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  1. I agree with this and think it was said perfectly. Teams who don't have these things just lose games. It's not taking. When we have these things (supposedly) we should be trying to build a winning product and have the players buy in. The actual act of winning can do a lot in this regard.
  2. I agree with this. I like Wilson probably second most in this draft. I'm still questionable on Fields. I think his ceiling is high but I don't know where I place him. The more I read the more I get rumors of Wilson and I like that but I still think Wilson is more of a playmaker. But It doesn't matter because I think we're deciding between Wilson and Lance right now and I have Wilson above him.
  3. I'm not for trading up a RG3 type package or even a Wentz type package, especially not with seeing what Jackson, Mahomes, Watson, Allen, etc have become. I really wonder how Smith will grade the QBs. Will it be tier1 - Lawrence tier 2 - Fields tier 3 - everybody else or is Fields up there with Lawrence? Is Wilson above Fields? And is that a generally accepted thing around the league or unique to Washington? Is Jones up there? Is Lance? How many of these guys are seen as just a guy vs something special? I doubt this year is comparable to 13, 11, 1
  4. I think its a mix of both. Take for example San Fran. Lets rewind back to 2017 and they've just signed Kyle Shanny. Obviously Kyle wanted Kirk to be his starting QB but we don't trade Kirk. So Kyle makes the big trade for Jimmy G and has Bethard and Hoyer as backups and immediately signs Jimmy G to a big extension (kinda like we did with Alex). Jimmy G gets injured early and we see a lot of Bethard. Nothing great about 2500 yards 6.4 ypa, 4TD, 6INT. Fast forward to the next year and we have Jimmy G injured again. Bethard comes in for the next 5 games and goes 0-5, has
  5. Ok I had other posts I wanted to reply to, but this got me because I totally disagree with it. Now its hard to disagree with it because the article is stating facts but I (as a guy who loves to look for the lower round gems) am forced to question stuff like why. In the 1990s as an example, we constantly saw QBs drafted in lower rounds and developed into backups. Heck that was the whole GB philosophy - they knew they had Favre, but they'd still draft a QB every year (in a lower round) and develop him and generally trade that QB for more picks or including Ty Detmer, Mark Brunell and Matt Hassel
  6. @Skinsinparadise, that's a very interesting post. I was putting Fields behind Wilson in my readings but that article is making me think about the ranking again. Here's another list of college QBs who played Baseball https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/2019/09/26/30-nfl-quarterbacks-who-also-played-baseball/ Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray, Matt Moore, Dan Marino, Steve McNair, Akili Smith, Dan Pastorini, Archie Manning, John Elway, Tim Tebow, Drew Henson, Tom Brady, Jameis Winston, Matt Cassel, Colin Kaepernick, Brandon Weeden, Daunte Culpepper, Joe Theismann, Steve Bartk
  7. I'm going to disagree with you here. As much as I hated (and I mean despised) Bram's show (so much that I listened to Grant and Danny or random podcasts), but I like him on the radio. More than the random announcers we get on TV. They're still learning and they still stumble through things but Bram does a good job of telling me whats going on and that's all I ask for. Radio is difficult beacuse I want personality too like Buck and his Dagger but that comes secondary to just telling me things like down, distance, play and who was involved. I like that Hall is knowledgeable. Its int
  8. Why does 980 feel like an abandoned child. Its getting frustrating just from the point of the constant change. One thing about 106.7 is that they have stuck with the same content pretty much for a decade. Now that's changing with Dukes but even when Lavar left it wasn't a big change. Mike Wise leaving was big, but really they just replaced him with Holden and then Grant, right? But 980 is constantly reorganziing shows, changing content, changing ownership and for what? I remember around 2012 I was liking Cooley when he first debued with Czabe and Galdi but I think that was too many differing p
  9. True. My problem is that I don't know who the lock at MLB is - especially a coverage MLB or an instincts guy. Most of the best players are re-signed unless they want a rediculous amount of money, so we're left wondering if we can get a rotational guy to become a starter and really take over. I would definitely sign one of these guys if possible but also look to the draft for a certain type of LB. I think that I trust Kyle in terms of picking players (even LB) but the problem with going from coach to coach is that you have to learn each coach's style of player. I wonder who is coming out at MLB
  10. I'll say this. Yesterday was the type of day that I imagined that this team would be having with this recieving corp. The primary target was TMC. Gibson was the lead RB. the secondary option was JDM (Thomas had 5 targets to his 4 but look at the yards). And even Cam and Steven Sims were showing that they were better options than Thomas. So it wasn't somewhere where we had to depend on Thomas as our TE to rely on. Isaiah Wright was a good option as well, drawing that DPI that helped us to get up 17-9. I still want a more reliable TE who can grow into that role so that as he's reaching his strid
  11. True and as much as I don't like Logan Thomas as a TE, he's outperforming all the rookie TEs right now. I still would have liked to be developing there but this was a good bargain basement FA class.
  12. That's one way of looking at it, but you also have to question who we or another team (or you, the ideal GM) would have picked as the third QB in a given draft. For example - In 2016 Lynch was the third QB taken but Dallas took Dak in the 4th and he is arguably the best QB taken in that draft. In 2014, the third was Bridgewater and the 4th was Carr. 2012 there was the trio of Wilson, Cousins and Foles all taken after the top 3. But I think there's a certain question of what separates an Aaron Rogers from an Alex Smith from a Jason Campbell? What separates a Russell Wi
  13. What's sad is that I was high on Finley and Grier as alternatives to Haskins / Jones / Lock. 1.5 years later and it definitely seems like there is separation between the first QB taken, the next 3 and the rest. Maybe these guys have some games to come in and establish themselves but this is not looking good for them right now.
  14. I probably flip flop on this guy a lot but I think that somewhere we are doing well right now is not sacrificing the long term for the short. There are notable exceptions (like LB and TE) but for the most part we have a group of guys that we are developing and as much as I'm not a fan of most of the FAs we brought in, none were given those mega contracts that the Wizards are giving right now. Instead we have this philosophy of competition and youth. We are still playing football with a lot of mistakes so I think a guy like Smith can help with the development of the team but otherwise I think w
  15. Dag, drops him to third. That brings up an interesting question. Who s better as a Skin, Morris or Davis?
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