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  1. RVAskins

    Gotta Have Faith vs. No Faith

  2. RVAskins

    Special teams love

    After the game he cured cancer and brought peace to the middle east. What a guy.
  3. RVAskins

    Special teams love

    Gruden recently said that what he's looking for in a punt returner is someone who can catch the ball. He's setting the bar pretty low. I'm not expecting too much out of ST this year.
  4. I loved hearing him mention Jackie Slater. A blast from the past. I think this is a good pickup for us. Jackie Slater... offensive tackle for 20 seasons
  5. RVAskins

    Mason Foster released

    My guess is that they like the other guys on the roster and they are freeing up money for Trent. I don't have a problem with it.
  6. At this point I don't think it's a big deal. He'll get some treatment and hopefully be ready before long.
  7. RVAskins

    Norman Jumps A Bull

    Or Leap a tall building in single bound....
  8. RVAskins

    Norman Jumps A Bull

    I don't know what's in his contract but I doubt it says "No running with the bulls".
  9. RVAskins

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    Not according to what I read. But hey, it's the internet....who knows what's real. Circa 1880's Round 6 Paneled Association Style Football. This is the style of football used in American football prior to the move towards the rugby style football that started to become popular in the early 1880's. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/387098530446897196/
  10. RVAskins

    Redskins' what ifs. . .

    What if footballs were round.
  11. He hasn't been able to stay healthy. There needs to be incentives in whatever they do.
  12. RVAskins


    Once again...winning the off season.
  13. RVAskins

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Let's be honest. Isn't every season a lost season.
  14. RVAskins

    Does Doctson even care?

    This thread can easily be renamed Do the Redskins even care?
  15. I'm slightly more optimistic but the injury bug is always a concern. The Redskins just can't seem to prevent that.