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  1. Just read that Texas is in the bottom five of states giving Covid vaccines. And the ****ing governor is opening up the state again 100% next Wednesday and recinding the mandatory mask mandate. I hate this state. I wish I never moved here and now I'm stuck. ****ing Republicans. So I will still self isolate and hope like hell that I survive. Have I said that I hate this state?
  2. Trickle down and voter suppression is all the current Republican Party has. They only want to get elected for the prestige of power, they can't govern because they actually don't care about providing services to We the People as outlined by the preamble to the Constitution or even law and order that they continue to talk about but ignore when convenient.
  3. I signed up on my county's waitlist on Sunday, the only way you can get an appointment. There were only 200 doses in my area, so who knows when I can even make an appointment. I'm 1b by age and health issues so clearly qualify. Texas is very screwed up due to Republican leadership here.
  4. Thanks for posting about this cut. I'll have to try it!
  5. I can't afford the wild caught salmon, have seen it there. Braswell's makes a sweet bourbon seafood sauce, so I tried to replicate it. I used Irish whisky instead of bourbon because that's what I had. Turned out pretty good.
  6. Your dinner looks delicious! I love duck breast.
  7. I'm not a fan of earmarks, it's horse trading on a macro level.
  8. I visited my new doctor today, I really like her, very thorough. Same clinic, my old doctor has a child at risk so she's only doing telemedicine calls as needed. I want a local doctor I can count on. Actually went to the clinic, double masked.
  9. Costco run today, they have their skinless boneless salmon fillets on sale until the 28th, $5.00 off. Also frozen Argentinian red shrimp, cleaned, shell less 1.5 lbs for $15. I love seafood and these are good deals. Costco was a zoo, BTW. Senior citizen payday today, which is why I went. No eggs though. I bought ready made sausage, egg, and cheese crossings, for about a dollar each. Hopefully by then the stores will have eggs again.
  10. As someone who's experienced both heterosexual and Lesbian sex experiences, Lesbian sex consists almost entirely of foreplay activity unless dildos are used for short periods of time. I'm speaking of actual Lesbian sex activity, not pornified Lesbian sex manufactured for the male gaze. Edited to add: Lesbian sex activity can last hours due to the foreplay activities of Lesbian sex. Actual penis in vagina sex duration for short periods of time are usual, pornified longer periods of PIV sex duration is due to the editing process. I am concerned about the infl
  11. The Supremes pretty much cleared out all of the lawsuits pertaining to the election out of the court. It's up to the Republican state legislatures to practice further voter suppression tactics. The ****s.
  12. The Lost Hours: How Confusion and Inaction at the Capitol Delayed a Troop Deployment At 1:09 p.m. Jan. 6, minutes after protesters had burst through the barricades around the U.S. Capitol and began using the steel debris to assault the officers standing guard, the chief of the Capitol Police made a desperate call for backup. It took nearly two hours for officials to approve the deployment of the National Guard. New details about what transpired over those 115 minutes on that dark, violent day — revealed in interviews and documents — tell a story of how chaotic decision
  13. No good news for Trump from the Supremes. This decision was sitting around for months after Trump's lawyers argued that the supoenas were a fishing expedition. Apparently the Supremes didn't think so. So much for stacking the court with conservatives. I didn't see the count of the Supremes in this article. Supreme Court rejects Trump's last bid to shield his finances from New York prosecutors The Supreme Court on Monday cleared the way for New York prosecutors to obtain eight years of financial records from the accountants and bankers of former President Trump as part o
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