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  1. Is a 74 year old man not wearing a mask during a pandemic that mostly kills old people, "lack of virtue signaling"?
  2. Larry

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    That's "human capital stock", to you!
  3. First reply, when I checked it:
  4. Larry

    The "Re-Opening" the Economy Thread

    Two hairstylists potentially exposed 140 customers to COVID-19 at a Great Clips in Missouri, according to alerts from a local health department Well, good news is, they were supposedly wearing masks, and so were the customers. Bad news? 1) If I read the article correctly, at least one was working while symptomatic. 2) We're talking 140 possible exposures, and that was just in 9 days. 3) And their state is going to just chalk this up as "**** happens", and go ahead with relaxing infection control more.
  5. Right. Because the good of society (including thousands of deaths) isn't a good enough reason to tell you to wear a mask in WalMart, or not go to that spring break pool party.
  6. There's a kinda informal rule in Tailgate. Sarcasm is supposed to be in Comic Sans font. Otherwise somebody might think you're really this . . . something.
  7. I'll take that bet. Odds that a single person who goes to that event, spends the next 10 days self-quarantining? They didn't learn from the first 100K dead. Odds that they learn from the second?
  8. The AL SecState has that authority? (Or has the legislature specified those voting rules?)
  9. The fact that they're getting lied to for political purposes is probably a big factor.
  10. It certainly seems logical to me that more testing would lead to a larger "infected" number, but not so much a larger "death" number. Net result - smaller mortality rates. But I thought I'd read that that effect had already happened (at least some). That the mortality numbers were already lower than the early numbers.
  11. Have I missed really big news? Way back when, I thought the mortality for this disease was like 1.5%. Percentage of people who got infected, who died. And here, I was under the impression that lately, we'd been testing a lot more people. And discovering that the number infected was much larger than the old numbers. (Which we all knew was the case, but now it's nice to have confirmation.) And that therefore, the morbidity is actually lower than the old number. (Since we now had a much larger "infected" number, for around the same number of deaths.) So I went to Worldometer, to see what the new mortality for the US is. To see how much it had gone down. And now it's 5.9%???? (99K deaths / 1.7M cases.) Is that real? I thought that only 1 in 20 (5%) even needed hospitalization. Is this thing really killing 6% of those infected? (And that's without even factoring in the fact that a chunk of the people being counted as "infected" haven't died yet.) Have the numbers changed that much, and in that direction, and I didn't notice?
  12. I just do not get Amazon's product search engine. My patient needs suction catheters. He uses two kinds. One kind attaches to a ventilator, and has a suction catheter sealed inside a plastic baggie. Keeps the catheter clean, and can be used without removing him from the ventilator. But, he's not on the ventilator all the time. If he needs suction when he's not on the ventilator, then we use just plain old, not sealed in a baggie, catheters. Our supplier has told us that they won't be sending the stand alone catheters any more, because his insurance company has decided that they will not pay for two different kinds of catheters, only one or the other. So I resorted to my usual response when there's this kind of problem - go to Amazon and see if I can just pay for what the patient needs, myself. I'm already buying gloves for the staff. I've bought medication for him (for example, when the insurance pays for generic, but he needs the name brand). Go to Amazon, and search for "sterile suction catheter". I get 7 pages of results. Probably 75% of the results are syringes. (Although most of them have "catheter tip".) I'm going through the results, looking for what I need. Page 5 of the results contains three dildos. Seriously? OK, they have a suction cup on the base. But I guarantee you they are neither sterile nor contain a catheter.