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  1. They may be better, but Dallas needs to invest their draft capital on that side of the ball. Unfortunately Quinn is an upgrade though. Good thing is they have little cap room to do a whole lot in FA. They are always so overrated simply because of the star on thier helmet. And yes, the SB talk will begin because that's how they roll. Don't care; just want the WFT to beat them again twice next year!!!
  2. Alex just needs to be gone for his own health reasons & god bless him going forward. The cap money saved will be a benefit as well, but it's just too much to ask of him now. Amazing what he was able to do this year & will be remembered for that, but we have to move forward.
  3. Sims has to make that catch. Need receiver upgrades in the worst way next year.
  4. Chase Young is so far beyond his years. He is a natural (not forced) leader. Amazing.
  5. Well, Fields draft stock is ridiculous now. He may be my first pick if I were a GM. Moxie, tough, and makes plays. Great performance in a big moment.
  6. Sermon would excel in our new wave offense. Positionless players will be the norm going forward. Versatility is the king.
  7. Wife ordered this immediately after the draft (knew I LOVED him). Has "Redskins" on it. Beautiful & love it.
  8. To this point, Chase deserves better. I hope we spend money in the off season, wisely, and build a juggernaut. Wishful thinking, but can dream. Looking forward to 2021.
  9. Chase Young is very good at football. Dwayne Haskins is not. Damn shame.
  10. Dwayne needs to be away from this team going forward, period, until his eventual release, or whatever his fate is. It goes far beyond COVID-19 (although a definite consideration as well). The players, I'm certain, have zero respect for him and he is simply a distraction and hinderance to our developing philosophy and team ideology going forward. Frankly, he never needs to be around them ever again imho. What a sad devine comedy Dwayne hath become. I wish you luck & all the best going forward young man. You may well need it.
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