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  1. So Sheehan would take Barkley over Chase Young...got it. All credibility gone for Sheehan after that snippit. I detest the Giants, most of all I beleive. They are one arrogant team & fanbase.
  2. Sent you a PM. It takes work but worth it in the end. I'm weird & enjoy digging into stuff like this.
  3. The app you need is "Xanax" also referred to as "The Fix". Once downloaded scroll to sports, then "The Endzone", and you will get multiple choices for games. I have experiment with apps and go to "Sports" and there are several there that are even better sometimes. SportsBay, LiveSports.ws, Crickfree, ect. I look around & these are often better than the recommended Endzone. The key though is the "Xanax" app. It is a must have and the key to free games. I hope this helps. *If you have KODI you are nearly there. KODI is the first key to opening up everything the Firestick can be.* you are d
  4. PM'ed you on Locast. Hope it gives you some information you can use! Are you interested in Locast or a Jailbroken Firestick? Both work great.
  5. You can alter your location using Location Guard, then use Locast. Do it in that order. You just change your "fixed" location and, voila, your computers address shows up as DC or where ever you place your coordinates. You just fiddle with ot a little and it's easiy to understand & work.
  6. You can also get the Firestick already Jailbroken instead of working through it. It's a few bucks more but absolutely worth it. Location Guard & Locast work together. It's simple, easy, and truly works.
  7. You know, this is a good point & I'll take it. I guess there was a gold lining to that loss. However, losing 2 last year to them should not have happened. That needs to stop this year.
  8. Yep, I do/did the Locast app as well before Jailbreaking the Firestick. It works great & highly recommended. Really easy too.
  9. Not my convo, but absolutely yes. Two doses of the Pfizer. Will get a booster if recommended. Being 60+ now it matters. I like good health. Everyone is is invincible when young. I know I damn sure was then life, at 50, showed me otherwise. Peace & hail.
  10. Don't forget Kendall Fuller in this equation. I assure you WJ3 is legit. The wildcard will be if Benjamin is the real deal. Bobby McCain is also a really good CB and FS, don't forget about him. I think we match up well vs the Cows. Honestly, the Giants worry me more. They just (recently...hell, for years) seem to have our number. They are the team in our division I want to destroy.
  11. Just Google it. It's legal too. I'm not sure the Mods would like me posting that here. Maybe it's OK to PM you a link...so I will!
  12. Get a (or do it yourself) a jailbroken firestick. You can do it to the one you have KB13. I watch any game I please, just like the NFL ticket, with that. Not expensive either. I watch NBA, Wimbledon, baseball, anything I want with it. Highest recommendation.
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