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  1. No he hasn't. He doesn't want qualified people. He wants dishonest loyal (disposable) people.
  2. Agreed. Bloomberg's ads are gonna reach a whole ****load of voters who didn't watch this debate.
  3. Wouldn't mind it. But I'd think Warren/Pete would do better. Pete's just too inexperienced for that job. (But I sure do like what I've seen of his temperament.)
  4. Yeah, I don't think mudslinger is her strength. IMO, shoulda stuck with being the most prepared policy wonk in the room. It's what she's good at. I don't see people being scared of a wonk, the way they are of a True Believer. And I think it would make a hell of a contrast against Trump. It's why I was cheering for her.
  5. Well, in Trump's defense, intelligence has clearly had it in for Trump for some time.
  6. I thought we had a rule here, about the use of Comic Sans font.
  7. Re: "Acting ODNI" Grenell, supposedly agreeing to give Russian mobsters advance notice if DOJ was coming for them.
  8. Jeffrey Epstein a contender? I think there's at least a few on Capitol Hill who I might rank higher. I think a case could be made that Trump qualifies for leniency due to mental defect. But, say, Skippy? Nunes? At least in my mind, those two were perfectly rational, and intentionally did things that I'm not sure Trump knows were wrong.
  9. Wondering if our acting ODNI can get a security clearance.
  10. Larry

    The Impeachment Thread

    Guess we know why Trump issued a batch of newsworthy pardons yesterday, huh?
  11. If Bernie wins the nomination, I'm gonna not vote.
  12. Wish we could put polls into the middle of threads. Suspect the votes would be rather lopsided.
  13. Larry

    The Impeachment Thread

    Interesting. Trump supposedly dangling a pardon in front of somebody. Not in exchange for trying to clear Trump. But in exchange for making a false claim to try to clear Russia.
  14. Also gotta say, the more I hear about Bloomberg, the less favorably I think of him. Now, I have to tell myself. At this stage in the election, most of what I'm gonna hear about (any candidate), comes from his opponents. Many politicians work very hard not to pin themselves down with firm, specific, commitments to absolute positions. And work very hard to hang absolute positions on their opponents. But so far, what I know about Bloomberg is that he's really good at running anti-Trump ads. (Which is good. But come on, how easy a target is that?) And what his opponents say about him. Somehow, I don't see Bloomberg being willing to settle for a Veep spot. I don't see anybody spending that kind of cash for "a bucket of warm spit". But he might be really good at it. "Guy who really pisses off Trump" could be a really useful role in this election.
  15. I'm becoming less and less tolerant of the Bernie campaign. Seems like every single thing that isn't positive glowing praise is clearly a coordinated smear campaign. And what, are they now demanding a third recount in IA? They seem to have a bigger snowflake factor than Trump supporters, and a bigger sense of being entitled to the nomination than Hillary. - - - Still better than Trump. But the gap is narrowing.
  16. Pete's gay, you know. Makes it morally wrong for him to say that scripture doesn't condone stealing people's children to punish them for not obeying secular law.
  17. Anticipating a whole bunch of opportunities for irony, in a discussion on whether a presidential candidate publicly asking an outside group to please do something that would help your campaign is illegal or not.
  18. Yeah, as long as Bernie can "win" with 25% of the vote, he's the front runner.
  19. Dunno where I get this mental image that Bernie supporters are mouth foamers who's "reasoning" consists of stringing together three sentences that look like they came from Google translate, and then acting like they've demonstrated that the entire world is against them.
  20. Pete is down 5% since December? After tying for the win in IA? Seems weird.