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  1. I'm still opposed to the name Redwolves, especially after seeing a few pictures of these animals. And I still don't see why people are suggesting we HAVE to build the team's color into the team name. Or maybe the Rams (Blue and Gold) Lions (Blue), Eagles (silver), Bears (Orange) Bills (Blue) and Colts (Blue) needed to do the same? ...And I'm not sure what color that Seahawk is. Bottom line: I like burgundy and gold, and I think we still can have those colors as our theme ---regardless of the team's name. I firmly believe the colors of the uniforms DON'T dictate t
  2. That was really strange for the site to be down for such a long time. Perhaps the Mods will post something on what happened?
  3. Goodbye to a truly classy player. I still remember that clip, just after Washington lost in the 2020 playoff round versus the Bucs, where it caught Kerrigan lingering on the field, taking one last look around Fedex. I think he knew inside, that it would be the last time he'd be wearing Burgundy and Gold. I also liked how Kerrigan never took the cheap shot, rather he just give it his all.... in playing honest, straight up football. Hopefully, he's allowed to conduct himself the same way going forward, even though he's now with the Eagles. (I was hoping he'd wind up w
  4. Thanks! This helps explain things. Frankly, I didn't realize they'd signed so many folks (13) to reserve future contracts back in January, and then added Reyes too. The weird part is they have so many bubble players at TE and a few other places they filled with more 7th rounders, and yet, eseenitally, it's only David Mayo backing up Bostic at Mike linebacker, and no one competing against Hopkins. Still it was very helpful. Now I can,only hope they find decent talent among all the bubble players they'd committed to, and/or quickly cull out a few of the most marginal bubble playe
  5. KDawg, with respect to our current batch of QBs, I think a UDFA QB with confidence in their skills might feel they could out-compete Montez, and maybe outlast Heinicke and Allen (who both have shown they can get injured), for at least the #3 QB. And Fitzpatrick could be a short-term mentor, before making way for his successor. I'm not certain the rest of the league feels Washington's QB situation is settled for the next 5 years because of Heinicke and Allen (who are better regarded in the DMV region, than the rest of the country. And even if it's a no-go for a UDFA QB, there wer
  6. Last year RR was dealing with serious medical issues, and an unsettled front office situation, during the height of a pandemic that people were still figuring out ways to avoid catching it. He also had a new team, a new coaching staff, new game plans and large number of players which he'd need to evaluate. So if RR decided not to sign a lot of UDFAs, that made some sense for April 2020. April 2021 is a different situation. And in this year's draft period when one didnt have as much film, combines, etc. to evaluate the folks one might be interested in drafting -- it makes more s
  7. I'm also in the camp with those wondering if WFT is really going too slow out the gates in UFDA signings. As of last night, WFT only had one signing, when 30 other teams had multiple signings. (Only the Patriots had none.) There were some decent candidates who went undrafted -- but most of those were snapped up by other teams. I'm glad WFT did sign a UFDA RB, but if this is about instilling competition at every position, why not find some other UDFAs at other positions too? For example, it might have been worth taking a chance to sign another UDFA QB to light a fire under Allen
  8. Around a B, mainly due to the conservative manner in which it was conducted. Considering all the trades going on, Washington may have missed on some opportunities to improve their draft capital, or to snag some consensus difference makers. Maybe Davis and Cosmi will develop into those kinds of guys, but most of the others (especially St. Juste who seemed a reach with his underwhelming 40 time) seem to be players who would need to be slowly developed for minor parts in the WFT play-schemes. I have a B but it could become a high B+, if the rumors on Dyami's "mediocre hands" prove
  9. I'm assuming Forrest is more of a BPA pick, Jamar Johnson seemed like a good need and athletic pick... Named must have interviewed badly.
  10. This selection of St. Juste seemed like a reach, probably would have been available with Washington's second pick of the 3rd round, or maybe even the 4th.
  11. Actually Jamin Davis was very high on my list, and seemed a better fit than JOK (Especially with Landon coming back.). It might have been slightly early, but Davis wouldn't have been around for Washington's 2nd round pick. So a mix of need and BPA, leaning toward need. I liked most of the clips I saw of Jamin in action.
  12. Question: Is there any free agent linebacker out there that the Washington talent acquisition team actually wanted to sign? Scheme-fixes aside, linebackers seem like an important component of any defense, and it seems no improvements have been made to an area of last season's defense that seemed the most exploitable by opponents. Perhaps Washington's FO feels the return of Landon Collins will resolve last season's LB vulnerabilities? Or does Washington think it will find all its LB solutions in the draft? I ask, because it seems like Washington has done almost nothi
  13. I still think if Washington wants Mond, they'd have to draft him in the second round (and maybe even trade up a little). Mills and Newman might still be available in the 3rd, but here again, some teams may be trying to misdirect other teams by portraying themselves as being very QB hungry this draft.
  14. The more I see of Trask, the more it seems to me that drafting him would be a mistake. I think his stats benefited by the skills of his supporting cast, and I'm really not that impressed with his accuracy. His lack of mobility would be a big drawback for what Washington can provide for pocket protection. And his line plunges may not look so good vs. NFL-sized D-linemen. I'm still checking out Mills, but his performance seems to vary a lot, even within the same game. His UCLA game gets the most exposure, but that's just one game. Still checking though.
  15. I'm surprised this thread has been so quiet lately, especially with some of the smokescreen coming out about Washington still being open to drafting a QB to groom. It gets me thinking who they'd go after, and in what round ... Especially since doing that'd means Heinicke or Allen would be on the bubble. I'd be curious what people think would be the possibilities, if that is indeed what Washington is planning. Here's my offering: Round 1: Too expensive to trade up for Lawrence,Wilson, Fields, or Lance. I think it unlikely Jones slides to 19, so Washington goes BPA (Maybe with sli
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