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  1. I can think of at least a few things that would cause this. One is is that he already had one bill lined up for Trump to sign, till Ann Coulter told him to change his mind, resulting in him being reluctant to trust Trump not to change his mind again. Another is that his troops really do not want to have to choose between alienating 60% of the voters, or 70% of Republican primary voters. Another is that his present plan allows him to not piss off the Trump voters, while allowing Trump to take the blame for the shutdown. As long as he doesn't allow any votes, then there's no shutdown news with his name on it in the news cycle. Or maybe it's just a case of
  2. Ideally, you pass a bill with $5B in security, by a veto-proof vote. The message is pretty clear - Yeah, Donnie, you could veto it, but we all know what would happen next.
  3. Deny. Deny. Deny. (Move goalposts). Deny. Deny. (Move goalposts).
  4. But it's also time to consider that maybe giving Trump a way out that's less humiliating might reduce bad feelings (ok, I know, it's Trump, he'll still be petty no matter how gracious you are), and (if that's not good enough) might end the shutdown much quicker. Pass a bill that's got increased funding for security, just not a wall. Let them say "look what I won".
  5. Assume you mean "something worse"
  6. I just thought it was a really funny joke on the mug.
  7. Larry

    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Granted, I'm basing this opinion on a portion of one sentence from the judge. But the video I'm seeing on CBS has the judge stating that "we cannot after the fact judge these officers". Really? We just had a trial so that a judge (who is also the jury) could rule that cops cannot be judged after the fact? Ever? How convenient.
  8. "Well, all of these people who have testified that Trump ordered them to lie are confessed liars."
  9. Steven Colbert is selling a government shutdown commemorative mug. (Can't seem to get the image to embed). Claims all profits will be donated to the chef who is serving free meals to unpaid federal workers downtown DC.
  10. But in Trump's defense, Congress was under orders to lie about it, too.
  11. Oh, no. You mean Germany's energy system (which you are trying to paint as a failure) is producing so much surplus energy that their neighbors are afraid that their networks can't tolerate the electricity?
  12. Wow. You mean a "renewable" plan, which is built around the concept of producing CO2, and then removing it (by replacing the plants you burned), produces more CO2 than forms which neither produce nor remove it? You sure convinced me to abandon renewables (and go back to burning things and not replacing them).
  13. Two days ago, the story about the shutdown was centered around FBI agents and TSA screeners and Coast Guard sailors defending our country for free, while their commanders advised them on where the food banks are. And the Dems were willing the story. Now, it's about Donald and Nancy ruining each other's photo op junkets. Congratulations on resurrecting another month of "I blame both sides".
  14. Well, Nancy, you challenged Donald Trump to a Battle of Pettiness.
  15. Well, the US government failed to intervene when a Canadian company was partially sold to a Russian company.