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  1. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of the show but sometimes its useful to listen to them, particularly since I know how BMitch will basically talk and I know that JP is an informed reporter with a lot of accesses (like his interview with Wright). But this is a show I'm more likely to listen to on podcast instead of live because I can see beforehand what each segment is about and can listen at 2x speed to just zoom through it.
  2. I'm not sad I stopped listening to that show now. Honestly 106.7 is still a no go for me. And its sad because JP and BMitch are sandwiched between two shows I won't listen to. I subscribe to their podcasts though. Its weird because before 980 let go of Galdi et al, my day was to listen to 980 from 6 AM to 3PM. Now its, listen to Galdi's podcast, and audio books all day. I may tune into Travis Thomas if there's breaking news or if I'm tired of a book, but its like a complete switch. I wonder if I will keep it up when the football season starts back, but I was wondering if I would l
  3. This is not really a hunch to me, but I have a feeling that with our QB history, Ryan is due for an injury and we'll see Taylor and that's when the true competition begins. Right now it's in name only because everybody and their wife knows Fitz is the starter. But come September when he can't go again, either were going to see some Doug Williams put me in type or Taylor is going to get a chance.
  4. If anybody still wants Jamie Newman, he was cut by the eagles
  5. This gets into the whole conversation about what a good/top/elite QB is though. Like, I could easily see some of the QBs who are listed above Fitzpatrick being sexier names and being guys who are better over the long run, but if we're talking this year over the next 17-20 games, I'd think Fitz would be better and have better stats than half the QBs on that list (Tannehill, Carr, Cousins, Roethlisberger, Burrow). Not saying he's an elite or really that much better QB, but I think it goes both ways and none of those QBs have really shown that they're better than Fitz (other than Ben but he's old
  6. So Galdi had on Logan Paulsen yesterday on his podcast (and its worth a listen, both that episode and the podcast in general, probably the best of the podcasts out locally) but he spoke to the high that we all have for Heinicke. He said we saw him at his best, but haven't gone through the ups and downs with him and mentioned some of his downs from Carolina. Given there aren't many downs (he wasn't given much of a chance) but he did have the 3 interception Atlanta game. And no matter how much we can say that they weren't his fault and it was a learning experience, if he made those passes here,
  7. I really wonder what this means for our secondary. I'm not the biggest supporters of Danny Johnson, Stroman and Moreau, but I have thought they had potential. Johnson didn't play last year on defense and we rarely used Moreau. Basically it seems like St-Juste is taking that Moreau spot on defense (maybe used more but he's a rookie so might be the same). Jackson takes over for Darby. We still have Fuller and Moreland. So are they in the same spots? Or is Moreland also going to see less time as St-Juste sees his playing time increase? Also what I like from this is that we have the o
  8. Very valid points. I mention some of these names because they are generally not thought of in that light. Flacco is often seen as teh lesser of those two QBs taken that year (Ryan the other) and had to prove himself in that SB season before they gave him a contract. Jimmy G did get the contract and had the hype initially (he doesn't lose games), but quickly and especially that SB year was showing that he wasn't a franchise QB. Goff was a bust until he wasn't, until he was again. Keenum I disagree with. True in STL he was never exceptional, but he was a decent guy. I thought Minny
  9. Don't get me wrong. In the 2019 draft I didn't want Haskins. I wanted an ILB. I didn't know who, but I wanted an ILB. But what I REALLY didn't want was to trade up for Haskins. So when we got Haskins at 15, I was happy we were patient and got him instead of trading up like a lot of mocks had us doing. I wasn't a fan of drafting Haskins, Campbell or Ramsey. My problem with the later two is that they were first round picks on risky QBs whose ceilings weren't at that franchise level (in my opinion). Haskins I thought had that potential, at least for the one year. I do remember reading
  10. I just want a chance at the dance. I don't buy a lot of the hype that it takes these great QBs to become larger than the game. Sure they help but I think it takes a complete team and a mediocre to good QB on a well built team is also good. You can point out the flaws in Schaub as a passer, but he's also better than any QB we've had here except maybe Cousins. But its not about that name in particular, its about the idea. You've brought this up as well - we seem to rarely go all in on a QB and when we do its all in on a vet guy who is a has been (Brunell, McNabb). We tried with RG3 and we tried
  11. I like Brissett, but I honestly am more of a fan of Heinicke and Allen. Maybe Brissett has a good skillset, but I wanted to invest in these guys. It'd be different if he was 23, but at 28/29 I can understand not wanting to develop him now as a starter (but say he comes in and leads Miami to the playoffs after Tua goes down, then I'd think Miami should invest in him). I was trying to talk myself into various FAs but I wasn't really excited about any of them other than maybe a Mond or some guys like that.
  12. I don't think you interpreted that the way I meant. I was referring to him getting cut (which most first round QBs don't) and thus not sit on the bench and learn or learn through experience playing. I was saying that we've already been down that road as to why he was cut. But the point remains that he is not being developed here. I'm not saying he should have been. And its not that I'm saying that first round QBs don't count, just that I get a lot of flack for being so pro low round QBs. For years I'd look at other teams backups and say is there somebody on a roster we could trade
  13. The problem with the Josh Allen example is that 1. He is a first round pick and 2. He came in and showed something special (the athleticism and running ability that we all agreed that Haskins didn't have). What I'm talking about is situations like Case Keenum (the most obvious) where a third string QB comes in and takes the team to the championship game after everybody thought their season was over because both Bradford and Bridgewater went down with season ending injuries. Keenum had a 3500 yard season with 23 TDs and 7 Ints. And he is not signed in the offseason. Was he a perfec
  14. Yeah, I am interested in that as well. Unfortunately I don't think Mond will last long there because I think Zimmer is on his way out and the new coach is totally unpredictable. If Mond was a first rounder maybe that would mean he stays longer. I guess the fact that he is cheap compared to Cousins will give them an option to just go with Mond over Cousins (similar to how Philly went with Hurts over Wentz). The true question though isn't if Mond gets a start or two, but will they let him play, see his flaws and try to improve on those flaws? Or will they just go with the next hot QB who becomes
  15. I like this mention of developing. This is kinda my point in this whole thread and others. I am all about developing QBs, which just seems like it doesn't happen any more. Everybody expects QBs to come in and either be all pro or show that spark that says "yeah he's got it". What happened to the Gibbs days of draft and stash like we did with Rypien? I'm not saying that any of these guys who are late round finds are going to become franchise QBs, but I'm also saying that just about every year teams make it far in the playoffs without franchise QBs - Keenum, Flacco, Bortels, Foles, Goff, Jimmy G
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