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  1. Thinking Skins

    Are we just gonna ignore how terrible tre Quinn is

    This may be the best thing about Cal as coach. I don't care about Richardson (I like Quinn a little more), but if we're trying to plan this team for the future I want guys like harmon and the youth getting time. And I don't want to be repeating about we need the players without giving guys a chance.
  2. Thinking Skins

    Are we just gonna ignore how terrible tre Quinn is

    To add to this, I noticed that Harmon was in there on that last drive. Not saying much because we couldn't run it out, but we've known that Harmon is a good blocker and a more sought after WR in the draft. Whats interesting is that both were thought to be higher picks in the draft, with Quinn expected to be a 4th or 5th and Harmon expected to be a 2nd or third. I wonder if that was just draft geeks or do the FO and coaches feel that way? Whats more interesting to me is that as much love as McLaurin is getting, and as much hate as Quinn is getting in this thread, Harmon is the forgotten guy, He was supposed to be the most talented of the bunch, at least according to draft boards. I remember how many people were upset we drafted McLaurin over Harmon. But I wonder if harmon is going to see more snaps in the coming weeks.
  3. Not just that, the holding call on Norman in the end zone that extended their drive (i think it was third down), the drop by McLaurin that coulda been a TD. We can always do this and it's kinda fun to think about how 'close' we are, we actually won the game so yeah we could have lost but it's not a clear thing as that. Plus we're we playing prevent against Fitz? It seemed like our rush was gone except for that bad snap. That's also a factor.
  4. Thinking Skins

    Press Release: #Redskins Quotes: Callahan

    I'll say this, and it definitely buys into my homerism, but Cal is undefeated so far in press conferences.
  5. To the Warren Sharp quote, I'll look for the star next to this win in the standings where it says we beat a bad team. Is there also a star next to NE, NY, Phi, Chi and Dal for beating us? I mean aren't we barely a pro team? Wins and losses are wins and losses. Not shoulda-been-wins and almost-losses. Over the last 6 years we've showed we can almost win games and lose to teams we're "supposed to" demolish. So the fact that we did come out with the W means something. And if Sharp (and whoever else) wants to say they tanked, I hope you start a go fund me for the players and coaches in Miami that get fired after this season because thats what happens after tanking. Heck look at Joe Barry and the stain on his resume, and he was the DC of a team that went 0-16. We hired him here and fans thought we had committed a moral sin or something. Brian Flores is a Black coach and if there's anything we know about Black coaches in the NFL, its that they don't get many second chances. So To the
  6. At the end of the day Snyder's profits and happyness does nothing for my week. But a Redskins win helps me through a lot of stuff.
  7. Thinking Skins

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    So I'm going to re-enter this conversation having given Doc and Galdi a little room to grow and I think I like the format. It kinda reminds me of a local version of Mike and Mike, but without all the BS that they did as they got older. Maybe a more sports version of the sports junkies. Maybe thats not giving them enough credit though. I like the way the contrast one another. I still think that sometimes Doc will talk over Galdi or sometimes Galdi is too into his own opinion, but they've gotten a lot better. In particular is the conversation with the Skins winning a game vs losing out. You have Doc's opinion (as a guy who's played) that there's nothing like winning and how winning can help a lot of things, and in particular how he himself has been 0-5 and saw it turn around and lead to their SB runs. But Galdi is all about the tank for Tua or whoever so he wants to just play Haskins and let the chips fall where they may. I enjoyed that back and forth because it was a groove for the show. Some callers sided with Doc and some with Galdi. It was nice.
  8. I'll take a stab at this. The passing attack puts us particularly our OL into a different attitude. They're forced to play off their back feet a lot of the time with these passes. And even with the Gruden runs, many of them were draws to Thompson and plays that look like passes then we do the ol fakeroo and hand it off, and those slow delveoping runs. I hate those because its not consistent to smash mouth philosophy. I think last year we were better at that, but kinda reluctantly so. Its like we were told that we have to run AP because he's all we've got so we tried to make it work. I don't excuse Cal (my new nickname for the HC) but I think philosophy matters a lot.
  9. Oh really I'm loving it. Have you noticed, no holding penalties
  10. Dag McLauren is on my bench.
  11. I thought Quinn was hurt with one of those hits. I wish we were going to Harmon more but maybe Quinn is more "reliable"? I really wonder about this because it seemed like Quinn was another Gruden lovefest. I saw Harmon getting some plays earlier, but not much lately
  12. thats what I want to see with a running game. Wear down the DL