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  1. Reminiscing trifecta...three songs that bring back strong memories of the last three women I was involved with: 1) She was a New Zealander living in Australia...after a year the distance got to be too hard for her. During the hardest parts for her she sent me this song. We remained very close for 15 years after we ended the relationship. 2) She was a Latina who lived in Arizona (still does probably), we were both going through the ending of our respective marriages when we met. Hit it off instantly. When things started getting more romantic between us, she made me the infamous mix tape lol...this song was first on the CD. Don't really remember too many of the other songs she put on there but this one still has an effect. We didn't stay friends afterwards although we had numerous mutual acquaintances and would talk like once every 9 months. 3) My ex-wife...this was before we got married and were both working at a Little Caesar's Pizza in Indiana. At the end of the day we were cleaning up and she turned on the radio for some music while we cleaned. "You Might Think" came on, and when I looked over at her she started to dance a little without realizing I could see her...mind you, my ex did NOT dance EVER--and for good reason lol...she looked uncoordinated and a bit goofy, and it was absolutely adorable. I went out and bought her the album the next day. 20 years since we got divorced, we're still as close as ever.
  2. They ARE being recalled at a high rate, though. For example, in 2023: Cars sold Toyota - 11.2 million Tesla - 1.8 million Cars recalled Toyota - 2.5 million Tesla - 2.2 million Cars sold Hyundai - 4.2 million Tesla - 1.8 million Cars recalled Hyundai - 2.6 million Tesla - 2.2 million *number of recalls is not solely from the number sold I mean, Tesla is doing better than Ford in this category but everyone is doing better than Ford in this category. But Tesla doesn't have a long history of success to fall back on to help negate the recalls...so that's one of the things that stands out in association to their brand. Yeah, who needs a reliable rocket when you can save money. Imagine using that argument for parachutes lol... "Are these parachutes reliable? They'll open, right?" "Dude, I got these parachutes at like half the price! I saved you so much money." "But they'll open...right?" "Yeah, they should. But really, getting them cheap is everything, even more important than if they'll work." Soooo...wouldn't that speak to reliability being the most important thing, and not reduced costs? Because reliability is what causes the costs to go down. Without reliable results you're just spending money. Reliability and costs are intertwined, can't be separated. Unless, of course, you meant something completely different when you said "reliability"... I'm being told the brakes not working consistently is simply a software update issue, and was planned. 👍
  3. - "The cars aren't recalled more than any other car" is not the flex you think it is lol...especially within the context of talking about Musk's achievements. - "Explosions lead to huge success"...what are the huge successes SpaceX has achieved? Keep in mind, we've already been sending rockets into space for 60 years, and I personally don't consider a private company doing what the government has been doing for over half a century to be a "huge success." From what (admittedly little) I know/remember hearing, reducing the cost of space travel (or space exploration, or...just space stuff lol) is it's biggest contribution. Not that it's anything to sneeze at, but is there anything else besides reduced costs?
  4. You were a visionary, good sir lol... If I read your post back then I wouldn't have known if you were right or not (I'm trying to remember if I did read your post back then 😂 ), but I'm wholeheartedly agreeing with everything you're saying now.
  5. Cars that are constantly getting recalled and rocket ships that explode? Are the explosions what make them cool or something? And, hello, we already have rockets lol...are people getting just as quivery over Lockheed Martin's CEO and I just didn't realize it?
