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  1. **** them, the Republican Death Cult. If I believed in Hell, they could all go there.
  2. So sorry to hear, TEG. Giving my best wishes for Bogey.
  3. Right, if it had been put out contemporaneously, then it would have had an effect, maybe. Even then, we knew about Gingrich and his affairs and that wasn't a big deal in Republican circles. Misogynistic patriarchy at it's finest as practiced by the Republican Death Cult for quite some time.
  4. He sounds like a spoiled child that is coddled by his mother.
  5. Yes, that's what scares me the most. We need an expanded court ASAP.
  6. Good, they can all be called as witnesses, and if they defy a subpoena, they can be thrown in jail. About time Democrats play hardball all the way.
  7. Pelosi should kick them off as witnesses.
  8. One hundred feet is less than a football field length. Goodness, these people need to be thrown in prison for a long time, especially the planners. And I include those Congresspeople involved in the Jan. 6th Insurrection.
  9. Regular burgers require cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Counts as vegetables, right?!
  10. I kept old Madd Magazines for years, in fact I threw out the last of them when I was purging to move. Lots of wisdom in those. Yet these nutcases are actively trying to deny women's bodily autonomy at the same time they tout bodily autonomy to not get the Covid vaccine. Their cognitive dissonance is head spinning.
  11. And their strawberry shortcake sundaes! How I miss that restaurant! Still looking for a good Bbq place. I like pork and Texas is beef central.
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