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  1. @Renegade7 There's no way Jerry Jones can justify topping Mahomes's contract. If he does, that's just idiotic. They'll have to cut people left and right just to make room.
  2. Nah, gotta keep the logo if we change it to warriors. The logo is not part of what everyone thinks is offensive. Too JMUish.
  3. Everyone associates Potomac with the disgusting and polluted river. I agree with you and it has zero ring to it.
  4. The logo is iconic and honestly has never been part of the offensive nature conversation. I hope they decide to keep it.
  5. By allowing them to even be part of the pressure campaign to get the Redskins to change their name, people are doing so.
  6. Nothing wrong with pointing out the hypocrisy. It's well known that Nike's manufacturing facilities in China are staffed by many young children who work long hours for little pay. Meanwhile they are upset over a name and taking action.
  7. Read a post from a Native American a few pages back (can't remember the poster's name), but essentially the term is a mark of pride for him and it's one of the reasons he became a fan in the first place. This reeks of the Oneida group "co-oping" a moment. Nevermind the fact that all of their money that they are using to fund this effort comes from reservation casinos that make life even more difficult for the natives living there. Things are different when you're a blue politician.
  8. Changing a name is going to do nothing for the Native Americans living on reservations, and with all the disparity that comes with it.
  9. None of that matters to the mob. It's not going to stop until our past is completely rewritten.