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  1. Don't want to give away too much about them, but both are officers. Both were also raised in extremely conservative, extremely religious families, both with a military parent. I know this because I was raised in a similar environment, but without the military parent. I can understand them being shocked at how "liberal" I've become, but I never expected them to fall for crazy conspiracy theories like Q and Covid denial. The biggest tool I have at my disposal is knowing what and how they argue, as I was raised the same way. Coming at them through those avenues has been my only minor successes, and I'm hoping it's enough to keep them this side of sane for another few months.
  2. I know a couple of guys in the military. 2 years ago, I would have expected them to act sanely if Trump gets voted out but throws a tantrum. of them is, if not a Q believer, at least a Q sympathizer. The other is a full on "Covid is a hoax" type. I can no longer say I 100% believe they'd do the right thing. I'm trying to keep them sane, but you know how easy it is for them to find like-minded types online, so I'm fighting a losing battle.
  3. Dan survived the bombshell that the cheerleaders were taken to other countries and had their passports confiscated while pimping them out to rich guys. If he wasn't forced to sell after that, "mere" sexual harassment won't take him down.
  4. Debts and Deficits will suddenly matter again on November 4th. If Trump loses, it will be all about how Biden screwed the economy and the future with all this spending. If Trump wins, it will be all about how all the spending is his fault, that the Republicans will get serious about fiscal restraint again but can't until Trump is gone in 2025.
  5. Stock Market is still high. Too many people think that means the economy is good, especially if that's what they're told that's all "The Economy" is.
  6. Exactly what I would expect someone from Bougie Canada to say.
  7. How will penalties affect this? Will a defensive holding give them the ball 1st and 10 at the 30, offense good to go? Or will it just be a do-over?
  8. See I've got the opposite opinion on Possums. They eat ticks and can't carry rabies, which are pluses. And when my dad died and I had to clean out his house, it took me maybe 3 minutes to get a family of possums off his back porch. Much easier than when I've had to help get rid of squirrels (or cats. I'd much rather face a possum than a cat).
  9. Because terrorism works. We may not like to admit it (or in cases where it's white dudes with guns, call it something else entirely), but it's true.
  10. 1. Give Wentz a MASSIVE contract 2. Draft a QB in the 2nd round. At least with GB you can make the case that Rodgers is on the older side, but with Philly, you just laugh.
  11. Ok, everybody had their fun. Time for a run on LTs. C'mon, make Miami sweat and consider giving up that last 1st rounder...
  12. Eff with Miami. Pretend you'll trade with them, see how desperate they get, then take their man anyway. Gotta enjoy the little things.