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  1. It was a huge mistake to pardon Nixon. It gave impetus to this travesty GOP now.
  2. Here's my pizza, right out of the oven. It's cooling, so I will update after eating some. Update: I cut it into fours and ate two. It was pretty good, not outstanding crust. The cheese melted great and the Genoa salami wasn't greasy. Next time I'll try the Midtown crusts.
  3. I think we need an amendment limiting federal judges/justices to one 10 year term. We need to get rid of lifetime appointments.
  4. I've been here 2 years this June. I don't get their cakes, except I tried the German chocolate cake, that was good. I think it's a better store than Giant back home.
  5. The Republicans have already packed the federal courts, filling all the vacancies that they refused to fill under Obama. How many vacancies are left? Damn few.
  6. I'll let you know tomorrow. I didn't know about the frozen Midtown Pizza crust, I'll look for it the next time I'm in HEB. BTW, I love this store, plus their name products are great. I hardly ever by national brands anymore. Plus they're cost effective on a fixed budget. The Jiffy Mix is 62¢.
  7. For pizza sauce, I opened a small can of tomato sauce and added some sugar, dried oregano, and minced garlic. My grocery store sells tubs of pealed garlic cloves. I bought one and minced the garlic in my small mincer. Then into a glass jar with some olive oil. I also heated the cut pieces of Genoa salami to render some fat out, and cut some slices of smoked provolone into pieces. I am all ready to make pizza tomorrow!
  8. Just so sad to lose such a fighter for women and girls, and everyone really. She will be missed.
  9. ^^^^ Don't forget that these judges can be impeached and removed. If only because they aren't qualified.
  10. I've decided to make some pizza for the game Sunday. I have a box of Jiffy pizza crust mix, some Genoa salami, tomato sauce with herbs, and smoked provolone cheese.
  11. The other women's testimony contributed information about his modus operadi. He's a convicted rapist.
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