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  1. Wyvern

    Thanksgiving Question

    In a heartbeat, I'd choose beating Dallas and spoiling their chance for a playoff berth. ... It would real!y irritate the Dallas fans that our dismal team put the nail in their coffin. Otherwise, it's a long 4 months to the draft...And the higher pick wouldn't compensate for all the crowing and gloating I'd have to put up with from the many Dallas fans in my area.
  2. Wyvern

    Redskins vs Panthers Prediction Thread: The McCaffrey Show

    A 20-17 Skins win. Callahan's preference for a conservative running game fits with attacking the Panther's defense. The Skins RBs have good games, and their WRs contribute by helping to move the chains, and with a few medium-to-long completions. Haskins' role is mainly as a game manager.
  3. Wyvern

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Rejoice! In the FedEx "Miss Toilet Bowl 2019" the Skins won the "Less Butt-Ugly" of the two competing entrants. Talk about winning ugly! ...And this "win" really accomplished nothing except confirm Detroit's season trend of choking into its tough losses in the 4th quarter. I don't root for the Skins to lose, but this was a poster child of why I'm so disgusted with how the Skins 2019 season has turned out. This doesn't feel like a satisfying win.... It was less of a win, and more like an ugly avoidance of a loss, ....and the prize is just a worsening of the Skins 2020 drafting position. And the Skins better not make a big deal about this "win" because, regardless of the "W" they still stunk today. any whooping it up after this turd -- is just creating false confidence.
  4. My sense is Haskins has many of the tools to be a good QB in the league -- but needs more time to be taught enough, and then carefully seasoned enough for the NFL level game. Gone are the days when you were able to slowly bring along a talented rookie QB -- for 1-3 years before he had to sink or swim. Teams are starting their new QBs earlier and earlier in their career. But unlike many of them, Haskins only had one serious year in NCAA-level. So he's a little more raw. I was hoping the Skins might be patient, and avoid tossing Dwayne too quickly into the fire. He still needs to work on a few more things before he has to keep afloat and not regress behind this discombobulated offense. I was hoping they wouldn't spoil the rookie's development by wanting everything NOW. Good luck to him.
  5. Another great Redskins decision! I'm not sold on the Haskins hype.
  6. Wyvern

    Just admit it, you're going to miss them next week

    No, I'm not The Skins will eventually win a few games -- not because of Haskins -- but at this point, the franchise is so screwed up, I really don't give a damn. I was a fan of the team... But now it's become a punchline of too many jokes. So, I welcome the week off from the abusive banter.
  7. If Keenum plays... Skins steal an ugly win 16-10. If Haskins plays... Bills 20, Skins 6
  8. Wyvern

    I Normally Enjoy Redskins Forums

    It's so easy to find some clever way to "diss" the team, a player or group of players, the FO, the scouts, the "GM", the Owner, the training staff, the medical staff, the price of beer, the price of parking, the quality of the field, the numbers of visiting opponent's fans, the stadium noise, the various coaches, the ex-players, the injured players, the ex-FO, the refs, the pre-season training facilities, the trades, the FA signings, the draft-picks, the coaches decisions on who to start, the play-schemes, the timeouts, the coaches challenges, the two-minute drill, the half-time adjustments, etc. I'm sure that's what opponent franchise's fans do when discussing the Skins. Perhaps, in the end, one needs to consider whether they are an ExtremeSkins fan, or an ExtremeSkins critic. Right now, the latter's band-wagon is a little crowded. Still, as disappointing as the last year's have been, I'd prefer to be a fan over a constant critic and doomsayer. It's a more positive approach, and who knows what the tide might bring in?
  9. Wyvern

    Next Coach?

