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  1. You're asking Norval Gruden to make adjustments to his game, because he's had such an amazing track record of adjusting. That's so cute...
  2. That's part of the problem. NE would have to offer more than just their 1st, which will be absurdly low. They won't, however, since they likely won't extend him past his two years if not make him one-and-done since there's little-to-no risk.
  3. Right. The Pats' 2020 1st rounder will be waaaaaay at the end of the first round, if not dead last. Basically, a 2nd. They'd need to offer more than just their 2020 1st.
  4. ntotoro

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    As long as said team is willing to trade for a guy who will get hurt three plays into a relief stint...
  5. ntotoro

    0-5 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

    Could be 0-5 or even 5-0, but I'm feeling a 2-3 start and the wins may be surprising. There's always early-season weirdness that happens in the league. Not saying NE will inexplicably lose to us, but there's always something bizarre that happens early.
  6. ntotoro

    Tracking former Redskins around the league

    They haven't made anything yet, especially with two games still to go in the preseason. I'd almost wager Fuller is the only one of those three who even makes the final roster.
  7. Not necessarily a move, but basically saying that Chris Samuels needed to rub some dirt on his spinal stenosis and get back on it.
  8. Is it easier to remediate or remove that stuff? I can't even tell you how many times I've seen high schools with that stuff on their tracks.
  9. The second and third G's are for "genius" LOL!
  10. We're more harsh here because everyone has nothing else to do it seems LOL! You want to know my honest opinion? I don't believe the team will ever win another Superbowl in my lifetime. I'm 46 and hoping that's a very long lifetime, but not optimistic. It doesn't contradict with my belief that the local media feeds off the drama and legitimate lack of success. They did the same thing to the Caps, even after winning three Presidents Trophies, until they won the Stanley Cup. This year will be interesting for them, in that sense. I was watching CSN the last few mornings (I usually watch NCIS: LA reruns, but was curious) and the beat reporters and personalities talk about Colt's absence as if that's the reason for a lost season and symptomatic of what's wrong with the medical staff. That they took Su'a Cravens' rants seriously at all shows how desperate they can be as a lot.
  11. No, it's because they've used the legitimate drama that has occurred with this team as well as the years of ineptitude on the field as a drum to gather the masses about every single thing. It becomes wearisome. If Player A has a toenail removed, you'll see CSN devote an entire day to the medical staff and how this one incident is related to Trent Williams and Su'a Cravens, even though Cravens is a legitimate clown with mental health issues going back to college and maybe even beyond. If this team had any kind of success, which the media and even fans know is still off a ways, they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. The "others do it, too" argument is fair in the sense that some medical issues aren't unique to the Redskins. The one thing they all have in common? No one really knows what's going on, ultimately. A year ago, no one wanted Colt on the field. Now the DMV sportsball media is suddenly crying the sky is falling because he isn't... ? Seriously, that's messed up stuff.
  12. If I remember correctly, there was a rash of MRSA outbreaks with one or two teams a few years ago. That's serious. Deadly, even. I realize the sportsball media in the DMV looooooooves to pile on the 'Skins, but a year ago Colt was the "in case of emergency break glass" QB and now they're saying "OMG OUR SAVIOR IS OUT DAN SNYDER MUST DIE!!!!!!1111" In other words, it's more foolishness on their part.
  13. ntotoro

    Should The Skins Cut McCoy?

    Colt McGruden needs to heal up and get cut. The first rule of being valuable is availability and he never seems to be for long. Like TW, it's only gonna' get worse as he gets older.
  14. None of this takes away from the fact that Suzy Cravens is more than a little off his rocker and has zero credibility or stake in any of this. He had a pattern established in College (maybe even earlier) and McLovin was a fool for taking a chance on him.