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  1. I voted on Monday, the first early voting day for our local elections. City council seats and some changes to our city charter.
  2. This is true. Basically you can only use the means necessary to repel an attack. When I first bought a firearm, I took a class on basic gun use for self defense. It's good for carrying a knife too. If someone attacks you, you have the right to repel the attack. Once the attacker breaks off the attack, you cannot then become the aggressor and attack them. Unfortunately in this case, apparently this girl didn't know that and attacked her attacker after that person broke off her attack. Police arriving don't know what goes on prior to them arriving. They have to deal with the situati
  3. Until Republicans start denouncing and censoring, and even ejecting members who are anti-democracy, then they will all be tarred with the same brush. And I use that phrase deliberately on these white supremists.
  4. Gee, your card is printed! Mine is handwritten.
  5. Welcomed Geraldine Ferraro to the Democrat ticket. I was proud to vote for that one!
  6. The last time I got a speeding ticket, I talked to the cop (a nice young guy), admitted that I knew I was speeding but not the exact speed, and he gave me a reduced speed that wouldn't show up on the state and no points if I paid on time. It cost $100 but good deal on the no points. It's definitely privilege to be a white older female. I bet I would have been treated differently if a woman of color stopped in a mostly white neighborhood. These things matter that all people should be treated with respect.
  7. Dancer loves the car! She gets so excited. I make her pee before we get in the car. Her first car ride was when I picked her up in Tampa for the ride home to Alexandria. She was a champ and loved it! She's sleeping on my lap in the bed as I write. It's chilly here today and she's keeping us warm until I get up.
  8. Congrats on a nice looking dog! It's amazing how fast they are! Dancer is a runner so I have to be careful opening the front door. At the dog park, she just meanders around when she could run to her heart's content.
  9. Beautiful! I miss my pale pink Van Fleet roses that bloomed every Spring on my side yard in Alexandria.
  10. This article is a long post by Heather Cox Richardson posted on FB late Friday night about the American First Caucus. It explains everything about white supremists since 1850. Yes, that's a long time ago but white supremists haven't given up since losing the Civil War. They've gone underground at times. Trump brought them out of the woodwork again.
  11. One of my favorite Grin songs. I saw them in concert quite a few times. And another
  12. Since it was reported that women got the blood clots, I wonder if they are on birth control pills. Those female hormone birth control products can cause blood clots and maybe combined with the J&J vaccine, it was an increased risk.
  13. My older "brother" was a red ****er Spaniel called Corky.
  14. I had a Medicare Wellness appointment yesterday and the nurse said that they are now doing testing for 12-16 year old population. My granddaughter is 15, 16 in October, so she'll probably qualify before her birthday. I don't know if her parents will have her vaccinated. My daughter isn't yet, I don't know about her dad.
  15. Reporting the death of a grifter. Bernie Madoff died. One less grifter taking up space on the planet. He was still a prisoner.
  16. I thank goodness that two of my GFs had Ph.D in the sciences so I understand quite a bit of how the human body biochemistry works. I never studied science much in college so I don't have any direct schooling in this field. I did read both of their dissertations and understood them until getting into the math discussions. Math is not my forte. This background is why I looked at all of the mRNA information I could and then decided to get the vaccine when first offered instead of taking my chances here among the Texas Death Cult ruling everything here.
  17. I agree that these new vaccines and how they work are great and convinced me to get vaccinated when I could. The fact that they aren't formulated like the flu vaccines and other vaccines based on live or dead cells are a wonderful piece of scientific engineering. The old technology is why I won't get flu vaccines because it's largely a guessing game of which strain will emerge in many months. Thanks for sharing your information so I am glad that I got the Pfizer vaccine.
  18. Yes, I was an ultra liberal waiting to see what the efficacy of these new vaccines were and any serious side effects and deaths were associated with them. I was going to wait until Summer and kept reading about their science. Then my asshole governor announced that he was opening up the state 100% the next week. I was offered the first shot by my medical center a couple of days later and immediately signed up. I am so glad that I am vaccinated with the most scientific protection available while I can still use regular protection actions. The data is out there, and yes it's still incomplete, bu
  19. Inner city crimes = crimes committed by Black people Capitol insurrection = White people trying to save overthrow the government
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