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  1. Rex Tomb

    Gameday Thread

    The fix is in - Cowboys gotta win the division
  2. Rex Tomb

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    LOL you are so right
  3. Rex Tomb

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Gregg Williams anyone? Has Cleveland playing really well right now
  4. By the look and sound of it, there are some days I am just thrilled that I decided to skip watching the game
  5. Rex Tomb

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    How about this dynamic duo? I kid, I kid...
  6. Rex Tomb

    Terminate Manusky

    Is this what you mean?
  7. Only we can make Philly's defense look like the 85 ****ing bears.
  8. THis is going to be a painful game, I can already tell.
  9. Okay boys... the fix is in... this is unreal
  10. The refs missed a clear false start on the RT... even the crowd was like *ohhhhhh*
  11. I didn't pay any attention to the record of the teams the Vikings beat with Cousins behind center until I read that tweet. Holy **** lol... In their 6 wins, the Vikings' opponents record is 21-49-1 (.30). In comparison, in the Broncos' 6 wins with Keenum behnd center, their opponents' record is 33-38-1 (.46). The Vikings with Cousins have not beaten one single team with a winning record. The Broncos with Keenum have beaten the Seahawks (7-5), the Chargers (9-3), and the Steelers (7-4-1). QFT...
  12. Rex Tomb

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    Bring him in to be d-coordinator with McCarthy.