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    Where the Constitution grants rights to pregnant pigs, and denies them to homosexual humans

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  1. Now, now. Lindsey just solemnly swore that he would support the results of the vote. Just not the vote that the constitution says is the one that counts.
  2. I shall assume that tempers are short, and will therefore tone down my response and ask how you possibly figure that.
  3. Are you literally saying that Donald Trump doesn't say things without a long term, organized, plan in place?
  4. It would really break my heart if 50K people moved from PR to FL, three years ago, and voted. Hopefully at the state level, too.
  5. Admiring the image of Donald Trump claiming that he's banning harmful and divisive race and sex based ideologies.
  6. Just observing. I know it's a standard talking point, but it's kinda tough to throw the term "gerrymandering" at state lines, don't you think?
  7. ^^ Or even if they don't lose. Actually, after some of the things Republicans have pulled, after losing elections, I've had this fantasy of some constitutional amendments: Any action taken, by government officials, during the period between an election, and the implementation of the results of said election, must be reaffirmed by the newly-installed officials, (Using the same rules as were used for the decision - for example, if it took a 60% vote to pass, then it takes a 60% vote to reaffirm), within 90 days, or it becomes invalid.
  8. When fixing the mess he created gets him more money and votes than inciting hate and division.
  9. That reads like "I will soon be making a major staged event in which I loudly and proudly announce that somebody else is responsible for dealing with a problem."
  10. I've had this fantasy for a while. Innauguration day. Barr and the new AG are in the office. Packing up the bookcase. Changing the combination for the safe. Swapping pictures on the wall. New AG shakes hands with Barr. Exchanges a few pleasantries. And as Barr passes the door, the FBI agent who is holding the door open says "You are under arrest, for conspiracy, obstruction of justice, perjury, and falsification of official records."
  11. I think the Feds should cut off all SS and similar spending to NYC and Portland. That'll sure suppress the vote, won't it?
  12. You have such a negative opinion of them. Guess you've been awake, last three years.
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