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  1. I remember how maddening it was, because that part of the 2nd round went -- Fred Davis then DeSean Jackson, then Calais Campbell, and then Malcolm Kelly! I recall complaining on ES about the Skins passing on Calais Campbell, but was told the Skins had some coach on staff who would have been familiar with Calais, so it was wise to pass on him and instead "snap up" Davis who supposedly wouldn't have dropped to where we picked Kelly. I also hated the Devin Thomas pick, because I thought he was just the product of last-minute, pre-draft hype. Sadly, the Skins FO bought into the hype. One should only trade back, if one's scouting is decent enough to find bona fide "hidden talent", or truly high quality talent that has slid for some odd reason. It's only in recent years, that I've seen an improvement in what I regarded as serious weak-points for the Skins, namely their scouting and talent acquisition teams.
  2. There a lot of ES folks, who I very much respect, suggesting I sip the Kool-Aid about Haskins being the long-awaited franchise QB for the Skins. There are claims how Haskins really came into his own at the end of the season and that he showed enough to convince the Skins brass that they didn't need to spend a high draft pick on another QB, or even to pursue a serious challenger to Haskins. People are providing all kinds of feeds showing how good Haskins was, and how hard he's improving himself, etc.,etc. Candidly, I'm not sold on Haskins, and have never been a fan of Ohio State QBs, especially one with such a short college history. I thought Haskins was one of the better QB prospects coming out of a less-than-stellar crop of QBs in the 2019 draft. But I wasn't that impressed with Haskins play on or off the field, although he did look decent against the suspect defenses of the Eagles and the Giants. In short, during the 2019 season, I could see Haskins' raw potential and strength, but also his inaccuracy and maturity issues. That said -- the Skins have to go with who they brought to the dance. Now while I truly liked what I saw of Tua (especially the accuracy) --- inwardly, I know it's not logical for the Skins to use their only pick of the first two rounds on yet another QB. The Skins need to give Haskins a chance to develop, even if it means him getting benched a few times. While Haskins may think he's already good enough to carry the Skins to lots of victories, I,suspect the reality is that he still needs more time to mature his skills to competitive NFL level. Assuming Haskins is willing to really study hard, and to learn from whatever role he's put in (starter, game-manager, backup) coach Rivera should be able to groom him into an NFL-level QB, with a decent floor but also with potentially a very high cieling. I'm not sold on Haskins yet, but it's very premature for the Skins to even consider going the Josh Rosen route. So, use the number 2 pick on Chase Young, or trade the #2 for the chance to get top-tier OT plus a nearly top-tier FS, WR, or MLB. I think Chase Young will be a great talent, but that's got to be weighed against the Skins' need to get serious about decent O-line protection, in order to find out exactly what they've got in Haskins.
  3. Perrine and Marshall, drafted by the Skins, had been considered good talent with potentially high cielings. But Perrine never took off either, sort of like how Matt Jones fizzled, -- both showing bad traits like tiptoeing, hesitating before trying to pick their spot, or just not seeing the correct gap to run through. Others may see it differently, but I just didn't see good fundamentals out of them as well as all those other free agent RBs the Skins have been shuffling in and out of the line-up these last few years. Maybe it was the line? Or maybe the RBs needed better skill-sets in the NFL than what they showed in college? (If that's the case, shouldn't Jordan be able to coach them up?) As for Guice, my post indicated that if he could stay healthy long enough to have a large enough body of work to truly assess his progress in the NFL game (i.e., week in and week out)... he might become the poster-child for how well Randy Jordan can develop RB talent. But to date, I haven't seen Jordan develop any talent unlike other team's RB coaches (For example, Bobby Turner who seems to unearth decent RBs, with every team he's been with, and many were low-round picks) I'll concede that Rivera understands the talent of coaches better and probably had a better sense of the talent levels Jordan had to work with. But my main point was -- from a fan's perspective -- I've seen what Jordan has done over the years, and feel there are much better RB coaches out there (including that one who stayed with the Panthers.)
  4. I'm still wondering how Randy Jordan continues to hang on as RB coach for the Skins. The Skins entrusted Jordan with developing a bunch of early-round RB talent over the years --- and none of those RBs ever really panned out. The best Skins RBs in recent years were Peterson and Thompson, and those two were really developed by other coaches. (Thompson was taught his NFL fundamentals under Bobby Turner (Shanny's group.)) Maybe Guice will stay healthy long enough to be Randy Jordan's first successfully developed NFL-level RB talent. Or maybe what Jordan teaches RBs will fit in better in Rivera's preferred style of running game. But during the Gruden era, I was underwhelmed by the level of RB "smarts" that most of Jordan's group showed. He churned out very average RBs -- and only the decent ones we're those who first learned their NFL-level craft/skills under other coaches.
