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  1. Agreed, but if it's really 90-100 years old, that's what uniforms looked like. Some of the old throwbacks to the 20s and 30s are like that (Green Bay and Pittsburgh come to mind). It truly does! The contrast of burgundy, gold, and white is beautiful. I can't believe I was getting sick of it and wishing for a rebrand at certain points of my life. That's what I get!
  2. It would be great if they re-adopted the 1960s era throwbacks. I'm sure, at some point in time, a Commander of some army in history led a group of men who carried spears. Then, when they inevitably rebrand, do so around that image. Warriors, Spartans, Natives, or something. It'll be far better and honor the past much more.
  3. I actually think the opposite about weekdays. I think they'd be more likely to avoid Fridays and creep into Tuesdays for the same reason they avoid Saturdays (they are honoring their pipeline by leaving Fridays to the high school kids and not fighting the folks who will be sitting in bleachers at those games).
  4. Thanks, I appreciate the respectful exchange!
  5. Very good...it's a nice post, @Jumbo and I agree that you are more in tune to the daily leanings. That said, I agree with you overall about there being common things that span all humans. I think defending slavery or Hitler or child grooming would be pretty easy to all agree on. I guess where I'm just off my rocker is that I don't think it's cut and dry that a group of people wanting to maintain some memory of people who represented their history/states/etc. rises to that level. Yes, I understand the Civil War and the key disagreement within it. But, the desire to not want to whitewash history is certainly more nuanced than "I like some Civil War names, therefore I loved the idea of slavery."
  6. Appreciate the feedback. It's funny to me that what I provide is considered embarrassing, but it is what it is. I'd recommend you truly evaluate the statement of yours that I underlined, bolded, and italicized above. There is absolutely an echo chamber atmosphere, especially if anyone dares to introduce an opinion that isn't considered perfectly PC, mainstream, or status quo. It's perfectly fine, of course...you guys are free to create the place you want. But, don't try to convince yourself that it doesn't exist.
  7. Exactly the point I was trying to make. Flawless reading comprehension.
  8. Yeah, I got blown up in the other thread where this came up. Just because I can see both sides and don't think a community wanting to hold onto traditions automatically equals pure evil...I'm basically an enabler or apologist. My stance on all this is that people in general are flawed. All of them. If we are going to name anything after anyone ever, we should just acknowledge that and be OK with their flaws. The ones who lived 200 years ago were all probably racist, sexist, and any other "ist" you can find. But, many of them did some good things too. If people want to find community and pride in that, let them. But, it's a very slippery slope to strip every town of a name, because to say that Stonewall Jackson's racism outweighs his service in the Mexican-American War but Thomas Jefferson racism doesn't outweigh his patriotism is a very arbitrary line to draw.
  9. It's always fun to be reminded that every topic is completely black and white in here. It really is exhausting sometimes. Sorry to rock the boat.
  10. OK. I just don't think everything is always that cut and dry. I don't believe that you can always draw a direct line from "wanting to keep names of schools and streets" to "support every ideal held by the individual" Otherwise, we better just rename every city and take down every statue...
  11. If a majority of people disagree with a decision and overrule it, then is it clear that it was the right thing to do? It's possible that, at least in that community, rushing to rename every school and remove every statue was *not* the right thing to do or there wouldn't be so much backlash.
  12. I don't agree. People like traditions and are attached to things. I would guess that not every person who preferred the name Stonewall Jackson did so because they are racists or hopes the South rises again. They might just have fond memories of the school they attended, not want history erased, or appreciate some of their heritage being preserved. To jump to the conclusion that this requires a reckoning is a bit extreme. It’s a name of an American…relax.
  13. I don't know...it might be a little much to spend taxpayer money to rebrand again. It's just a school name. But I think it just proves that we may have gone a little overboard a couple years ago finding anything with any name relating to a Confederate or someone who may have owned a slave and just wiping those names out of existence.
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