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  1. As long as he wasn’t vacationing on Dan’s boat it’s a non issue. The tweet of him working out on President’s day is laughable because it’s trying to say all he’s doing is working. He wasn’t during Ron’s press conference and wasn’t last week...
  2. My buddy was in the Bahamas last week and ran into Haskins at the Nobu there. He’s been vacationing and not just hitting the weight room...
  3. SoCalSkins

    1990: 30 Years Since The Season Before Super

    The Lions game in 1990 was one of the most memorable ever. Stan Humphries threw 3 picks in the first half and we were down by 21 in the second half. Jeff Rutledge game of the bench and lead one of our greatest comebacks ever.
  4. Those stats are very reassuring. Basically in line with seasonal flu. I thought it was around 10%.
  5. I live near Irvine, CA with a massive Chinese immigrant population and all around diverse population. I am pretty sure this will be one of the first areas hit if the outbreak takes hold in the US. It's definitely premature now but if it starts going wild in Japan as some are predicting then there is probably no curtailing it in the short term. Then it's a matter of being proactive or reactionary. My daughter is preschool and my son is in kindergarten. They can pick right up at the next class level without any issue in the fall. So if it starts spreading I'm erring on side of extreme caution because I'm not losing much doing that.
  6. Do you guys think it’s paranoia to pull my kids out of school and wait it out a few months? I work from home so I can quarantine at home without interaction with other people. This thing is worrying me.
  7. Teddy Bridgewater. Scott was his QB coach. Ron saw him play in the NFC South...
  8. SoCalSkins

    Upcoming NFL Draft in Vegas

    Looks pretty awesome:
  9. SoCalSkins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Meaning you can foresee him undermining as soon as the honeymoon is over. So no real change...
  10. SoCalSkins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    He had to be talked out of it in the honeymoon period, hence the fact he sat in on the interview. Doesn’t mean he didn’t try and no guarantee he will be as amenable next time once the newness wears off. The attempt alone should bother you...
  11. SoCalSkins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Dude it’s the honeymoon period after Dan being thoroughly embarrassed and hitting what he perceives as rock bottom yet he’s interviewing coordinators with the “single voice of the franchise”. He obviously wanted to double down on his draft pick and give him his comfort blanket in KOC. Ron may have won the battle this round because of the honeymoon but the meddling this early is a horrible sign. That’s how we ended up with Zorn and how we lost the Shanahans.
  12. SoCalSkins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    So Dan wanted to meddle and influence KOC getting the job. Kind of forcing him on Ron. Ron absolutely did not want KOC and wanted his own guy. No one saw that coming.... I will accept your apologies one at a time or in bulk. Whatever is easier. Thanks!
  13. SoCalSkins

    Upcoming NFL Draft in Vegas

    If the main stage in front of Bellagio, you are very close at the mirage. You just have to walk past Caesar’s and Bellagio is the next hotel on the same side of the strip.
  14. Loyalty doesn’t necessarily mean not “new”. I was commenting on the loyalty in the way Vrabel described his staff being on the same page and not focusing on their own agenda to advance. Kind of like the narrative that Callahan tied KOCs hand. KOC seems like the self promoting type of coach who would create the discord Vrabel wants to avoid and that’s why Ron didn’t retain him.
  15. Any dude who lost his job to Haskins doesn’t deserve to get drafted to replace him. I don’t care if it was pop warner or Ohio State.