  5. I still hope they at least interview Dan Campbell for the position of Skins HC. Not only did Campbell gain some valuable exposure/experience with HC responsibilities, he followed that up with a lot of time in learning under some great head coaches. He's been a big part of the Saints offense that is really clicking too. I think he'll do well as an HC for whichever franchise that hires him. While a passable coach, Rivera seems to me to be too much of a re-tread and better suited as a defensive coordinator. But Rivera would be a better choice than Marvin Lewis.
  6. Case Keenum is better than folks think. The O-line has performed better, the receiving corps is decent, and Peterson gives the Skins a decent running game. Sadly, the Skins defensive secondary can quickly undo whatever the Skins offense accomplishes. Frankly, it'll be a back-and-forth battle, and could boil down to whether the Eagles appear to have locked in a win over the Giants. If the Eagles look like they're going to lose, expect some funky referee calls that give the game to Dallas. If the Eagles get a big lead, the Cowboys will sag. I think the Eagles dont falter, and Cowboys lose . Skins 31 Dallas 28
  7. I'm wondering why Snider doesn't even give odds for selecting Dan Campbell as Skins HC. https://www.bloggingtheboys.com/2019/11/30/20988448/the-one-cowboys-head-coaching-candidate-nobody-is-talking-about-dan-campbell-jason-garrett He looks like a perfect fit for where the Skins need to be rebuilt.
  8. I felt this was worth bumping -- as Martin seemed okay filling in for Scherff.
  9. I am surprised why folks haven't spent more time on considering Dan Campbell in the mix for Skins HC. He's had a good blend of developmental experiences with different coaching assignments and most reports (and results) of his coaching style are positive. He seems like a better fit with the personnel we have and would help re-build the TE position into the weapon that's needed in today's NFL. The Saints running game is decent too.
  10. In a heartbeat, I'd choose beating Dallas and spoiling their chance for a playoff berth. ... It would real!y irritate the Dallas fans that our dismal team put the nail in their coffin. Otherwise, it's a long 4 months to the draft...And the higher pick wouldn't compensate for all the crowing and gloating I'd have to put up with from the many Dallas fans in my area.
  11. A 20-17 Skins win. Callahan's preference for a conservative running game fits with attacking the Panther's defense. The Skins RBs have good games, and their WRs contribute by helping to move the chains, and with a few medium-to-long completions. Haskins' role is mainly as a game manager.
  12. Rejoice! In the FedEx "Miss Toilet Bowl 2019" the Skins won the "Less Butt-Ugly" of the two competing entrants. Talk about winning ugly! ...And this "win" really accomplished nothing except confirm Detroit's season trend of choking into its tough losses in the 4th quarter. I don't root for the Skins to lose, but this was a poster child of why I'm so disgusted with how the Skins 2019 season has turned out. This doesn't feel like a satisfying win.... It was less of a win, and more like an ugly avoidance of a loss, ....and the prize is just a worsening of the Skins 2020 drafting position. And the Skins better not make a big deal about this "win" because, regardless of the "W" they still stunk today. any whooping it up after this turd -- is just creating false confidence.
  13. My sense is Haskins has many of the tools to be a good QB in the league -- but needs more time to be taught enough, and then carefully seasoned enough for the NFL level game. Gone are the days when you were able to slowly bring along a talented rookie QB -- for 1-3 years before he had to sink or swim. Teams are starting their new QBs earlier and earlier in their career. But unlike many of them, Haskins only had one serious year in NCAA-level. So he's a little more raw. I was hoping the Skins might be patient, and avoid tossing Dwayne too quickly into the fire. He still needs to work on a few more things before he has to keep afloat and not regress behind this discombobulated offense. I was hoping they wouldn't spoil the rookie's development by wanting everything NOW. Good luck to him.
  14. Another great Redskins decision! I'm not sold on the Haskins hype.
  15. No, I'm not The Skins will eventually win a few games -- not because of Haskins -- but at this point, the franchise is so screwed up, I really don't give a damn. I was a fan of the team... But now it's become a punchline of too many jokes. So, I welcome the week off from the abusive banter.