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  1. GhostofSparta

    Alex Trebek announced he has Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

    What is: this is bull****? Trebek got this.
  2. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Deleted. Repeat Post.
  3. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    After the blatant non-PI call in the 4th that helped them win, I don't really care. If Aaron Donald or Suh drive Brady a yard into the turf it might be fun, but otherwise I don't care to watch the Pats win again. Seems boring, Edit: deleted repeat post.
  4. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Congrats to New England. Might be the 2nd year in a row I don't watch the SB.
  5. Do you know what a vaccine is? It's literally exposing you to a safe version of a disease so you don't get it later in life. Your system is exposed to something like Chicken Pox or Measles, but in a non-fatal way so your body fights it off and you never get it for real. As someone who had cancer (leukemia) as a child, **** anti-vaxxers. Herd immunity means I don't die, not that your kids doesn't have to get a vaccine because everybody else will. I had to miss a month of school in 3rd grade because some kid came in with Measles and I had no immune system because of chemo. Almost had to repeat a grade because somebody didn't get their kid an MMR vaccine. Yes, I'm a bit biased.
  6. I'm curious how Snyder feels about the national anthem. After all, the line "What so proudly we hailed" is right there in the first verse. Is he opposed to that? If so, does that mean he should protest the anthem for that line, or...?
  7. GhostofSparta

    To be a man

  8. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

  9. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Boom! Perfect timing INT!
  10. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Oh, so NOW the officials can see when a QB gets hit in the face?
  11. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    A turnover here would be perfect.
  12. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Well that was a hideous play.
  13. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    Thomas is a murderer today.
  14. GhostofSparta

    Gameday Thread

    8 1/2 minute FG drive too much to ask?