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  1. A class person from the best Redskins memories I will probably ever have. RIP coach Bugel. Life is so very short and that realization has sunk in as I approach 60 & see classmates and legends fall. He was, and will always be, one of the great ones. Hail
  2. Welp, he is a Dallas native and always been a player they are enamored with. If something does happen with him, Dallas is a strong possibility.
  3. This is good. Great attitude. Charles connection. Wants to make his own name. Could be a steal. Can't wait to see him compete. Grind every day young man; work & grind. Hail
  4. We have to earn the respect. We are starting over basically. I used to get up in arms about the predictions but for whatever reason they seem to come to fruition, much to my chagrin. I'm weary of arguing against it at this point. Bear in mind the favorites of ESPN will always be ranked higher because of clicks. We are simply not a hot, glamorous team and have a declining fan base. Not a good recipe for a "ranking" by ESPN. Hope springs external, but I understand their reasoning. We have to take it. It will be sweet when we do, but it will take time. Stay the course and right the ship. Hail
  5. Jay really did him no favors last year IMHO. He was not prepared the first time he was basically thrown out there. The good thing is he did show improvement after Jay's departure, and not really sure if anyone knows exactly what we have in Haskins. We will have a much better bead on that after this next season hopefully.
  6. R.I.P. Don. He always seemed to be a class act. The coach who's Dolphins sparked my Redskins passion at the age of 10. Part of the fabric of the beginning of my football foundation.
  7. With you, I should have known! My sarcasm meter was on the fritz yesterday...
  8. Vinyl is still where it's at, audio purest-wise. I listen to more vinyl than anything else. My new want...(back to topic, sorry)
  9. Forgot about that. Hope springs eternal, but you are probably correct. A shame.
  10. It was Will Compton. He was digging in to try to figure this cat out, football wise. Loved Will's attitude. Good guy.
  11. Also, don't lose sleep on Jonathan Bryce Love in this mix, if healthy. Home run hitters at multiple positions. We can become a very dynamic offense if it all comes together. Haskins is the key though, absolutely. Also, on a sidebar, if Ruben Foster heals it will be a huge boost for our defense. I look for that more in 2021, if it occurs at all, but it would be amazing. Hail
  12. Yeah, we friggin' NEED this. Missed the NCAA tournament, opening day in baseball, the Masters, on and on. I hope it goes nuts. Gives me some type of outlet that I have sorely missed. Helps me retain my sanity, such as it is. Hail!