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  1. Can we finally DFA Rosenthal? The guy just doesn't have it anymore.
  2. So wtf was Davey thinking putting in Joe Ross?
  3. Rex Tomb

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    @Skinsinparadise I actually worry that it might add even more pressure to start Haskins at the start of the season.
  4. Rex Tomb

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    @volsmetthat is way too high school
  5. Volsmet, are you feeling okay? No animated gif? Has your account be hacked?!
  6. Ever since Davey got ejected, this team has been playing with alot more fire. I kinda thought that might be the beginning of the end for him, but it seems to have had the opposite effect.
  7. Haha true... I really wish Dave Jagler would take over for him. Yeah, this game was over before it started. Strasburg is not feeling it tonight.
  8. This ump has a really small strike zone. Unreal.
  9. Rex Tomb


    Wtf do any of those stats mean? All I see is a bunch of negative integers.
  10. Rex Tomb

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's
  11. Doctson is out as far as I'm concerned. When the Redskins didn't pick up his option, that pretty much spelled the end of his time here. What a tremendous disappointment and a real black spot on McLoughan's short time here as GM. I think they plan to develop these guys and maybe snag a true #1 WR next year in the first round, especially if they are picking in the top 10.
  12. ... I don't get it.