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  1. Thinking Skins

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State Thats a nice Cooley Podcast with Portis talking about Haskins development, mentions the Interception and says its on Harmon for not coming back. Also talks about the confusing stuff Haskins is getting form coaching in terms of going deep vs short, but also on the sacks being on Haskins vs the line (trusting them too much sometimes). They seem pretty positive.
  2. Thinking Skins

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I wouldn't take too much of what Doc says as too serious. Galdi combats him with JLC's rep lately. Doc is basically saying that we have no sources (funny because JLC is known as the sourcerer) and we live in an era where anybody can say anything without backing it up. So basically he'll believe it when he sees it. That's the same kind of response most of us have right now - towards both Allen and Snyder for me. But most of the segment was on Shaw more than Allen. But it was more of a segment than anything else to me, With Galdi and Doc taking different sides of the issue for radio. It sounded similar to the Callihan stuff they argue about, one being optimistic and one being realistic.
  3. Another thing about Haskins game yesterday. He was most accurate to the short middle: 8/10 for 96 yards with targets to Tmac (4 for 57 yards), Sims (1 for 11 yards), Thompson (2 for 14 yards), plus a PI call (to Sims) that got us 14 yards.
  4. I'll also add that we saw Thompson emerge as Haskins's go to guy to get rid of the ball to. Accordingly that increased Haskins's completion percentage. If you look at the plays to Thompson, there were 8 attempts, 7 completions - all short passes (3 right, 2 middle, 3 left). They weren't the big plays that we sometimes hope for but thats the line between Haskins trying to force the big play and taking the dumpoff. I think him relying on Sprinkle less (0 targets). The third down targets weren't too productive (not picking up any first downs), but going to him earlier got us decent yards (3 on first and 10, 3 on 2nd and 20, 11 on 1st and 10, 1 on 1st and 10, 14 on 2nd and 10, 9 on 1st and 10). Hopefully this is a relationship that can continue to develop or at minimum we can see the importance of either a receiving TE or an outlet back to Haskins (or any QBs) production.
  5. Once again, I'll tout the youth on this team as what impressed me. I'm not excited about Haskins's numbers and people bring up the completion percentage and the yards, but what gets me the most is the sacks. Both in terms of the way they develop (him taking too long) and their impact (the injury yesterday). But I feel like in order to have decent conversations about the guy, I've got to get more defensive about him. I saw the 200 yards and 60% numbers as benchmarks for Haskins and I don't disagree, but Keenum went from 3 straight games of 200+ yards (380, 221, 332) to games with , 37 (half), 166, 77, and 130 (half). And McCoy had 122 yards in his one start. I think we have to accept that we just don't have a dynamic passing offense, partially because of Callihan's want to run the ball (and maybe protect Haskins) and partially because we don't have threats like Reed and we're depending on a 3rd round, a 6th rounder and a UDFA - all rookies as our primary WRs. That said, I will say that I was impressed with the three WRs yesterday. McLaurin made some great grabs and unlike previous weeks we could see that Haskins wasn't spreading the ball around, just focusing on these guys. All three of these guys had important catches that helped move the ball. On the Haskins front, I found it surprising that his last sack was early in the third quarter. That's partially because GB was able to hold onto the ball and play ball control offense those next two drives and get game concealing FGs, but it seemed that when we went to a passing offense trying to come back, and actually ran some quick, short slant routes. It took too long to start calling these plays but I think thats what we need to run more often to get Haskins on a roll. I thought the final numbers for Haskins were respectable (a notch below 60%, just under 200 yards passing) and if we had Guice I think the overall offense changes because of the big play ability he has every time he touches the ball. We saw some of that from Thompson but he's not going to break many tackles, just make guys miss.
  6. Thinking Skins

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Honestly I think I'm too into the moment to be understanding of the Lamb or Jeudy > Harmon just yet. I'm impressed by what I'm seeing from Harmon but I can also see holes in his game that could have caused him to drop. Same with Sims. Honestly, same with McLaurin. I think I'm trying not to be too dismissive of our current roster and say we need help everywhere, but I have to admit that there is really no position where we're set. Maybe DL, but that raises the question of the option with Allen. But the area where I feel like we need the most improvement is OL - LT, LG, C is good, maybe RG, and RT. I doubt we do it all in one offseason but that depends on how aggressive we are. I could see nobody added, or all 5 positions addressed. But those aren't playmaking positions. I could honestly say the same about a shutdown corner. I'd love to have one of those and it was at the top of my list when we were playing Norman. I do like Moreau but I don't want to pass on a good CB in the first (assuming we don't get Young) for him. That said, CBs who shut their WRs down don't get their name called often and thus don't make the plays.
  7. Thinking Skins

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I think that RG3 injury has people a bit gunshy. Its not like its unheard of for guys to get banged up, go back into the game and finish it up. Heck, one of my favorite memories as a kid as Doug Williams getting hurt but not letting Jay come in. There's a line between being tough and being dumb and I think thats what the NFLPA and team doctors are for. But he was able to finish the game because he did finish it. Will it have any lasting impact on him? Who knows.
  8. Thinking Skins

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    Once again Christian looked good in relief of Moses. I'm not sure how many snaps he got but I didn't hear his name called.
  9. Thinking Skins

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    I think thats just a part of the whole 2 back system. They did the same thing last week. And Guice was getting into his own especially on that last run, then he went down.
  10. Thinking Skins

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    I really think the Guice injury took our plan away from us. Then the Haskins injury piled up on it. He did deliver some nice throws in that last drive. Sims had some nice catches and looked like a good slot option, but that incomplete pass / fumble hurt. You mean the packets D right because ours was getting marched all over. In the second half when the game was still in reach, they ran like a 20 play drive against us.
  11. Thinking Skins

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    And thats the half.
  12. Thinking Skins

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    Deep bal against man to Harmon?
  13. Thinking Skins

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    ooh illegal Substitution.
  14. Thinking Skins

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    Yeah thats on Thompson