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  1. LadySkinsFan


    This is a picture of a camellia blossom on the plant that I planted for my mother a couple of years before she died. It grew to about 15 feet tall and bushy. The investor who bought the house cut it down to about a foot. It was so beautiful!
  2. LadySkinsFan

    The Quarantine Thread

    I heard from my cousin this morning. My aunt has dementia (late 80s) pretty bad and my uncle has dragged his feet about putting her in a nursing home. Which turned out to be a good thing. My cousin said all the deaths in Lycoming County PA were nursing home residents except for one. I don't know what the stats are for my county here in Texas. I still keep safe regardless of what other people do.
  3. LadySkinsFan

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Joe vs Twitter Terrorist

    He'll probably choose Texas. After all, it's not like anything will be paid for.
  4. LadySkinsFan

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    He might have died by that time, cash can't keep you alive forever, no matter how much golf you play.
  5. LadySkinsFan

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Joe vs Twitter Terrorist

    This is why there's vetting. All sorts of things come out. Kamala Harris has similar problems as a prosecutor. Although I love the way she questions Republicans in Senate hearings. Edited to add: I wish that Biden hadn't tied himself to picking a woman for VP candidate. I really like Eric Swalwell and think he'd be a good VP choice.
  6. LadySkinsFan

    The Forthcoming Recession is Here. Enjoy!

    ^^^^ Another Trump and minion failure. You know this direction came directly from Trump because electioneering. Dick! I want to see some brave souls with backbone release the data to the media, like Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O'Donnell. Probably Lawrence because Rachel is focused on Covid-19reporting.
  7. LadySkinsFan

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Joe vs Twitter Terrorist

    This is one of the reasons why it took me six years to move to Texas. ****ing backwards state ruled by idiots and assholes.
  8. Burn Notice is great! Especially now that you can binge watch it. I watched it again last year. So I dug out all of my V DVDs and will start watching tomorrow. I also found Death Race, great movie! I have a large DVD collection of all kinds of TV shows and movies. Now seems a good time to watch a bunch. The next is Queer As Folk. This one might be fun to binge watch.
  9. Agreed, watched the whole first season. Was intrigued.
  10. LadySkinsFan

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    I used to visit this Peruvian restaurant in Miami that made the best ceviche. I don't think it's there anymore.
  11. Yes, Christopher Reeve, darn autocorrect!
  12. LadySkinsFan

    The Quarantine Thread

    Launch cancelled due to weather.
  13. LadySkinsFan

    The Forthcoming Recession is Here. Enjoy!

    Social Security recipients most likely won't receive a COLA in 2021 because of the weak economy. Too bad real costs are increasing like rent. Mine is increasing in July.
  14. LadySkinsFan

    Presidential Election:11/3/20 - Joe vs Twitter Terrorist

    Biden pretty much stayed silent, allowing Trump to **** up spectacularly. Now he's speaking out using Trump's own words and failures.
  15. LadySkinsFan

    The Grilling and Cooking Thread

    Update on my dry rub mix for ribs after thinking about it overnight. I like the mix, however, I put too much on and it was a bit bitter. The bbq sauce was sweeter and that saved them. Would have been disastrous without bbq sauce. So will use again, just not as much and actually rub it in instead of packing it on.