  6. However many years ago it was, I remember the first time I actually saw Elon Musk anywhere. It was on an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Up until then, I had heard his name peripherally, knew he was a presence in our pop culture, didn't really know why, and had the indication that he was supposed to be extremely smart (his cameo on TBBT underscored that thought). When I saw him I thought "Oh, so that's Elon Musk...Ok." I knew next to nothing about him and rarely if ever gave him much thought. The more I learn about him, the less impressed I become...and the more I learn, the more confused I get as to why or how so many people became so damn infatuated with him. What has being a fan of Musk given people? Is he entertaining? No, except in a car wreck kind of way lol...Has he made life better in any way for humankind? Pfft, please. Has he solved some seemingly unsolvable problem that has pushed society forward in some fashion? I mean, I don't know, has he?...It doesn't seem like it. What does (or did) he provide that made people want to worship him? Electric cars? Nah...now if he invented hoverboards like in Back To The Future pt. 2, then I could see why lol...He sent William Shatner into space? People were worshiping the toehead long before he did that. I honestly don't get it. And now his stewardship of Twitter just makes me even more baffled as to why anyone, anywhere, would become huge fans of this dude for any reason whatsoever. Why would anyone spend even 2 seconds defending him, his actions, or his words when he ****s up (and he does that a LOT)? What does anyone get out of doing so? The only group of people who I can logically understand why they are Elon Musk fans are racist Republicans, because he's constantly lending his credibility and clout to the most right-wing racist **** on his social media platform. Which that alone should have driven a ton of his supporters running in the opposite direction. I mean, it's like Darius Guice...when he was here, loved that guy. Then I started hearing about and finding out about all the vile **** he did and said. Immediately, it was "**** that dude" with no hesitation. Not sure why doing the same with Musk is just completely out of the question for so many.
  7. EDIT: I got it backwards lol...he DID play Hawkeye, but the movie had Trapper John behave FAR more like Hawkeye from the tv series, and Hawkeye was almost Trapper's side kick in the movie (the tv show had it the other way around). That's what pissed me off lol...jeebus.
  8. I remember seeing a pic of Donald Sutherland from the movie "M.A.S.H" after having watched the tv series, and automatically assumed he played Hawkeye in the movie. He just looked the part in my young eyes. I was pissed when I found out he played Trapper John in the movie lol...wasn't a fan of the Trapper John character in the tv series but thought Hawkeye was cool as hell, and Sutherland always looked cool as hell in the pics I saw of him from the movie at the time. Bucket hat, weirdly shaped glasses, calm smile...he needed to be Hawkeye, dammit. Of course he ended up being great in the movie, and was a huge fan from that moment on. But the image above is the immediate image that always comes to mind when I think of Donald Sutherland. RIP, my man...
  9. The sex-traffcking of minors--which Gaetz' close pal has already confessed to--involves money payment. I'd prefer not to look at the crime and say "Well, the paying part was more than fine, no problem there, but her being a minor is illegal." Just make the entire transaction unlawful. Zero tolerance.
  10. Apparently not much has changed in the 5 weeks since that article...either that, or this new article is just rehashing stuff from a month ago lol: Negotiations Over Native American Imagery Continue to Stall RFK Stadium Bill https://frontofficesports.com/washington-commanders-rfk-stadium-senate-logo/ It’s stuck in the Senate, where Sen. Steve Daines (R., Mont.), the ranking member of the National Parks Subcommittee, is threatening to block the bill. Daines has said he is doing so on behalf of the descendants of Walter “Blackie” Wetzel, creator of the logo the team used from 1972 until it changed its name in 2020. Wetzel’s family is from Montana, and the Blackfeet tribe he was a member of is based in the state. Daines, the Commanders, and the Wetzels are continuing to work out a deal. All three parties are walking the political tightrope of honoring Walter Wetzel’s contributions while not veering into divisive issues related to the use of Native American imagery. The NFL team dropped its old name and logo in 2020 after longstanding complaints that the name was a slur against Native Americans. “We have been very pleased with the conversations we’ve had with the Commanders,” Ryan Wetzel, a grandson of the late Walter Wetzel, told Front Office Sports. “The three of us —meaning the Commanders, Daines’s office, and the Wetzel family—have made headway, and some steps being made that will please the D.C. community and the fan base.” [...]Multiple NFL sources told FOS that neither the Commanders nor the league have any interest in allowing the old name, and there’s resistance to bringing the old logo back, even in a throwback-type manner. Additionally, the trademark is owned by the Commanders. One of the proposals would be to transfer the ownership of the logo to a nonprofit organization that would use monies generated from the logo to support Native American causes, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions. That proposal, however, could be a big ask of the Commanders. New owner Josh Harris is seeking a clean break from the Snyder era, which includes the team’s former use of Native American imagery.
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