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  1. The GOP doesn't need Trump. They absolutely, desperately, need Trump voters. And that's who they're terrified of.
  2. Was wondering about that labor move. I get the impression that a lot of low wage employers are having trouble getting their employees to come back. I assume people can do finger pointing at various causes. But I do wonder if some of the stimulus money might be contributing to that.
  3. Also wondering how the right wing propaganda are covering these trials. Let me guess. They're not?
  4. Wondering if we're going to see a "Foxitis" defense.
  5. "Has your attorney advised you of any plea deal offers? Have you instructed your attorney to make any plea deal offers?"
  6. If I'm the judge, if fantasizing about stating "Contempt. 90 days. Hearing rescheduled for 90 days from today." But that would be mean to everybody else involved.
  7. When I was a kid, in the 60's, I walked to my elementary school every day. It was my house, then the vacant lot, then the Palmer's house, then the school. (The Palmers were black.) I don't really remember the Palmers much. They didn't have kids, so to me they were just people my parents talked to. And when I was a kid, I saw news on TV, about race riots and protesters and fire hoses and police dogs and national guard troops and governors in schoolhouse doors. And it bothered me a little. But it was something that happened somewhere else. In "the South", or Harlem (
  8. Yeah, the difference between Trump and W is pretty much that W wasn't in debt to Russia, and Trump was more open with racism.
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