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  1. Trump celebrated "no indictment" by ordering a new wife, from Amazon.
  2. Larry

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Does that include the teachers who teach people about the things that the federal government does and doesn't have the authority to do?
  3. Already commented on it, in my first post in the thread. Don't really have much else to say about it. Maybe later.
  4. Kinda would be. Although kinda secondary to the topic, too. I suppose if there were any hate groups mentioned in the article that you wanted to stand up and claim don't deserve that label, that would be relevant. If only you had done that.
  5. Hmmm. Someone attempting do deflect attention away from a "religious" group functioning as a money launderer for hate groups, making no effort at all to actually dispute any of the statements, by posting something that kinda hints that maybe there's something about the people who don't like hate groups. What a shocking tactic.
  6. Coming soon to Bull**** Mountain: This report completely exonerates every person on our side. And we'll fight to the Supreme Court to prevent you from seeing it.
  7. Trump guaranteed to announce "no collusion", before even being given a copy.
  8. I hope that before he clicked "send", he told Word to replace the word "conspiracy" with "collusion", throughout the document. More seriously, though, I was really expecting the feces to hit the rotary circulator when Meuler indicted Kush and Junior, to pressure them to flip.
  9. Just reading the OP, it looks like donors are allowed to specify where the money goes. Assuming these funds went went where the diners said to, it sounds to me like it's not so much "charity diverts donor's money to hate groups", more like "donors use charity to launder donations".
  10. Who would have expected this from a Presidential candidate who, when asked how he planned to deal with the national debt, said we should see if the people we owe money to would accept partial payment? . . . . Yes, I have wondered if maybe the worst damage Trump and the GOP do would be to end our run as the world's reserve currency.
  11. Larry

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    My money would be on "there will never be a better person to run against than Donald Trump", as the primary reason for so many candidates.
  12. Well, in defense of the GOP, their opinion of their base pretty much matches ours.
  13. Larry

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Nobody's going to spend $100 on a fake ID, so they can cast one illegal vote. Let alone take that fake ID into a polling place, with 20 witnesses and probably a cop standing around. As we've seen in NC, if you want to steal an election, you get yourself put in charge of counting the votes, and then you attack the absentee ballots. That way, you can get at hundreds of votes, without witnesses.
  14. Larry

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    A lot of people like to say that requiring a DL is OK "because it's free if you're poor". But what they're saying is that, if you gather the seven pieces of paper the state demands, then the last piece of paper is free. A decade or so ago, I decided to get photo ID for my mom. (I had intentionally let her DL expire, because I didn't want her thinking she could drive. But I wanted her to have ID, so that she could sign notarized documents.) She's born in the US, has owned the same house for 30 years. Has bank and credit accounts. Taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Federal retirement. She had a fixed address, fixed phone number. I had her Power of Attorney, a fax machine, Internet access, and the time to work on it. It took over a year and a half, and over $350. In fact, after I'd been fighting the bureaucracy for a year or so, I even found a really old, state-certified copy of her birth certificate. Now, a big part of the delay was that Oklahoma had her last name misspelled (or her family changed the way they spelled it). Caused about a year's worth of back and forth before I could get a new copy of her birth certificate. OTOH, she got lucky in some ways, too. In order to get ID in Florida, one of the things you have to have is proof of your SSN. In those days, I was allowed to bring in her 1099, to do that. Shortly thereafter, they changed the rule to require an original SS card. This is important, because to get an SS card, you have to have current state issued ID. I was able to use her 1099 to get photo ID, then use the photo ID to get her SS card. OTOH, try to imagine she was a homeless person who had to do all that on her own. With no fixed address, fax machine, 1099s, pay stubs or utility bills. (Let alone $350).
  15. Larry

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Well, this 2014 article has lots of information. I'd say the biggest was that a Texas court ruled that 608,000 Texans registered to vote lack acceptable forms of ID. But there's lots more in there.