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  1. Yeah, you have to be 65+ to get the vaccine in Virginia (if you're not part of a 1b group). Or, at least to register at any of the available pharmacies. I took my wife last Thursday night to the Richmond Raceway for her second shot (Pfizer). She's retired from the county school system but still works part-time there so she qualified to get it through their program. When we walked up to the registration table, I asked the guy what the rules were for the pharmacies (as I'm 1b but <65). He said he didn't know and added "I can't give out any shots to people under 65" - cutting off any atte
  2. ^^^I'm surprised some of the groups who trolled the GOP (when they signed up for the event tickets & didn't show) haven't trolled the hotels by reserving all of the rooms & then cancelling them all within the allowable window. Not that I've given it too much thought...
  3. Yeah, get them all. I remember watching the people stealing & destroying many of the media's equipment (and assaulting the media). Everything saw took place on the Capitol grounds. I wonder how/if the various media outlets will go after them? Or is that something the FBI, Capitol or DC police will track down? Also, the FBI is zeroing in on 1 suspect in the murder of Officer Sicknick. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/26/us/politics/brian-sicknick-capitol-riot-investigation.html
  4. This is a pretty good site that sends out daily Covid updates & opinions: Daily Review of Covid-19 Research and Policy by Doctors on the Frontlines https://brief19.com/ Here's some comments from today's update: When will life return to normal? That depends on what "normal" is." We may have a "new normal" in which we don't shake hands anymore (or at least without hand sanitizer at the ready) and wear masks in the winter months, as many do in East Asia. ... Once the vast majority of people have been vaccinated, coronavirus vaccination
  5. To add to that - the NY DA has had access to the Deutsche Bank info since August, 2020 and information from Cohen. They're not starting from scratch.
  6. No problem. I used to try to find a way to watch online when I was traveling for work but ended up paying the money to watch them on MLB.com. Most of the time the games weren't blacked out but every so often the stars aligned against me. LOL Make sure it's a big box! Maybe the AT&T site will give the details on the channels?
  7. https://thestreamable.com/channels/masn?market=washington-dc
  8. I have some questions about vaccine eligibility across the DMV: in Virginia, the only information provided after registering via the state website is a 'code' to identify your registration. That is, there's no way to determine what group you are assigned. Based on my research (and using other non-state related websites) I fall into the 1B category. But, I'm not over 65. So, for now I can't go to a CVS, Walgreen, etc. if I find an opening as they are only vaccinating people over 65. Is this how it's working outside of Virginia? Has anyone successfully received the vaccine - if you'
  9. The article also has a link to an article about the Clay signing. Notes: Robles, Scherzer, bullpen Clay vying for roster spot, Major League debutAs the Nats’ roster stands, Brad Hand is the only southpaw in the bullpen. Martinez believes the club's righties can get out left-handed hitters, but the team also will evaluate its potential lefty relievers in Spring Training. Among the group is 27-year-old Sam Clay, who is eyeing his big league debut after signing a Major League deal with Washington this offseason. https://www.mlb.com/news/victor-robles-seeks-boun
  10. Another part of the new stimulus is an increase of the additional UI to $400/week through August 29th. That's an increase of $100/week and an extension past the current deadline of march 13th for anybody receiving UI. I like your idea and would add the next stimulus include (more) money for the small businesses reopening.
  11. Virginia is a about to add more vaccination spots so the daily pace will increase. Then it will be all about getting the vaccine. The full list of federal pharmacy partners listed for Virginia, include: Albertsons Companies, Inc. CVS Pharmacy, Inc. The Kroger Co. Walgreens Walmart, Inc. Topco Associates, LLC (which includes grocers such as Giant Eagle, Save Mart Pharmacies, Wegmans,…) CPESN USA, LLC https://www.wavy.com/covid-19-vaccine/walgreens-pharmacies-in-virginia-to-get-covid-19-vaccines-on-feb-25/
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