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  1. I'm glad he's going to Seattle. I think we can do better through free agency and the draft.
  2. RVAskins

    Does anyone proofread any more?

    Know they dont.
  3. RVAskins

    Norman released

    He'll always have a career in Bull jumping.
  4. RVAskins

    Jim Covert over Joe Jacoby

    Well, Pat Benatar didn't make it into the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Life just isn't fair sometimes.
  5. RVAskins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

  6. There are worse owners in the league....I'm looking at you Mike Brown, Jimmy and Dee Haslam ..... I think Snyder's biggest problem was he became an owner and wanted to run things the way Jerry Jones runs the Cowboys. He thought he could make football decisions without really knowing what he was doing. We all see where Jones leadership has gotten the Cowboys. It just doesn't work. With the things Ron Rivera has said, it sounds like he is now starting to let the coaches make the decisions and he'll be there when there at an impasse. I do like that approach. We'll see how it turns out.
  7. RVAskins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    I hear Jay Gruden is available.
  8. RVAskins

    OC - Scott Turner incoming

    Who cares....we need to stop putting everything under a microscope.
  9. RVAskins

    Ye Auld 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    I agree. He's a good backup not a starter. and a beard.
  10. RVAskins

    Welcome To The Redskins: Ron Rivera, Head Coach

    Ben Kotwica is not our ST coach, Nate Kaczor is. I think ST wee much better this year too. After posting this I see there is now a correction....so never mind.