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  1. Will be interested to see how howell does if he gets the chance
  2. DQ eyeing micah closely, ready to pounce when the time comes with all the cap space we still have
  3. I’m more concerned with what he does after bailing the pocket, not how often he bails. If he embraces the slide/getting out of bounds instead of always going for the extra yards or big play, we’re good show him tape of rg3, this is what happens when you don’t listen to your coaches and act like you’re invincible
  4. Out of the top 3 receivers, only one (MHJ) landed in an ideal situation. Nabers has to deal with the dumpster fire that is danny dimes and odunze is in a very crowded receiving room. Don't think I'd bother with either one in fantasy I see OROY early on being a three-way race between Caleb, Jayden, and MHJ. But unless MHJ has a megatron level historic season it'll probably really come down to the two QBs by the end of the season
  5. Love that Jayden got his #5 but I'm getting me a mccaffrey jersey. I really believe in this kid
  6. If he pans out then 20 grand will be the kind of money he wipes his ass with. Oh to be a professional athlete
  7. I used to murder those chicken strip baskets back in college. With the honey mustard and ranch. Had to put myself on a strict diet after that
  8. It is a truly a sad state of affairs when the most consistent and valued member of the team over all these years has been the punter With that said, I'm giving his jersey number to JD if he wants it. Sorry but he's a punter
  9. Aiyuk Could luke mccaffrey be used as a bargaining chip in negotiations with san fran, and thats why we took him where we did? I wouldn't be surprised if SF had wanted to draft him. Obviously it would take much more than just LMC to get the trade done but maybe he could push the deal over the edge
  10. While everyone is getting daniels jerseys i think i might have to get luke's
  11. This is why the constant bashing and name-calling of Daniels started to get really old
  12. I’m late but i think luke mccaffrey might be a beast for us in the slot
  13. Cooper DeJean and then Ladd McConkey please and thank you
  14. Got it. Came from new orleans, makes sense man i feel old
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