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  1. It's a huge distinction that needs to be addressed. Domestic disputes, gang violence, crimes of passion...they are never going away. Take the guns away and people will be stabbed or poisoned or driven off a cliff. That's been happening longer than any of our grandparents were walking the earth. The random, arbitrary, take-people-down-with-me crimes are relatively new and what is the most concerning. Those are the ones that need their separate category because they are the ones where a completely unassociated person's life can end because they needed to run out for mil
  2. It is but he's right. To me, as a law-abiding citizen, there's a major difference. I'm less scared when I hear about a drug deal gone bad or gang violence or even a jealous husband killing his wife and her lover than I am a random asshole who kills strangers for no reason. The first set of crime happens everywhere in a number of ways (guns, knives, whatever). The second category is unique to the US.
  3. Looks like the suspect was identified as Brandon Scott Hole https://www.indystar.com/story/news/crime/2021/04/16/indianapolis-fedex-shooting-live-updates-after-8-killed/7251292002/
  4. Please explain, then. My point (which you replied to) was that I believe reporting of these things is more prevalent but the crimes themselves are less prevalent...and that there has never been a better time in US history to be someone other than a white male. You countered with a commentary on the fact that crimes still happen. So, what is your point? Do you disagree that this happens less often now than it did in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.?
  5. I'm guessing it's still better in that scenario today than it was before. We see and hear about everything now. That wasn't the case previously and I'm sure those racist incidents were much more prevalent.
  6. @Chump Bailey I think you have to look at the bigger picture though. There are bad people out there, but I think as a society we are more inclusive than ever before. Imagine being a homosexual in any other era? And, I know race relations is a huge topic today and I don't want to discount that, but we are usually complaining about individual citizens publicizing their beliefs. There's never been a better time in this country to be something other than a white male and that's a lot of progress that we often gloss over.
  7. That's fair...but WE are better so since I saw it in here, I wanted to address it.
  8. My issue with her comparison is just that...it intentionally plays on emotions. She implies that an entity allows guns but not phones. That's not even apples-to-oranges...
  9. That's a pretty big stretch by someone trying to politicize the **** out of this. She's trying a little too hard here. Edit: What I mean is that equating the company policy of taking cell phones before a shift to gun laws are apples-to-oranges, at best.
  10. Yep, this is a small piece of our long-term nest egg. We took about 2% of our money in the market and bought some shares. I don't intend to flip it anytime soon...we'll see how it goes!
  11. I know...I should have held my horses too, but I got excited. You know, the exact opposite of how you're supposed to operate!
  12. I bought some COIN today...hoping that it skyrockets one of these days!
  13. It really would be an amazing alternate history to see.
  14. Oh OK. Then clearly they are throwing out some ****ty names so that whatever they choose isn't all that bad
  15. Plenty of team names have nothing to do with the city. Lions in Detroit? Rams in LA/St. Louis/Cleveland?
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