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  1. ntotoro


    ...and another thing, Vonnegut, I'm stopping paying on the check!
  2. Their secondary will be more like "flyover state" than "no-fly zone."
  3. Not quite sure what you're basing that on, but not really. This incident didn't just manifest itself from thin air.
  4. I always thought he had "clown" written all over him from the very time Trent Williams smacked him...
  5. You'd be surprised how many judges would look at a man in a courtroom and be like "Really... ?" if he claimed domestic assault. I filed a protective order against my ex-wife for hitting me in the face in front of out kids after a drop-off. The (female) judge said "You did poke the bear, though, right?" I did let her know that, if the roles were reverse, I'd have likely and deservedly been in jail and asked if she'd have said the same to my ex. It was greeted with a smirk from the Judge. So, yeah... even judges overtly don't take domestic assault seriously when it's a fe
  6. Sometimes you forget what an absolute piece of **** Dan Snyder is as an owner and need reminding.
  7. Let me see if I understand this… the league is saying that black players have lower cognitive function to begin with, so the aftermath of brain injuries should be treated on a scale based on that… ? On what planet did anyone think that was a good idea?
  8. The thing I remember most about Thrash was how nasty he was as a downfield blocker.
  9. Hopefully they'll drop him in coverage, but at least the team already knows they can put him in choke holds and never get called...
  10. Te turf is atrocious, but Cousins blaming the turf for one if his pickles is priceless. Is the turf in Minny that bad late in games, too?
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