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  1. Don't submarines need to come up for air, fuel, supplies, etc. at some point? Anybody reported Westy MIA to the proper authorities?
  2. No. God can't make it happen if Biden knows about it. Biden's more powerful than God now, what with the dethroning and all.
  3. How about a compromise name? One that will piss off a division rival AND fans at the same time? I propose: Washington Football Cubs It's just enough like Washington Football Club to be a slap in the face to both fans who like AND hate the name. But at the same time, it'll make "New York Football Giants" somehow sound even more stupid than it is now. Plus people can't complain that it sounds like some stupid college team because it's already the name of a professional sports team. It's not quite as bad as Wizards, but it's dumb enough to keep people angry for decades.
  4. Speak for your ****ing self. I would love to have a support baby wolf. The fact that you don't makes you suspicious as hell.
  5. Because he doesn't believe it. It's really that simple. He's the guy who watched what the R's turned into while he was VP (or at least were much more willing to become vocal about their beliefs), and he still thinks that people like Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney are the "real Republican party" who believe in compromise and actually governing. I know we just saw the epitome of what happens when someone with no experience takes over the highest office of the land, but now we're seeing the exact opposite: someone who has spent TOO much time in Congress holding that office. You served in
  6. Added the letters and numbers to make it easier. But sadly I know the answers here: 1-D 2-C 3-A 4-B
  7. How sad for them. I'm sure this will definitely convince others like them and not fall on deaf ear at all yet again. This time, it's gonna break through. I'm seriously.
  8. And here I thought distracted driving was a bad thing to be avoided at all costs.
  9. I'm sure even if it passes, teachers are smart enough to figure out how to make them "accidentally turn off" or "malfunction" as often as the police.
  10. He's just disappointed they've been arrested instead of poisoned with radioactive materials.
  11. 3 race-specific events that occurred because "former" Confederates got mad that blacks had power and decided to do something about it: New Orleans Massacre of 1866: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Orleans_massacre_of_1866 Colfax Massacre https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/1873-colfax-massacre-crippled-reconstruction-180958746/ The Wilmington Coup/Massacre: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilmington_insurrection_of_1898 A couple that aren't race specific, but are class related so often intentionally overlooked: Haymarket Riot: https://en.
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