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  1. Ah...so this is why the talk of pardoning the kids has been floated out there by the White House Occupant. Also, Melania's records have been subpoenaed as part of the investigation. https://www.cnn.com/2020/12/02/politics/ivanka-trump-deposition/index.html Ivanka Trump, the President's daughter and adviser, sat for a deposition Tuesday with investigators from the Washington, DC, attorney general's office as part of its lawsuit alleging the misuse of inaugural funds, according to a court filing. In January, the DC attorney general's office sued the Trump Org
  2. Yeah, you're right. And now he's doing it with his 'election fraud' bull****.
  3. The replies in this tweet are a sad, pathetic display of what the lies spewed by the White House Occupant have done to the minds of his moronic followers.
  4. The Orange Turd is heading for resigning with Pence giving a pardon to him & his family. Not sure how that actually works since there have been no charges filed against any of them. But I still think he's going to resign before January 20th. On the donation topic - he's clowning his followers to the end & they're too stupid to know it. They are handing the White House Occupant money to support him & his family after January 20th. The rules of how much is going to him has changed & it is NOW 75% of that donated money. It will be interesting to see the first public report o
  5. Kieboom decided to retire from professional baseball shortly after the 2019 season, Jesse Dougherty of The Washington Post reports. The 29-year-old older brother of Nationals infielder Carter Kieboom, Spencer noted that his playing days were over while he discussed his post-career plans in his interview with Dougherty. Kieboom, a 2012 fifth-round pick of Washington, spent his entire career in the organization, appearing in 53 games in the majors and slashing .232/.326/.320 with two home runs and 13 RBI. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/baseball/news/spencer-kieboom-retires-fr
  6. OMG...this guy... President Trump Is Being Accused of Plagiarizing a Speech From ‘Legally Blonde’
  7. Hey Gaetz & Gym Jordan ... isn't this tyranny? Doesnt this infringe on your rights? Where the **** are you?
  8. The constant crying of 'Socialist Left' from the crowd that gave us out of control farm bailouts is laughable. When I throw this back at my GOP friends it falls on deaf ears. There's never any rebuke of this socialist bailout. In 2019, it reached about $20Billion almost double the normal annual farmer bailout. Yes, the government has been making direct payments to farmers for a long time. But the size of those payments is growing rapidly. From 2010 through 2017, direct government payments to farmers averaged about $11 billion a year. By the end of this year, those paym
  9. Not sure which thread to stick this in...BAL - PIT game pushed back to Tuesday. That'll be a short work week for PIT. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/30401833/sources-baltimore-ravens-pittsburgh-steelers-game-moved-tuesday-due-coronavirus The COVID-19 outbreak in Baltimore has led the NFL to postpone the Baltimore Ravens-Pittsburgh Steelers game for a second time. The Ravens will now play at the undefeated Steelers on Tuesday night at 8 ET, the NFL announced.
  10. I guess I missed the news that Michael A. Taylor is gone. He had that one good year in '17. I thought he would build off of that year but it just never happened. Apologies if this has already been posted. The Nationals' non-tender candidates are already off the roster. At the beginning of the offseason, their top candidate was the reliever Roenis Elías, who didn't pitch in 2020 because of a left forearm flexor strain and has appeared in a total of three innings for Washington since being acquired from the Mariners in '19. But Elías cleared outright waivers and declared free
  11. Tried the cheese filled pork tenderloin tonight. Pros - pork & bacon plus smoky taste. Cons - cream cheese sucks as a filling. Wife doesn't like real spicy food so I left out the jalapeno. Any suggestions on a better cheese to use? The cream cheese + cheddar was bland (also had chili powder & S&P). Pork was juicy but cheese filling - ugh. Also had smoked tomatoes & zucchini that looked better after it cooked longer...
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