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  1. Already hedging bets? He gets 8 starts with nearly zero expectations and a run heavy coach who is going to protect him. There is no situation where he will have less pressure on him starting for the Redskins. If he can’t handle this, he won’t be able to handle anything else when there are actual expectations to try to win and not simply hand it off most of the game.
  2. If Haskins is 5-2 the rest of the way doesn’t matter how he looks. The job is his next year. That’s actually best case scenario. I would be beyond impressed with him and happy to say I was completely wrong. I doubt it happens but I am open to new information however unlikely.
  3. SoCalSkins

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    The other owners love Dan for this. They don’t want players holding out when they have multiple years left on their deals and they don’t want players having the power to force trades. Holding firm and making an example is exactly what the other owners want. The Skins are worth 3.4 billion. 7th most in the NFL and other than the dumping of Albert Haynesworth salary in the uncapped year, the owners pretty much love Dan. You guys are beyond delusional if you think the other owners would ever turn on him.
  4. This is straight from Redskins sources from Czabe. If true, Haskins is a bust. Period. Isnt’t our first and won’t be our last. Get over this wishful thinking of somehow he’s going to miraculously stop sucking. He’s not. Sad but true...
  5. Recruited AP? Don’t get me wrong I love AP. He has a heart of a champion. But at that point in time he was out of football, pretty much broke and had few if any other options. He wasn’t “recruited”. He was put through a workout which is unusual for a player of his caliber and got a small 1 year deal in August after Guice went down. Nothing about that shows Doug has clout. As far as Haskins, pure conjecture on your part. The coaches can’t even get him to memorize simple plays. The fans don’t need to have patience with another Snyder pick the football people didn’t want. The fact that the football guys didn’t want him and as you claim Doug is high on him shows you where Doug stands. He’s obviously not considered a “football guy” and Dan and Bruce only share information with him when they need to trot him out to try and smooth something over. This whole narrative is pretty pathetic and exactly what Bruce and Dan want the fans to have. That somehow Doug will Mr. Miyagi Haskins into a stud by taking him under his wing after practice. This isn’t an after school special. The NFL doesn’t work that way. You guys need to get way more cynical after the past 20 years than to fall for these corny nonsense narratives.
  6. What is any of this based on? Pure wishful thinking on your part. Snyder talks to whoever he wants. Look at his relationship with Alex Smith. Jordan Reed didn’t take the jet to Pittsburgh without talking to Dan. Doug has zero power and influence. They trot him out when Bruce doesn’t want to answer questions. They let him talk to the press after we claimed Reuben Foster on waivers and messed up so bad they had to make Doug apologize for calling Foster’s history off the field as small potatoes. Doug wasn’t consulted on the Alex Smith trade and has very little say on anything. He’s basically Bruce’s fall guy and they use his success as a player for the good will it brings. He’s not some player whisperer either.
  7. It’s usually pretty obvious early when a player is a bust. All of the leaks coming out point to Haskins being a complete bust. You normally don’t give up quickly because it is a bad reflection on the organization for making the pick and they fall for a sunk cost fallacy but they usually know when a player is a flop. Haskins is in that category. Charlie Casserly drafted Andre Johnson in the first round for us in 1996 at offensive tackle out of Penn State. He never played a down for us and was cut a year later. He didn’t do anything else in the NFL. Was cut by Miami and Detroit then out of the NFL. if there are examples of a player being cut after being drafted then going on to have success elsewhere, it would support the premise that teams give up on players too fast. If you look at the Redskins history, particularly quarterback, there are no examples of players leaving here after being drafted then having success elsewhere. Which means we are holding on to failed assets too long. If you took away the fact that Haskins was a first round pick, he would not be on the team. He’s taking up space because we sunk a cost into him. No point in wasting resources on him after a reasonable period. In a 1-8 season it doesn’t matter and actually more advantageous to lose so I am for playing him rest of the year. The economics of his contract make it disadvantageous to cut him and you might get something in a trade for him in April, but I don’t think it’s too early to call him a bust. Most first round quarterbacks are. Haskins has hit every item on the checklist why he is the next one already. We can do the dance and give him more time to prove it with less doubt, but you have seen this movie before and you know exactly how it’s going to end...
  8. RG3 lead this team to a division championship as a rookie. He sold the most jerseys for a player in a year. He was also offensive rookie of the year with a ton of rookie passing records. The excitement and hope surrounding him was off the charts. Haskins is not remotely close to what RG3 was. Haskins has done nothing except look lost and show he’s not an NFL QB. There is no comparison.
  9. The value between the 1st overall pick and 4th overall pick is greater than the value of the 15th overall pick he cost us on the standard draft value chart. He can earn back what he cost us by playing the rest of the year. There is no chance we win a game with him. Which at this point is the best strategic move.
  10. You are way off. Completely off. He was given the cheat sheet to the test but couldn’t even transcribe the multiple choice answers from the cheat sheet to the scantron. i blew up your argument without even needing to use an analogy about my advanced education. You might want to try that out sometime in your arguments maybe?
  11. if this is true there is zero hope for Haskins. None. End of career.
  12. Keim is a huge Ohio state fan and a Haskins apologist. He’s not credible on Haskins.
  13. He has like a million dollar cap figure and will probably fetch a compensatory pick if we don’t re sign him. It’s a no brainer to claim him. No real downside.
  14. SoCalSkins

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up