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  1. I'll be pretty depressed to go through another rebuild. I've followed this team fairly closely since they came back, but at the end of the day, it may be necessary. I would hate to see it happen at the expense of losing more homegrown talent (Trea) though. This team could look significantly different come August 1.
  2. I want 2019 World Series Patrick Corbin back... get the DeLorean
  3. Oh, no I totally get that. It's a really cheeky way to basically require it.
  4. I'm fully vaccinated and support getting it, but I understand people's hesitancy around getting it. I would bet if it happens, and guys lose a paycheck, there will be a lawsuit filed by the NFLPA faster than you can say vaccine. And I would think the NFL would lose the case given that it's an emergency vaccine and not subject to the same scrutiny as other vaccines are when they are developed, so it cannot be forced or required.
  5. That's if the Lerners don't cheap out and offer him less than the highest price contract and Soto walks.
  6. I'm buying a Soto jersey... love that guy's passion.
  7. I'm guessing Bleier gets cut tomorrow. LOL what a headcase.
  8. What a murderer's row of a schedule at our most vulnerable time. Thank God the Marlins are headed to town, I hope the Nats win every one of those games and we're able to rebound a bit. Schwarber can't come back fast enough.
  9. Brad Hand reminds me a lot of Tony Romo... in terms of looks.
  10. With out Crack training staff it'll be September at this point.
  11. Well thank goodness he's back... Justin Maxwell was insufferable.
  12. Yeah, does it seem like he's slowing down a bit to you? He's not been Mad Max very often this season.
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