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  1. A pardon doesn't make a person innocent. It only pardons that person from punishment. For those pardoned persons not yet charged with a crime, it means it's useless to prosecute them because they can't be punished.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving ES peeps! I'm grateful to all of you so I can occasionally discuss our team and read the game comments even though I can't see the games. I'm thankful for political discussion that's based on reality. I'm grateful that I am near my daughter and granddaughter even though I've only seen them a handful of times this year. I'm grateful that I'm an introvert so living as a hermit to avoid Covid and stay healthy isn't hard. I'm grateful for my doctor who's taking care of me so that my blood tests are again normal. And mostly I'm grateful for my Dancer who's the best companion anyo
  3. Let's document his pardons/commutations. Roger Stone: Commutation Mike Flynn: Full Pardon
  4. Saw this in my FB feed. Interesting. BREAKING: Look who is now in charge of PA, WI, MI, and GA Circuit Courts have been Reassigned Effective November 20, 2020, ordered pursuant to Title 28, United States Code, Section 42 MI - Brett M. Kavanaugh WI - Amy Coney Barrett PA - Samuel A. Alito GA - Clarence Thomas
  5. Michigan: Republican John James concedes Senate election to Democrat Gary Peters. https://www.yahoo.com/news/john-james-officially-concedes-senate-152853014.html
  6. I think that they should eliminate a portion of accumulated interest from student loans and then renegotiate the interest rates on the principal. Some public service is good too. Plus an income/means test.
  7. It's going to be a huge effort to go through every department to fix all this Trump mandated ****.
  8. One benefit to him from packing the Supremes is they may uphold a right to the President for pardoning himself. However, they may decline because a Democrat president could do absolutely anything illegal, may be impeached or even removed but that's the extent of any kind of punishment. So I can see them giving a lot of thought to this. If the next president doesn't pardon him, then he's really up the creek and can be tried for any federal crime he's committed, if Biden's DOJ decides to prosecute. Another reason for him to resign at the zenith hour and have Pence pardon him. Pence w
  9. Providing access to birth control is the number one reason the abortion rate falls. ****ing fools.
  10. As soon as he figures out how to launder all that money into his and his kids off shore bank accounts.
  11. First tier cabinet and other offices need experienced executives. Second tier positions can be filled with the up and coming executives and experts in their fields. And so on down the line. It's as it should be to restore our government that was decimated by Trump and his minions. I don't think I need to refer to Biden and his minions. It's quite refreshing!
  12. I'm watching MSNBC so hopefully they'll break for Emily Murphy's smackdown.
  13. Gerrymandering by either party is voter suppression.
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