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  1. Gus was the original Kirk Cousins. An afterthought draft pick the year we took a QB in the top 3 of the draft. No one was that happy with him. His 7-1 start in 1996 to end 9-7 and out of the playoffs turned most fans off. Then he followed it up with the headbutt game the following year.
  2. Gus? Really??? Brad Johnson got the rawest deal. Trent Green was unable to be re-signed due to the ownership change. Brad won the NFC East for us. We had 2 extra first round picks from the Sean Gilbert leaving on the Franchise tag. Our cap situation was pristine. We were set for a decade of domination but Dan ruined it all. We could have easily had Aaron Rodgers but we took Carlos Rogers instead because Vinny was in love with Jason Campbell along with Gibbs. That one cost Gibbs another couple of Lombardis.
  3. The only one who sounds like a fool is the one not willing to accept reality. The dude is a bust. I gave him props for the couple of games he played relatively decently last season. He has played almost as much as Heath Shuler ever played for us and we had far more invested in Shuler. At this point it seems like you only care about not being wrong and not looking like a fool. If you cared about the future of the team you would want to cut bait on the sunk cost. It’s over for Haskins. He’s done. Whether you accept that today or a year from now is irrelevant. It’s a fact.
  4. You don’t need to believe. Belief is not a requirement for it to be a fact. You don’t need to believe in gravity either. But if DH falls out of a window he will hit the ground with the same level of certainty that he is a bust. Your belief/hope/delusion are irrelevant to that certainty.
  5. Mark Sanchez had a career 100,000 times better than Haskins will have. If Haskins even comes close to Sanchez that’s basically his hall of fame. You underestimate how big of a bust DH is. One of the worst ever. He’s not allowed to have any aspiration other than not being the worst QB in the NFL. He’s failing horribly at that. If he gets to that level then he can talk about the next step of climbing to number 30. In no world does it end in the hall of fame. Unless he moves back to Ohio and has an Uber drop off in Canton in his future job, he will never see the hall of fame.
  6. The fact that he mentions wanting to be a hall of fame QB after Sunday shows how delusional he is. His disconnect from reality is mind boggling. The fact that he interprets pity from his teammates as support is equally delusional.
  7. You know. We can delude ourselves, but you already know how this movie ends.
  8. Every single Vol has been garbage for the Skins. After Haynesworth even mentioning a player associated with the school is unacceptable.
  9. JC knew he was a fraud and did everything he could to disguise it to prolong his career. DH genuinely thinks he’s the man and he’s already arrived. DH is not throwing it underneath on 3rd and long and padding trash time stats. So even though I think he’s a better player than JC, his career will be much shorter in my opinion. His inability to take criticism is his undoing. Dude is too about himself. Even Brady took hard coaching last year from Bellichick. I don’t think denying he stared down his receivers sat well with Ron.
  10. It’s a high school offense at this point which is apparently too complicated for Haskins not to stare down his receivers in. There is no offense that is tailored to fit him. He’s done dude.
  11. So once Haskins is cut, does number 7 go back on the unofficial not to be issued list or did Theismann give up that unofficial honor once he let DH use it?
  12. Haskins is not good enough to be a backup. Look how he acted in the sidelines last year when he wasn’t starting and the way he refuses to take criticism or responsibility for his play this year. He might end up on some practice squad or two and will vanish into obscurity in no time.
  13. We have the defense to win games in the playoffs. You play to get into the playoffs. If there is a chance you take it. Otherwise you are continuing a losing culture. This isn’t a developmental league. It’s the NFL.
  14. Dan is very upset his handpicked QB sucks. So either Jay or Norv’s kid must have broken him out of spite.
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