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  1. Oh, I almost feel that way daily LOL!!! I think about my kids and maintaining myself... my name and that's enough. My balls, as Tony Montana eloquently puts it. That's enough to get me going. Now... I'm 51, divorced with three kids and not in my early 20's, so I get the value of perspective. Maybe it's a generational thing. My name was always worth more... I don't know. Hopefully he did learn how to overcome issues, whether mental or physical on the field. When you're in GovCon, you always feel like you have six bosses who want six different things and you can't make them all happy... like coaches... but Terry still did what he did, despite the issues with the Offense (which there definitively were and a lot was coaching). I don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, either, I just worry when you see someone so fundamentally lost after showing such a high ceiling the prior season. If he's able to rebound, then maybe it really is a matter of coaches and players being able to reach him where before they couldn't and just gave up on him or didn't even try. When I was in the middle of my divorce years ago, I spoke to my Priest about how he could connect with me, despite never having been in the same position. He said some people look the part and dress the part, but are unable to reach your soul. The same can be said about coaches, bosses, teammates, coworkers, et al. Forbes... we'll see because he hasn't shown anything at the NFL level yet. Certainly not as much as Dotson.
  2. I want to believe that... badly... especially as good as he was his rookie season and the ceiling he showed. A player who loses motivation because of a coach makes me wonder. Some people can get the best out of others, some can't... but a player who just says "**** it" makes me worry. Terry wasn't exactly in a position to succeed, was hurt and still got 1000 yards. He didn't have a season full of mulligans and mistakes.
  3. What I think of whenever I keep reading "Jones fracture" on his foot...
  4. I believe that's the broadcast debut of TB12... ? Edit: Not SNF, though.
  5. I mean... I know he's young and all and you never know what the future holds, but I don't think he's ready for the car wash down Loudoun County Parkway just yet.
  6. I can allow that. That was when Georgia was right smack in the middle of that lossless period.
  7. Exactly what I was thinking/assuming/imagining. GMAP has, in one UFA, Draft and UDFA class already gotten more with this current staff than Paddleboat Ron got in all his time. Turned everything I thought right on my head, that the scouts were all a reflection of their management. Turned out they were a product of it rather than a reflection of it. "...but Brawndo's got electrolytes... " Turned out they just needed water all along.
  8. Has GMAP even done an overhaul of the scouting staff yet... ? Makes me wonder where the real problem was before he got here.
  9. Yankoff... now there's a guy who needs to make the team just for that jersey!!!
  10. "RUN LMC" doesn't have the same ring to it... 🤣
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