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  1. Out biggest 1st round bust was Andre Johnson in 1996. He never played a game for us and played in 3 games in his entire career in the NFL.
  2. He ignored all the red flags on Guice as well. Doug needs to go. He will whisper exactly what Dan wants to hear. Dude has to go.
  3. His agent has legit clients. Haskins has offset language. Haskins isn’t making any more money in the NFL. His agent is not flying from California to meet him. He needs to take the 4 million he will be paid the next 2 years and build something outside of football. Dude made 14 million for 1 good year of college ball. No one needs to be crying for him.
  4. Good news is that he does have offset language in his deal. Any money he makes in the NFL the next two years is credited back to us. So if he gets paid we get cap relief. But it also means Haskins would effectively be playing for free.I don’t see him doing that. Maybe he takes the money and quits.
  5. This started with Marty. Dan really wanted to draft Santana Moss, Marty overrode him and drafted Rod 50/50 Gardener instead. After that Dan has been convinced he’s smarter than the football people. He needed a massive bust like to blow up in his face to realize that just because he was right once nearly 20 years ago that he’s not in fact smarter than the football people. He had Vinny to blame for Haynesworth and Archuletta. This one is 100% on Dan.
  6. No one is taking on his salary. His deal is completely guaranteed. We are paying that money no matter what. Rip the band aid off. A week late but better late than never.
  7. His deal is fully guaranteed. It’s 8.5 mil hit plus this weeks salary.
  8. I don’t think you’re capable of thinking properly...
  9. Dude search his posts on Sean Taylor before he died. He has the nerve now to call him his favorite player on his bio page. Dude is a pretend feminist and threw so many of our players under the bus including Sean. Do a search of his posts in 2006 and 2007 then try to defend him... Also, if you’re not drunk after that debacle you have either admirably decided to conquer your demons and not drink anymore or more likely you are doing life wrong.
  10. There is a search function. While true you don’t need to be that hard on yourself. Maybe you’re just immature. At least you didn’t cost the team a first round pick.
  11. He broke covid protocol twice with his coach’s life literally on the line.
  12. We know. His actions prove it. He’s a piece of crap.
  13. How does he seem decent??? This is the biggest bs ever. He’s a horrible human being. Straight garbage. Why sugar coat facts? The guy is a complete a hole and disgustingly vile.
  14. All of it. Straight fraud. If Haskins posted it would be the same posts.
  15. Just when I hate everyone, you step up and make me die laughing! Thank you!
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