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  1. Groucho Marx used to say that he would never belong to any club that would be willing to admit him.
  2. I don't need your permission to "take my shots". And yes, I'm aware that you're trolling for a fight. And choosing not to give you one.
  3. We've got piles and piles of really great evidence. Which we're intentionally not using in any of the 30 courtrooms that we've been laughed out of. And which we're hiding from the public. Wonder where he's been, internet and social wise, during the intervening period.
  4. One of the numerous things that really depresses me, when I look at the world today, is this action. I mean, I con understand what the GOP politicians get, when they oppose every single environmental restriction, ever. They get lots of money from the polluters. I don;t approve of putting financial gain ahead of the public good. But I can at least see what they're getting out of it. Eliminating taxes on the rich? Again, I can at least see what they get out of it. Opposing every single anti-discrimination measure in my lifetime? OK. They want peopl
  5. . . . and do it while defaulting on the federal guarantee which the Feds gave the lenders, when they loaned the money?
  6. As soothing as it may be to wish death and hardship on other people, The real damage from such events are from the 2nd, 3rd, and so forth generations of people who are infected by said attendees. Drunk drivers don't just kill themselves.
  7. However, coming soon from our conservative, strict constructionist, Supreme Court, which never ever cherry picks their reasoning to fit their political ideology, . . . . The First Amendment clearly grants people the authority to ignore public health laws, and to engage in behavior which is known in advance will likely result in a dozen deaths. However, it does not grant exemption from the rules on jaywalking.
  8. You saying, after four years of Trump, Joe Biden may shed the "gaffe machine" label?
  9. It stuns me that anybody would do any business whatsoever with any political campaign on anything other than cash in advance. I mean, you're talking about a corporate entity which is based around spending every dine the instant it comes in, and which you know in advance is going to be bankrupt, the day after the election.
  10. I'm starting to understand the linkage between Team Trump and the "confederate flag".
  11. How many times had Trump confessed to felonies in a tweet?
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