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  1. Not as good as Skinsinparadise at catching the nuances while watching TC but here are the 3 things that stuck out to me over the years: 1. Junior Galette had the most explosive 1st step from a 3 point stance I've ever seen. Incredible. He was in shorts & t-shirt but lined up in the OL/DL drills for every snap. Unreal speed. 2 I was 10 feet behind Sleepy Davis & Jordan Reed during Reed's rookie season watching them run routes. Reed was head & shoulders bigger than Sleepy & ran like a gazelle. Incredible stride & soft hands. You could see watching him he had
  2. Plus doesn't it mean they're unavailable for 10 days?
  3. I hope it's SD. I would love to see Max shutdown LA & SF in a pennant race. Melancon & Stammen are there so it makes pulling for them to win easier for me. ****ing hate LA.
  4. Bwahahaha....VCU alum office re-tweeted this.
  5. That's awesome. Great to see that. Kid went through some serious med issues. I was telling my wife he didn't play in the NFL for 4-5 seasons & then played almost 2 full seasons in NO after he was injured in the regular season with WFT. I was trying to talk to him but some dude had his ear the entire time he was there.
  6. Didn't know that. As a UofR alum, I can confirm he's a good dude.
  7. Went to the Kickoff 'rally' tonight in RVA. Pretty good crowd, comparable to the same event 2-3 years ago. Smoot, Dexter, Ken Harvey & Hightower (ex-WFT & U of Richmond RB) were there.
  8. Yeah, the clubhouse has been **** for the past 5-6 days. You could see it on their faces. Peeps been told they're being sold.
  9. "...I am not playing these Democrat games up in this church.” I seriously, seriously hope they all choke on the body of their idol...
  10. Yes, I was able to sign up at the end of June for 2 tix for Thursday. My wife told me the other day she read that Friday & Saturday are sold out. They are limiting the number of attendees per day due to C19.
  11. ^^Why not send them to another state that could use them? Or, if nobody in the US wants them, send them to a country that can use them.
  12. Still have mine. Got as a gift for being in my buddies wedding. It's a bit snug but I can still squeeze in it...
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