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  1. I don't know...there are a lot of assumptions up there! First of all, Snyder "doing something" isn't the only reason this team might not get better next year. And I think it's naïve to believe Rivera would walk away from 4 years of his salary unless something absolutely crazy happened. Take a look at Rivera's history too, his win totals year-over-year don't really show that he tends to build on past seasons and incrementally improve. He had win totals of 6, 7, 12, 7, 15, 6, 11, and 7 over his full seasons in Carolina. I guess you could argue that 2020 was a "down" year for him here
  2. OK, I guess we will see. I just believe that many of the playoff seasons under Snyder left fans with that same sense of excitement and optimism.
  3. When you say "devolving suddenly" what are you referring to? Gruden had this team pretty steadily between 7-9 and 9-7 until the bottom fell out in his final year. It was led by offense, for sure, but I actually remembering commenting to a few friends in 2016 and 2017 that at least we had steadied the ship a bit. It's a sad milestone, but I can't think of another 3-year run without double-digit losses under one coach since Norv. So, I agree that I wouldn't expect a bad season in the next couple years (10+ losses) but I also have been fooled many times with this team under Snyder's
  4. On Voters Rights...I'd love to hear people's take on a voter ID process. I understand that some are anti because it's believed to suppress voters, but if it's made simple to apply for and get, wouldn't it help ensure integrity? Not only that, but it also REMOVES the fraud talking point.
  5. That was the best set-up the organization has been under Snyder. So that's certainly what everyone should be hoping for.
  6. Which thread is this being discussed because I think it's an interesting topic
  7. I could drill down deeper into each year (for example, I actually believe the 2000 team would have been horrible IF NOT for the defensive additions in FA), but I see your primary points. And, you could be right that all of that is magically fixed this time. I think Rivera is a perfectly good coach, but I can't say that he's anything better than Marty in 2000, Gibbs in the mid-2000s, or Shanahan in 2010. We will see though. As you say, a lot of it will come down to Snyder. I hope he's forced out so that there's some real hope and eventually an EXPECTATION that promising young teams
  8. I'd even go as far as to say that the team WILL fall back from this year. It's been proven over two decades that Snyder's teams never build off of any success. I can't tell you if the defense will regress, if the offense will stay putrid, or what...but there are plenty of data points to show that the team will trend down in 2021. 1999 10-6 was followed by 8-8 2005 10-6 was followed by 5-11 2007 9-7 was followed by 8-8 (finishing 2-6) 2012 10-6 was followed by 3-13 2015 10-6 was followed by 8-7-1 (that's the BEST follow-up season this team has had under Snyder)
  9. Is he? They were 30th in the league in total offense. Look I don't want to be Debbie Downer...I'm just saying that this is probably the 6th or 7th "this time is different" iteration since Snyder has been here. I'm not saying people won't be right this time, but there were legitimately reasonable expectations each of the other times and they never materialized.
  10. I'm not saying I agree or disagree, but let's try something with your case above...it's very possible we could say: "Ron Rivera lost 10 out of 17 games --his offense was putrid all year with all 4 QBs who saw the field. He is approaching mediocre, but terrible offense and a defense that disappeared during big spots held this teams back. Gruden had seasons with some great offensive play and proved time and again that he could scheme people open in the passing game. His teams won a huge primetime games vs. Green Bay, won on the road in Seattle, and won a win-or-go-home game in Phill
  11. Yeah, the chest puffing is kind of funny because this team hasn't ever sustained even modest success like they had this past year or in 2015 when they've won a down division. The closest they came was going 8-7-1 in 2016. Maybe this is the year it's all different, but if history tells us anything, the Redskins will drop back down or stick in the 6-8 win range while one or more division rivals will get to 10+ wins in 2021.
  12. I honestly believe that many in this thread (and on Twitter, etc.) have pre-conceived notions. Unless someone is blasting Trump or his supporters, we are painted as MAGA nuts. That might be why you read something @XxSpearheadxX says that isn't completely anti-Trump and assume something about him/her that isn't true. I've experienced it too.
  13. I'm not disagreeing with you or endorsing their points. I'm just trying to point out that there are concerns that some of the right-leaning folks have that aren't laced with conspiracy theories or insurrection. The friend of mine I talk to most about this, she believes that it does make voting more accessible but also makes it much easier for mistakes (not fraud or intentional cheating) to happen. She was sharing stories of people who got multiple mail-in ballots, etc.
  14. You're doing a much better job of stating/articulating what I am trying to. Thank you! People need to realize that many people (I know some of them) believe that things weren't completely on the up and up with the election without having outlandish conspiracy theories or wanting the overthrow the government. There are plenty of intelligent friends of mine who believe Covid was leveraged to push through mail-in voting to tip the scales to the left. Those same people did NOT attend the protest or anything last week, but I'm just illustrating that there are people all up and down the
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