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  1. I wonder if I should be getting pleasure from beating my son at UNO so many times? I mean I'm not going undefeated but sometimes I wonder if I should let him win, or not do some of the skip you, reverse it back to me,reverse it back to me, draw 2, draw 2 again, skip you, uno out, type finishes that make the game fun.
  2. I really enjoyed season 2 of legends of tomorrow. Malcolm Merlyn and Damon Darhk are such great villians from Arrow and I'm glad they came back u to that universe.
  3. I'm watching a bunch of shows on Netflix, mainly DC shows on CW. Next is Legends of Tomorrow. Finished season 2 today. Taught my 3 year old UNO last week. Now he loves it and always wants to play. Also teaching him to read and go potty. I would love to teach him to play madden, but don't think his mom approves of that as an educational game. Started running sound with him in the backyard to burn his energy too. We did 4.75 miles today. Maybe not exact, but that's what the watch said. Oh and got him a book, legends icons and Rebels so he can learn about so
  4. Given that the most common critique of Haskins seems to be his footwork and his mechanics, I would like somebody to get hired that is ahead in that area. Maybe not an arm strength guy or an accuracy guy or any of those specifics, but the same way I want Zampese, Turner and Smith to all help with Haskins, I want the backup to also be somebody he can rely on in that department. Who is that? I don't know because I'm not a mechanics guy but if thats what needs to be improved hopefully we can get somebody who can do it on the field which can help him in a different way from hearing it from differen
  5. 1. I really respect this because it gives a (maybe not the best but at least a) way to compare the different mocks, particularly over more than one spectrum like just player X going to team Y. 2. I had to reconsider my sources. I've always liked Walterfootball because they have a nice site thats easy to navigate and has a wealth of information. I don't always consider it the most efficient, and some of their stuff on the lower round prospects may be nothing more than a sentence (if that) compared to multiple pages for the potential higher picks. I'm not really a mock guy but I do
  6. Yeah, thing is most of the guys being discussed are meh to me. Its change for the sake of change but not necessarily good change. If we could bring In the top two TEs of this FA class, sure it may be good, but what if Henry gets hurt again or if Hooper proves that he's not the threat we think he is without Jones on the outside. Then there are guys like Ebron which to me is a bunch of nothing. Trading for Njoku or Howard are also ideas (probably better ideas than the ones previously stated but we're still hoping we can turn these guys careers around). I'm all about developing our g
  7. I think Wilson is the unsung hero here. Not saying I'm a better scout than the guys we have in house but I like what I've read about him. I also liked Parham. I feel much better about guys like Hentges, Sprinkle, Wilson, and whoever we add than I did about Sprinkle, Holtz and Flanagan (the trio we had playing at the end of 2018). In some ways its like the preseason man crushes we get on players that never get opportunities (Mack Brown type players), occasionally those players get opportunities and show they can do something (Bibbs, M Harris, L Betts, S Cobbs, C Sims, etc). Some of
  8. I'm still where I was. I think its naive and borderline criminal to give up on Haskins right now. But now is kinda a due break from the NFL for me because there's nothing really going on. When we had Vinny, I'd get hyped up right now about players but that was because it was wishful thinking. Now I trust in Kyle so much that I want to be excited about the guys we draft. I'll do some work in the days before the draft but more on the guys we draft, kinda like I did last year. I am surprisingly happy with a lot of the offensive side of the roster (including TE). I think we need backu
  9. This is so how I feel. I may be more positive on Henry or Cooper than you, but I'm still hoping we lose the bidding wars on them. One thing I remember about Norv is his ability to build TEs. I remember Jamie Asher and Stephen Alexander being no names who became legit guys here. I don't know how well Wilson can block but I definitely like his ability to open up the passing game (also felt that Parham had this ability and he's made some plays in the XFL this year). But I would think we could do better by throwing more lottery tickets at the TE position instead of investing a lot in that one dre
  10. I buy that (the coaching point of view), but I wonder where he sees himself. I'd have no problem with bringing in some competition for Harmon as the starter but in my opinion just signing a guy would be like what we did to Grant and Harris when they were here. They never got opportunities to show anything until they were on their last legs. Then Harris showed something, Grant didn't. I think Harmon is a much MUCH better prospect than either of them, plus he has the chemistry. What I'd hate to see with Harmon is him being stuck in some quicksand with this coaching staff because of something lik
  11. See, the tier of guys I'd want probably aren't even FAs right now, but its not Diggs/Cooper. Those guys are going to come in and start over Harmon. I'd be looking at a D. Thomas type guy. He's a legit guy who could produce in spot duty if somebody goes down, but he's not a real threat to any of the starters. He'd probably only get a 3-5 mil per year contract. But I want Harmon as my number 2 next year.
  12. I agree completely with that first paragraph. The second not so much. I would like a WR in the group because our offense skill positions is a really young set right now, but Harmon put up some good numbers for a rookie WR. Hw was a 6th rounder but he was the talk of the draft before the draft and considered a steal. I really like the idea of Haskins developing with McLaurin, Harmon and Sims. I think moving Quinn to a reserve role is a good move because he can help in a variety of roles, but that's where I'd like help. Honestly, I wouldn't mind somebody like a Mo Harris or somebody of his type.
  13. We got two guys from that deep TE class - Hentges and Caleb Wilson. Wilson was the guy I wanted in the draft, thought we should spend a 6th or 7th on him. The fact that we got him off someone's practice squad was good. I think he could develop into a number 1 TE. He was called a poor man's Jordan Reed, great pass catching and route running and speed, but little to no blocking ability. I'm afraid that with the new coaching staff and front office we'll lose guys like this in the wash. I'm not overly committed to him but if we're talking about bringing in another 4th rounder to devel
  14. Not sure if you're being sarcastic but I'll answer as if you're not. Just that number 53 is a large one in itself. But then you have to deal with people not answering, being on vacation, waiting for callbacks, etc. Plus there is the whole idea of making a call and having nothing to say. Like, at his intro press conference he shook hands with a bunch of guys, lets say about 25 of them. But there's not much more he can say because other than watching the games I'm not sure how much film he's disected just yet on them so he can't really tell who his core guys are just yet.
  15. What do you mean? I've heard they made back their costs and last I checked it had a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes. There were a lot of negative posts, but a lot of them were just anti-feminists who didn't want a female lead movie doing well in the superhero / comics genre. Kinda similar to Captain Marvel reviews. No, I didn't see it. Normally I don't see opening weekend movies, and lately I haven't had a chance to see movies in theater, but its on my short list of films I want to watch soon.
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