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  1. Down 34-0 at the half??? This is an incredibly embarrassing performance by the Skins! Hopefully the team can play better in the 2nd half and salvage some respect. It's important to play hard and narrow the gap. There are a lot of young (and potentially talented) Skins players who need to shape their identity as tough, never-say-die, competitors rather than toss-in-the-towel losers.
  2. For some reason, I feel the Skins will rely on Colt, Sanchez/Johnson, or some other journeyman fee agent QB for the 2019 season and try to stockpile picks to land a top-tier QB in the 2020 draft. I keep reading now the 2019 draft doesn't have a lot of high-quality QBs as in 2018. Most say that the 2020 class will have a lot more "blue-chip" QBs to draft.
  3. Wyvern

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    I'm disappointed with the Kareem Hunt episode -- obviously there needed to be consequences for what he did. I don't think the Skins should pick up his waiver, because they wouldn't need him in 2019 with Guide and Thompson already on the roster. And I highly doubt Hunt will be playing anytime soon this season. The reason I'm disappointed is because Hunt's misdeeds have probably derailed one of the most entertaining NFL offenses i have had the pleasure of watching this season (Mahomes, Hunt, Kelse, Hill, Watkins, Robinson). The Chiefs probably felt they had to take the action they did, but it's so sad when a talented athlete does things that destroys a rarely-seen assembly of well-coordinated talent such as what Reid forged into an awesomely performing attack.
  4. Wyvern

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    To me, this is the most depressing issue on this message board. Cap-wise, it's a disaster of "Haynesworthian" proportions and will impact the Skins ability to retain their talent and/or sign new FA talent. The medical discussions and Smith's recuperating powers aside, it's very unlikely we'll see Smith on the field in either 2019 or 2020. I'd note that Smith's a good family man, and his wife was already concerned about his health when he had a concussion while QB'ing the Chiefs. So I suspect she will be lobbying him fiercely not to risk re-injury to his leg which could result in even more serious permanent damage. (How safe do you think he'll feel protected by a line that might be missing Williams, Sherff, and Moses? I think she'll convince him and consequently Smith just won't be able to pass his physicals and will remain inactive and collecting his checks.
  5. Wyvern

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    The way I look at it, is that the Skins FO's decision to take a flyer on Foster is already done and in the books. So maybe we just consider what are the impacts? 1. The bad public relations for the Skins and the media roasting the franchise FO for this decision --- Wow, is that anything new? ... Bad PR incidents?? The Skins haven't even hit their annual quota yet. 2. Skins probably were surprised that Foster fell to them during the waiver process; they probably were right that a few other teams might try the same tactic of trying to obtain Foster's rights on the cheap. I also suspect Skins were going in on this based on their earlier favorable impressions of Foster's raw talent during the draft evaluation days, something which convinced them it was worth trying to obtain his rights while things got more clear and hopefully sorted out. 3. Now, with Foster's rights in hand, the Skins have more time to investigate and evaluate him (especially to see what happens to Foster's legal issues, to get a sense of what the NFL might do to him, see whether he's a basket case or could settle down under the right conditions, and whether he can play appropriately in Manusky's scheme, doesn't screw up team chemistry, etc., etc.). The downside? They have to cover Foster's weekly/monthly salary while they wait for the legal and NFL drama to play out, and while they conduct their investigations/evaluations. Skins FO probably isn't worried about this level of money spent to retain his rights while the rest of his issues play out. 4. Interesting part of all this is that the Skins could cut Foster at any time and only be out his monthly salary they were paying him until he was cut. And I really wouldn't be surprised if Foster's legal problems (or something new comes up that the Skins won't tolerate) do bring him down, and the Skins wind up cutting him. If that's the case, the Skins are only out the months of salary they paid him, and the "bad PR" (see results of impact #1) Bottom Line: This was a slick move for to gamble on acquiring a medium-to-high talent reward with little being risked .. except for the negative PR impact. They thought he was worth the cost of that gamble. Me? I think it's unlikely Foster will successfully emerge from all his legal and NFL problems and consequently the Skins wind up releasing him at some point during the drama. And even if Foster did happen to escape any serious legal or NFL punishment, I don't think h e is sufficiently disciplined to execute his role in Manusky's schemes, or emotionally intelligent, or physically durable to remain a reliable part of the Skins roster. In the end, this will have been a slick move by the Skins FO, creating much ado about what turns out to be nothing. IMHO, even if he makes it, Foster won't stick long enough to make it to his option year.
  6. Wyvern

