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  1. i remember the story about his "comeback" attempt. People were walking out of whatever that thing he held was and he said "I'm not done yet." He was answered with "Yeah you are, Joe." I think it was more for the insurance than anything else. He couldn't do it. IIRC, one of his legs is actually shorter than the other now.
  2. Alex is physically done at this point (I don't think his injury at the end of the season is fluke thing) and his comeback has been amazing and a great story... but I don't think he's saying anything particularly controversial here. Was there a single person on the planet (other than Alex) who actually thought Alex would be even a small part of the plan other than taking up roster space? If you said that a year ago, you'd be crazy. Haskins was his own worst enemy. Alex just did enough for the most part (when healthy) to keep from losing. He has limitations he'll never be able to ove
  3. He played favorites way too much on this team with mediocre talent, especially at the RB position.
  4. Especially with dwindling TV ratings. They want more outlets and availability, not fewer and less.
  5. He had one with Bruce Sniff, too, IIRC. It was all related to the Oklahoma Drill and Schotty using live rounds in TC.
  6. ARE used to be the Athletic Director at Virginia Academy in Ashburn. I once got "accidentally forced" into a conversation when I was picking up my son one day, said "Hey, buddy" and he turned around, thinking I was talking to him and said "Hi" to me...
  7. You never know what is on the mind of someone, male or female, who is on the receiving end of treatment like this. I worked with a team lead 2-3 years ago who was my age, an attractive woman and regular crossfit junkie. Amazing physique and didn't smell like she ate 8,000 grams of protein on a daily basis. She showed me emails from our PM commenting on her looks, saying "You look hot today" and things like that. When I asked why she never took any action, because we regularly had (mostly female) interns from GMU who could fall prey to him, she said "I'm holding on to them in case I
  8. Santana Moss was listed as like 5'11". I saw him once at Target and he was maybe 2-3" taller than me... maybe I'm 5'5"
  9. Does that really shock you? He did the same thing with Sean Taylor’s death and got the ire of both Portis and Moss.
  10. Not based on the year Williams had last year. He was more like old Williams, not ole’ Williams.
  11. I can't imagine it's better than West Virginia...
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