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  1. Thinking Skins

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    Not saying this is a bad show, but did anyone hear Brian Mitchell's interview of Haskins where Scott Mitchell starts off a question with "I've been accused of farting around the office a lot. Why don't you tell me what a brain fart is". I was driving and wanted to just shake my head in shame at the embarrassment of the DC Media at that moment and what Haskins must have been thinking.
  2. Thinking Skins

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    I find myself listening to most of the podcasts throughout the day. The only 1067 I'll listen to is Sports Junkies for comic relief. They're cool in small doses. And on days like today when I can't get the 980 podcasts, I have to choose between an audiobook, a text-to-speech wikipedia article, my officemates, or WJFK. And outside of the Sports Junkies, all the other 3 beat the other shows on WJFK.
  3. Thinking Skins

    All things Sports Talk Radio - DMV (met)

    I actually didn't mind the show yesterday. Monday was kinda a drag with Doc talking over Galdi a lot, but they seemed to have more in Sync yesterday. Funny thing is I always wanted somebody to go with Galdi, but I was thinking somebody more energetic like Smoot, not Doc. But Smoot would probably be a younger version of Doc with his jokes that run tiresome after a while. I realized this during Galdi's off week.
  4. Thinking Skins

    Running back depth chart

    Is bet that Perine is anther Gruden pick - one that didn't work out though.
  5. Thinking Skins

    OLD development: Trent Williams wants to be traded/released

    This is what I've thought all along. Its like people are saying "just return to work since it wasn't cancer". This could be a major life scare. This is a dude who hadn't had surgery until before last year. Now he has a cancer scare - in his head. Lets not forget the other head issues with the nfl - concussions, etc. It really wouldn't surprise me if the guy is contemplating retirement. We've seen a number of high profile players retire early when they realize that the juice of playing another season isn't worth the risk of having life long risks. The cancer thing may be nothing in terms of actual physical risk, but mentally it could be a weight that put a lot of things in perspective.
  6. Thinking Skins

    OLD development: Trent Williams wants to be traded/released

    The key stat about Trent is that he hadn't allowed a sack in how many weeks (at one point it was at least 15). I know going into last year it dated back to 2016 ( People like to question the stuff about him being a top tier tackle and the fact that he's missed 15 games over the last three seasons, but I'm not hearing enough about how dominant he is when he is playing. He is legit one of the top LTs in the game.
  7. Thinking Skins

    Welcome to the Redskins Terry Mclaurin WR Ohio State

    That sounds nice but outside of Terry, they're a bunch of big guys who were drafted late or undrafted. I love it when players outplay their draft position, but expecting it from 50% of these guys could be asking a lot. I'm still expecting Doctson to put up 35-& 500 as a number 2 and hopefully Terry can establish himself as a reliable number 1 option. That could set this WR core apart from everything else. I think there is a lot of potential there, but I think he has the most. Otherwise there are questions like can Quinn/Harmon hold down the slot, can Richardson/Sims stay healthy and make plays.
  8. Thinking Skins

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    This is where I am. Its always interesting to hear Gruden say something like Haskins "never makes the same mistake twice". What does that really mean? And is Haskins really gaining ground on Keenum? And more importantly what does Gruden want from the QB position? Is he satisfied with what Alex was doing last year? Josh? Colt? Kirk? I've read commentary about all of them and they've all had their flaws but the offense has looked decent to good under each of them. Ideally we'd have a QB putting up Kirk numbers but does that mean that we're going to have a QB not taking chances? Smith didn't take chances though and our offense looked horrible outside of AP (and maybe weeks 1-2, which is sad because when the games happened people were talking about how bad he looked and how many guys he missed - I'm talking about Smith here). My thing though is that people act like Case is this established vet. he's a guy who caught lightning in a bottle once and otherwise has been a no-show in the NFL. He was run out of St Louis / LA, signed as a third string in Minny, and put up great numbers but Thielen was an unknown guy then and that defense and running game probably made him look better than he was. So is he the bar? I'm more curious about him having a bad camp because I think its more likely. Or even if its not "bad", just unremarkable. And if Haskins is steadily improving but Keenum is just consistently meh, I wouldn't be getting behind all the lets not start Haskins until week X. I'd be saying lets start him, play him but lean heavily on the running game and not put too much on his plate or expect him to "win" games for us, especially early on. But with AP an Guice and a unestablished WR core, I'd bet more on the running game not matter who's at QB.
  9. Thinking Skins

