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    Where the Constitution grants rights to pregnant pigs, and denies them to homosexual humans

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  1. "The entire investigation of Trump is clearly nothing more than the most partisan abuse of power in our nation's history, because the Republicans all voted against it."
  2. The country ain't coming back together till right wing media dies. Sorry, but to come together, at the very least, there needs to be a recognition that Truth exists.
  3. I could go for Pete with any of the Old Farts. (Although I assume that if it's Bernie/Pete, then he will just be a token, with no influence.)
  4. . . . by building a wall . . . and appointing some anti-vaxers.
  5. Oh, Don doesn't have a strategy for how to cheat at golf when he's the only one playing. The people who are running him do.
  6. By "pull us apart", Putin means "oppose my army's attempts to conquer".
  7. Your Russian handlers did. That's why you were backing him. And feeding his follower's conspiracy theories/.
  8. The part where you imply that the Dem leadership conspired against Bernie, because they wanted to run a gay man instead? Or am I reading you wrong?
  9. So, if Trump wins, it'll be because the Dems didn't conspire against Bernie enough?
  10. You expect us to believe you sleep? With your posting history?
  11. No, the sight of Donald Trump cheering on Bernie, and feeding his conspiracy theories, isn't a danger signal at all.
  12. Maybe Biden, Pete, and Amy should draw cards to see which two drop out?
  13. 1). Thank you for generously giving me permission to do something I don't need your permission to do in the first place. 2). And obviously you do care, or your world would not be overrun by "attackers" (including me) who aren't attacking. - - - - So. How do you feel about the assertion that all the "Bernie supporters" people report seeing on social media, who are combinations of raving conspiracy theorists and fragile emo snowflakes, are actually part of a conspiracy to harm Bernie by making it look like all his supporters are loons who normal people would run from?
  14. Because of course, when there's a problem with a Dem caucus, the first thing people do is phone Fox News to complain.