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  1. Yeah, not bad at all...I'd take it too! I guess I just don't get the connection from a few of those guys who aren't satisfied or are bitter they don't have more to feeling "persecuted" or believing they are owed more breaks. Unless, of course, that's what they're saying to you.
  2. OK, well a "fantastic ride" is all relative. I also think it's a bit dismissive to portray blue collar workers as not working hard. Maybe you don't think they earned the salaries and perks based on the level of education, but I know plenty of blue collar guys (of all races) who work their ass off. I'd say they've earned whatever they've gotten.
  3. But are we talking about the same thing here? What you're describing sounds like people who aren't satisfied with what they have. They want more. Opinions about that aside, that doesn't 1) show that they were gifted any of that because they were white or 2) show that they aren't satisfied because they believe they deserve more and that "their slice" is being given to other demographics. That's the way I took LNL's post.
  4. I don't know if that's really the reason (I realize you're just throwing out a hypothesis). For at least the past 25-30 years these old, white men have been feeling the impact of quotas, etc. so this isn't sudden or recent where things have started not going their way or to their liking. My father joined the Secret Service in the 1970s and was told even back then how a white male could be successful, but would have his work cut out for him. So, even if similar white men in through time benefited from their skin color and gender, his generation of white men wasn't. Therefore, I don
  5. @TheDoyler23 makes sense. I guess all I'm really saying is that I think most companies that CAN honor remote situations will do so. It's better for those companies and better for retention. I don't see the "honest day's work" mentality being the driver here (like I believe it was pre-pandemic). I think the only jobs that will remain in-person will be those that need to be in-person.
  6. I don't see that happening much. In many cases, companies either can or cannot offer that perk of remote work. I run all operations for a Federal contractor and we have certain contracts under which we can offer remote work and some under which we cannot. It's black and white. As far as where people work when they aren't obligated to go to a customer, we don't care. That reduces our overhead and costs. That's why I don't really believe there will be many companies trying to get people back in the office unless it's necessary (either for job function or contractually to a customer).
  7. @Painkiller your post made me think of something that likely won't ever come up, but if it did.... What if the team moved? I know that is less likely than even the name change was. I always assumed that if it moved sometime in the future and was the Nebraska Redskins or something, fans would still have that identity to cling to. But once the name is different (or if it remains WFT or WFC) all identity is gone upon a geographic move.
  8. He doesn't care about the fans, which is dumb but his right. It's the not caring about the people he employs to work for him that I think is even worse.
  9. Exactly...I hate the man and never believed the Epstein stuff. Again, to me it comes down to what's the best-case and worst-case with Snyder pursing this? Best-case is that something comes out completely vindicating that he wasn't involved with something that virtually no one believes he was. The worst-case is that he stays in the news cycle and another cheerleader or victim comes forward, etc. It's similar to me from being taught that when you get the answer you want, you shut up. He should feel extremely lucky and it seems he's pushing that luck.
  10. They only have so much control though...the longer it's in the news, the more likely it is that someone else complains or another investigator asks more questions. We've all gotten away with things in our lives...most people take their W, shut their mouths, and wait for the next story/situation to put theirs further in the rearview. Snyder seems insistent on staying in the news and doubling/tripling/quadrupling down.
  11. It's not unreasonable for him to explore what he considers to be slander. But, it's a questionable choice when you weigh the cost/reward. In the context of what's been going on and with many believing he's dodged a bullet, what's the point? Drop it and move on. It's his continued poking around that I hope ultimately gets him burned.
  12. I'm torn on this... On one hand, it's such a stupid rule. On the other hand, athletes know the rules when they compete so it's her own fault.
  13. Because he's ruined it for me and now I want him to suck for the rest of his life. I bet you're right. I'm sure he will honor the arrangement and leave his newly-appointed CEO to run this autonomously
  14. Nah, I'm good hoping for him to continue looking like an idiot. That's his karma since no one else is punishing him.
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