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  1. LadySkinsFan

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    He does look like a Biff!
  2. LadySkinsFan

    Best Burgers (Burgery Goodness,The Sequel)

    Whataburger is expensive because everything but one burger patty is priced separately. I've tried them, not too special because of the resultant price. Plus, if you're not expecting it, the cumulative price is an eye opener.
  3. LadySkinsFan

    The Impeachment Thread

    Any Senator up for re-election that participates in those meetings should be hugely targeted for defeat.
  4. LadySkinsFan

    The Random Politics Thread

    I don't eat at ChikFilA and I won't get a Popeye's chicken sandwich because of too much breading. I do like Arby's sandwiches but it's too far away from me. I usually go to Wendy's and get a Dave's single cheeseburger with lettuce tomato and mayo. That's my guilty pleasure. We have a restaurant called Taco Cabana which is pretty good. With my budget, I only have fast food once or twice a month so I have to choose carefully. I can make cheeseburgers at home, multiples for the price of one at the restaurants. Except the Taco Cabana food, it's better when I go there.
  5. I'm waiting for the primary voting to make a decision on who to support during primary season. No matter who gets the nomination, I am voting Democrat right down the line.
  6. LadySkinsFan

    The Impeachment Thread

    Extra points for using flotsam and jetsam in your post. It's probably one of my favorite phrases.
  7. LadySkinsFan

    The Impeachment Thread

    His supporters maybe. New Yorkers would beat him to death.
  8. LadySkinsFan

    The Impeachment Thread

    Will have to root them out down to the local government levels.
  9. LadySkinsFan

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Trump's coming to visit the Apple MAC plant in Austin tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th.
  10. LadySkinsFan

    The Impeachment Thread

    In the proposal world, we call it weasel wording to get around outright stating something like a requirement that we don't really meet. It's also the way people state things when they are knowingly breaking the law and want to have some sort of plausible deniability. Like saying, "Gee, I didn't know that asking that was breaking the law when I asked X to to take care of Y."
  11. It's the "head in sand" conclusion of those who are so blind they cannot see obeyance to the criminal enterprise occupying the executive branch of our government.
  12. LadySkinsFan

    Election 2019 - D's take VA. Bevin takes L.

    Shanda Yates, a 38-year-old Jackson-area attorney, has ousted Billy Denny, a top Republican in the Mississippi House of Representatives who first won his seat in 1987—when Yates was just 6 years old. The Democratic political newcomer beat the longtime House District 64 incumbent by about 51% to 49%, the Hinds County Election Commission confirmed to the Jackson Free Press after finishing counting provisional ballots on Monday.
  13. How do you keep 'am down on the farm, after they've screwed with D.C.politics?
  14. LadySkinsFan

    Election 2020 The Non Presidential Edition

    Her stunt in the hearings proves she doesn't have any integrity.
  15. LadySkinsFan

    The Impeachment Thread

    If he didn't think he was wrong, he wouldn't have a raft of lawyers working for him to keep him out of jail/prison. So far, he's not really been held accountable for anything. Money buys a lot of outs.