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  1. Thinking Skins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    See, the tier of guys I'd want probably aren't even FAs right now, but its not Diggs/Cooper. Those guys are going to come in and start over Harmon. I'd be looking at a D. Thomas type guy. He's a legit guy who could produce in spot duty if somebody goes down, but he's not a real threat to any of the starters. He'd probably only get a 3-5 mil per year contract. But I want Harmon as my number 2 next year.
  2. Thinking Skins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I agree completely with that first paragraph. The second not so much. I would like a WR in the group because our offense skill positions is a really young set right now, but Harmon put up some good numbers for a rookie WR. Hw was a 6th rounder but he was the talk of the draft before the draft and considered a steal. I really like the idea of Haskins developing with McLaurin, Harmon and Sims. I think moving Quinn to a reserve role is a good move because he can help in a variety of roles, but that's where I'd like help. Honestly, I wouldn't mind somebody like a Mo Harris or somebody of his type. I don't know if he has the play-time experience I'd want but with these 3 WRs all having productive rookie seasons, I'd want a guy to develop them and teach them how to work. Is there an AP type WR out there?
  3. Thinking Skins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    We got two guys from that deep TE class - Hentges and Caleb Wilson. Wilson was the guy I wanted in the draft, thought we should spend a 6th or 7th on him. The fact that we got him off someone's practice squad was good. I think he could develop into a number 1 TE. He was called a poor man's Jordan Reed, great pass catching and route running and speed, but little to no blocking ability. I'm afraid that with the new coaching staff and front office we'll lose guys like this in the wash. I'm not overly committed to him but if we're talking about bringing in another 4th rounder to develop and a vet not named Hooper or Henry, then I think it could really stunt the development of those two. That said, if we can get a legit TE who can come in here and play we should do that, but we've been good in the last few years at developing players. I'd like to see that continue. And hopefully with Kyle Smith running things now he and Doug Williams will both work on the development of players and getting them on the field.
  4. Not sure if you're being sarcastic but I'll answer as if you're not. Just that number 53 is a large one in itself. But then you have to deal with people not answering, being on vacation, waiting for callbacks, etc. Plus there is the whole idea of making a call and having nothing to say. Like, at his intro press conference he shook hands with a bunch of guys, lets say about 25 of them. But there's not much more he can say because other than watching the games I'm not sure how much film he's disected just yet on them so he can't really tell who his core guys are just yet.
  5. Thinking Skins

    The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    What do you mean? I've heard they made back their costs and last I checked it had a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. There were a lot of negative posts, but a lot of them were just anti-feminists who didn't want a female lead movie doing well in the superhero / comics genre. Kinda similar to Captain Marvel reviews. No, I didn't see it. Normally I don't see opening weekend movies, and lately I haven't had a chance to see movies in theater, but its on my short list of films I want to watch soon.
  6. Thinking Skins

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    That's only a part of it. Its based more on not wanting to be injured in OTAs and saying that if they're not going to re-sign him, then why not cut or trade him to a team where they will? We don't know how far along his new contract was with Bruce and the old regime, but suppose they had agreed on a number and were close on guarantees and then his agent shows that offer to Ron and Ron hasn't gotten back to him. Its probably something frustrating because you don't know where you stand. And the reports are that he'll be in training camp but not the voluntary stuff where he's taking all the risk himself that they'll still sign him if he gets injured.
  7. Thinking Skins

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    I really feel both sides of this and think its much ado about nothing. It'd be something if OTAs started tomorrow and this came out, or if we were already in the camp and this happened. But we are in Day 1 of Ron's new plan, word is he has had a positive conversation with Trent (another really good player who has had some injury concerns), so I'm guessing that things are going to get worked out but just that Dunbar wasn't the top of the list. My thoughts are that they know that he's a hard worker, recognize the struggle he went through changing positions, and then becoming a really good corner. I don't think the question is whether he's top 5 or not, just whether he's worth building around. And I think they will look at the tape and sign him back. Dunbar for what its worth is probably a little frustrated because he likely had some positive words with Allen and Schaffer and now its new people working contracts, and new coaches who don't know him. But I don't think coaches will so easily give up young talent who we have under contract already.
  8. I like this post a lot and it agrees with my thinking going into FA. My top three right now are 1. Hentges 2. Caleb Wilson 3. Sprinkle Anybody we bring in would obviously bring competition at the spot and give us an opportunity to upgrade but I think Hentges showed he can improve in this offense. Sprinkle showed he can get open almost all season but couldn't bring the ball in. Wilson was a guy with a nice resume in college who could offer value as a 7th rounder. I don't think Callahan liked Wilson's blocking profile, but I'm curious about Kyle Smith's opinion of him because I'd guess that's who said to sign him. I think he has a chance to be a steal in terms of receiving TE who can become a threat. I don't want to discount him. Sprinkle is in what year 3 or 4 of his rookie deal so I'm not so attached to him. But the question is do we bring in two TEs? Doing so would almost certainly mean that both Sprinkle and Wilson are gone. Wilson can probably be a PS player though. But I would like to see Hentges continue to develop as our TE. I like him more as a number 2 though. And that leaves the possibility as Wilson as our number 1.
  9. Thinking Skins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I like that Kyle is doing his thing but also that the coaches and scouts are getting a feel for one another. This was an interesting piece from the WP article today.
  10. Thinking Skins

