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  1. You are correct I didn’t notice but I’m hope he get his shot this Sunday. Can’t get any worse than Christian.
  2. I definitely understand your concern about the match up but I’m hoping Ron and Jack is telling our defense let’s show them again. Kyler runs a little too much for my liking and it only take one hit and Kyler could be out. Of course I’m not hoping that I would like to beat them at their best but all that running will catch up to him. He’s good at protecting himself but we are playing like a pack of wild wolves on defense right now. I’m excited to see what Jack draw up for the Cards.
  3. I want to give Apke a little credit on Mooreland’s pick. Jimmy and the receiver were in the mix of fighting for the ball and Apke came over and hammered the receiver as Jimmy pulled the ball in and raced down the field. Who knows what would have happened if Apke didn’t smash that receiver. Little things like that go unnoticed but Jimmy didn’t fully secure the ball until after Apke hit the Philly receiver.
  4. We never win quietly. We always talk **** when we win as does Philly. Banner taking it to heart because he know it was a legit ass kicking instead of a lucky win. **** em all... Cardinals next. I guess it’s bird hunting season. Happy Thanksgiving WFT.
  5. If Garnett can step up and Charles is good to go I’m hoping those two are next up on the left side. If we keep things status quo on the left side Alex may be starting soon because Dwayne and K Allen will be in the hospital.
  6. Apke played all defensive snaps. Curl played some slot corner wit Darby and Moreland/Fabian on the outside.
  7. Butler or Davis may be a good get. Quartney Davis run some decent routes.
  8. I’m never normally this active with the posting. But Wentz ducking when our defensemen was approaching had me nervous because if they would have hit him in the head that’s a easy 15 yards. He was so slippery too. That ducking is dangerous and he’s not a small guy. I just knew they would **** us on a call late. Glad it didn’t happen.
  9. If Brady get a pass for his performance today with his new team then get the **** off my Quarterback. Scott Turner need time to learn too. I’m looking at Sunday night football and Brady was inaccurate af. And he’s the goat...
  10. Bravo... we have to give him time. I was so happy when we went hurry up you could see the light come on. He’s going to be just fine.
  11. They’re gonna rip Haskins for his game manager stats and missing on some throws (which every QB does). Then they will try building up a QB controversy. We knew this team strength was the defense. I’m just glad they play how they looked on paper. Hail
  12. I love it. Dwayne with a very Alex Smith like performance. No horrible mistakes. Now build on it. 1-0 HTTR!!!
  13. If they force Snyder to sell they shouldn’t allow another owner to buy the team. Instead the Washington franchise should operate like the Green Bay Packer franchise. Fan owned. Not the Amazon guy. Not Vince McMahon. Not another guy people will grow to hate in a few years...
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