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  1. Clearly McCarthy has completely lost the team. If we beat them again on Thanksgiving, I would bet ole Mike gets ****-canned the next day.
  2. I thought Mike Nolan was a good coordinator. That Dallas team, as a whole, looks completely broken.
  3. Two weeks ago, I think Ron kicks the field goal and looks to win in OT. Now, my take is that he's looking to keep the draft position in mind while he's attempting to rebuild. No doubt about it, we have a ton of holes and it would be foolish at this point to not try and bring the best players you can through the upcoming draft, which should be stacked at O-line. Even if we don't get in position to draft one of the top two QBs (Lawrence or Fields), we'll be able to get a stud LT and get a few more interior players, as well.
  4. I was ready to kiss a top 3 pick goodbye. Not that upset.
  5. Why isn't Antonio Gibson out there more? I thought he would be a real weapon but we're not using him much. WTF?
  6. No, but it should be pretty clear at this point that we are definitely going all in on the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. Justin Fields is a nice compensation prize.
  7. Man, I hope so - honestly, that would be best thing to happen to this franchise since we drafted Chris Samuels.
  8. And Saadiq Charles goes down on the first series. My God... things couldn't get much worse this year.
  9. Walks in... doesn't make eye contact. Says nothing...
  10. It looks like Haskins was a huge reach and the current staff has no connection to him. Better to just cut bait and move on. Having said that, I think we need to look for another OC next year, too. Not impressed by Scott Turner's offense thus far.
  11. I meant even before that. He has been so inconsistent for a while at this point. It's almost like he's lost his edge. He was a ruthless blocker... haven't seen that for a while.
  12. Put me firmly in the tank for a legitimate QB prospect . Then in free agency, we need to hyper focus on the offensive side of the ball, starting with the offensive line. That needs a complete overhaul in the worst way. They all suck, Scherff is really not performing and the other guys are just JAGs at this point. Put Saadiq Charles out there and let him get some experience. This is horrific.
  13. with all this heat, Haskins would have 3 turnovers at least
  14. In a normal year, we'd be competing for the #1 pick
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