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  1. We really disrupted their speed and the timing of their offense by being so physical last night. The goal scored by Connolly was a direct result of the Hurricane player knowing that Ovi was going to crush him if he touched the loose puck. That allowed Ovi to get the pass to Connolly.
  2. In two seasons, Davey took a team that went to the playoffs four years in a row and made then a .500 team. 10 years ago, that would have been amazing. Now, the expectations are so much higher. The Lerners ****ed up
  3. Fire. Davey. Martinez. Hire. Joe. Gerardi.
  4. So far this season, Brian Dozier has been very lackluster considering he was one of our big FA acquisitions
  5. Wow... so far the home plate umpire is giving the Marlins a ball off the plate or out of the strike zone.
  6. Does getting more physical help them in this game? I don't know a ton about hockey
  7. Rex Tomb

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    So are you saying he's going to miss a lot of time?
  8. Rex Tomb

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Interesting - now Rosen is being hyped up to go to the Giants? Saw a quick video on MMQB. I guess the rumor that we were close to trading for him fell through, so they're trying to keep the narrative alive that Rosen is going to be dealt.
  9. We weren't in right mindset last night - they just weren't into the game much. After the initial flurry of action, we kinda checked out after Djoos (?) turned the puck over in our defensive zone and they scored really quickly for their first goal.
  10. Yeah, we could tell Svechnikov never fought in his life with the way he got laid out. The guy challenged Ovi to a fight and got his ass handed to him, enough said. None of the Carolina guys took issue with it because they knew what happened. Move on, it's on to game 4. You can clearly see, the kid is the first to say something like "let's go..."
  11. Keyboard warriors unite! Awfully tough there behind your computer screen.
  12. The unfortunate thing is I was actually intrigued by the topic; I thought it might actually be a though provoking discussion. But, instead, it turned into an anti-white, anti-Christian tirade. And, in the words of every offended lefty out there: "did you just assume my gender"?
  13. Yeah, this type of "discussion" is exactly why I don't even bother with the political discussions in the Tailgate. This is the lefties preaching to the proverbial choir. Get out of your echo chamber. The fact that you guys point out the splinters the Republican party, but don't see the plank in your own regarding things like racism is pretty telling. And, I'm sorry, but "White Christians" aren't out there doing things like stoning people for their sexual orientation, but you don't want to bring up Sharia law or the extremists in the Muslim faith. Instead, you'd rather go after someone for refusing to bake a cake... give me a break. (edit) And I can tell by the reaction I just received that you just don't get it.
  14. Holy **** Ovi just knocked him out! Take that you punk ass ****.