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  1. I would guess that all he's doing is using shields...it's what he's always done. Rather than ever truly change anything he's merely making moves that he thinks help his PR or cover up the rot of other decisions.
  2. And outside of one or two of them, they are all reasons the team needs upgrades at many positions. Most of those guys are key players for this team, but wouldn't be for most...so it's true that the team found contributors in those rounds, but they are likely only contributors because of limited options at their respective positions.
  3. Good point. I just wish that meddling and making bad picks was Snyder's worst offense. If it was, I'd still be able to lose myself in the football. As it stands, I find myself following the Colts a little more (a team I adopted in the 80s as a harmless, younger brother to my Redskins). Until the NFL cleans up Snyder's mess, I find it hard to support this organization.
  4. I haven't paid as much attention to that thread or the football opinions these days. Everything I do in following this organization is at the higher levels now, including discussion so I haven't worried too much about the week-to-week temperature of the fanbase. I caught glimpses of the game on Red Zone...saw the TD and failed 2-pointer, so I'm guessing there is plenty of angst for those who were hoping for a season in 2020. I'm guessing the excitement after opening day feels months ago, rather than weeks these days.
  5. It could be that he saw this as more than a coaching gig and is trying to run the entire football department. To do that (successfully) he has to hire good people and delegate. Gibbs did it that way...he hired Petitbone and got the F out of the way. He would duel with the GM (Beathard and Casserly) when it came to players, so even he didn't have the control that Rivera does. I would think this "full control" plus his diagnosis has made it nearly impossible for Ron to decide everything, so I think your assessment that he's giving people a chance to sink or swim is a good one.
  6. That's horrible. The defense of the organization is scary...but I have to be honest, I was the same way for a long time. My inclination was to assume anyone slamming the team or owner was doing so just with bad intentions. It wasn't until these most recent stories came up...they hit very close to home and are SO egregiously horrible that I can't ignore it any longer.
  7. None of the facts in this one were much different, I agree. But the point of this one was clearly to personalize this from the girls' POV. These were women who gave hours of their weeks away from families for pennies and this was the treatment that they received. Being objectified and exploited.
  8. Yep, when I noticed that hypocrisy this summer/early-fall I was floored. How damning is that?? "Conduct yourself properly, but we'll cut up some nip-slips of you and circle-jerk in the executive conference room in Ashburn."
  9. Just saw that pop out on Twitter. He is a disgusting man. Listen, I'm not trying to be holier-than-though...I understand that cheerleaders are attractive and all that. But there's a definite line that Snyder not only crossed but blew way past far too long ago. And it's indicative of the culture he created. What a cesspool he's created out of a once-proud franchise. I hope the NFL makes a huge example out of him and the girls seeking legal action all win whatever they are looking for.
  10. Breaking Bad was a perfect series and the finale was great. I don't have anything else to add...
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