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  1. GhostofSparta

    2019 Game Day Thread

    That's cool Jaylon Smith. There's a dude lying on the ground writhing in pain 5 yards behind you, but go ahead a do a dance with your buddy right in front of him.
  2. I know I pointed this out earlier in the thread, but I'll repeat it here: The Redskins and Giants have 14/16 games in common. The killer for SoS is that we played the 10-2 49ers and the Giants played the 3 win Cardinals. There's simply no way we make that up. I truly hate the fact that it's still possible to get swept by the Giants and STILL have them pick ahead of us. No major shakeups after last night, but SoS has been updated, so we're ready to go for the next week.
  3. I actually like the idea of a coin flip, I just think it's done wrong. I think the team that loses the coin flip should pick first, because they obviously have worse luck.
  4. Cards lost. Broncos won. The list is updated until Tuesday.
  5. Giants were already picking #2 before the week started. Nothing changed except they're closer to #1 and going to be harder to get ahead of even if they beat us.
  6. @Forehead, my God man, how the hell did you do this so many years? I almost feel like I need to edit the Title and put at the very beginning that SoS is the most important thing after record. Anyway, updated after the 1 PM games. I'll update once more after the 4 PM games are done.
  7. I haven't updated it since last Tuesday. The Dolphins fell behind us based on Thursday's games, but I'm going to update now, then once more Tuesday after all the games have been played and the SoS are finalized for the week.
  8. Seattle won the West at 7-9 earlier this decade. That was the "Beastquake" win over NO.
  9. Haskins got in there for the victory kneel down this week. Anybody want to **** about the way he did it?
  10. He tried. Can't blame him for attempting to fool the refs.
  11. I legitimately do not know how to process what is happening in this game. I was absolutely not prepared for this.
  12. What a circus catch for a 1st by Harmon!
  13. They haven't done **** since their first 2 drives. And are now down by 1. Not saying they won't, but they haven't exactly lit it up recently.