. It would be smart to make a strong play for Corey Davis this off-season.
  4. If they leave, they have to take their share of the national debt with them, pro-rated on how much more federal funds they have received over the years vs. what they paid. Have fun with that, Missibama.
  5. I wasn't talking to you. Something I purposely made a decision to not do a ways back.
  6. Nice to know that someone is actually going to start reading those again.
  7. It's the easiest thing in the world to lie to people who so desperately want to believe.
  8. He's gonna need all the loot he can to defend himself in New York State Court. That's what this money these rubes are donating to his "Stop the Steal" campaign is actually going to be used for. Drat, grifted again!
  9. Aquib Talib sounds like Delirious-era Eddie Murphy. But not Eddie Murphy using his own voice, he sounds like Eddie imitating one of his relatives. I keep waiting for a super-casual f-bomb to make an appearance. "Now that's a fire!"
  10. It's the only thing that gets them out of bed in the morning. They need something to be angry about because their lives suck so much they don't have anything to feel good about. Which is of course their own damn fault, but it's waaaaaay easier to blame someone else for that, rather than taking responsibility for the choices you've made. They are lazy as hell. How sad.
  11. Here's the thing about Fox being "number one". Who watches TV religiously on weekday nights? Answer: old folks. Which demographic is most likely to skew conservative? Answer: old folks. Young people are more likely to be out and about doing fun things during normal (non-pandemic) times. Even during a pandemic, most of them don't watch three hours of prime-time every night. That's why Fox is number one.
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