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  1. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Uh....Wagner used 2 of his teammates as leverage. I thought that was also illegal.
  2. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    I'm actually impressed he didn't throw an INT there.
  3. I have a few family members that are STHs. They were all gone by halftime today. Can any of you blame them? I'm personally amazed a couple of them went at all.
  4. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Big silver lining: Philly could easily miss the playoffs this year. Would be exactly what that fanbase deserves this year.
  5. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

  6. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Cowboys might win with a 9:59 FG drive in OT.
  7. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Glad somebody else noticed the free TO from the refs.
  8. Thompson trying to give up?
  9. Well we already won 2 (Dallas and NY), so that would indeed be one hell of a feat.
  10. ESPN, can you not show me the injured players thru some random idiots phone? Thanks.
  11. So anybody know if Adonis Alexander has any speed? Or if he'll ever play?
  12. What in the unholy **** was that?