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  1. Hopefully in the next few weeks, FDA will issue final approval for a vaccine or two. And hopefully, when that happens, you'll start seeing vaccination becoming mandatory. At least in some places. Maybe the military. Maybe health care. (Either mandated by the state, or by employers.) Maybe the NFL. Hopefully it happens in time to get the vaccination % up before it turns cold, and we have a repeat of last winter.
  2. Yeah, having trouble understanding "it's rape, because she cannot consent, but can't be prosecuted, because she doesn't want us to."
  3. Those convictions are obviously completely partisan and political. Just look at how many Republicans say so.
  4. Yeah. just pulling numbers out of my ***, but I get the impression that against Delta, it's like 85% effective for the first 2, vs 80% effective for the 3rd. And if those made-up numbers are realistic, then it becomes "Would you want to be 80% protected, two weeks from now, or 85% protected, inb 6 weeks?" (It's more complicated than that. The two-shot vaccines seem to provide a lot of protection, after just the first shot. But I'm just talking spitball numbers, anyway.)
  5. Damn, that's got to burn DeSantis. As hard as he's worked to kill as many of his citizens as possible, and he's still behind Junior?
  6. You can see it from Alaska. They should swim. "I think if you save your breath, a man like you could make it." (Movie reference)
  7. Yep. "The military" prevented Binet from entering the White House. But Donald Trump vas spent the last six months pouting at his golf course because .... Oh, and not one Republican on Capitol Hill will mention it. In fact, every one of them is letting Kamala Harris cast tie breaking votes in the Senate, without speaking up, because ....
  8. Thats what I'd assume. Yeah, there are people who are able to get infected more than once. But "it wasn't Covid" seems more likely.
  9. They're not saying people should get vaccinated. They're trying to insulate themselves from the predictable consequences of their actions. Yeah, Ron DeSantis threatened to use taxpayer entities to prosecute any business which in any way encouraged vaccinations. But look. In this one speech here, he included the phrase "people should get vaccinated (if they want to)" somewhere in the middle f his rant abut how he will give his very life to protect the freedom of anti-vaxers.
  10. Yeah, to me, every person yelling that they have a right to walk around unmasked and unvaccinated, might as well be yelling that they have a right to drive drunk.
  11. Probably a dumb question. But is there interest in a series (or movies? Maybe even a trilogy?) set around Luke Skywalker? With/without Baby Grogu? I mean, there's a load of books, but really no film, about rebuilding a Republic. Reviving the Jedi. (The order and Luke's training school). No backstory at all on Yoda. (Is there even a name for his species? Is Dagobah his planet, or where he hid?)
  12. If he was vaccinated, he'd be advertising it as proof why people shouldn't get it. In fact, claiming the vaccine caused it. (Remember the sociopath who claimed he must have caught it from wearing a mask?)
  13. Scene in a book, where a soldier was saying he once got 30 days discipline, for telling the company chaplain that the unit should have a Satanist. Because you can trust Jesus to be fair. And it's the Other Guy you need to suck up to.
  14. Nancy Pelosi should immediately begin telling people not to stick forks into wall sockets.
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