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  1. Red wolves for me, out of the choices we appear to have. It has grown on me. It would be cool by me. Several are hideous IMHO.
  2. The Kansas City Chiefs & NE trade was nullified.
  3. In theory, no, but since they (and Pats) are motivated I would squeeze them to the last drop if I were the Falcons. I would make them pay dearly. I'm really glad we won that last game & made the playoffs, but it does put Dallas in a position to possibly make this move. Unfortunate, but it is what it is.
  4. For publicity, fan attention, and talk. It all equates into $$$. That is the Cowboys in a nutsell; $$$. Winning, or building a true winning football team is of a secondary interest to them. If Jerry makes money and builds his empire all is well. THAT is all that truly matters to them. $
  5. That ain't right...but damn funny!
  6. The Chiefs select Tedarrell Slaton, DL, Flordia Gators.
  7. Chiefs select Adrian Ealy, OT, Oklahoma. It's sad that I AM keeping a spreadsheet & goofed up the last pick. Just sad.
  8. The Chiefs select Divine Deablo, Safety, Virginia Tech Hokies. Virginia Tech football: Khalil Herbert, Divine Deablo shine during Senior Bowl week Both Hokies impressed during their week in Mobile. Height Weight 40 Time Vertical Bench Shuttle 3 Cone Broad Jump 6'3" 226 4.42 34.0
  9. With the 175th pick the Chiefs select Dazz Newsome, WR North Carolina Tar Heels.
  10. If we don't get Jamin in the 1st by trading down or however, I seriously doubt he drops to our pick in the 2nd. His stock is rising fast. Had an obscene pro day as well. I really doubt he makes it out of the 1st round, and very early 2nd at worst. Just my opinion mind you.
  11. My board/list is toast. Nice pick darn it
  12. The Chiefs select Drake Jackson, Center, Kentucky.
  13. Darius is the son of former Mountaineer and NFL pass rusher Gary Stills, who was a third-round pick of the Kansas City Chiefs in 1999. Perfect. Almost heaven.
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