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  1. Even when he came back in the Tampa Bay game, he still didn't have the burst that we were so used to seeing. Our running game still wasn't effective. He just had too much wear and tear from a lot of use.
  2. I've been on the Najee Harris bus for quite a while. Could you imagine the possibilities with Harris in the backfield and Gibson motioning into the slot? Then they both go into passing routes? We would give defenses fits. Agree with you, the versatility makes the possibilities endless.
  3. Has Zaven Collins dropped off the big boards? I'm not hearing his name much anymore.
  4. I get where you are coming from with Williams and Cousins, we definitely missed the boat with them, but that was because Allen was an incompetent egotistical nincompoop. Scherff has made it pretty clear that the he wants to be the highest paid guard and I'm not sure he's worth it. He's good but has big-time injury concerns. Hasn't he only played a complete season once?
  5. Who is this JOK I keep seeing? Don't know what the acronym means...
  6. I would be pissed if we did that. No more Ohio State QBs. The bust potential is far too high.
  7. He probably is 12, his parents held him back to help him dominate at his grade level in sports and get noticed by college recruiters. I had a former student whose parents actually did that.
  8. Just found this on YouTube. Looks to me like Larsen can play both Center and guard. Really strong at the point of attack and uses his lower body very well. Sorry if it's already been posted, but I just wanted to share.
  9. So far, they've signed Golladay (overpaid) and Jackson is a second tier CB. Wasn't it Mara that busted us and the Cowboys for violating the "spirit of the cap"?
  10. They definitely overpaid. Galloday can't stay healthy and he's not even as good as McLaurin.
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