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  1. He could call them the Washington Nikes or Washington Starbucks for a decade. Then pick a new name afterward.
  2. I’m wondering if they pick Red Wolves instead of Redwolves do the people who bet Redwolves still win?
  3. He had it right but his fallacy was just because at +350 keeping WFT had the 3rd highest odds doesn’t mean that’s the third most likely scenario. Because if it’s any other name then there is a change. So you correctly point out the overwhelming odds at -600 that a name change takes place.
  4. Announcement of the name will depend on how we finish the season I think. If we aren’t playing in the NFC Championship or Super Bowl, I think they announce it in early February during Super Bowl week. That’s when we announced the Alex Smith trade and a few major announcements before that. Eyes of the world are on football that week and it will be massive marketing on every show talking about the super bowl so it makes sense to do it then in my opinion. In March, you have the start of free agency but the casual fan not paying attention like they do during Super Bowl week.
  5. They took the man’s pants! One of the greatest replies ever in ES history.
  6. The easy choice is Rough riders. It starts with an R and 2 of Canada’s 8 CFL teams are named that. So it must be a great name since it’s so popular!
  7. This is an entertainment business. The current and former players are part of the product. The sponsors and fans are the customers. That’s who matters the most in this decision and the team completely understands that fact.
  8. Jason pretty much wants Redwolves
  9. Same chick whose birthday party got him cut. Maybe not the best decision wifing that one.
  10. They are not going to go through all this and change to football club. All this to change Team to Club? It would be like a Saturday night live skit and the mockery would be insane. They aren’t that stupid. Not saying they aren’t stupid, but not that stupid. Plus there is also a visceral hate many people have to anything soccer related, particularly among NFL fans. Football club has so many soccer connotations and your suggestion to call them ball club ties it to baseball as well. I don’t see it happening at all.
  11. They will get money. Maybe a one time fee or ongoing arrangement. They will also get a ton of exposure and publicity which is great for their brand. Washington gets a protected name with certainty in return. Win win.
  12. It’s not profit sharing. It’s a co-existence agreement depending how they arrange it. That gives you certainty. The USPTO will likely not award a trademark to Washington Wolves. Just like they did not for Washington Football Team. There is absolutely nothing easy about locking it down. The team would have to risk launching a rebrand without a trademark then hoping once they use it they will build enough distinctiveness that they can qualify for a trademark while fighting every wolf and wolves trademark holder in the process knowing they will be sued because of their deep pockets.
  13. Zero chance he is awarded the mark. Zero. Arkansas State is litigious and will oppose the mark like they did with the soccer team. It’s a huge benefit for Arkansas State if the new name is Redwolves . They will get money, attention and clout. Negotiating a co-existence agreement with Washington would seemingly be easy.
  14. The trademark is much easier to secure with Redwolves. They simply need a license from Arkansas state. Wolves is easily confused and can be considered merely descriptive or conflict with other existing marks. It would be difficult to lock down until after the team put it into commerce and claimed that it received sufficient distinctiveness to warrant a trademark. They aren’t going to rebrand with uncertainty. Paying Arkansas State money solves the issue. As far as the answer Jason Wright gave, it was horrid. He had to anticipate it was coming. The full reply includes distinction o
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