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  1. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I just wanted to chime in and say that this is the move I thought we'd make. Not necessarily the player I thought, but trading for a mediocre player that's good enough to keep us competing for a. 500 record but nothing that's going to move the needle in terms of getting us into relevancy. I expected McCarron,but to be I honest i can't really complain about what we gave up. Just seems like at aren't building anything, more like patching holes on a sinking ship. So many pray we'd just let it sink and get a top draft pick, I'd rather make these type of moves but for a 25 year old or younger who can at least surprise us and turn things around. With a 31 year old and older qbs it's one again us betting on this season or else. Aah well, hail.
  2. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Honestly, probably about .500. We'd still have adversity but just of a different kind. I mean, Kirk was an elite QB for some of that time but we had no defense. Then we had injury problems, WR problems, OL problems, etc. There's a guy called Batman. He's known for having a plan and a backup plan and backup plans for the backup plans, and then he's got contingencies for those backup plans. The main thing about this team is that we don't have backup plans. It becomes obvious when we're unable to make mid-game adjustments. But we also don't make mid-season adjustments so whenever it becomes known how Jay's going to do it, the good teams say we'll take that away and see what you want to do and that's when we fail.
  3. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Are you sure they're real people?wouldn't surprise me if the front office hired some bots to auto reply to fans who are upset, particularly with that hash tag
  4. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The thing is that if you judge the FO solely by the moves they made, the track record isn't that bad. So if this were say a game of Madden and it was just players in and players out, no news media leaks, no twitter rumors, no coaching interviews for positions that aren't available, etc. If we judged by the Ruben Foster pickup (again without the charges) its a good move. Heck, even with the charges its debatable. But our FO is a circus in the media. I've long debated why, and I think certain papers and certain people at certain papers have frustrations with the team for various reasons, but much of the circus is self made. Whatever was going on with Scot, and all the rumors that came out, they put out there that he was away because of his grandmother. It'd be one thing if that was the story that they and Scot had agreed was going to be pushed, but that was so easily exposed as a lie. And thats why we're stuck in this cycle. We're good enough to compete with just about anybody but at any time in a season (more likely in November) things can just blow up and take the whole team and fan morale down to nothing. Honestly, I wonder what the next big story will be? I doubt its something lame like who we sign (or don't sign) in FA or who we draft (or don't draft). Those are the frustrations and excitements of every team. Nah, we're going to take things to new levels. What big trade are we going to make? Are we going to lock the doors on some coach? Will Snyder be seen with some big personnel guy or ol school coach? I heard he likes Cowher. Or will it be another Zorn-like "I won't fire him, but I'll make his work environment so bad he'll want to quit". We'll see
  5. Is this why he was hired? Because Jay could interview him and say "you made my offense look good"
  6. I think Gruden is graded more by wins and losses than KOC. If we have another 7-9 season (which I expect), then I can't see us staying with Gruden for any time. I can see KOC stepping into that role to keep some type of continuity and understanding of "how things work" here, but also something new. What we don't know is how KOC will do practices, how well he meshes with personnel, how his scouting is, etc. Some of that we'll learn this year (and we're learning right now as I'm sure he was required to write up reports on the players at the Senior Bowl and will likely have to do the same thing at the Combine). But we won't see how he handles a team and the pressures of being a head coach until he's put in that spot. So there's definitely a line of succession there if Gruden doesn't ball out this year.
  7. Hopefully, we'll see something similar to McVay where Gruden realizes he can't do it all and welcomes O'Connell doing more and more and our offense just takes off with some unknown QB who most of the city and probably the league had given up on.
  8. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Well the thing is that Bruce is cheap. So Mr Pennypinching Bruce isn't just going to go to Taylor and say here's a 20 mil deal. So instead he'll get a competitive offer. That'll be something that other teams (maybe Jax) can compete with and probably beat. So then we'll have Bruce saying "but of course they'll choos DC, Its the Skins for heavens sake. We have 3 SB wins" and then Taylor will choose to play in Jax, or to sit out of football until somebody gets hurt. I think thats the main fear about this offseason, Bruce being Bruce
  9. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I want to say bless the dudes heart for trying, maybe he deserves a participation trophy or something. Maybe if we had him in the offseason he would have looked better but I have my doubts. Maybe if we had better WRs, he'd be better, but again I have my doubts. I think he gutted it out and made watching those last few games bearable, and that Jacksonville win was all (or a large part) on him, with the TD to Sprinkle, but lets not kid ourselves. We can give him an invite to camp because there's no guarantee that Colt will be healthy (sure he'll be recovered but he's Colt) and the goal is probably going to be to have a vet or 2 as the main guys on the roster with a rookie behind him. So I'm guessing that the plan right now is Colt, Josh and a rookie. But if they make a deal for a McCarron or another QB on that level then its Colt, McCarron and a rookie. Sorry Josh. And they may actually go back to the 4QBs in training camp thing that we used to see.
  10. Some info from O'Connell's scouting report Intelligence/Intangibles: 4-year captain, hailed for his terrific leadership skills, toughness and confidence. Reported to have registered the #1 Wonderlic score of the year at the Combine.
  11. This seems similar to Scott Campbell's last season when he had some made up role with little power and it was called a promotion
  12. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    This is a really good point. And unfortunately its part of the legacy of incrimination of Bruce. 1) This is further an attack at Scot. I was saying that it was probably not cohesion in the front office among scouts under Scot, but that was my assumption and nothing really verified it. This comes out years later and suddenly people like me say "see" but whats really the point of leaking this other than to get at Scot? This leads to 2) This brings a cracy in the holy grail of Kyle so people can just say "he's some arrogant prick who lucked into this because of his dad like Bruce". So who comes out of this looking clean, Bruce...unless you look into it. Its really messed up that NOBODY can just leave our team on good tides. I mean, everybody leaves with bad blood. There's always a smear campaign. As much as I didn't like Mike Nolan as a DC, Vanilla Ice Cream? Whenever I think of that story I grow in my dislike of Snyder. A guy like that doesn't just do that on a whim, it shows how he really thinks and the type of environment he wants. I know in a place of work, if a boss came to me and did anything remotely close to that I may be filing legal action, let alone the fact that I wouldn't be working there again. Then the whole Zorn stuff, its really adding up and neither of those is on Bruce. Thats us seeing how much of a slimeball Dan is. Bruce is just the latest (better) implementer of Dan's will. And that's why I don't think this team will ever win under Dan. The minute that Klye or whoever else we are able to bring in and be an actual "good" GM goes and has a bad season or a few strikeouts in a row, is Dan going to do these things again? The moment he does is the moment that this good GM walks. Or even if they don't walk, it'll be something like the rumblings we're hearing where coaches want out or their contracts expire and they aren't eager to re-sign here. Then when they leave we'll hear about how bad they are and how they weren't "team" players or how they were drunk or whatever else they want to expose as a demon in the person. It really sucks.
  13. Thinking Skins

    Starting QB 2019???

    Wonder if we put a clause in his contract saying he's the next coach?
  14. Thinking Skins

    Starting QB 2019???

    I'm always a fan of getting a guy in the lower rounds (2nd and below) to groom. Its less pressure on those guys and if they flame out, no big deal. But with the recent success of guys like Kirk and Dak. Its got a much lower success rate, but so does drafting a QB in general. If we can go say WR or S in the first and then QB later in the draft, we have the possibility of having a really good draft. Even if the QB busts, then it won't be much worse than our normal drafts.
  15. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Thats interesting. And this is the first I'm hearing of this, but if you remember, my speculation was always about Scot and the scouts vs Bruce and Scot. Hence Mr work a room and listen to everybody - Doug.