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  1. That was a pretty nasty hit on Mahomes. He may be out next week with a bad concussion. He had no idea where he was.
  2. Cleveland offense went into a shell. Terrible playcalling on this drive. Completely abandoned the play action offense that got them to within 5.
  3. Pay Kyle Smith whatever you need to in order to keep him here as head of our drafts and college scouting. Best player selection we've had since I can remember.
  4. Very punny, I'll bet you have a ton of them up your sleeve
  5. Definitely a fair point - I was just sad to see Antonio Gibson miss the two biggest games in the regular season, which, had he been healthy and played, I think we would have won. Let's see how this season plays out - all the same, if Harris is there at #19, they should definitely consider it. He and Gibson on the field at the same time? Fugetaboutit!
  6. Flowers is doing pretty well in Buffalo though. And good for him - I loved his redemption story and how our team turned his entire career around. Just sad he didn't stay.
  7. Agreed Steve, unless one of the standout LBs falls to us, I say we definitely look to upgrade the offensive line in the first two rounds. Enough of pinning our hopes on a 5th or 6th round player. Those rarely work out for us, although I'm not sure why. A guard a tackle could really help upgrade our line. If we have a chance to draft Najee Harris, though, I say go with that in round 1. We need that type of back since Antonio Gibson appears to be a little fragile and slows down late in the season when he's the featured back.
  8. I agree! I don't want to throw a bunch of picks to the Lions for Stafford given what we saw in Heinicke on Saturday. Why not offer him a really reasonable three year contract, make him prove it, and then continue to build up our LB, S, TE, and WR positions. If we dump a bunch of money into a Matt Stafford, that will really hamper our ability to keep our own guys (like the D-Line). Heinicke is serviceable at the very least and a gamer at his best. If he stinks it up next year, then we are in good position to have a good selection of QBs to pick from in the following draft and we won't have
  9. Wow from hero to zero in one season. Yikes!
  10. Apparently JDR put in new defensive schemes this week to try and throw Brady off, but it appears to have just thrown our defense off instead. A rare miscalculation by Del Rio.
  11. They only started calling penalties on the Bucs when it seemed like the game was out of reach for us. I think our guys need to do a much better job selling it next season, because it's been pretty blatant for quite a while, especially with Chase Young being practically tackled.
  12. Upgrade our WR corps and this offense will take off under Heinicke. I love that kid's moxie and think that at the very least he'll be a serviceable starter.
  13. Just found a video of chase Young and the defense waiting for Brady. Let's ****ing go! I'm now totally stoked about the game.
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