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA
  10. Thinking Skins

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I agree with this and I'll just say that before Doug, none of us even knew who Kyle Smith was. And sure Kyle has built some nice drafts but it's interesting that a few teams have names GMs this off season and i haven't heard his name mentioned. Maybe this is a case where we're overvaluing our own talent. My problem with Scott and Scot wasn't necessarily their individual talent but their setups and how I'd imagine meetings went. We never heard stories about any scouts other than Scott or Scot in their respective times in "leadership" positions. This made me believe that we possibly had either good scouts with opinions being ignored or that they were just bad scouts. I mean the job of covering an entire college football system including all the smaller schools vs backup players at bigger schools vs injured guys etc is difficult. For the first time under Snyder were setting not just success in the draft but we're building up the scouting department. The key question I have for a guy like Kyle is can be run the ship. I know he can put together a draft board but what happens in a meeting when Jay wants a WR who we think will go later vs a OT that we think could be a starter with some development. Or when he has to deal with Dan saying, "i watched a college ball game on my Yacht and this guy win the game. We should trade up and get him". How does he manage these personalities without burning bridges and still get a good draft grade? Honestly I don't think Doug is that hot of a commodity but he has experience rebuilding programs - he rebuilt Grambling twice. And listening to all sides at the table and i think that goes a long way. And in front of our eyes he's proving he can help this front office do better than it's every done under Snyder.
  11. Thinking Skins

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I agree with this on theory, but we don't have the capital to be going after the do it all players, so we have to invest in something and hope for improvement. I like this strategy the most because we're a young team with potential. I remember 5 or so years ago I was all about buying 2nd round picks and signing undrafted guys and d league guys. People scoffed because of the risk and low likelihood, but now with Leonard and Green and others recent it seems the whole situation has changed, especially with so many raw players coming into the league.
  12. Thinking Skins

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    But the point still stands that there is often stuff on Hogs Haven that's available that Cooley hasn't seen (or at least hasn't discussed). And you can leave that site out of it if you want and just say the draft thread. I used to be there a lot too for the same reason. I'm by no means a pro scout. In my younger days I did want to do that. But I'd look at certain things and post about them and see what some of the people who were way more into it than I was said. At HH, there are generally people who are good at identifying certain things or who look for certain things. And its not even always in the prospect itself. Like for example there was a Donald Parham article recently. I didn't care so much about what the HH guys said because just like Cooley their opinions aren't that valuable to me, but they started the discussion (and because he's a UDFA who was signed so late, its a discussion thats not going on many places) and then several other people chimed in, which lead to 50 or so comments about this guys chances of making the team. I'm not saying that all of these are of the level of Kyle Smith but they give me the insight to know more about the player. And a lot of the times the things you're objecting to on HH are criticized in the comments, same as we do here. People will say "what do you mean Haskins can't complete a short ball? He's got a beautiful deep ball but he made his money on the short stuff". (I made that comment up, but it was the type of discussion you see). In fact there was a lot of discussion this offseason with Mark Tyler who said he kinda purposely says things that are more controversial to kinda instigate and draw more readers and comments. That was more of a Redskins opinion piece vs a draft piece but its definitely possible that they don't have the purpose of "reviewing film" when they post these things. But my point is that when I'm able to look at say 100 points of view (from experts, novices, laypeople and whoever) on a player like Haskins and 75 of them say one thing and 25 say the other. I'd be curious to know why there's a disagreement and what led to these conclusions and to just try to get more information to form an opinion.
  13. Thinking Skins

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    But the thing is, even with all the watching that Cooley is doing, who is to say what he'll miss vs what he'll catch. They're are so many stories of research in academia being solved by the young student instead of the professor because (a) the professor is doing too much and (b) the young person asks the questions rather than assuming. Heck sometimes it's just a matter of looking at the right sequence of things. I don't think HH is the greatest in terms of accuracy but in terms of content, your given a plethora of information and the comments are just like the draft thread here where people post disagreements and other observations. I'm not doubting Cooley's intelligence but there are a lot of former players or personnel guys who have a history in football: Casserly, Lombardi, Riddick, Polisn, etc. then there are all the other play by play guys (many former players) who have to watch tape. So especially when Cooley says something that i see as contrary to a lot of opinions, i tend to do further investigating.
  14. Thinking Skins

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    The thing about Cooley's takes is just that, they're takes. I know he does film reviews and talks to inside people but in the end they're just opinions and can be flat out wrong or biased or wrong to a certain degree. Like the Trent Williams thing the other day, he was willing to give Trent the benefit of the doubt with the medical because it's Trent, but what if it was Morgan with these issues or Catalina? Would it then just be financial? Plus it's just one take. So if 538 puts out an analytic that Haskins is a lower risk QB, i consider it, probably more than Cooley's because it tries to be objective. Same with guys here who put a lot of work into stuff. Shoot, hogshaven had profiles of a bunch of the guys we could draft and the udfas, and then the guys we got. Who's more right? People talk about Cooley's track record but what does that mean in this case? If he was right about Cousins, does that make him more likely to be right about Haskins? I just think our fan base is educated enough to decipher a bunch of opinions, some positive, some negative, and discover the truth somewhere in the middle.
  15. Thinking Skins

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I can't wait for summer league to start. I know the conversation is all about Rui and it should be but I'm much more interested in the bottom of our roster, and filling it out. I know i like the Thomas Bryant story and I'm curious to see what becomes of him. There's funny talk about us being a playoff team vs rebuilding vs 50 wins. I mean, having rooted for this team for so long and remembering when we couldn't even dream to finish .500, I'm not mad at this approach because i can take more rebuilding just for the sake of it. But watching this team for wind and losses is fools gold. I just want to see player development and hustle. That's why I liked Kawhi back in the day and hopefully it's something i can like about this team this year.