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  1. Hey. Props for eventually doing the right thing. I'm sure not going to point fingers at them. Glass houses, and all.
  2. Might be a smarter move than allowing it to be decided by the kinds of people who vote in Republican primaries. Maybe.
  3. Obviously, the lesson to be learned here is that right wing loons aren't closed and insular enough.
  4. "We had no possible way of imagining that Ossama bin Laden would attack within the US." "The title of your daily briefing in mid July was 'Ossama determined to attack within the US'." "Well, I didn't attend that briefing. Or any briefings that month. And I got bad Intel."
  5. ^^^^ (Has three Star Trek phasers on display in his living room. Including signed limited editions signed by Patrick Stewart and Leonard Nimoy.)
  6. Wish I could see a breakdown, as to how much of that money fell into three categories: 1) Taxpayer money. 2) People using Trump's properties as a money laundering organization, to pay bribes to Trump. 3) Actual customers.
  7. I like maple donuts. Favorite kind.
  8. Surprised they invited him. I mean, him being a proven traitor because he failed to appoint Trump to a second term and all. Do former Veeps get SS protection?
  9. Hopefully, nobody informs Trump that, if he forms his own Party, it will get 46% of Trump voters, but about 1% of the GOP's money.
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