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  1. This is exactly where I stand on this...why would I care what a man I've never met thinks about politics? The only thing I truly care about is how he coaches and how the players respond to him. When I was younger, I cared a lot more about the people on the team. But that was also when your team was your team for years and years, not for roughly the life of a 5-year contract. Now, I want results. If our team was made up of 53 players who also happened to be flat-earthers, I'd be fine with it as long as they were good at sports.
  2. Take two today and let the miracle run continue haha
  3. That's where I'm at with this too. I don't really care about competitive balance, etc. Sports is entertainment and very much needed right now. Do whatever you can to put a product out there for us to consume. Even if someone other than NYY or LAD wins the title this year, who cares?
  4. I assume "Rings" in the thread title refers to the World Series rings the players will get in a few months? It's kind of cool having a quick start, just so there's still something to follow this month. I fully expect things to level out soon though.
  5. Great observation...that's exactly what I was thinking.
  6. I could see that being true when you isolate just the operating COSTS. But I would imagine no games also means no TV revenue. If that's true, then I just don't see how not playing would be more profitable.
  7. Oh that is a little odd, I agree. I didn't realize. As someone who doesn't enjoy attending games anyway, going during a pandemic was a hard no for me. I hope fans make the best choices.
  8. Right, I agree. I guess what I'm asking is are there stories pointing to them trying to push for capacity crowds or crowds at all? The last I saw was that preseason games would be crowdless, before they were cancelled.
  9. Do you think so? I would think the NFL would care so much more about making sure they can play games for TV since that's where most of their money comes from anyway.
  10. Sports is a diversion. If these adults are willing to suit up and play, then let them. I was telling my wife last night the same thing...whoever wins the 2020 World Series likely won't carry the same weight to most fans, but I'm not watching to see who gets crowned. I'm watching to have entertainment night in and night out. It's something to do after 4 months of having nothing to watch. I'd view this differently if the players didn't have an opt-out option and "we" were actually putting players at a risk they haven't chosen to take on. People across the country are choosing whether or not to go to work each day. Why shouldn't those employed in professional sports have that same option? Clearly those who aren't comfortable are able to opt out, defer their salaries, etc.
  11. No, I don't think we'll ever know how someone on the team caught it. But it also doesn't help if one or more of them did go to a strip club (if in fact they aren't supposed to do things like that). Let me be clear - I read that they went to one but haven't fact-checked it. And, like you said, even if they did that might not be how they contracted the virus.
  12. I'd say that's a big one, right? They played knowing they were positive. And that was a group decision made by many players...
  13. That's fair - I have no clue how they got it. I do know that they broke protocols and got it though... And no, one team has an outbreak while every other team has a 0.3% positive test rate was NOT the nightmare scenario. Multiple teams having multiple positives is clearly the nightmare scenario. It's already an imperfect season so who cares if there needs to be re-scheduling to compensate for a one-team outbreak?
  14. I just think this is a case of a team making bad decisions...check this out: In statement about all the changes perhaps this is most vital from MLB release: In over 6,400 tests conducted since Fri, July 24, there have been no new positives of on-field personnel from any of the other 29 Clubs. In other words only #Marlins have been positive. I don't think that screams "definitely kill it" because one team hit a strip club when they shouldn't have and the other 29 teams have been stable.