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  1. His leg itself should technically be stronger than before the injury. It’s between the ears where there could be an issue. That and he wasn’t exactly tearing up the field before he was hurt and has been out almost two years. His salary is stuck on the books, anyway, regardless whether he is cut or traded. Too much guaranteed money.
  2. Danny Boy wound up looking worse in the end, even if he thought he was doing a pre-emptive strike on LaFemina. What wound up getting out was that Brian was fired after less than a year once he told Danny why fans weren’t coming to the games. The only way this situation will improve is for “The Shield” to step in and force him to sell. Makes me appreciate Gibbs 2.0 even more. Danny will never learn.
  3. I have a weird feeling those things might only scratch the surface with Larry. Imagine the stuff the reports have had to leave out, for various reasons.
  4. If anything, it's interesting to see that you have a left-wing outlet (Post) and right-wing outlet (Daily Caller), which is the definition of balance. Look... everyone hates Dan Snyder.
  5. Sadly, yes, he will be. Seriously? That's what you're worried about?
  6. Loss of draft picks and keeping Danny punishes the fans more than anyone else. Danny can shrug it off and say "Oh, alright... " knowing he keeps the team. He's gotta go... and I mean GO
  7. Hopefully not a follow-up to the Albert Haynesworth sex tape, which I’m guessing involves a lot of salted, cured meats, a la George Costanza.
  8. I think the point is all the hubbub about “They’re doing this because of the name” is just convenient window dressing.
  9. The ROI certainly is pretty bad and it still wouldn't be the worst business venture Dan Snyder enacted...
  10. Not entirely true. Men and women both gave up bangs in the ‘70’s and ‘90’s...