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  1. skinsfan212689


    You are correct. I think Geron Christian also share that agent as well. I could be wrong.
  2. skinsfan212689

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    **** Dunbar. You don’t handle business in the media. I’m all in for RR way of handing this. trust me we will be better off without him and Trent. The drama isn’t worth the production or lack there of that we’ve been getting from them. 3-13 = anybody can go. Hail
  3. I get it the Skins aren’t perfect but Dunny you’re an idiot. You’re rarely healthy. Please rid us of this chump. Trent too. **** both of them. Hail
  4. If they release Cam you almost have to bring him in for many reasons. Also the competition could be huge for Haskins from a mental standpoint. if Cam looks like he did last year Haskins should beat him out (if not we’re screwed with DH7). if Cam looks like his old self we have some decisions to make as he’s only 30 years old. Hail
  5. Karl Joseph is the S I’m hoping we snag. As well as Williams the G/T. Still tons of talent available. Just have to find the right system fit rather than the best know name. Hail
  6. Personally I’m tired of Dunbar’s not so subliminal tweets. Dude you’re working you way out of here sooner than you know buddy. Now shut the **** up already.
  7. skinsfan212689

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    I’m hopeful we get at least a 2nd for him but I’ll take some combination mid round picks. I must say I can’t wait until this is over and I’m slightly enjoying the humble pie Trent and his agent is probably digesting as we speak. Common case of thinking you’re more valuable than you truly are. Hail!!
  8. skinsfan212689

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I wished for Christmas this thread would disappear and never return. Fail Hail!
  9. skinsfan212689

    The Philosophy Thread: HC First, GM/FO First, or does it matter?

    I think we bring in an outside GM. Kyle Smith should be promoted to Senior VP of player personnel or Asst. GM. Give him college and pro personnel control/responsibility and add a GM to oversee it all. Maybe Dan Morgan or Rick Smith (whomever Rivera wants there). No need for a team president. That would be a good set up going forward. I’d also be ok with Kyle getting the GM role if RR thinks he’s ready/earned it. Hail
  10. The same reason some genius decided to GIVE Trey Quinn the slot job over sims... Inability to identify the better player and put them in position to succeed. Hail
  11. skinsfan212689

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    It’s tough but I personally think Haskins best chance would be is more of a spread type offense. I understand KOC has a west coast back ground which is definitely fine but I liked Haskins when we were in the hurry up and spreading things out and letting him read the field. I don’t have a particular OC in mind but I like the idea of keeping an open mind as they are now. Hail
  12. skinsfan212689

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I respect your opinion on this but I disagree on both points. First, McVay is the head coach not just the offensive coordinator so the team failure is on him. Also his offense wasn’t as good as it was the year before in my opinion the league had a lot more film on him to study hence the drop in offensive production. This definitely lead to some of the defensive struggles as they didn’t always have a lead to start. This year they were playing from behind more than before. Secondly, I do agree KOC and Haskins gain some sense of chemistry and that is really good but as I stated I’d more more inclined if there was a guy that could maximize the entire offense. That may very well be KOC but if RR has a guy he’s more sure of I’m all for it. HTTR
  13. skinsfan212689

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I have to be honest, I get the feeling some (not all) people only want to keep KOC because of the Sean McVay leaving affect. Honestly Sean has cooled off a bit rather quickly as defenses got a chance to really study him. That Rams team is loaded and has no real excuse for the drop off (missing the playoffs). Back to KOC. Yes he and Haskins showed some signs late in the year and I’m grateful of that. But if there’s a offensive guy out that that RR feels can do even more to enhance “the entire offense, not just Haskins” then I’m all for it. Hail
  14. Was Eric Schafer contracts only? Anyone know what his duties were. Serious question. Hail
  15. skinsfan212689

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Maybe... just maybe the person to be named GM is in on the interview/hiring process. Just not named yet. I love they kept everything as quiet as possible. And I’m all for Rivera as he’d command respect and players playing hard. He also seem to have good to great defenses year upend and year out. Hail