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  1. Question: Is there any free agent linebacker out there that the Washington talent acquisition team actually wanted to sign? Scheme-fixes aside, linebackers seem like an important component of any defense, and it seems no improvements have been made to an area of last season's defense that seemed the most exploitable by opponents. Perhaps Washington's FO feels the return of Landon Collins will resolve last season's LB vulnerabilities? Or does Washington think it will find all its LB solutions in the draft? I ask, because it seems like Washington has done almost nothi
  2. I still think if Washington wants Mond, they'd have to draft him in the second round (and maybe even trade up a little). Mills and Newman might still be available in the 3rd, but here again, some teams may be trying to misdirect other teams by portraying themselves as being very QB hungry this draft.
  3. The more I see of Trask, the more it seems to me that drafting him would be a mistake. I think his stats benefited by the skills of his supporting cast, and I'm really not that impressed with his accuracy. His lack of mobility would be a big drawback for what Washington can provide for pocket protection. And his line plunges may not look so good vs. NFL-sized D-linemen. I'm still checking out Mills, but his performance seems to vary a lot, even within the same game. His UCLA game gets the most exposure, but that's just one game. Still checking though.
  4. I'm surprised this thread has been so quiet lately, especially with some of the smokescreen coming out about Washington still being open to drafting a QB to groom. It gets me thinking who they'd go after, and in what round ... Especially since doing that'd means Heinicke or Allen would be on the bubble. I'd be curious what people think would be the possibilities, if that is indeed what Washington is planning. Here's my offering: Round 1: Too expensive to trade up for Lawrence,Wilson, Fields, or Lance. I think it unlikely Jones slides to 19, so Washington goes BPA (Maybe with sli
  5. I'm hoping Washington presses hard to sign Wright, the middle Linebacker from Seattle. Considering his age, even a short-term contract would work. Cleveland snapped up.the Indy LB (Walker) who was my other choice. Not too many other decent options out there for a FA linebacker, who could shore up on of the few weaknesses of Washington's defence. Speaking of FA Linebackers, what's up with Reuben Foster? Does Washington intend to retain him?
  6. A decent QB signing. A savvy vet, and considering his 48 out of 50 Wonderlic score -- should be able to quickly pick up and master the Washington offense playbook...And run it well enough for Rivera/Turner.
  7. I've been drawn in, hoping Washington lands a few new talented players. But I'm also hoping Washington doesn't fall back into old pattern of grossly overpaying for some flashy free-agent signing, just to allow Snyder his new marketing tool to lure back fans. I've seen that happen before with the costly acquisitions of Collins, Haynesworth, Norman, Smith, and McNabb and even drafting RG3. Sometimes it's just bringing in a new "marquee-namen head Coach (Gruden, Shanahan, etc). So, I anticipate with concern, hat Washington will likely do another over-spend on either a free-agent wide receive
  8. I still think Newman is an intriguing prospect for a 4-5 round selection, unless the coaches are thinking that Montez is that "someone special with high potential".
  9. Cooley....I wasn't criticizing your statement. More just keeping it real about Smith who's a nice guy and a great story, but.... I think in 2018, Smith played with a very conservative style, and while that was appropriate for talent he had At his disposal, it was still very frustrating to watch.
  10. Also, it's a stretch to say that Alex Smith was the key factor for Washington's 11 wins when Smith was playing. There were times when Smith turned in some poor performances but the Washington still prevailed -- due to the defense, to the ground game, or due to the opponents' miscues.
  11. Whether Haskins ever finds a fit with the right team, and realizes his full potential, is a story that is still unfolding. But the book on him in Washington is closed. I wish him well but I also wished him farewell, and let's move on. Due to a combination of factors, Haskins just didn't fit with Washington's future. Releasing Haskins was probably the best thing that could have been done -- it gave him a chance to start over fresh, perhaps with a team where Dwayne's strongest features might fit better with the team and playbook. IMHO, he needs to sit and learn the pro game (on a
  12. if I had a vote it would be against the names of both Red Wolves and Red Tails. That goes for Red Sharks, Red Riders, Red Beans, Red Ink, etc. Why have to include a color? Why not something straightforward like Wolves or Sharks or Warriors, etc., and then let the marketeers play with color themes they want.
  13. It's more about having someone who is adequate but also available. I'm not certain Washington can rely on getting 10 games out of Smith/Allen/Heinicke combined.
  14. I think WFT could sign Dalton for between 4-6 million, as an adequate placeholder QB. I'm not certain how durable Smith, Allen or Heinicke are, but Dalton was at least somewhat durable. If Smith retires, Washington could pursue more expensive QBs. From what I saw, Dalton could probably fit into Turner's offense -- essentially as a game manager, while Washington tries to find its franchise QB.
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