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  1. It is such a Cowboyz move and concept. Pure perfection.
  2. I liked the decision to go for it very much. Go big or go home. Now we can truly tank, regardless of what is "said".
  3. Whelp, progress. Let's have fun the rest of the way. Frankly I love to win but a loss here helps draft position. I'm just glad we showed up (a bit).
  4. Payne, player of the game for the WFT regardless of the outcome. Beast.
  5. I want Boy's to pay Dak too & become top end bloated with no depth. Nothing would make me happier.
  6. Brown's going full Brown. If Dallas pulls this out of their arse it's basically 2 teams that handed them the win. Just amazing. Thank you OBJ!
  7. I wanted to do a sad face/laughing response. Too bad we cannot do a hybrid. Funny, sad, and odd. A multi-hybrid, so to speak. HTTFBT
  8. You can use Locast as recommended in the "Where do I watch games online" thread. It really does work & you can watch from anywhere. It's really cool.
  9. *No animals were harmed in the above GIF of a Jack Russell Terrier & Tiger*
  10. Montez is actually faster too. Julius Peppers was a baller though, but maybe Sweat can channel some inner Peppers. Chase? On a different planet than anyone I have ever seen, and that is watching him through college and his first baby Pro-step. He is actually better than (much) than his first game. Ask his dad...he would say the same. Can't believe we lucked into the best DE in years, perhaps ever. He does things (the forced fumble; there will be many, many more) you can't teach. It's in his DNA. He's that good. Sorry for the rant. HTTFBT
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