    How to Win the NFC East - Consistently

    I think this is kinda interesting but kinda on some Booger McFarland type stuff. I would love to talk about winning our division and what it takes to consistently do it, or at least consistently be in the competition to be playing meaningful football in late November and December. And we can look at it and say that the NFC East is a different animal than some other divisions like say the NFC South where there are more passing offenses, but I don't know how true that is. I think the three most important things to being consistent in the league are a good (great) QB, a good (great) defense, and a good (great) running game. Unsurprisingly we haven't really been great in any of those areas since at least the last time we were in the playoffs, and even then our defense was still putrid. In 2018 we had the running game but no QB and no defense. In 2017 and every other year under Gruden minus his first, we had really good QB play and no running game and no defense. Other teams like Dallas has hit on all those areas and they're consistently in competition. Unfortunately they've had poor coaching and injuries at RB. Philly has been the most consistent in our division with wins in the playoffs to match their power, but their QB play has teered toward dominance at times (with him being an MVP candidate at one time) to just bad. And they've never really been able to establish any kind of a running game with any consistency. But my question becomes if we were to try to be a KC type offense, could we re-define the NFC East? I think back to how Minnesota tried to redefine the NFC North/Central with their passing offense under Randall Cunningham and Randy Moss and Chris Carter that led them to 15-1, but they lost in the playoffs. But they did win their division. Similarly, GB has consistently been able to put up 12+ win seasons under Aaron Rodgers and not much else in that same division that was once known for their running games and defense. And it seems that's the way of both that division and the league. There are teams like Seattle, LA Rams, and SF who define their division (NFC West) by a grind it out running style. And Tennessee just showed that a power back who can keep a dominant QB off the field can really do things in the playoffs. But we just saw in LA how the loss of that lead back can really hurt the offense. Similarly we saw how just focusing on stopping that back and getting a big enough lead can make those one-dimensional teams non-competitive. So I think what it'll take to consistently win this division is legit QB play. Problem is that there are more teams than there are good QBs. Sometimes a good coordinator can hide a QBs flaws long enough, or a bad QB can go on a streak where they're playing outside themselves long enough. We thought Cousins could be that QB but he never separated himself from the other QBs in the east. Dallas thinks that Prescott can and Philly thinks Wentz can. Wentz may be the closest but his injuries are a liability, as are their inability to address the WR and RB positions. So a serious question is can Haskins become a threat that other teams plan against. What are his tendancies? What are his weaknesses? How good is he at beating the blitz? Can he fall without taking a hit? Can he run out of bounds? Can he make plays when the pocket breaks down?
  11. Thinking Skins

    The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Part of the problem with the Arrow series is that, with the sequence of major villians in the first three, maybe 4 seasons or kinda went off a cliff and it was like minor dudes that Green Arrow should be able to wype the floor with we're beating him. Like dude just beat all these guys and gals from the league is assassins and now he's having trouble with street thugs because they know him and are mad?
  12. Thinking Skins

    The Official "DC" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    So, this is an article on The Green Arrow Series. Warning it contains spoilers. I just finished watching this series and I'll say that it did a good job in the first, i'll say 4 seasons being so good to draw me in to the point that I wanted to finish it, but the last 2 or so were so dull that it was dreadfull to finish. Season 7 was ok except for the "flash forwards" which were just confusing and not really understandable. I also finished the Flash series which was way better (mainly since it has more comedy moments in it) and the villains are more believable. I'm currently watching Supergirl. And I think I'd rank them 1. Flash 2. Early Green Arrow 3. Black Lightning 4. SuperGirl 5. Late Green Arrow. Hopefully I can watch the batgirl series on netflix soon so I can continue watching these series in my off time.
  13. It depends on what you're going after. If this was a contention year....actually I don't like that term becausse I think every year is a contention year. But if we were one player away, or if we weren't in year one of a new regime, then I could get on board with the free agent route here. But why spend more money just to go 5-11? If we can find a gem right now then we can be grooming him to be the next Harris when we're finally successful. Its not me being against Harris in particular, I'm just hella cheap and looking to save money whenever possible.
  14. Thinking Skins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Here's a profile I'm looking at later in the roungs. DanQuarian Fields He went to Grambling, so there's the Doug Williams connection so I'm sure we know about him. Then there's this profile on his game:
  15. This was the most interesting part of that profile in my opinion. I have no problem going after a guy like Harris because it can sure up a need position, but with Kyle getting his promotion, I would love to see us bringing in more guys with his size and speed and profiles. I mean look at the stuff mentioned here first team all american junior year but he went undrafted? Why didn't we draft him in the 7th? And who's the next Anthony Harris?