    I truly hope they do NOT go after Tomlin. He's among some of my least favorite head coaches currently in the NFL. There's got to be better options out there for the kind of money (and draft-picks?) it would take to get Tomlin here. IMHO, Tomlin's not worth it. ...But heck, I'm already very close to giving up on this team after so many years of being a fan. Maybe one more Snyder/Allen big, long-term mistake would be just what is needed to provide me enough evidence for that final reality check.
  10. Sorry, I don't buy the Gruden conspiracy to sabotage Haskins, allegedly to spite Snyder's faction. I think he thought Keenum was healthy enough to go, and was trying to maintain the maximum level of familiarity of first-team personnel possible, especially amidst all the team's injuries. Many of the offense's players were fairly new to the first-string's entire package of plays, much less being able to execute them in a coordinated manner with their new teammates. It's probably not the time for putting in whole range of new plays, and taking time out of the shortened week to polish up the 2nd string, when the first string was still so ragged. Also, I feel we tend to over-react to QBs having interceptions in Gruden's somewhat aggressive system of passing attack. Unless you go totally risk-averse like Smith did, the INTs will happen -- especially if you're newer to the system and playing from behind. IMHO, Haskins will improve significantly as he gets more acclimated to the system, and would benefit from getting more time to really learn (at almost the muscle-memory, instinctive level) the play scheme and players before being thrust into the fire. My guess was that Haskins was probably slated to take over around the bye... But Keenum's foot changed those plans. Haskins has a lot of potential, but still needs time. I'd hate to see Dwayne get handled the way Ramsey was handled -- Haskins needs to be developed patiently and carefully -- because his raw talent is so worth it! By the way, I suspect O'Connell was handling the calls while Haskins was in, mainly because he probably was more familiar with what Haskins was most at ease with, in Gruden's playbook. I think under the coaching division of labor, O'Connell was likely tasked with more hands-on work with Haskins than was Gruden, whose responsibilities are likely much wider-ranging than those of an offensive coordinator. Bottom line: I'm not going to read too deeply into how things played out today. There are already too many conspiracy theories floating around in Washington DC for me to looking for more. If the Skins can heal up some of their key players... I think it can still be a competitive team, even if it's run by Keenum. (But I'm still not sure about McCoy's readiness). I hope they remain patient with Haskins, in spite of his emergency duties today.
  11. With all respect, Burgold, I think Gruden was first trying more to see how players fit in his scheme and what they were capable of doing in the stock playbook, rather than trying to adapt his playbook to win a preseason game. He's trying to see how people can or cannot fit in on his stock plays, under game conditions. Some of the players on the bubble who don't fit in well, will likely be gone. For folks like Haskins (who's a lock to make the roster) Gruden would develop an understanding what plays would be better executed by Haskins, and which ones would be more lower percentage. Preseason (especially the first two games) is more about learning about scheme fit, capabilities, and team-fit, than the meaningless W-L record. He needs to see what Haskins is capable, so when the time comes he can call plays better suited to what Haskins has learned he can do.
  12. SIP .... not a comment, just a moment to register my appreciation of the quality of your posts. I love reading what you offer up. Please keep posting!
  13. I'm for sitting Haskins to let him learn more about NFL-level football, reading regular season defenses, getting the playbook and adjustment to automatic-memory level, and developing a better understanding of what his teammates are good at (especially his receiving corps). Haskins didn't start right away at Ohio State and that may have contributed to how well he did, when he finally did get the starting QB role. Why not try the same formula? I don't buy into the argument that if Haskins looks great in the OTAs and in the preseason games against vanilla defenses -- that it means he's ready for the crucible of regular season football when the opponents defenses' gloves come off and he discovers how the Skins O-line and WRs aren't presenting him with time or targets to throw. I'm not sure what being thrust into regular season NFL games early on, would do to his development, but I suspect it wouldn't be a positive thing. If Haskins starts, simply as a marketing attraction to fill the seats, then it's more of the same old SnyderSkins philosophy of sacrificing the future for the present. I think the Skins lucked into a real find for their QB of the future, and so I don't want Haskins to be given the Ramsey treatment.
  14. Wyvern

    Does Doctson even care?

    First year IR aside, This is effectively Docston 's 3rd year -- traditionally when WRs break through or show you how low or how high their ceiling is. So, WITH OPTION, if Docston flamed out, Skins could always let him walk and not be on the hook for his 5th year. Assuming the Skins can finally get some value out of Richardson (or another WR, or decent TE help) I think Doctson is going to have a good year. But then I also think the Skins will probably have to let him leave, because,without the option, they can't afford Docston's services at free-market prices. IMHO, a dumb move by the Skins FO. I wouldn't be surprised if Bruce was behind this one. Weird how everyone is willing to gamble on other players' injured status -- and then get so risk-averse about Doctson's possible future injuries. My point : Skins FO "dumble-Bruced" this decision.
  15. Wyvern

    2019 NFL Draft discussion thread

    Sorry, but this is where we part ways. If we tank under our veteran QBs, I have a hard time seeing rookie Haskins trotting in and lighting up the defenses with the same cheesy offensIve cast of players that Keenum had to deal with. Also, from what I've seen, Haskins had difficulties pulling the trigger just before receivers came out of their breaks and Gruden's aggressive over the middle timed passing attack requires more seasoning and accuracy than I've seen from Haskins games. We'll see but if the O-line can't protect Keenum, Haskins won't fare much better.