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  1. TD_washingtonredskins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I would sign up for that in a heartbeat.
  2. TD_washingtonredskins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It's the "instead" in your sentence that I take issue with. Hate all the things you mentioned about him being a coward and not having the first clue how to fix the team...I'm with you. But why his purchase of a yacht even enters into the conversation, I won't understand.
  3. TD_washingtonredskins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I guess until they succeed you could always make the case that he's not spending enough. But unless that $3M was going to go into the Redskins, it's tough to get too bent out of shape when a billionaire spends money on luxury items. Anyway, I'll back down...I just think there are plenty of legitimate things to pile on Snyder about. Spending money on rich-guy stuff isn't something I care too much about.
  4. TD_washingtonredskins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The optics look bad, but otherwise I'm not concerned about this for a couple reasons: 1) It assumes that someone can't take 10 minutes to make a request in his personal life and also spend time on his professional life 2) It assumes that additional attention by Snyder would HELP the Redskins Even if #2 was true (I don't think it is), to assume that Snyder can only "focus on his team" if he's not doing anything else with his time is pretty closed-minded and far-fetched. Even the simplest of minds can effectively multi-task writing a check and doing a 9-to-5 job simultaneously. Unless you meant that those $3M should have been re-invested into the team. If that's your point (money, not his time) I would think it's ridiculous to expect that a rich guy has to be expected to spend all his money on his football team.
  5. TD_washingtonredskins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I know it's fun to hate Dan Snyder, but am I the only one who can't see the relevance of the yacht story and him being a ****ty owner? Billionaires spend lots of money on stuff. A good owner could do the exact same thing.
  6. TD_washingtonredskins

    2018 Paloffs

    I have a weird feeling that the AFC Game is going under the total. I know that it's the Patriots and I know what the Chiefs have done, but something tells me that we see some keep-away in Arrowhead Sunday night. I think the Patriots will be happy to run the ball and rely on quick/short passes.
  7. Good post. The Cousins debacle is another example of how a below-average NFL executive can have the correct opinion on a player but still botch the handling of it. All of those things were and remain true: 1) Bruce Allen is not very good at his job 2) Bruce Allen was correct that Kirk Cousins wasn't and isn't worth $84M guaranteed over 3 years 3) Bruce Allen erred in handling the Cousins negotiations and situations To elaborate on #3...he still chose to pay him half those guarantees over two seasons using the Franchise Tag. He also ultimately let Cousins walk for a compensatory pick, likely much lower than what he would have yielded in a trade at the height of his value. It's a shame that more people can't see the multiple layers to this. Cousins wasn't worth the value that he eventually had and I think Allen recognized that. Rather than make a bold move by trading him (or even letting him walk a year or two earlier), he played it out hoping we would catch lightning in a bottle and win something. His weakness as an executive was evident in THAT decision, not in his assessment of Cousins as a player.
  8. TD_washingtonredskins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    You guys are looking at this the wrong way... 1) We are on a previously unprecedented run of non-last-place finishes (4 straight) 2) We have finished last LESS OFTEN than we've finished out of last since 2010
  9. TD_washingtonredskins

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    I hate how it's used but not completely used. To me, if you can use it to correct a 23-yard catch, you should be able to use it to correct a 47-yard PI call.
  10. TD_washingtonredskins

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    Exactly! Or a catch on the sideline...can you imagine how many catches through our Redskins' glory years may have been overturned because Monk didn't "go to the ground while maintaining complete control of the ball along the sideline" or something? Monk hauled it in and got two feet down. Catch.
  11. TD_washingtonredskins

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    I'm for this, but would approach it differently. The game is over-legislated now. I don't think the answer is to provide more discretion to refs (because then you will get into annoying cases where something was a penalty in this game and not in that game). I think the answer is to significantly reduce the size of the rule book. I shouldn't need a law degree and PhD to understand what a catch is.
  12. TD_washingtonredskins

    24/7 Wall Street: Redskins one of most hated companies

    Why is that? I vaguely remember the opinions of Milstein being harsh at the time too...but I don't quite recall any specifics.
  13. TD_washingtonredskins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    @Skinsinparadise wow, you're 100% right. He comes off as genuine and likable in that clip. I'm sure he has a petulant side to him, but I have also seen enough times where he's tolerable and relateable that makes me think he's not just some evil guy. I wonder what his obstacles are!
  14. TD_washingtonredskins

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    I want a small percentage of athletes to come from "Parts Unknown" or places like that. The world is too small now. There was a time when we didn't know every custom and government in every backwater village on each continent. That was so cool. I also want the final 2 minutes of a NFL game to be frantic and panic-inducing like it was in the 1980s. I remember watching games and it seemed like protecting a 5-point lead at the 2-minute warning was a lock. Teams ran around like the clock was accelerating. Over the past 10-15 years it seems like QBs and coaches have become so good with clock management that each team can manipulate the clock to ensure that they both will have ample time to score and/or answer. Teams rarely run out of time anymore...they simply run out of downs instead. I miss the chaos! I'll echo the "hating your opponent" thing. What happened to the 1990s Knicks/Pacers or 1970s Cowboys/Redskins?
  15. TD_washingtonredskins

    **The Official 2018-2019 Winter Weather Thread**

    Is this weekend's looking like anything legit?