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    I guess at some point we'll find out exactly what the Skins have brought into the fold. Definitely some bad press. Maybe the Skins are hoping for a Junior Gallete part 2 -- but even that didn't work out so well. It's done, and while I'm not that thrilled about the decision, here's hoping Foster can rehabilitate his career and his personal life ...and realize his maximum potential while he's with the Skins. Here's hoping he turns things around, settles in, becomes a great player and proves the 31 other franchise wrong. ... Why not be positive at this point?
  7. Monday 's game is huge. Frankly all the remaining games are vital if the Skins want the division title. A wildcard still looks good, but it might require a 10-6 record. For Dallas, after the Saints game -- it looks like they actually have an easier schedule than the Skins do. So somehow the Skins need to win vs Philly while Dallas loses to New Orleans, and the the Skins have to hold on to that lead in the division. It almost looks like the Skins will have to win all the remaining games to win the division. or hope that Dallas drops two games before the season ends.
  8. Wyvern

    Starting QB 2019???

    I suspect the Skins will have to go with McCoy and [ insert name of mediocre backup QB here ] in 2019 and seek to make trades with teams like Oakland and/or Arizona to position themselves to get a top-choice QB in the 2020 draft. (IMHO, there just isn't much decent QB talent available in the 2019 draft.) At this point, the Skins might also test the waters on what high profile, marquee Skins player (in the Kerrgan, Williams, Reed, or Scherff class) they might be able to trade for a 1st round pick in 2020, and then bundle it with their own 2020 1st round to get a pick near the top of the 2020 draft. But even as I type these words, I must express that I've never had much trust in the Skins front office's ability to identify and draft a "can't miss, franchise QB." ( The closest one in recent history was Cousins, and he was an after-though due to Shanahan's insistence.) And for a decent mental challenge, just consider what player on the Skins current roster is that desirable that someone would give up a #1 pick to obtain them. After Allen and Payne, who I consider untouchable, who else? Swearinger, maybe? One of the Skins more promising DBs? I'm not dead serious about this, but its something to mull over when folks start talking about how competitive a roster the 2018 Skins have. Sorry to be negative about this -- but the results of the Alex Smith deal really put the Skins behind the eight-ball.
  9. If you want a decent offensive line, you re-sign Scherff. Consensus All-Pro lineman trained in your team's play-scheme are rare and valuable.
  10. Wyvern

    The Offensive Line Thread

    @dyst -- So everyone else (including Gruden and everyone else who selects Pro-Bowl candidates) are fooled? I disagree!
  11. Wyvern

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Frankly, if the Skins can get decent protection out of the right side of the line (especially RT Morgan Moses) I think McCoy will be a decent QB. That's his preferred side from which to emerge from the pocket and make a decent pass. Problem is... Moses really hasn't performed that well, all season. ...And Bergstrom???
  12. Wyvern

    Starting QB 2019???

    Bruce Allen's "solution" for not signing Cousins has left the Skins franchise in a long-term quandry. At this point, let's hope that McCoy can play a full season (health-wise, performance-wise) and then the Skins can look to the draft for a QB after the 2019 season ends. That's because this upcoming draft seems very poor for decent QB prospects. Maybe in the upcoming offseason , there'll be a decent FA backup QB available at what the Skins can afford ....but right now it's not too likely. Bottom-line: The results of Allen's "all-in" on Smith was reminiscent of the Haynesworth fiasco --except this time the Skins won't be able to wriggle their way out of these cap implications. So we're now down to "In McCoy and Sanchez we trust"? 😐
  13. Wyvern

    Who should be the next head coach for the Skins

    Keep Gruden, but hire a big-time offensive coordinator to handle the play-calling. The combination of Callahan/Gruden making calls doesn't seem to mesh well in today's NFL. Until Running Backs coach Randy Jordan can develop a decent power-run type of back, Callahan's running play-calls won't work. (Jordan has yet to develop a power RB, he's had to rely on imported players who were coached by others.). So it's sad to watch as Gruden calls the inevitable 1st down run that gets only 1 yard and puts the offense into 2nd & long, etc. I suspect much of that is on Callahan's insistence for his "power" running game to set up the pass. However Gruden is the perfect coach to manage the Skins' semi-dysfunctional Snyder/Allen front office ....at least through 2019.
  14. I'm now in the camp that believes NFL refereeing is NOT a level playing field! I am so tired of such crappy, biased, NFL refereeing teams. They are horrible.
  15. Wyvern

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    It's a little concerning that media and pundits of the greater Washington metropolitan area are now making the story on how aggressively Colt McCoy is expected to play. Simply pressing for 'aggressive' passes and plays' to fulfill that expectation isn't a smart thing. So if McCoy happens to have a lot of game-manager types of plays in his mix of plays, I'll be okay with that. I suspect he'll find the open receiver more quickly than Smith did, and will be able to move the offense efficiently that way, rather than bailing out and running for 2 yards. If McCoy can get the passing game going, I think you'll see Peterson, Bibbs and Marshall helping to move the chains and score in the red zone.