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  1. RVAskins

    Redskins vs Jaguars Prediction Thread: 2018 Disappointment Superbowl

    Jags - 9 Replacement players (Skins) - 3
  2. RVAskins

    #REDSKINS Post Game Quotes & Notes

    I get so tired of hearing the team say it's the little things we have to clean up.
  3. It's sad when the best player on the team is the punter.
  4. I wish the fans at the stadium would start chanting..Sell the Team. Of course there is probably more Giant fans there than Skin fans.
  5. He's in heaven cursing out the Redskins.
  6. So why do the Redskins always seem to suffer so many catastrophic injuries? What do they do or don't do that makes this happen every year?
  7. At this point, I am ok if we keep losing the rest of our games. I'd rather move up in the draft.
  8. Giants - 17 Replacement players (Skins) - 3
  9. RVAskins

    2018 Embrace [Insert QB name here] Thread

    It might be time to call Sonny down from the booth.
  10. 1) Call in a Witch Doctor to remove the curse that hangs over the team. 2) Draft a QB that will hopefully turn into a franchise QB. 3) Buy new cleats for the players. Every time you turn around they end up falling down at the worst time. That's all I got.
  11. RVAskins

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Kenny Loggins Special

    Prime Time baby.....of course we lose.
  12. RVAskins

    Redskins about to sign Captain Buttfumble

    Considering who else is out there I don't think we had much of a choice. Let's hope Colt stays healthy.
  13. RVAskins

    Starting QB 2019???

    Mark Sanchez. 😟