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  1. ntotoro

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    It could possibly be Schaffer. He's out of the "GM" loop enough that if he said "By the by, you know the team is looking for a new HC, right? Suppose it was spitballed la, bla, bla, bla, bla... "to someone just to see what people thought. They know he wouldn't be in the position to hire a Coach, so it could just be general conversation. If the response was "No way in hell would I come there or know anyone else who wants to work under that clown," then I think Schaffer is someone with enough swag and bonafides even to Snyder to be able to say that and have Danny believe it.
  2. ntotoro

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Should they really be looking for a HC or let a new GM look... or is this just an "exploratory" thing?
  3. ntotoro

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Mental note to Dan... a big name isn't gonna' win back the fanbase this time.
  4. ntotoro

    Next Coach?

    Danny is too busy on his yacht wearing a moo moo and Kleenex boxes on his feet while collecting jars of his own urine in his IMAX theater.
  5. ntotoro

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I don't even know how this is a question. While the 'Skins may not get completely embarrassed, there's no way the team marches into GB and gets a win. GB is rolling and looking to solidify a hold on the NFCN. If the loss gets rid of Brucie, all the better.
  6. Zero chance a motivated Pack will lose to the ‘Skins next week.
  7. ntotoro

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    The Wade Philips deal was a Norval Gruden call... although Gruden was also a Brucie hire, so he can ultimately be blamed for all that. Phillips recounted the bizarre interview he had with Gruden a couple years ago. Article...
  8. Is that the kind of player you draft in the middle of the first round or is that a project?
  9. He still barely had a 50% completion rate, threw for under 150 yards and didn’t crack a 70 QBR. There weren’t that many drops to make up for those numbers.
  10. I get it, but God knows this team can screw up a top-2 or 3 pick. There’s no guarantee they’ll get a difference-maker. Haskins is being praised for finally becoming a game manager and he was 15th. This team’s first-round record isn’t awesome.
  11. Holy crapola... Manusky and that D.... how does he go prevent all this time and when has it ever worked in the history of ever?
  12. Anderson out on what I admit was a very, very bad play... but the dude who punked Quinn is still in?
  13. Haskins has room to run on that last play before outthinking himself too much.
  14. They’ll pull half their team before it gets that close to 50.