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  1. I booked my hotel for Arizona and New Orleans. It’s cost effective move to book refundable rooms now. If prices go down you can always cancel. Tickets to the game are usually not a good time to buy now. Most teams don’t transfer tickets to season ticket holders until late July/early August so prices will come down. Plane tickets I usually wait for a sale which is normally around 90 days before the game. Exception being games around holidays and you should book those seats early.
  2. I was really hoping for Saints Week 3 but they host the Eagles so not possible. UCLA plays at LSU the day before. Would have been perfect football weekend for me.
  3. Fox has a double header with Brady’s broadcast debut in the late slot. I doubt they put any east coast games in the later slot. We will know in a few hours.
  4. That means we play Cowboys week 18 since the Eagles play the Giants.
  5. The Cowboys Washington game last season was the third largest tv audience ever for a regular season game and we lost 45-10 and people still tuned in. The previous games have had equally massive audiences. It will be more common than not going forward.
  6. This was a very good answer. Makes up for the tweet.
  7. His knees look normal man. He actually has decent quads.
  8. Jayden went with the Riddell speedflex helmet. I think he wore that at LSU as well. Sam Howell was using the newer Riddell Axiom helmet. I like the look of Jayden’s better but the other one has better concussion protection.
  9. Tress didn’t give up the number for money or tickets to a game. He’s a real class act. Watch this clip.
  10. Jayden has been very good in his interviews and how he has carried himself since the draft. This tweet was not his best. He should have thanked Tress for giving him the number and thanked the fans for supporting him.
  11. They signed NFLPA contracts. Marvin Harrison was the only one who didn’t. Regardless, it’s not an issue other than off season fodder. No one getting suspended over it but it’s a good lesson for the whole team to never mention bets of any kind.
  12. This was a great interview but he confirmed he has a 10k bet with Nabers on who will win offensive rookie of the year. He should not have answered that question.
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