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  1. Don't worry, Biden's Catholic so that means something will happen on St. Patrick's Day, which is in 2 weeks not days.
  2. But has he literally ate any babies lately?
  3. He's got a point. The Washington Football Team has never missed the playoffs or lost the NFC East.
  4. As a descendent of proud hill people from West "by God" Virginia, let me just say: **** everything about this idea, and **** anyone who wants/allows Company Towns to come back.
  5. Why are we ignoring the most obvious PR win? New name: Washington Sentinels. New Mascot: Keanu Reeves
  6. Favorite words: **** and **** Least favorite words: **** and ****
  7. I feel attacked. That was me 2 years ago at Warped Tour in Atlantic City. Punk's not dead, we're just old and tired, give us a minute, damn.
  8. If the team really wants to stick with something as generic as "Football Team," then I'd like to nominate this as our new fight song for as long as that lasts.
  9. Brady gets the boot from New England, where he's played his entire career completely reviving that franchise from NFL laughingstock. He then goes to Tampa (because when you're from New England, you go to Florida to retire. They're called "snow birds."). Tampa also just so happens to be hosting the SB this year. So Tampa, led by aging but not quite done yet Tom "GOAT" Brady, finally after 50+ years gets to play the first ever Home Superbowl. And since you're already got the great story of "First ever home SB," then why not go ahead and cap it off with a win? I'm not saying I believ
  10. Poor kid doesn't even realize his NFL coaching career is over in less than a year. The Coach Killer spares neither young nor old.
  11. 40%? Not sure, for some reason I just feel like police and 40% belong together.
  12. I'll just leave this here at the start. For funsies.
  13. I wonder if the Dems in GA shouldn't hide behind a couple of PACs blasting ads about how Kemp "Didn't Stop the Steal" and encourage Trump's hardcore base to not vote for him. I know there are ways it could backfire, but that seems like a surefire way to attack Kemp and discourage his voters without being an overtly "Vote for the Dems" message that would fail with that crowd.
  14. Kirk Cousins: Coach Killer If they don't make the playoffs next year it's because he's had so many OCs. Not his fault.
  15. Because they didn't smash windows and doors to get in there? Because they didn't steal a bunch of ****? Because they didn't build a gallows in front of the building and threaten to hang Kavanaugh on it? Because none of them are armed? Because they didn't murder a cop and assault and injure several others? I'm sure I can come up with a dozen more reasons, but if none of these answers satisfy you, I'm not sure how many more it will take.
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