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  1. Damn, that's a tough budget. On the plus side, frozen veggies & fruit are very healthy & cheaper than fresh.
  2. https://umterps.com/news/2024/5/18/mens-lacrosse-mlax-quarterfinals-vs-duke-5-18.aspx?
  3. Yeah, I get it on the hotel cc's. However, with Marriott if you book 5 nights you are only charged points for 4 nights. I'm definitely not saying to convert any points to Marriott from other cards. And the actual card bonuses aren't anywhere near what they used to be nor are the room rates! Good to know about converting Chase points to Hyatt. Thanks!
  4. I live in Richmond so flights are different. However, I agree with you on using points for airline tickets. I just saw SW is going to start flying from RIC to BWI, That really changes things for me. I need to look into getting some SW credit cards. I'm a longtime Marriott customer - lifetime Platinum level. I highly recommend joining their club. Their credit cards give you a free hotel certificate worth 35k points each year. You can use that and up to 15k points to book a room. Their resorts in the US & Caribbean are good - most are a solid C+/B. The Ritz & St. Regis hotels I've stayed at are all 9s as are their resorts (St.Thomas USVI is very nice). Pricey with points but well worth it. When I traveled for work, I would mostly stay at Marriott & Hilton hotels with those chains (i.e., Courtyard, Hampton Inn, full-service hotels, etc.) While Hilton have decent high-end hotels they don't have a lot of hotels where we like to go - the Caribbean. Yes, they have a few but their points per room are awful. I'm using the last of my Hilton points next February at the Embassy Suites in Aruba - 80k/night - not a deal. It seems most of their hotels are all a lot of points anytime I try to book a room. My newest - last 5 years - favorite hotel chain is Hyatt. I have 2 cards & my wife has 1. Each year you get a free hotel certificate for a Category 1-4 free night. Points at rooms are reasonable - of course depending on where & when you go. We used to stay at the Hyatt at the Wharf with our free certs for a weekend in DC. But of course they changed that hotel to a Cat 5 hotel last year....booo I'm not sure I agree with you on the Marriott, Hyatt & Hilton points. If you can get 2 of each when they're running a special points offer you can probably get 5 nights free at a decent hotel. If you hold those points for a year & wait for your 2 freet night certs you can make it 7 free nights. Note - Pretty sure the Hilton cards are doing away - or have done away - with free cert night on card anniversary. I've stayed at IHG hotels but never got any of their credit cards. I might look into it to see if I can get a free week someplace decent with points. You should look at where you think you will travel to see which chain fits your travel. Also, make sure you look at the spend requirements to get the bonus points. I have a question for you: I read the other day on Flyertalk.com that people with Hyatt cc's will cancel them after a year & re-apply in 30+ days. They get the bonus with the new card. Is that true? Also, which SW cc's do you recommend? Is 1 of the cc you get a business cc? Edit: I've been able to book first class tix on AA to Curacao & return from Aruba this year & next year for 40k total. Awesome deal...
  5. Moms for Liberty founder sent Florida GOP chair to bars prowling for hookups: police docs Bridget Ziegler, the founder of the far-right, anti-gay Moms for Liberty group, sent out her husband, Florida GOP chairman Christian Ziegler, to bars to find women to bring home for sex, police documents reveal. According to The Daily Beast, "Text messages quoted in a Sarasota Police Department (SPD) memo that was obtained by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune revealed how Ziegler sent her husband, Christian, hunting for a third sexual partner at local bars and directed him to send photos of possible hits. She allegedly told him to pretend to take pictures of his beer while photographing the women so he wouldn’t get caught sneaking pictures of them." The report said that Bridget allegedly told her husband, "Don’t come home until your d--- is wet." https://www.rawstory.com/mom-for-liberty-founder-bars/
  6. Embezzle? We were paid a certain amount of money per day for meals. It didn't matter what you spent the difference was yours. I've also worked the other way with per diem - you're paid for the amount you actually spent up to the daily limit.
  7. \When you're in Seguin, TX on a 10 month project at a steel mill and Applebees is stumbling distance from your hotel, it's pretty much the go to for road warriors. Happy hours with okay food is easy on the per diem & allows the extra cash to go straight into your pocket. My buddy, who was constantly hitting on women wherever we went, called it Applebabes due to the local talent. Good times...
  8. You, too, can own the entire content of a closed Red Lobster. Bids are now being accepted! As of today, select Red Lobster locations are CLOSED. On our Restaurant Equipment marketplace, we are auctioning off 50+ locations across the country. These auctions are WINNER TAKES ALL – meaning, each winner will receive the ENTIRE contents of the Red Lobster location they bid on. Auctions are live and will end periodically on Thursday, May 16, 2024. https://www.tagexbrands.com/red-lobster/
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