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  1. One thing that their platform could address is being anti-voter suppression. That would really mark them as different.
  2. I don't think this is necessarily true. For example, I don't agree with Cheney's politics at all nor do I give her credit for speaking the obvious truth to save her job and her actual seat in the House. I also don't think that Sanders was wronged by the DNC, he just didn't win by their rules, he didn't get enough actual votes. Caucus votes don't really count in the scheme of things.
  3. Cult of Colt, great thread with some great comments. So young!
  4. The Republicans are playing semantic games. Please don't encourage their **** and penchant for lying about everything.
  5. The Congress needs to add severe punishment for voter suppression to their voter rights bill: at least ten years of prison without time off for "good" behavior, fines starting at $250,000 and up for level of legislator, and permanent loss of their voting rights. All of the above should be the punishment. It's beyond time to make these traitors pay for denying people their right to vote.
  6. One person, one vote, in secret. Republicans are over the edge.
  7. I don't wear a mask when I walk Dancer because most people are working or at school during the day. I don't when I visit my neighbors who are vaccinated. I do going in stores and doctor's offices. I will continue to do this until Texas numbers go down. I think it also depends on what state you live in and how the population avails itself of vaccines.
  8. This is my issue with declaring that fully vaccinated people can go maskless in public: the anti-vaxxers don't wear masks now unless forced to so they can shop. So how are us fully vaccinated people able to rely on every maskless person they encounter is also fully vaccinated?
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